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Note on source information: Date and statistics in this report are drawn from the most recent available information from AIESEC in Hong Kong as of (date) For any corrigenda found subsequent to printing, please visit our website at

OFFICE OF SESSION 2014-2015 President Ryo Enda Directors Finance - Jason Leung Global Exchange Programme - Catherine Sun Marketing & Global Talent Programme - Paul Balluff Talent Management - Gabriel Asuncion Published in June 2015 by AIESEC Hong Kong Ltd. Editor: Paul Balluff Design & Layout: Kimberly Wong Our Address

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Mr. Ryo Enda President of AIESEC in Hong Kong Session 2014-2015

Legacy stands for the unity of generations that dream about the same purpose. Established in 1967, AIESEC in Hong Kong has always stood for the better youth and the better Hong Kong. ryoenda

Kept in mind this clarity of why, session 2014-15 has primarily focused on making our core exchange programme more accessible and impactful for Hong Kong youth through taking decisive actions in strengthening our internal capacity and expanding our network of supporters. The changes taken place in this session were incubated through a thoughtful process with considerations of not only the success for session 2014-15 but also sustainable growth for our organisation in the future. As the result, we leveraged the growth of Global Citizens, providing more meaningful experiences to the participants and generated more values for our partners including MNCs, NGOs and startups. Developing the youth of Hong Kong is an ongoing mission that is only possible with the support of our long-standing partners and supporters who have the same belief. Session 2014-15 has ended, leaving the organisation with pivotal milestones. As the leader of this generation, I wish session 2015-16 will continue our legacies, building a greater AIESEC for Hong Kong.



Professor P.W. Mathieson President and Vice-Chancellor The University of Hong Kong

The University believes in the importance of experiential learning for our students. Academic excellence is and always will be important, but today, students should also look beyond the classroom for ways to broaden their outlook and range of experience. Student associations like AIESEC provide opportunities for helping individuals discover and develop their full potential so that they can in turn have a positive impact on society.



Mr. Jason Leung Director of Finance jasonleung0402

It has been my pleasure working in AIESEC in Hong Kong. It was an amazing and incredible journey. If you ask me “what is the one thing which makes the journey incredible?”, I will answer you by one word “development”. AIESEC has always been a platform for developing young people who then develop others. When I look back, I grew a lot. Starting as a member I had no idea on what is leadership, my life goal, and passion. Now, I found all the answers in this journey. “True leaders always create more leaders but not followers”. This is the true empowerment in this platform called AIESEC, it is also what I mean by developing others. I hope 10 years later, I will come back as the change agent that AIESEC would like to see in society, share my stories and contributions towards society, and inspire more future leaders to be a change maker in society.

Ms. Catherine Sun Director of Global Exchange Programme

There are many things that I have learnt this past year, some of them about leading a team better, others about just getting things done. I have had the pleasure of working with different people and have also had the opportunity to do this in a completely different cultural environment than the one I had grown up in. These experiences are irreplaceable. Though it has been nothing short of challenging, I appreciate every moment: every frustration, every heartache, every achievement, every moment of happiness. cajsun

The drive to contribute to a better society does not end with the end of my time in this position. The road to a better world is tough but the one thing we cannot falter in is our dedication; keep moving forward.


Mr. Paul Balluff Director of Marketing & Global Talent

Serving one year as a Director for AIESEC has been my ambition since I joined the organization as a volunteer in 2010. Managing exchange operations and marketing across seven campuses in Hong Kong, has been an intense challenge for me. But the challenge was worth it, as working full-time in the non-profit sector is also my long-term career ambition. Moreover, I had the pleasure of working with different individuals from various backgrounds. Achieving great things in a team, where each of us has a different nationality, has been a beautiful experience. But more importantly, working with the members in the local committees has been my greatest lesson in cross-cultural leadership so far. Understanding the needs and life of the students in Hong Kong was difficult for me at the beginning. But thanks to their mutual respect and patience we had a great learning together and we moved AIESEC in Hong Kong one step forward. paulballuff

Mr. Gabriel Ansuncion Director of Talent Management gabrielasuncion

It has been a crazy-intense year for this AIESEC in Hong Kong. I honestly do not know where to begin, because everything passed by so fast. This is the beauty of AIESEC: you know you have to achieve a lot of things in a brief span, and there is no avoiding the physical, emotional and mental costs that come with such a tall order. What makes this year extra special for me, is that AIESEC in Hong Kong was led by a team of five nationalities. It was a period of adjustment and acclimation to the entity’s reality. In this light, credit is due to our beloved members, who gave us their trust and permission to lead them. It was not an easy year, but we pulled through. My hope is for AIESEC in Hong Kong to continue to have that proactivity, enthusiasm, and spirit that I saw emerging towards the end of the term. To the extent that I have come to know, understand and love this entity, I believe the blitzkrieg of changes this year has moved AIESEC in Hong Kong forward for the better. You can never please everybody, because in the business of leadership development, it does not always have to be all lollipops and popsicles. Indeed, that is what made this year crazy-intense; it was fast, taxing, and altogether beautiful.





e provide international learning experiences for youth today to develop their leadership potential in diverse environments. As youth aspire to equip themselves with the right skillset and mindset to face the challenges of tomorrow, AIESEC facilitates this process and amplifies their leadership development in hopes that youth will drive the impactful and positive changes of the future.


of experience in developing global minded & responsible leaders

as our global network

as our active members in Hong Kong

as our source of young leaders in high quality and diversity

Every year we produce leaders that go on to implement their skills in a plethora of different areas. From large Multi-national Corporations to innovative start-ups, leadership knows no bounds, and as such AIESEC has shaped many of the great change agent of today.

