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Dear Reader,

Dear Reader, The biggest learning resource has always been the experiences, learnings and mistakes If we google Leadership, we find of people. In this guide, you will see thoughts thousands and thousands of definitions and learnings of Team Leaders which will help about Leadership, and each one of them you live your journey better. In February 2015, makes sense. All our endeavours in a group of Team Leaders from across the Dear Sir/Madam, AIESEC rest upon our fundamental desire country came together to create this guide to Due to work commitments I am not able to physically collect my Vodafone to explore and develop our own leadership empower the coming generations of leaders Sim Card for the number 9920 708 182. I have entrusted/endorsed Christina potential. as a the Team as a to live their experience and build the best KelmanAnd to collect simLeader, card onbe myitbehalf. member of the Management Body, as a Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. possible experiences for their teams. LC Vice President, or even as LCP, each of us Warm are in Regards, a place to live the best leadership We hope that this practice of collecting and experience possible. compiling experiences does not stop here but Today, we know a kind of a formula to ensure a complete team experience as a Abhinav Dhatnagar team leader. They are called Team Minimums. However, we can never forget Leadership is all about people and experiences. For each of us to be able to truly exercise leadership, it is not enough to just merely follow these minimums, but, understand how to work around them with different people and in different contexts. Experiences of leaders make the best resource for us to understand this better, and help us understand our own leadership sweet spots.

builds on with time, with more learnings captured and shared. Who knows what can this turn out to be - volumes of such guidebooks published every 6 months, or even online forums hosted and run by the Team Leader community of AIESEC in India etc. This is just a start. And let's start with first doing the best we can to learn from people who have been in our position before, and ensuring we activate the generations after ours to live their experience better than we could. In Our Attempt To Scale Up People, AIESEC in India Member Committee 2014-15 One Tr1be

“Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great…” AIESEC India Member Committee 2014-15 One Tr1be

The Ultimate Guide To Being A Team Leader  
The Ultimate Guide To Being A Team Leader