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AIESEC Hong Kong

40 years of being an integral part of Hong Kong’s Society How AIESEC Hong Kong has been backstage, shaping socially responsible citizens since 1967

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Contact Our Background Societal Impact A Holistic Approach to Learning People Oriented Organization Global Juxtaposition of Ideas Quality, not Quantity For Youth, By Youth Strong, Smart, Savvy, Fast Closing the Gen Y Gap Our Operations


AIESEC Hong Kong Limited Hong Kong Head Office

University Local Committee Presidents

President Victor Wong

University of Hong Kong Whitney Chan

Director of Global Talent Program Daphne Wong

Chinese University of Hong Kong John Li

Director of Talent Management Andy Sin

Lingnan University Cathy Wong

Director of Information Management, Finance, & Legal Samuel Chan

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Pooja Jhaveri

Director of Business Development Hamilton Le

Baptist University Winnie Yiu

AIESEC International Global Headquarters Rotterdam, Netherlands

Polytechnic University Qven Wong

Global Marketing & Sales Manager Tristan Watkins

AIESEC Hong Kong Limited | | E-mail: | Fax: +852 3103 5311 | Add: GPO Box No.656, Central, HK

“Too many leaders act as if the sheep.. their people.. are there for the benefit of the shepherd, not that the shepherd has responsibility for the sheep� Ken Blanchard AIESEC Hong Kong Limited | | E-mail: | Fax: +852 3103 5311 | Add: GPO Box No.656, Central, HK


AIESEC Hong Kong: A Call for Support

Our Background Who we are and what we have done?

Initiated in 1948, AIESEC has been developing the world’s youth for over 60 years. By giving our members a set of tools and intense experiences to personally and professionally grow, we are able to see immense changes in their inward thinking, as well as their day-today outlook. Utilizing their acquired skills and knowledge from their time in AIESEC, our organization has enjoyed proven results from our alumni’s impact around the world. Scattered across private sectors, nonprofit organizations, and governmental institutions, past AIESEC members continue to make a difference in their communities.

AIESEC Hong Kong Limited | | E-mail: | Fax: +852 3103 5311 | Add: GPO Box No.656, Central, HK

AIESEC Hong Kong: A Call for Support


Societal Impact

Globally, our former AIESEC members have successfully tackled the world’s problems, from business solutions in international financial hubs, to negotiating peace treaty meetings in the most remote places on Earth.

Peter Wuffli Former CEO UBS Director Credit Suisse AIESEC Switzerland

Israel B. Skosana Director Kapela Investment Holdings, South Africa AIESEC South Africa

Percy Barnevik Former CEO ABB AIESEC Sweden

Gunter Pauli President & Founder of ZERI AIESEC Belgium

John Neill CEO Unipart AIESEC England

Koosum Kalayan General Manager of Shell AIESEC South Africa

Dr. Robert Metcalfe Co-Founder 3Com AIESEC United States

Janez Drnovsek Former Prime Minister of Slovenia AIESEC Slovenia

Micheline Calmy Rey Federal Council of Switzerland AIESEC Switzerland

Helmut Kohl Former German Chancellor AIESEC Germany

Cavaco Silva President of Portugal AIESEC Portugal

Junichiro Koizumi Former Prime Minister of Japan AIESEC Japan

Cesar Gaviria Former President Colombia AIESEC Colombia

Martti Ahtisaari Former President of Finland Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2008 AIESEC Finland

Bill Clinton Former President of the United States AIESEC United States

Aleksander Kwasniewski Former President of Poland AIESEC Poland

AIESEC Hong Kong Limited | | E-mail: | Fax: +852 3103 5311 | Add: GPO Box No.656, Central, HK


AIESEC Hong Kong: A Call for Support

A Holistic Approach to Learning During your educational career, how many times have you heard “Is this go“The United Nations has long recognised that the imagination, ideals and energies of young men and women are vital for the continuing development of the societies in which they live. AIESEC has contribuited to this development by serving as an agent of positive change through education and cultural exchange to develop a broader understanding of cultural, socioeconomic and business management issues.”

ing to be on the test?”

In AIESEC, we believe that developing youth by intrinsic motivation is the healthiest path to life-long learning. With a constant practice and review process in AIESEC , our members independently seek out ways to improve themselves and ultimately, become better in what they’re doing.

Kofi A.Annan Secretary General The United Nations

AIESEC Hong Kong Limited | | E-mail: | Fax: +852 3103 5311 | Add: GPO Box No.656, Central, HK


AIESEC Hong Kong: A Call for Support

People Oriented Organization

To make it clear, members and employees of AIESEC, are the same people. AIESEC is a concept that adds value to everyone it interacts with, whether it be a university student, a strategic partner, or a corporate executive. How we make sure that AIESEC affects its stakeholders in a comprehensive and in-depth way, is by the values and welldefined processes AIESEC has developed over the past 60 years. AIESEC uses a global competency model and a standardized 360* feedbacking tool to facilitate our members development through a clear and systematic method.