It is every young person’s responsibility to take a positive role shaping the future of our planet. We believe every young person deserves the chance, and tools, to fulfil their potential.

We provide young people with self-driven, practical, global experiences. We enable them to see the world, make a real difference and discover what truly matters to them.

How do you ensure that every member of AIESEC will become a leader of positive impact?

iours. We enable young people to build a strong foundation of core values as they develop into responsible and entrepreneurial young leaders. Enabling them to be empowered to carry these AIESEC values throughout their lives in making more responsible decisions that will positively impact the world.

By providing every member of AIESEC a set of core values that we live by everyday. We are able to develop the leadership potential of young people by engaging them early-on with a values-based environment that shapes their behav-

Striving for Excellence

Demonstrating integrity

Activating Leadership

Acting Sustainably

Enjoying Participation

Living Diversity

We aim to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do. Through creativity and innovation we seek to continuously improve.

We act in a way that is sustainable for our organisation and society. Our decisions take into account the needs of future generations.


We are consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions. We fulfil our commitments and conduct ourselves in a way that is true to our vision.

We create dynamic and welcoming environments which stimulate active and enthusiastic participation by our members.

We lead by example and inspire leadership through action and results, taking full responsibility for developing others.

We seek to learn from the different ways of life and opinions represented in our multicultural environment. We respect and actively encourage the contribution of every individual.

Our unique Leadership Development Model is based on over 60 years of experience, 2 years of professional research and endorsed by the World Economic Forum. We know that leadership is a life-long journey. In AIESEC, we enable the first crucial steps in early leadership development of young professionals. Because we believe that young leaders today are the fundamental solution to solve world issues in the future and present. Therefore we specifically foster 4 Qualities in the young people we that we develop. The 4 Qualities are based on the needs of the early 21st cen-

World Citizen

Believes in their ability to make a difference in the world and is interested in world issues. Enjoys taking responsibility for improving the world.

Self Aware

Understands and lives personal values. Focuses on strengths over weaknesses and explores one’s passion.

Challenging Role & Environment

Individual Responsibilities and Goals

Outer Journey

tury, as our world is more interconnected than ever before. Throughout all our programmes and activities, we enable our members an Inner and Outer Journey. With our special expertise we facilitate the development of every young leader, in order to maximize the learning of each experience that we deliver. At the end of every experience that we provide, the young leaders increase their 4 Qualities, in terms of becoming a world citizen, being more self-aware, know how to empower others and have a solution driven mind-set.

Empowering Others

Solution Driven

Develops and empowers other people. Engages with others to achieve a bigger purpose.

Transmits positivity to move forward throughout uncertainty. Takes risks when its needed.

Communicates effectively in diverse environments.

Set personal goals

Adapts and shows resilience in the face of challenges.

Reflect on the experience

Inner Journey

Interaction with multiple stakeholders

Understand personal values Support System

Re-invent yourself

05 HIGHLIGHTS OF 2014/15


Our flagship volunteering programme sees 500 young people from Hong Kong help deliver sustainable change and positive impact each year. Global Citizen is the key step of young people in Hong Kong to discover the world and what really matters to them. We enable the youth their first experience in becoming globally aware. We send students to develop and empower communities around the world. Building on the past years of consecutive growth of Global Citizen, AIESEC in Hong Kong has chosen to make a paradigm shift from explosive growth to maximizing the relevance of the projects in the local communities overseas. We segmented the programme in three major world issues: Cultural Understanding, Literacy and Environment. Based on our research, these three segments are perceived as most important by Hong Kong students. At the same time these issues are most relevant to the local communities overseas as well. Therefore we established value and relevance based partnerships with specific AIESEC entities across Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. Because Hong Kong students are high-


ly educated, sending them to lower developed communities, truly opens their eyes and minds. We successfully sent students to over 65 countries. To mention a few: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine and Vietnam. As a result, the satisfaction of our volunteers increased and we enabled more powerful experience. The brand of Global Citizen is getting stronger on campuses in Hong Kong and the support from campus offices for our volunteering programme is increasing.

Lea Chan, HKUST Brazil, Gira Mundo Project, June 2015 Stepping into an alien environment has turned me into a more independent, brave and outgoing person. Through meeting diverse types of people, I have learnt to appreciate different cultures and traditions. I do not regret coming to Brazil as the people I met have really changed the way

I see the world. Most importantly, being able to make an impact to the society and providing young children with a positive outlook in life is what makes this all worth it. This experience has proven to me once again that everybody is able to make a change, no matter how big or small.

Matthew Yuen, HKBU Thailand, Sawasdee Project, June 2015 Sa-wad-dee-krub! Khun-sa-bai-dee-mai? I joined a project called Sawasdee Thailand Project which is an educational project where I teach primary school students’ English in rural area of Thailand. I went to a province called Korat which is 3 hours away from Bangkok. I arrived in Thailand since June and joined the Incoming Preparation Seminar in Assumption

University and today was my first day of school. The kids are so adorable and welcome us, they always want to hug and do the handshake with us. Likewise we played football together with the kids after lunch to get closer with them. Besides my host family is super to nice me, they always say treat me as their son and take care me a lot! It was awesome!


