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Minutes by Aastha Chaturvedi 8/4/2013

Venue: Le Cadre, Kailash Colony Date: 4th day of August, 2013 This LCM was indeed an intense one…for obvious reasons, (if you are not aware of those reasons then you are requested to check your AIESEC account on a regular basis.) A lot of discussions took place and here are just the brief points so that people who did not attend can have an idea and those who did can revise a bit. This LCM, along with the sessions had the working block in the end. Initially, the VPs as well as the Directors of ICX were asked to speak about the current issues as we all know that quite a few realizations took place and are taking place and during this course, DI has been facing some serious problems. This is what they had to say:

Anup:     

Assumption was made that the membership is developed But the EB had to step in to sort the issues EB had to take a stand and this happened for the first time Quality is not the problem, tracking the finances is. ICX directors are completely stressed

Prachi: 

Unity of the entire LC is required to sort the issues

Sahil:  

All that we are doing is exchange and not delivering the quality experience. There is a lot more to do than to achieve the quantitative targets.

Aditya:     

Members of the LC made promises to accommodate EPs which sadly turned out to be fake and disappointing. There is a potential loss of 5,00,000 rupees. 4,00,000 rupees to be given to Sonu ( a client) 30,000 rupees as a rent has been collected that was due. The experience has been scary, the current job of him is not what he is supposed to do or any VP or director for that matter (i.e. handling the EPs and accommodation personally, working with the different department(s) and hence cannot completely focus on his own department. MB will realize as to how handling the realization will affect their position in the LC.

Deep:  1 EP ran away to Mumbai without informing, another EP is hospitalized and is in a serious condition.  EPs say thatthat the TN managers not meet feel themiswhich is notare supposed to happen. One common thing ICX VPs anddoDirectors that they living their managerial term and not

their EB term, keeping a track of each and every single thing is not what the VPs and Directors have to do.

Just to familiarize you with the facts, 7/200 rather 7/120, this is the ratio of the number of AIESECers of DI who met the trainees to the number of total AIESECers present for the meeting.

Siddharth Takru: The AIESEC experience is important. About the NPS Survey: iGIP- 77% response. iGCDP- 23% response, last month’s response was negative. oGIP- 100% oGCDP- worst NPS Everyone’s job: The problem is that people do a certain amount of work, they show double of what they have done and tell the EB about the work they did by exaggerating it 10 times. Please be true and honest to yourself.  Visit the trainees’ houses, check if everything is fine.  Put yourself in their shoes.  Realization is supposed to be fun and not stressed, kindly work in such a manner. EP chill out- pathetic response rate, only 2 GB members were present. ( 2/85) AIESEC teaches being responsible, LEARN it.

Pranav Nagpal: o o o o o o o o o o o o o

MC will promote the LCs and the eligibility for the same is the minimum score of 30% of the NPS score. oGIP is the only department meeting the criteria- 100% Deadline to submit the score: 15th day of August, 2013. DI didn’t win the awards at JNC because of the NPS score. MC is taking a stand for the quality and no growth is visible in DI NPS challenges are going on and only Surat is meeting the target, our IR will suffer. NPS IS A GLOBAL PHENOMENON NOW. If this is not sorted, the EB term of the next EB will be spoilt. Siddharth Takru will be going for the IC and it is like a meeting with the different countries. India is NOT amongst the top 5 choices of the countries as far as partnerships are concerned. Even Indonesia does not have India as a partner. TMP NPS is -4, TLP is 78 Focus on NPS, IR depends on it. oGIP NPS response is bad after matching but good after realization.

Siddharth Takru:    

GB member has been fired; people need to respect the EPs intention of coming here for a cultural experience. Please do not spoil that. Worst thing is that people are aware about everything but they don’t do anything about it. People who want to interact with the EPs can contact the ICX managers and the TN managers. If someone desires to visit the accommodation then the following 6 people need to be contactedAnup, Shivam, Akshay, Aditya, Ayush, Karan.

Sahil Arora: Shortage of accommodation There are other sections of the exchange department that people need to take part in- one of them is hosting the EPs Host the EPs for the at least 3-4 days. That is one of the best experiences (Siddharth Takru got the ideas which helped him in winning the LCP elections, so you can imagine as to how important these home stays are)

Richa Mangwana: 4 events lined up: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Recruitment Youth to Business Global Humanism Summit Impact week Hacker Hunt (tentative)

This session started with the main concept of social media and explaining the same. Then, the discussions about the social media platforms and how they are supposed to be used: 

Twitter: Tell about AIESEC, use hashtags, tweet and re-tweet. DI’s outreach is dead! Why? Because people don’t use twitter and why don’t they do it? Because people don’t join……JOIN IT!!

Facebook The engagement has decreased and the numbers are like this, From, 193 to 23. This is how the flow of the involvement is coming down. One of the reasons is edge rank mechanism and because of which only 813 fans can see the posts of DI out of 13,000 fans and this happens due to lack of engagement of the fans.

Instagram Click pictures and post it on your profiles and use hashtags, DI is not capitalizing on it.

Youtube Make the videos and post them and share them on your channels like FB and twitter. We need to trend.

LinkedIn LinkedIn is helping due through mutual branding This will improve the image of AIESEC A platform to interact with the corporates Corporate relations and brand positioning is how LinkedIn is helping.

Also, by changing the settings, we can connect fb and twitter so that posting consumes less time but be careful about what you post, there are different friend circles on fb and twitter. DI Y2B page involvement has dropped. Last year there were 100 likes everyday!!

Omar: Differentiation between CIM and Communications: CIM (Communication and Information Management) is more about internal communication whereas Communications is more about externals communication.

Ujjwal: Another major issue: FINANCE!           

Each department at least owes 25,000 rupees to DI Current back balance: 2,36,000 Cash in Hand: 36,000 Expenses: 2,00,000+45,000+21,000+16,000 (Ericsson+Dhruv Gupta’s flight tickets+rent+misc. expenses.) = 2,82,000 rupees. New financial model ICX GIP thinks that the amount initially collected from the clients is their money but actually, that amount is a refundable amount and that has to be kept in mind. AIESEC might have to pay the tax to the government According to the new recon model TLP and TMP will also be included Q 3 rush- bad debts Bad Debts of around 1,28,000 rupees. Clients can sue us if products are not delivered.

Siddharth Takru: Basic steps that can help: 1. iGCDP: get the EPs and clients to pay. 2. iGIP: no bad debts to be given to the next EB. 3. OGX: VISA to be cancelled if money is not paid. A new EB structure will be there, @ EBs will work simultaneously. (1st - strategic management, 2nd- operational functions).

The next segment was the WORKING BLOCKS for the purpose of synergy between the departments. You are requested to collect the data according to the department you are a part of, that would help in a better way.

Next announcement: Richa Mangwana is the VP, Communications. Congratulations. Next announcement: Ujjwal will be at the position of the LCP if the current LCP, Siddharth Takru won’t be present. Congratulations. Again.

The most awaited moment arrived

THE MB ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!! The MB for Q3 and Q4 consists of the awesome people who are… Areee…..(drum rolls)

Areeee…..(drum rolls)

Areeee…….(drum rolls)

(Please find out )

Keep smiling. Experience as unity Teaches us diversity LET’S ROCK DELHI IIT….


LCM Minutes - 4th August, 2013  
LCM Minutes - 4th August, 2013  

Minutes of the LCM on 4th August, 2013. Minuted by Aastha Chaturvedi, Powered by Immortals.