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AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organization and the leading platform for young people to develop their leadership potential. AIESEC provides its members with the skills and experience needed to transform them from highpotential students into the leaders of tomorrow. AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to participate in international volunteer experiences, understand and act on solving problems in other societies and participate in a global learning environment.

FARANDI? Farandi is a 6 to 12 weeks AIESEC international volunteering program for young people that are interested in discovering the world as well as learning and developing personally. Farandi unites cross-cultural positive impact with working abroad for social and community development projects. We believe that the opportunity of developing a social project abroad enables you to open your mind and view of world, acquiring practical and personal knowledge for developing your leadership potential, proactivity, management skills and delivery a true social impact. Challenge your worldview and fully experience diversity while having the courage to make a difference for those who need it.

ISSUES? The work related to environmental education, capacity building and local implementation are ways of impact that can address and tackle this issue, focusing around topics such as pollution, flora and fauna protection, energy, climate change and waste management.

The projects within this issue will address ensuring common standard of living by providing education to raise awareness of legal, social and ethical principles among the underprivileged communities. They will deal with children rights, women rights, rights of people with disabilities or tribes and minorities’ rights. This issue focus on overcoming major health threats by offering treatment, generating awareness on healthy ways of living and highlighting the dangers that lead to health hazards with ways to prevent them. Address relevant sectors of the economy in order to improve economical health of the entities in those areas and enhance organizational and community growth, by working in organizational development, entrepreneurship, social business and micro finance.

Country partners:

Brazil India Kenya Mexico

India – Project Conserve Job Description: . Awareness campaign in schools and colleges + Interactive session with school and college students for educating them for Plastic Pollution, saving trees, Waste management, recycling and similar issues.

Logistics: Accomodation (with utilities bills), food and internet cost 99USD. Working Conditions: 30 hours per week, duration of 6 weeks Profile: undergraduate. English is required.

Country partners:

Brazil India Kenya Mexico

Brazil – Manaus Job Description . Implementing the project with underprivileged youth and develop and present workshops and dynamic lessons talking about diversity, discrimination, solidarity, trust, integrity and respect . Write a weekly journal during the internship. . Also be prepared to present your country during Global Village. . Work as community manager and create strategies to pick up funds to be invested in the continuation of this project. Logistics: food and accommodation are provided. Working Conditions: 35 hours of work per week. Duration of 6 weeks Profile: undergraduate, English is required.

Country partners:

Brazil India Kenya Mexico

Kenya – Nairobi (National Spinal Injury Hospital) Job Description: . Physiotherapy – This involves physical exercises, stretching and massages to help in their strengthening of muscles, joints and bones. . Occupational therapy – teaching life skills for reintegration purposes of persons with a spinal injury into the community. Counseling sessions for them to be able to deal with the obvious trauma and education classes to learn how to deal with the new changes physically, psychologically and emotionally. Logistics: accommodation, food, laundry services and internet will cost 25USD. You will work in a team of 20 more people. Working conditions: 30 hours of work per week. Duration of 8 weeks. Profile: undergraduate, English is required.

Country partners:

Brazil India Kenya Mexico

Mexico - Queretaro Job Description: . Design marketing plan with specialty in advertising design . Create advertising material (such as flyers, brochures, posters, etc...) . Create promotional videos Logistics: accommodation, meals, and money for local transportation will be provided. Working Conditions: 40 hours of work per week. Duration of 8 weeks. Profile: Undergraduate. English is required.

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LOGISTICS •Duration: 6 to 12 weeks. •The conditions or for each opportunity vary according to the country, city and project. In some cases you may have accommodation and part of the meals covered. •It may take up to 2 months to decide on a project, complete the selection process and finalize the cultural and logistical preparation; we advise you to apply 2-3 months before your preferred time of departure. •Although there are 2 major application deadlines in September and February, volunteering opportunities are open throughout the whole year and the selection process is continual.

COSTS? The program cost is 70 000 ISK. The money goes towards running the organization and the administrative cost of AIESEC. The fee is paid in three different moments, first when the contract is signed, second when the intern finds is internship and finally when the intern starts his internship. The program includes: •Access to (our internal, online opportunities database); •Support in the application process for your project; •Support in practical preparation (Visa, Work permit); •Orientation in the host country; • Accommodation is provided, generally for free or in a hosting family, some internships require an accommodation fee. •AIESEC manager in Iceland and the hosting country. The manager will support you throughout your exchange experience; •Reception activities and social network of AIESECers in the host country;

Flight ticket Participants are responsible for obtaining tickets to their destination. Information on the itinerary must be sent to AIESEC Iceland and the host country at least 2 weeks before departure date. Tickets vary and prices raise the closer to departure you are. Insurance It is mandatory that every participant have insurance during their stay. Participants are responsible for attaining the insurance. Visa AIESEC will support participant in applying for the correct visa. Participants must pay for visa expenses, and are finally responsible for attaining the visa. In Kenya, Uganda and Brazil you can buy the visa at the border. In India, China and Ghana you need to attain the visa before departure.

• A student or recent graduate (for maximum 2 years) aged between 18 and 30 years old • A student in Iceland or Icelander studying abroad • Interested in global issues and making an impact, preferably in an issue related to your area of studies or previous volunteering experience • A good English speaker; for some projects in South America or Mozambique, it is recommended, but not required, to have a basic level or Portuguese or Spanish • A good communicator, flexible and easy to adapt to new environments

AIESEC in Iceland Icelandic SSN: 551183-0339 Office at HR: Menntavegi 1, 101 Reykjavík | Telephone: +354-599-6351 Office at HÍ: Room 004, 101 Reykjavík | Telephone: +354-552-9932 |

AIESEC | Volunteer Internships Booklet  
AIESEC | Volunteer Internships Booklet