The talent programme enables businesses to provide meaningful professional experiences to a global network of youth talent who want to make a difference. In AIESEC, our mission is to create peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential and we want to be the world’s #1 youth leadership provider. We believe that Global Talent can create amazing, young leaders through intense internship experiences abroad. Global Talent with Hong Kong Companies

Global Talent for Hong Kong Students

Additionally we could re-establish our previous relationships with State Street Asia, they successfully received Global Talents from us.

We focused on sending students to Singapore. Young enterprises are flourishing there and the business environment in Singapore is similar to ours. We could increase the amount of Hong Kong students commencing a traineeship in Singapore by 50%.

In 2014-15 we established partnerships with over 50 companies and organizations. Most notably, we gained two new large scale partnerships with Alphasights and PCCW Solutions. Johnson & Johnson decided to partner with us as well and received two AIESEC Alumni from The Philippines as Global Talent trainees.

We are also proud to retain our long-term partners in the education sector, namely Hong Kong Baptist University, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, City University, and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. These four education institutes receive trainees from AIESEC for enhancing their education staff and fostering a global mindset in their campus population.


This year we restructured the process and goals for the programme to better fit with the needs of local students in Hong Kong. The process is more flexible than ever before.

This could be achieved due to strong collaboration with AIESEC in Singapore and the fact that Hong Kong students’ education is perfectly fitting the needs of Singaporean businesses. Additionally, we initiated to provide more opportunities for Hong Kong students in Japan. For that purpose, we invited an AIESEC member from Japan to come to Hong Kong and promote high class traineeships across Japan.

Tommy Wong, PolyU

Analysis Intern at Husqvarna Group Shanghai, September 2014 - July 2015 Our understanding of an internship perhaps is ciety for a Swedish company. While working in having some light work such as photo-copying, any multinational corporate in Hong Kong may but Global Talent, is a platform to contribute have a similar effect, the intensity is just different. values by utilising our academic knowledge and Living abroad means you are meant to un-learn AIESEC experience. As a Hong Kong citizen, and re-learn your past view and experience. now I am working in the Mainland Chinese so-

Sandra Lee, HKBU

Account Executive at Top3 Media Singapore, October 2013 - March 2015 I really enjoy working at my company. Although Since everyone is easy to get close with one anit is just a start-up business for 4-5 years, the other in such an open area and structure, plus business is expanding rapidly with a lot of new the more experienced ones are very willing to members coming in. The company is recruiting share their knowledge to the new members, it talents internationally. The dynamic team and the nurtures the growth of both the company and young culture gives sufficient freedom for each the individual. individual to grow. The company culture is great Unlike Multinational Companies, small and metoo. We will do bowling every Tuesday, and have dium enterprises allows me to get in touch with team-building activities each quarter. It’s a young every single details in my job, which definitely and fun yet caring family-environment. helped me to grow and improve faster.


“YS15 was extraordinary, it led me to discover my life purpose”

– Charlie Shen, Form 6 Good Hope School

The event will be a perfect platform for participants to explore and discuss the solutions to amplify the sustainable development in the local community. I support the AIESEC’s endeavors and look forward to fruitful deliberations at the summit where our youth can learn from prominent guest speakers and expand their international network.

— Tony F Chan, President The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

We are delighted that AIESEC in Hong Kong remain the topic ever since the first Youth to Sustainability Summit. We have much to be inspired from this gathering of youths, as views expressed in the audacity and passion of youth often contains wisdom that is not readily discernible to more seasoned minds.

— Professor Joseph J.Y. Sung, SBS, JP, Vice-Chancellor / President The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Betty Tseng, Vice President of NU SKIN Greater China NU Dream Team, joined our conference to share her corporate insights on entrepreneurial mindset and leadership.


Caspar Tsui Ying-wai, Political Assistant Secretary for Home Affairs Bureau, congratulated our delegates on the closing ceremony of the conference.


heme 2015

A Journey of Changemakers

A 4 Days conference for more than 200 youth leaders held from June 11th until 14th 2015 in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Across the horizon, ambition and creativity have always been a symbol of the local people. Meanwhile, over years, youths in Hong Kong are becoming more ambitious to start up their businesses more than ever before. With inspirations, network and exposure, we believe the young, innovative future leaders in Hong Kong can also contribute to the sustainable development of our city. Together we create a better place to live across generations. With Youth to Sustainability Summit 2015 we successfully connected students from secondary schools and universities with businesses, non-profits, activists, and government. At the end of the conference, our youth leaders created 20 project ideas to solve issues in Hong Kong. The focus areas were promotion of Green Lifestyle, Social Inclusion and Cultural Preservation & Development.


External Speakers

40 200+ 20

Partner Organizations

Youth Leaders


Established back in 1986, AIESEC in Hong Kong Baptist University is moving forward to the 29th year in 2015. Providing and facilitating the best leadership and exchange experience to HKBU students. The mission of session 1415 is to provide quality experience to members and enhance exchange performance with clear campus position, with the team stand of “Be A Man, Do the Right Thing”.

Achievements in session 2014-2015

AIESEC in HKBU continuously strive for opportunities to bring students all over the world for unique experience in both career path and community serving. In session 2014-15, we have bridged interns from all over the world to work

with our partners by providing 23 internship opportunities. Sending out more than 100 students to overseas to bringing positive impact and develop their leadership skills through voluntary servicing and unique working experience.

