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cheat sheet everything that you need to know about coaching

asking the right questions

KEY ACTIVITIES: Monthly Individual Meeting


odelling and Equipping is a very simple model for how coaching can be taken forward by you.

Competence Demonstration Coaching Empowerment Reproduction

A Why coaching? Coaching helps us to improve competencies of our membership. It helps us in improving performance of our members which in turn leads to improvement of learning and development of our membership.

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I do it I do it and you are with me You do it and I am with you You do it You do it and someone is with you

in simple terms..

ssessment. This is about asking the right questions to your team member. Where is this person now and where do they want to go? Your questions and assessment will aid your members to develop self-awareness and insight towards themselves and their role.


hallenge. This step is about challenging them to where they need improvement to better manifest and further develop their strengths. Push your members to think outside the box, look for more solutions, challenge their assumptions about themselves. Challenging them doesn’t just need to come from you, support the challenge with resources, conferences, books, videos that can enable their personal growth.


upport. You are pushing people outside of their comfort zone. Are you just doing this for higher performance or do you care about your members? How will members feel your support and know that you are listening? let’s look at these in more detail…

The Ultimate Guide To Being A Team Leader  
The Ultimate Guide To Being A Team Leader