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3 Ensure the plan has an output

KEY ACTIVITIES: Initial Education: Transition/ Education Education Planning Conferences Outsourced Education

After you identify the key educations/ trainings that need to be delivered you must ensure that these are placed within a plan/ output. Think about these questions that will help you plan.

What are the outputs (short-term results) and outcomes (long-term results) of the training? How will you measure it?

s k c i r t &

tips for training

How will you deliver the training? Are you using elements of the Global Learning Environment? Does the training need to be always in a session can it be in a team meeting? When are these trainings happening and are they consistent with the

Always be frequent in passing on information and have a frequent reminder of the previous session plus the assessment continued with a related topic on the current

operational timeline? Does my plan reflect all the answers to these questions?

“Conferences have taught me a lot, it has given me an inner of the organization has helped me network and build more friends”

meeting to not forget

-Eklavya Shetty

nor get confused avoiding the lack of interest, The current topic too needs to be the bridge between the future and past


Team Leader

Be part of activities and discussion which helps us to discover more and clarify our information



Guide your team through the different activities and conversations and enable their learning through mentoring.

Share your knowledge and stories and enable your own growth


The Ultimate Guide To Being A Team Leader  
The Ultimate Guide To Being A Team Leader