External events JiuJik Journey 招職旅程

We aim to provide the latest job vacancy information and help the HKBU students to have a clear idea of the career market. We are honored to have our advisor Mr. S.W. Lam, and Mr. Fred Hung from WallStone Partners & Co Ltd. sharing some career tips. In addition some of our interns working in Hong Kong came to share their firsthand working experiences to our students.

“Be A Man, Do the Right Thing” Global Citizen Touch


We are providing travelling forums for HKBU students inviting different travelers to share their experience in their journey to exploring the world, who are also authors of traveling books including: Mr. Wong Tsz Kin, the member of Bike for another choice; Dr. Dominic Chan, the writer of 《夢想侶遊》; Ms. Anna Tam, the writer of 《尋 找 Tashi Deleg -旅行的味道》; Mr. Fred Lam, the writer of 《旅行在希望與苦難之間》; Terence Wu, the writer of 《同踏征途》.

The annual event of AIESEC in HKBU, AIESEC Week was held in March 2015. Focusing on the two social issues: Fair Trade and Food Leftovers, we aim to arouse the awareness in HKBU campus to bring positive impact to the community involved in. With a display in campus and two open forums, we invite different guests from non-governmental organization to bring in new ideas to solve these problems in society.


2014 – 2015 was an amazing year to celebrate AIESEC-LC-CUHK’s 45th anniversary. In this session, we aimed at gaining recognition in CUHK by providing high quality leadership experience to CUHK students through exchanges and different opportunities, as well as our AIESEC members. In order to develop change agents with leadership qualities, we recruited 64 members and 30 leaders in running this Local Committee.

Week”, emphasizing the impacts of exploring oneself and the world through travelling aboard. We are very honored to have the support of various embassies and the Office of Student Affairs. With the help from the embassies, our Global Village gathered people with distinct backgrounds and nationalities. At last, over 200 students were engaged in the event and enjoyed a great moment experiencing cultural diversity.

Highlight of the Year

Why We Do What We do

This year, we organized events in campus to let CUHK students understand more about different cultures, get inspired by others’ experiences and embrace cultural diversity. Kicking start of the fabulous February is the event named “AIESEC

In this session, we defined our team stand as “Strive for X Own the Y”, which meant that we dare to strive for excellence in making exchanges happen and we let every stakeholders own the why of AIESEC. We continued to boost our ex-

“Strive for X Own the Y” change performance with some great strategies from the previous sessions and put forward with new initiatives. Encouraging CUHK students to step out of their comfort zone, we have delivered more than 85 overseas volunteering and global internship experiences to a life-changing journey with unique personal growth.

held in Taiwan, Morocco, Mongolia and South Korea allowed them to learn in a multicultural environment and thus brought a lot of insight back to the local society.

The Conference Experience

We provided different opportunities for our members to engage in and utilize their strengths to become a change maker. More than half of our members actively participated in national and international conferences, allowing them having more understand towards youth power and their responsibility in creating a better society to live in. Participating in the international conferences


Mr. Raymond Leung, Director of Office of Student Affairs (OSA), Ms. Beatriz Nava, Consulate General of Mexico in Hong Kong and Macau, and Henry Lee, President of AIESEC in CUHK are opening AIESEC Week 2015.

Our mission - “Leading One Legacy” is what we stand for in session 2014-2015. This signifies our clarity of uniting the organisation as one, by bridging the past and future.

Personal Development Talk for Members

To allow members to find clarity throughout their leadership development journey, each member has a development buddy. Through personal interactions and coaching, members themselves act as the change agent for each other with their inspiring stories and sharing.

Consultancy Chat for Global Talent

AIESEC in HKU revolutionized the exchange student recruitment system by devising consultancy chats with Global Talent sign-ups. During the

one-to-one consultancy sessions, our officers assist the student participants in setting their personal and professional goals. Hence, we are able to connect with our customers in a personal and customer-centric way, while maintaining our professionalism.

International Partnerships

AIESEC in HKU engages more in forging international partnership to drive cross-cultural exchanges. This year, we formed exchange partnership agreements with AIESEC entities in Asia (Japan, Malaysia & Australia), Europe (England & Switzerland), America (USA) and Middle-East (Tunisia). This brings forth efficiency in our exchange procedures and operations.

“ Leading One Legacy ” IT System innovation

Moving into the Digital Age, we introduced online registration and event management systems on websites and mobile application. Our Incoming Exchange area has seen a sales pipeline transformation from cold channels to warm channels. With the support system including a networking database, visa application tool kit and accommodation database, we strive to maintain a customer-centric customer relationship management.

External Engagement

working website in Hong Kong, in co-organizing a networking and pitching session in May.

Media coverage Two were invited to “Sai Ga Airlines”, a radio program in Commercial Radio Hong Kong, in November 2014 to share their personal development journey in Global Citizen. On top of that, two Global Talent participants shared their experiences on Young Post in June 2015. These initiatives allowed the general public, beyond university students, to witness our impact.

To enhance the sales pipelines of our exchange products, we adopted a more proactive approach in engaging companies. This leads to the partnership with, the largest net-


In Session 2014-2015, we aimed at increasing our members’ international exposure and provide quality experiences for all our stakeholders. We have provided leadership development opportunities for 70 members and 20 leaders in this year. Together, we created more than 100 exchange opportunities for students in HKUST and foreign interns.

couraged 31 members to attend international conferences in Germany, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Morocco, Portugal and Taiwan during the year. These conferences do not only foster cultural understanding between members all over the world, but also enhancing members’ personal development in leadership in different dimensions.

