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What is Pocket Tracking?

A system of follow up of every activity from attending a team meeting to attending national conference via pocket tracking.

KEY ACTIVITIES: Weekly Team Meeting

Pocket tracking will divide data which we want to track , Eg: tracking team minimums, different elements LDM, value generation, skill enhancement, which would be regularly updated in membership databank. Case Study: • Break down the elements that need to be tracked reducing the amount of data to be filled at a time, thus helping to make tracking as a behaviour. • Prepare a tracker which includes progress of a member in a period of 10 days. • Strategise plans to improve productivity & take feedback from comembers on ill performing members. Parallel acknowledging membership who achieved something really worthwhile. • Have sessions in LTS, LC forum or departmental meetings to emphasise key points

Follow Up

— With regular tracking we reach the point when we can understand each of our members more in terms of how to motivate, empower them and what each individual needs to be coached on. —

The Ultimate Guide To Being A Team Leader  
The Ultimate Guide To Being A Team Leader