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EVENT REPORT AIESEC in Hyderabad, Since 1986 - The 24x7 Leadership Factory, 8-2-603/ B/ 33/ A/ 9, Flat no. 302, Road no.10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, India - 500 034.

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Dear Readers, The 5th of June 1986, is a day of great significance for the AIESEC Network, it was the day AIESEC in Hyderabad was officially a member of the AIESEC India Association. It was this day onward that golden opportunities were made available to the youth of Hyderabad. Value based Leadership, freedom with responsibilities, internships with global perspective, membership with experience, these are few out of a range of learning AIESEC has to offer. Today, 26 years down, in the 27th year we progress as always, AIESEC in Hyderabad stands tall in the AIESEC Network & outside it. Life changing experiences being continuously delivered to Youth, and the Impact being created beyond AIESEC Journeys, is the epitome of example of AIESEC`s relevance to the society. Over a 1000 students across the AIESEC Network have visited Hyderabad, we have mapped Hyderabad as a Global Destination successfully, justifying AIESEC`s relevance day after day, month after month and year after year. We have been the pioneering Chapter in the AIESEC Network to produce the best experiences. Delivering opportunities to internationals across the most coveted organisations in the city, from NGOs to MNCs, from schools to colleges, we have ensured diversity to the fullest. We have also given numerous opportunities to Youth of Hyderabad to take up similar journeys across the AIESEC Network and continue to do so with better quality each day, creating awareness about these opportunities is one of our goals. As a part of the Youth, I`d like to share with you why these experiences are life changing. They are life changing because these experiences equip us with qualities relevant to our real lives, AIESEC takes us beyond our routine, beyond books, beyond jobs, it takes us beyond horizons, and that is why we realize our individual potential at AIESEC. Started 60 years ago - "AIESEC, the international platform for young people to explore & develop their leadership potential" still stands true. Our purpose & essence of our existence governs our actions, we continue to live by them. From social initiatives, international exchange programs, youth events, our progress, our clients, our stakeholders, our alumni so on and the Leadership Body of 2012, all of which have carried forward what started off in the year 1948. In the 26 years of our existence in Hyderabad, hundreds of Youth have been positively impacted, immense amount of effort has gone in, countless number of hours have been dedicated to AIESEC Experiences. All these are integral part of the years which have gone by. Another colourful page of 2012 has been added in the history of this Local Chapter which bears the name of the "24x7 Leadership Factory", we strive to live up to the name & the fine products AIESEC in Hyderabad creates. At AIESEC we believe in engaging our stakeholders, through this initiative, we would like to share with you our experiences, and your instrumental role in them. In the year 2013 we wish progress in a successful & sustainable manner. We wish to take AIESEC to greater heights, and we do require your continuous support & patronage as always. This is the story which unfolded on June 5th 1986, and it continues to be told the story of AIESEC in Hyderabad & everyone who is a part of it. On behalf of AIESEC in Hyderabad, I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to all our partners, supporters, patrons, well wishers for nurturing AIESEC in Hyderabad to a stage it stands today, it has been a wonderful journey for everyone who has been a part of it. I hope more and more Youth & organisations become a part of AIESEC in the forthcoming years of AIESEC. Sincerely,

Madhav Raj President AIESEC Hyderabad 2013-2014


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Welcome Address

By the Executive Board ’13

Keynote Speech

By Mr. Birad Yajnik (Alumnus and Board Member)

Connecting the Bridge

By Mauka

Story Telling

By Ms. Ana Escobar (International intern of AIESEC) Thank You Note Dinner & Networking


‘Entrepreneurship’ is a word thrown around almost whimsically whenever one addresses the youth of today. And why not? Those in this age group certainly do possess the physical and, more importantly, mental temperament for the demands of this line of work. This is true of the Indian scene as well. India is moving forward, and at a fast pace at that. At this stage of our political and economic development, we require the best of Entrepreneurs to ensure that we do not falter. AIESEC, being as impactful as it has been, feels obliged to play a major part in this. Naturally, we turn to our Stakeholders for mentoring. India is changing, and so are its trends. The youth needs to be well-equipped when it comes to leading the country. The youth is the future; they must work to make it brighter. In the 27th year of excellence, credibility, hard work coupled with passion, zeal and enthusiasm we plan to make AIESEC Hyderabad what it is today and will be in the upcoming few decades.

SPEAKERS Birad Yajnik is a proud alumnus of AIESEC in Hyderabad and is also on the Local Board of Advisors. He is currently the MD of Visual Quest and believes in invoking Gandhi in the 21st Century. He has had the privilege of speaking at Nehru Centre in London, the Tolstoy form in Johannesburg and has addressed the United Nations at New York on the International day of Non Violence. Furthermore, he spoke at Cairo as a part of the celebrations of the Jan 25 - 2011 Egyptian revolution. We at AIESEC Hyderabad are proud to have him as our Keynote Speaker. Ana Escobar, an international intern with AIESEC since 2012, works at Radisson Blu. A native of Mexico, she has enjoyed her time at Hyderabad. She shared her internship story in the Storyteller Session. She was full of praise for her employers; extended her gratitude to AIESEC in Hyderabad’s exchange team; and above all was grateful for the experience thus far. She has truly embraced Indian culture, having explored both its vast geography and its diverse cuisine.

Santosh Yellajosula, Abhiram Muddu and Varun Reddy together lead up an up and coming startup in the form of The Mauka. All hailing from BITS Pilani-Hyderabad, they aim to make Mauka the one stop solution for all internship and placement needs. At Nexus, they gave a refreshing session on their grapples with the Entrepreneurial world and what they have accomplished thus far.


Eight acres of lush greenery, an enviable 180° view of a shimmering lake, and with the iconic Cyber Towers at a stone’s throw. N Convention is the place to be with its state of the art purpose-built convention, located in the heart of Hyderabad’s IT hub and business district. N convention provides the perfect blend of glamour and professionalism, the traits best suited for a landmark event of this magnitude. Moreover, its perfect locale and picturesque setting makes it the ideal convention center in Hyderabad.


In 2008 the Talwar Group entered the niche imported luxury car segment, with Talwar Cars. This entity is headed by Mr. Saket Talwar, a proud alumnus of AIESEC in Hyderabad, he holds an MBA from Leeds University, UK. His international approach to the business has made Talwar Cars the leading dealership for Volvo in India.

FixNix is an enterprise that made a trendy entry into the Information Security arena with GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) Product. Within a short span FixNix has positioned itself to provide Information Security Products & Services to top notch conglomerates. Currently FixNix is planning to launch its services in the Middle-East, USA, Japan and Romania thereby stepping into international markets.


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