Leadership Development

Social Projects

We organized a Winter Training Camp for our members in order to develop their leadership skills and to motivate them to take further leadsership opportunities with AIESEC. Through self-discovery and reflection, we redefined the leadership and potential of members. Apart from attending local conferences, we en-

‘War & Peace’ is a brand-new event that involved around 300 HKUST students to increase the awareness of war-related issues in the society. 2014 is a year full of conflicts happening around the world. Our event aimed to address the devastating impact brought up by recent affairs and the objective is the spread the importance of

“Why not?” Peace and how HKUST students can contribute to it. ‘Dream Project’ is a new initiative aiming to guide high school students to find their own path through such their secondary school life journey. We have engaged 200 secondary school students by 3 school visits. This project aimed to enlighten students to not only find their goal in life but also do not give up on their dreams. This is also a precious opportunity for us to make direct impact to the society and the future generation.

Showcase AIESEC in HKUST

As an annual event of us, ‘AIESEC WEEK 2015’ was held in March successfully. The theme was ‘Wanderlust’, which means a strong desire to travel and explore the world. Some long for


real relaxation, others seek for intercultural experiences and self-development, they wish to improve and transform themselves during their journey. During the week, we held a Global Talent recruitment talk, a Global Village and a Global Travel Forum, to encourage students in HKUST to go on exchanges. We invited several guests in the week to give insights from different perspectives. Lydia Wan (Career Coach), Enoch Wong, Stephanie Yeung (Exchange returnee), Fred Lam, Bird Tang, Charlotte Chen and Bell Chung joined our events. Global Village has showcased the culture of 10 countries and more than 300 students in campus were reached with the booths and activities held.

It has been a fruitful year for AIESEC in Lingnan. Building upon the foundation built by previous sessions, we envision AIESEC in Lingnan a true leadership organization in the Lingnan campus. In session 2014-2015 we were dedicated to delivering more exchanges, extending the impact of AIESEC to more students on campus. All our exchange programs have grown significantly. More students joined Global Citizen Program and Global Talent. Each has grown by 83.3% and 200%, respectively. More students in Lingnan are now engaging with AIESEC and are ready to start a life changing experience. We also partnered with one more company for Global Talent and provide them with high class overseas talents. We successfully retained one partnering

company from previous session with the quality service we offered, Providing more opportunities for people from abroad to experience working and living in this Asia’s world city. Being in a university with a relatively small campus, we try to make use of this advantage and reach out to more students in Lingnan University. Recruitment talks of our Exchange programs and Team Member program were successfully held, reached out to over 500 students of Lingnan University, about 25% of the entire university population. Marketing campaigns were also successful, by carrying online promotions and setting booth on campus, we are gradually building up the brand of AIESEC, it is now known to more students. Our work was also recognized by

Now or Never, Dash and Dare

school officials, which contributed much to our strengthening the partnership with the university. “Now or Never, Dash and Dare” is the team stance for Executive Board of AIESEC in Lingnan Session 2014-2015. At the beginning of the term, we asked ourselves one question: how can we make AIESEC in Lingnan a unique leadership organization for Lingnan? We believe the change needed to start within the organization, start with our members; the impact could then be spread to more people. In session 2014-2015, we tried to develop our members into proactive and confident learners who are self aware and concerned about what’s happening around them. Looking back the year that just passed, we are proud to say, we are on

the way to achieving this goal. We want AIESEC in Lingnan not only to be growing but also grow sustainably and this is the kind of leadership we need for the organization and the Lingnan campus as well as for a better future for the society. Persistent, would be the word to describe team 1415. Regardless of the countless difficulties, we encountered, the team still managed to stick together and overcome the challenges together. We have faith in what we are doing and we believe this organization is only heading towards a brighter future. Passing on to the next session, we are proud to say AIESEC in Lingnan is in good hands; it’s just a start for an organization full of potential.


10 Years of Leadership

AIESEC in PolyU was established on 15th January 2005, founded by our first president, Mr. Ricky Cheung. Throughout the past 10 years, AIESEC in PolyU has offered over 500 life changing international experience for foreign students and passionate youth in PolyU. These experiences would not be impactful without the contribution of our leaders. In 10 years, we have nurtured over 700 youth leaders who develops their leadership in the process of driving exchange experience. In the coming years, AIESEC in PolyU will continue to enlighten leaders who will make themselves accountable for the good of their global community.

In the session 2014-2015, the executive board members strive to make AIESEC in PolyU a well-recognized, sustainable and united platform for leadership development. We had recruited around 100 youth leaders with an aim to develop global, ethical, proactive, communicative and entrepreneurial young leaders through providing international exchange and internship opportunities. In our daily operation, we uphold our value of being adventurous, embracing diversity and having trust among our colleagues to offer the best experience possible to our students and foreign exchange participants. Among the young leaders, 15 of them had tried to step up and grasp the opportunity to be the executive board member of session 2015-2016.

