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Project Genesis 7 years of Impacting Lives

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About AIESEC Genesis - The Concept The Implementation Partnerships National Partners & BOA Our Local Support Group

About AIESEC Our Vision: Peace and Fulfillment of humankind’s potential Our Values: Living Diversity Acting Sustainably Activating Leadership Enjoying Participation Striving for excellence Demonstrating Integrity

Genesis – The Concept Project Genesis deals with spreading awareness on HIV/AIDS to various schools and educational institutions across Hyderabad city. With over 50% of the pandemic affecting the youth, the India HIV/AIDS Genesis Initiative group has a vision of creating young leaders in the issue to address the challenges ahead.

We aim to sensitize the urban youth, the rural and slum population on the disease and teach the skill to combat the epidemic.

The Implementation

• Our Interns will develop the content of the project along with the help of some prominent NGOs in the city. All trainees will undergo a structured induction process, conducted by various NGOs. • Facilitation of events and workshops at various schools. As the target audience speak only Basic English or no English, the medium of spreading awareness would be through dramas, presentations, cards etc.

The Numbers

Partnerships Development Partners

• Branding on all banners • Branding on all standees • Branding on merchandise • Branding on brochures • Logo space in AIESEC Hyderabad’s Newsletter • Social media promotions for 7 days • Branding in summit report (to be uploaded on AIESEC network) • Logo space on certificates to all participating interns and volunteers

Our National Partners

AIESEC India National Board of Advisors

Our Support Groups

Thank You AIESEC Hyderabad I would like to thank you for taking your precious time to go through the details. We understand that the need of each company is different from others and thus we always have our doors open to interesting proposals and ideas. Let us work with you to create a Partnership package designed specially for your company. Once again thank you for your time and patience.

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AIESEC In Hyderabad- Project Genesis  
AIESEC In Hyderabad- Project Genesis  

Project Genesis