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The Algerian talent

Algeria Capital: Algiers

Languages: Arabic Tamazight French

SMIC: 18000 DZD the equivalent of 150 Euros.

Various European universities and institutes have partnerships here in Algeria like HEC, ESAA, ESI.

More than 280 000 algerians live and work abroad


Facts about



lgerians are smart and they like to travel and visit other

the airport is the door of happiness.


faced throughout history pushed them to develop their choose the fastest, cheapest way to achieve their goals.

Discover the algerian talent , when I say talent it’s all

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We as LC Babez deliver OPS (Outgoing Preparation Seminars), to make sure our EP has an insurance before going abroad and support him during visa process we also keep in touch with our EP’s during their experiences and care about their well being and we want them to have one of the best experiences of their life. *EP: Exchange Participant

About AIESEC in Babez ① AIESEC Babez was created on 2009 and has his office in Algiers the capital of Algeria.

③ Top oGT performing LC with more than 20 exchanges, first in the world for the CX challenge.

⑤ 80 active members working daily to insure the best value delivery possible.

② More than 350 exchanges since 2009 done.

④ We are top performing LC in AIESEC in Algeria.

⑥ has a 400 % relative growth by the end of 2016.

*LC : Local Committee *CX : Customer eXperience


Outgoing Global Talent : Sarah OUKLI 0559 71 90 88 Design concept : Salim ABDI

Safia TOUAMI 0554 30 32 79

The Algerian Talent  
The Algerian Talent