We strive to be a well-recognized, sustainable and united platform for leadership development

Building the Global Community

Passionate in developing responsible and entrepreneurial young leaders, AIESEC in PolyU has sent over 400 students in PolyU abroad to participate in global community development in many countries. We envision a society full of respect and collaboration among different races and religion through fostering mutual understanding between them. To do so, we innovate in our exchange programme by incorporating a postcard exchange campaign for our exchange participants. Apart from experiencing the real cultural diversity in the programme, our participants would write and exchange postcards with one another during their oversea experience to build the global community by reading others’ story and exchanging insights.


Enlightening Leadership

Celebration of 10th Anniversary

On 15th Feb 2015, AIESEC in PolyU had organized a gala dinner to celebrate our success with around 100 alumni, external partners and young leaders. With the theme of germination, symbolizing our breakthrough in the past 10 years, we are honored to have invited our advisors, Professor Tong, principal of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Jeff Bradley, Chief Operating Officer of Leo Burnett Limited to be our guest and witness this important moment with our leaders and partners. The dinner was held in hotel ICON and had reunited 50 former executive board members.

Being the youngest member of AIESEC in Hong Kong, Session 2014-2015 was a defining year for AIESEC in CityU. With concrete campus partnerships with key school functions, improved project management system, and new initiatives on external events, this year sets foundation for the extension’s growth for years to come.

also secured a strong relationship with its campus’ English Learning Centre in providing quality education and Information Technology development talents for the university. With such support and partnership with CityU’s campus, the entity is now in good standing for an increasing recognition within CityU officials as well as students.

Campus Partnership

Project Management

Other than the continuous support from CityU’s Career and Leadership Centre (CLC, formerly known as Career And Internship Office), this year AIESEC in CityU strengthen our relationship with CityU officials by partnering up with CityU’s Student Development Service (SDS) into bringing foreign talents into driving cultural impact in CityU. In addition to SDS, AIESEC in CityU has

CityU is proud to one of the first AIESEC Hong Kong entity to fully implement online project management system, as well as AIESEC’s global partner - for all of the extension’s operation. From the Executive Board to each focus projects, helped each team to track and collaborate across functional areas with transparency for everyone involved.

One for sure

Such implementation significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of operation - hence increased quality for the experience of the extension’s leaders and officers.

selves in a foreign work experience. Mr. Dylan Leung was invited as guest for a separate guest sharing session sharing his experience in finding his meaning of life through traveling.

External Events

This year AIESEC week was held for the first time of AIESEC in CityU’s history. The one week event aims to promote AIESEC’s exchange products by raising the awareness of cultural diversity. In additional to the extensive one week cultural booth held with the help of AIESEC Global Community Development Programme returnees, AIESEC in CityU invited past AIESEC Internal officials Ms. Crissete Arcilla and Ms. Ara Cabalonga to share their experience on how students can increase their global competitiveness by exposing them-



10 Years of Supervisory Group - Words by our Chairman

Dr. Tom W. H. FONG Chairman, Supervisory Group 2014-15

Mr. Tom W. H. Fong is the Associate Vice-President of Student Development and Campus Services at Hang Seng Management College. Before assuming his present role he was the Head of Student Affairs in HKIEd. He promotes the students’ whole person development through various platforms, programmes and co-curricular activities.

The objectives and role of the Supervisory Group

Benefits to AIESEC in Hong Kong from the SG

The SG was appointed in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the AIESEC in Hong Kong. It is accountable to the Membership Plenary of AIESEC in Hong Kong, and reports back twice a year in terms of an interim report during the Winter Conference and a final report to the AGM. In fact it is the role of SG to provide critical and strategic advice from an independent view-point to MC.

This is certainly an improvement in mechanism as without this body, the MC had been limited by its own perspectives, resources, expertise and network before 2005, but with this body, the overall quality and management of the organization has been enhanced throughout the years. The governance, legal and financial aspects of the MC operation became particularly important after MC turning full time in 2006 and incorporation since 2010. The advice of SG has been useful in resolving issues.

The objectives of establishment of Supervisory Group (SG) for AIESEC in Hong Kong since 2005 were to set up an independent high-level body who can provide strategic views and advice to the planning and development of the organization; moreover, through the advice and feedback on the performance of the Directors (or also known as Member Committee - MC) from diverse expertise of the SG members, the MC receives multiple perspectives on how to handle the governance, leadership, budgeting and finance, legal, operational and other issues of the whole organization.

The SG members are from different industries, professions and expertise (including government and public organizations, multinational corporations, higher education institution and professional consultant, etc.). The SG has been providing independent and strategic perspectives to MC on how to handle the governance, leadership, budgeting and finance, legal and other issues. Given the diverse backgrounds of SG members, SG can always share best practices to MC in management and operation. As such, the whole organization (on top of MC) can benefit from a more objective, critical counsel and opinion and wider network on its business and operation.


