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AIESEC Hong Kong Limited MCP (Session 2013 - 2014) Election | Manifesto

VISION AIESEC in Hong Kong is recognized as the provider of the best quality people and service.









Listed below are the two focus areas with respective strategies to help attain the vision stated above

Positioning as a Quality Entity With the international goal by the year of 2015, there have been discussions in AIESEC in Hong Kong regarding its role and contribution to the global plenary. As a reflection of the reality of Hong Kong itself, together with the example we learned from AIESEC entities from countries with similar reality where resources and membership size are limited, AIESEC in Hong Kong should focus its effort in building the brand of quality, internationally and locally.

1. Recognition in Global Plenary | Building our Edge In order to build a brand of quality internationally, the products require us the most interaction with other countries can be in focus. Therefore, AIESEC in Hong Kong should first focus on improving quality of OGX before ICX. AIESEC in Hong Kong, on one hand, can enhance the quality of our supply to the main product oGCDP. On the other hand, it can increase our presence in the high quality product oGIP out of the entire pool. In this way, the overall brand association as a quality entity of AIESEC in Hong Kong can be adjusted. Enhance EP quality in main product - oGCDP •

• •

Attract the right people through refined marketing communications - Develop and package sub-product for programme-based OGX recruitment Increase National Selection Standard Increase Proportion of past TMP/TLP participants in oGCDP

Play a bigger role in quality product - oGIP • •

Obtain critical mass through separate development from oGCDP Develop sub-products for increased sales


2. Recognition in Hong Kong | Quality Experiential Development As a service business, word of mouth and live example of previous users play an extremely important role in the promotion. In order to build a brand of quality locally, we need to ensure a quality delivery of each of our product promise and benefit. The quality of our main product is discussed in the following. 1. OGX Programme Quality • Exchange content secured through cross-country partnership • Ensure delivery of supporting activities, examples are as follows. - Cultural preparations - CV writing training - Matching Support - Other information provided, e.g. visa, flight, insurance, etc. • Increase proportion of oGIP in overall OGX Sales


2. TMP and TLP Quality By reviewing the processes of Talent Management, we hope to increase the quality and learning of each TMP and TLP provided by AIESEC in Hong Kong. With an increased quality in TMP and TLP, we add more value to the future workforce and productivity to Hong Kong as a whole.

3. Let the World Knows About US | Showcasing Impact Simply delivering high quality services is not enough to gain sufficient social recognition. Therefore, we need to also create platforms to showcase our impact to the society so as to gain future support in our products. 1. Continuation of Youth Summit With the organisation of the Youth Summit in the coming June, we will be able to create a platform for ourselves to represent the Youth Voice, as the world’s largest student-run organisation. Depending on the result from the Youth Summit, it is high probable for us to continue this initiative and utilize this platform to showcase our impact to the Hong Kong society through our exchanges and projects. 2. Impact Measurement through integration of GCM and NPS for talent development showcase With the integration initiative of Global Competency Model with Net Promoter Score, we will be able to measure our concrete contribution to the development of a young person, and hence to showcase it to government, campus, external and other stakeholders.



AIESEC Hong Kong Limited MCP (Session 2013 - 2014) Election | Manifesto

Strategic Role of MC Over the past years, AIESEC in Hong Kong has been growing in the size of both of its membership and operation. However, the role of the Member Committee of AIESEC in Hong Kong has not been successfully transformed with the changes to perform more strategic functions. In the coming session, MC of AIESEC in Hong Kong is advised to adjust the meaning of its existence as a strategic body in the national plenary to support multiple growth of its LCs.

1. Basics of Organisation | ARC Framework The fundamental organisational design consists of three key elements: Architecture, Routine and Culture. Well-built elements drive smother operation and sustain organisational growth. Listed below are the key areas needed to be developed under each element to drive our organisation.

Architecture • • • • • •

M&A National Finance Model Profit Sharing Model of National BD Portfolio Conference Management Fund National Membership Database LC Structure

Routine • • • • •

ICX Sales Processes Service Minimum to OGX Programme Development Guaranteed (integration of GCM & NPS for development measure) Transition minimum (previously known as My Leadership Learning Diary) Conference Guide

Culture • • •

Emphasise on our 6 core values Nothing is impossible - challenge the current processes Make things happen - what we’ve achieved, not what we’ve done

2. Strategic Management for Growth | LC Clustering Having different local realities, our LCs are all in different developmental stages, they require, therefore, different kinds of support from the Member Committee. Putting Local Committee into clusters according to their developmental stages and potential allows us to provide more tailored and suitable supports for their growth: • • •

Customised advisory, operation and training support Facilitation of mutual learning and resource sharing Customised reward and recognition

Customised Support •

LCs with less developed operation requires more operation support from the MC or even hands-on support, subject to local reality

LCs with more developed operation requires more advisory support from the Member Committee. Development strategies from other countries can be shared with these Local Committees for breakthrough in limited growth.

Mutual Learning •

Provide platform for Local Committee clusters to facilitate the sharing of their learning

Resources (E.g. Recruitment, promotion material). can be shared among Local Committees with similar reality

Coaches from MC assigned according to clusters

R&R •

The current reward and recognition activities are focusing merely on the best performing entities. Therefore, the activities are not useful in terms fulfilling their objective in providing motivation to all entities of AIESEC in Hong Kong to increase their exchange performance.


3. The Critical Peripherals | Information & International Resources While LCs are expert of their local reality, they need also the critical information of the macro environment as well as resources from the network to excel and succeed. It is therefore essential for MC to provide this kind of information such as important societal trend and statistics, as well as international direction in the global plenary to support LC’s operation. A. MC as information provider (E.g. analysis and trends) MC can constantly analyse the market information and overall trend in Hong Kong to provide LCs with understanding to the external environment in Hong Kong. This information can include but not limited to student and corporate market and segment information, competition profile, government policies that affect business of AIESEC, details of useful funding, internal global strategies, etc. By generating statistics and analysis to national performance, MC can provide up-to-date advice to the LCs. The information also allows the LCs to conduct their own analysis for improvement and benchmarking when needed. B. MC as bridge to international resources (E.g. contact, network and funds) MC can provide LCs with easy access to international network of global plenary. This includes constant updates of contacts from MCs and LCs of other countries. Effort should be spent by the MC to build a network to experienced AIESECer or alumni who are with suitable profile to be chairs, facilitators, speakers or trainers in LC events or projects. In the long run, a database can be built for use of future sessions.



Manifesto of Ken Wong  

AIESEC in Hong Kong Session 2012-2013 Election for 13/14 MCP

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