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JOB DESCRIPTION Then the team leader distributes the job keeping in mind that The JD’s should be department specific and not be generalised. For example JD of a member of iGIP would 90% differ from one of the Marketing Department.

KEY ACTIVITIES: Creation of the Job Description from the Plan Negotiation of the Job Description with the members Quarterly Review of the Job Description

So keep the JD’s department specific. The 80-20 ratio should be kept in mind by the team leaders, and accordingly the plans and JD’s should be explained to the members. Right after you make your plan, plot your timeline,


understand what are the competencies required and how will you align with the members you have.

Retention will be a word not used in AIESEC INDIA is JD’s are implemented properly. Everyone will stay.

80-20 Ratio What is the job role of

How can you make a Job Description from the Plan?

you - the team leader

Your plan will have the activities

and what is the job role of your members? When in doubt, follow the 80-20 rule. 20% personal productivity

what’s the link between the plan and the JD?

with the key responsible. This will tell you how people are ‘specialised’ in certain areas.

80% empowering,

For example one member

developing and leading

receives more sales activities


can have a sales JD.

The Ultimate Guide To Being A Team Leader  
The Ultimate Guide To Being A Team Leader