Highlights of development and evolvement of SG in these 10 years

The membership of the SG has been evolving and developing throughout the years in terms of composition and size. From the initial stage of operation with four members, with three senior leaders from Junior Chamber International (Hong Kong) serving in SG in the early years; to the expansion of membership for SG in the later years including members from government and public organizations, MNCs in the private sector, senior executive in the higher education sector, as well as professionals in practice like HR and Training. The average number of members has broadened to be around 6 to 8 members per session since 2007 till now. Since five years ago, the immediate past President of AIESEC in Hong Kong was

invited to join the SG in the coming session to provide better linkage between SG and MC; this also aimed at enabling the outgoing President to consolidate his/her learning in a high-level group and in a more in-depth manner. On the work scope of the SG, a multi-pronged approach has been adopted with each SG member specializing in one or two strategic area(s) matching with the functional area of the Directors, so that the SG advice and feedback can be even more direct and engaging with the relevant working people in AIESEC. One most important highlight is that SG has been playing the unique role of being “critical friends” of the President, Directors, Local Committee Presidents and the AIESEC leaders. SG is

10 Generations of Supervisory Group and AIESEC in Hong Kong

constructively critical and is a true friend of all the AIESEC leaders; meaning that the SG members facilitates the personal development and transformation of the AIESEC leaders in transition to their career development throughout the years of interaction. It has been SG’s most satisfying experience to witness and hear from former Presidents, Directors and AIESEC leaders what they have learned and grown from interaction with SG years after their graduation. They shared that they were only realized about the real learning of life lessons and learned that some high-level management skills were indeed learned from the interaction with SG when they served in their old AIESEC days.


The SG in the next 10 years

With the rapid development of socio-economic situation, education and technology in the local and global communities in the coming years, it is believed that the development of AIESEC as the largest youth organization in the world will also need to be adjusted and to be even more diverse in its services, programmes and exchange coverage. In this connection, the role and functions of SG will also need to be further enhanced and adjusted according to the real needs and development trend of the Directors in leading the organization. This means the SG membership will need to be evolved accordingly to meet its own challenges in providing the needed support to the Directors. A deep review to even better tap

on the expertise and wise counsel of the SG is recommended for the Direcots to consider. One possible evolvement is more frequent interaction using web and technology platform between Directors and SG for regular meetings and exchange of information, views and exchange to enhance communication.

It is believed that all interaction is a two-way interflow instead of one-way. The Supervisory Group members, though from different industries, expertise and professions, have also learned from the interaction with members of AIESEC about the perspectives of younger generation in all the work areas and scopes of the organization. We can also have a feel about the latest needs of youth and university students and the trends of the programmes and activities that more younger generation would be engaged throughout the years. We also highly treasure the satisfaction of facilitating and witnessing the personal growth and transformation of AIESEC leaders from being student leaders in transition to become professionals in the workplace upon their graduation.

Supervisory Group, Session 2014 - 15: Eugene Fong, Ken Wong, Rita Agnes Wong, (Ryo Enda), Tom Fong (Chair), Justin Lui (ViceChair), Elsie Gung, Thomas Yuen

Our Supervisory Group 2014-15

Chair: Tom Fung, Associate Vice-President at Hang Seng Management College Vice-Chair: Justin Lui, Senior Strategic Planner, CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd. Secretary General: Ken Wong, President of AIESEC in Hong Kong Session 2013-14

Members Elsie Gung, Division Director HK Island East Retail Banking Wealth Management at HSBC Eugene Fong, Director & DGM, Junefair Group Rita Agnes Wong, Manager of Staff Development, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital Thomas Yuen, Retired HR professional and consultant


AlphaSights is a young enterprise headquarter in London since 2008 and has established its presence in HK for 3 years. As a ‘knowledge broker’, we look for people that are energetic and have the drive to explore. AIESEC’s members consist of people whom are curious and adventurous. These members have international vision and are multi-lingual. Their potentials are endless and deserve a platform where they can prove themselves of their values. With that in mind, AlphaSights has decided to partner up with AIESEC last year to provide an additional platform for the members to flourish. — Vincent Wong, Head of People Operations AlphaSights

Conference Collaboration

This year we invited our partners to speak on our conferences and share their insights on leadership with our members. On our annual Winter Conference in January 2015, our Partner Pfizer launched the Annual Excellence Awards for our local leaders. It is the eighth year where Pfizer supports our leadership development with awards to recognize outstanding achievements of our members. On the Easter holidays, we organized our annual Spring Conference, where EF - Education First provided a sales training for our members to learn and grow from the leading private education company. Furthermore, our partner AlphaSights presented a key note speech during the conference about how a business needs to adapt to the external market and constantly innovate the business model.


Social Media - Faces of Impact

Together with our International Development Partner – BrandHK, we created a social media campaign to tell stories from our exchange participants. The theme was about Hong Kong ambassadorship. We send out more than 500 university students annually. In order to facilitate the attitude of being a cultural ambassador of Hong Kong, we launched a video contest. We collected eleven videos that were published on YouTube and promoted via Facebook. The campaign reached out to more than 50,000 Facebook users and had thousands of views on YouTube.



Kevin Lee CEO and Founder of Redspots Creative He was the financial controller of AIESEC in HKU Session 2000-01. And he was also the core Organizing Committee member of the Asia Pacific Leadership Development Seminar 2000. He is now still active in the AIESEC Alumni Association HK as an executive committee member.

Kevin Lee is running his own business in the media industry, which runs an online TV Station, and operates a media platform in the buses and taxis in Macau. Furthermore, his company expanded an IT business to Mainland of China. Back in university age, he was studying accounting and finance as major. Right to the point until he graduated, he still thought: “I should be an accountant”. “But AIESEC changed me a lot. After my graduation I went on an Internship with AIESEC. I went to Istanbul, Turkey for almost half a year. It was actually a real life changer to me, because I got to meet a lot of friends and other interns from different countries. Where I found that the world is actually very big, and I should start to think about other than accounting, what else can I do, what else I am interested in doing for my life?”

