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TRAINING Outsourced Education

External references within your training:

KEY ACTIVITIES: Initial Education: Transition/ Education Education Planning Conferences Outsourced Education

We’re not always experts for all the content we need to deliver during training and in order to deliver the best content it is important to leverage off external references. Why? Make your point catchy. Ensure members understand it from various points of view. To spice things up - make it interesting.

Don’ts Overdo this. It might cause their distraction from the gist of the topic. Show complicated videos or articles like a 45 min TED-X video Do’s Use relevant videos and articles Give a debrief after the content
 External Mentors and Outsourced Education Case Study: Throughout our AIESEC journey we come across clients, alumnus and senior members who expertise in certain areas such as customer relationship management, on ground marketing etc. When training our members we should not use the contacts to help us train our members and acquire an outsider’s perspective.

For example, you could provide your members with sales training by having them call up alumnus or senior members and pitch them as potential clients. This way members would learn his areas of improvement and not affect potential customer flow.

Skype calls, webinars and team day meets with these individuals would help members to gain on outer perspective and it would also align with the personal goals members have joined AIESEC for. It acts as a resource. -Amruta Sukumaran

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The Ultimate Guide To Being A Team Leader