Redspots Creative Company Limited is a professional multimedia & production company. We provide services on 3D & 2D production, multimedia plaform construction for both internet and mobile devices.  

Watch our Alumni Stories


After he returned his internship in Turkey, he started his media career. He started at TVB and did TV drama productions. Later, he started his own production house which grew into the RedSpot Creative that we can see today. “If it was not because of AIESEC, I do believe I would be working as an accountant right now, rather than running my own media business. So AIESEC is very important to me.” Today, he is happily growing his dream and does not plan to stop until he produces his own movie.

IESEC Alumni Association of Hong Kong (AAAHK) was established at 2009 which aims at:


Social Contribution

1. Providing a valuable platform for former AIESEC members and associates of all ages to interact, contribute and build up networks

• Earth Hour • Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge Competition • Social Enterprise Summit in Hong Kong • Job Fair for Youth • Global Entrepreneurship Forum in Hong Kong

2. Extending the path to connect youth talented professionals to continue experiencing cultural diversity and broadening horizons in society. Throughout the years of AAAHK development, we developed activities on the following bases:

Local networking

• AIESEC Friday Drink Gathering on 2nd week of Friday every month • AIESEC Lunch or Dinner with Alumni Sharing • AIESEC Hiking during Autumn and Winter • AIESEC Halloween or Christmas Party

Global networking

• Hong Kong Alumni Delegation for International Alumni Conferences • Development of International Alumni Conference in Hong Kong (for example, AIESEC Alumni Asia Pacic Conference 2013 in Hong Kong

As supporting organization with different social and community activities in Hong Kong

Future Development of AAAHK

• Establish AAAHK Foundation Fund to encourage AIESEC students to develop new projects or best practices in AIESEC • Develop Executive Mentorship Program for AIESEC local and member committees • Organize AIESEC Alumni sharing on personal or their industry sharing • Encourage AIESEC Alumni to participate social services activities in Hong Kong • Organize Career Forum with AIESEC Alumni from different industry to share • Organize AIESEC Friday gathering with different special themes Ivan Chiu, Chairman AIESEC Alumni Association of Hong Kong





5mina Limited (Tact Sky Limited) AAAHK Accupass ActionQ AlphaSights Limited APPPROF Asiapac Net Media Limited Bestrims Limited BigLove Alliance Brand Hong Kong Management Unit BSD Code and Design Academy Business Environment Council Cathay Pacific City University of Hong Kong - Student Development Services CLP Power Hong Kong Limited Coleman Reserach Hong Kong Limited Commission on Youth Crisyland JV Limited - Sun Seekers Company Limited Cultural Outings Cyberworkshop limited Diagcor Bioscience Incorporation Limited Dickie Toys Hong Kong Limited Dragonair Ecobus Education First EF - Education First Efficiency Unit Electrolux Equal Opportunities Commission Euromoney Institutional Investor FedEx International Holdings Limited Feeding HK Foodpanda Friends of the Earth Glory Learning House GoAnimate Hong Kong Limited Good Lab Hong Kong Graceful Hands Learning Center Limited

Great Place to Work Habitat for Humanity HandsOn Hong Kong HKSAR Outstanding Students’ Union HKSDRI 香港可持續發展研究中心 HKU SPACE CDP Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong Federation of Business Students Hong Kong Jockey Club HAD Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Association Hong Kong Young Leaders Development Association Hulu Culture 文化葫蘆 iMusicTech Ltd. Intercultural Education Hong Kong (ICE) Invest Hong Kong Limited Isle of Rhapsody 小島狂想曲 Jardine Airport Service Limited Johnson & Johnson (Hong Kong) Limited Joint School Welfare Union Jooble Joy Aether Limited Junior Chamber International (JCI) K&A International Company Limited Key Positioning Limited Kids’ Dream Kids4Kids Launchpilots Limited Leung’s Insitute Lingnan University Mentorhood Limited NarrativeHK Natural Network Newtimes Development Limited NU SKIN Ocean Park Hong Kong (Conservation Foundation) Pacific Great Development Limited PCCW Solutions Limited Pfizer Pigeon City Technology (HK) Limited


Play Ground Sai Wan Polyed International Limited Ribose Inc. Rich East Trading Limited Royale International Couriers Limited Run 2 Tree Studio RWB 330 (紅白藍330) Select Service Partner Hong Kong Limited Snapple Social Alliance Sovereign Trust Limited State Street Global Advisors Asia Limited Students of Hong Kong Super-X Sportswear Limited Talika & Marketing Limited Tamanala Company Limited Limited Teach4HK

Special Thanks

The Chinese University of Hong Kong The Hong Kong Institute of Education The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Accounting & Finance The University of Hong Kong The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology The Hong Kong Young Artists Academy To Yau UBER UNESCO Hong Kong Association Unleash Foundation USECHK Y Center Yesinspace Zenlinx 葵涌認識少數族裔文化生活團

Our Supervisory Group (Tom, Justin, Rita, Thomas, Ken, Eugene and Elsie) Our beloved AIESEC members in Hong Kong The parents of all AIESEC members All AIESEC Alumni out there, we are standing on the shoulders of giants

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Annual Report Session 2014-15 by AIESEC in Hong Kong  

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Annual Report Session 2014-15 by AIESEC in Hong Kong  

We are proud to present our Annual Report for our session. Read about all highlights and activities of AIESEC in Hong Kong. Office of Sessi...