“AIESEC: One of the most efficient and productive efforts to create better mutual understanding among people of the world and to train better future leaders”

Robert Kennedy U.S Attorney General ‘61-64 United States of America

AIESEC Hong Kong Limited | | E-mail: | Fax: +852 3103 5311 | Add: GPO Box No.656, Central, HK


AIESEC Hong Kong: A Call for Support

Global Juxtaposition of Ideas

“Over the years, AIESEC, together with partner organizations all over the world, has been fostering the formation of a meaningful and common vision among the young generations. I sincerely believe that their efforts will secure better chance of peace and harmony in the world.”

With clear communication channels and the collaborative support of our global network, AIESEC is allowed the ability to construct one great idea, on top of another great idea. This practice gives our members an intercultural understanding of the world’s varying viewpoints that cannot be substituted. As a massive thinktank, our ideas have gone on to solve problems on the world’s largest stages, as well as the poorest of homes.

C. Y. Leung Convenor of Non-official Members of the Executive Council

AIESEC Hong Kong Limited | | E-mail: | Fax: +852 3103 5311 | Add: GPO Box No.656, Central, HK


AIESEC Hong Kong: A Call for Support

Quality, not Quantity

In a world of mass production and superficial results, AIESEC differentiates itself by focusing on the qualitative growth of each and every member. Even though personal development can never be measured, AIESEC Hong Kong solely values the excellence of its program. We wholeheartedly believe that the time and effort put into enhancing our organization is always well spent. While some may ask why don’t we generate ten times more AIESEC members, we respond with, “Having one great employee, is worth more than ten good employees.”

“AIESEC is, I know, committed to management education in an international context and the development of contacts between students and employers at home and abroad. This commitment, together with your effort to improve links between industry and education, ensures that AIESEC is making an important contribution towards meeting the needs of industry. The work of AIESEC is valuable and worthwhile. I am happy to have this opportunity to send you my best wishes for your continuing success in the future.”

John Major Prime Minister ‘90-97 United Kingdom

AIESEC Hong Kong Limited | | E-mail: | Fax: +852 3103 5311 | Add: GPO Box No.656, Central, HK


AIESEC Hong Kong: A Call for Support

For Youth, By Youth

Youth developing youth: A beautiful and progressive concept. This new-age organizational structure is an embodiment of the cohesive world that’s necessary for tomorrow’s challenges. Only when we confront difficulties together, will we be able to solve humanity’s disparities.

AIESEC Hong Kong Limited | | E-mail: | Fax: +852 3103 5311 | Add: GPO Box No.656, Central, HK


AIESEC Hong Kong: A Call for Support

Strong, Smart, Savvy, Fast

The youth that we acquire in AIESEC are the world’s next leaders. This is why from the very beginning, we aim to attract high potential and curious individuals who have already showcased ambition in their future direction. We nurture these promising individuals by providing skills and opportunities that normally, would only be learned 10 years down the line in their careers. AIESEC is basically a fast-track development tool for those who aim high and would like to achieve societal impact at their earliest stages in life.

“I am convinced that AIESEC is our most direct link to tomorrow’s business leaders. These training opportunities will become a stepping stone for bright, ‘can-do’ people to join DHL and learn, advance, and one day lead." Uwe Doerken Chief Executive Officer DHL Worldwide Express

AIESEC Hong Kong Limited | | E-mail: | Fax: +852 3103 5311 | Add: GPO Box No.656, Central, HK


AIESEC Hong Kong: A Call for Support

Closing the Gen Y Gap "[AIESEC] is an effective advocate for young people and their aspirations for the future of their communities. As a student NGO, it has an important voice in the debate on the mission of higher education in the 21st century. It helps form responsible citizens with a worldwide vision. Its members are interested in actively participating, as future leaders in the economic world, in building a better society, helping identify and address issues that affect the well-being of communities and global society."

Federico Mayor Deputy Director-General’87-99 UNESCO

According to leading human resource experts, the difference between a Gen Y employee and a Gen X employee is tremendous. From their expectations and communication style, to their technological knowledge and passion, Gen Y employees want, and most importantly need, a different approach of professional growth. By nature of the organization, AIESEC is continually pushing itself to stay externally relevant, therefore making our members more aware of HR trends and needed traits of ideal Gen Y employees.

By actively researching and sharing this information both internally and externally through conferences and reports, AIESEC strives to educate the youth as a whole, instead of just within AIESEC. We enjoy our vision of indirect impact for the greater good of society, rather than trying to attract the largest share of a market. This outward vision, combined with our daily purpose of creating a generation of change agents, will inherently inspire more young leaders in their communities.

AIESEC Hong Kong Limited | | E-mail: | Fax: +852 3103 5311 | Add: GPO Box No.656, Central, HK

AIESEC Hong Kong: A Call for Support

Our Operations What we do and how do we do it?

While our organization’s model serves the purpose of developing our own members, the result of our work fulfills the potholes of society in an indirect, yet much-needed way

- Role Modeling to other Youth - Societal Impact through programs & projects - Knowledge building through conferences - Building society’s awareness of global issues

5) The saying is, “Once an AIESECer, always an AIESECer.” Our members go on to have fulfilling professional careers, yet always referring back to their embedded AIESEC values of being socially responsible 4) Returning home, members reflect on their prior experiences and use them to mentally grow, as well as think about how they will apply these newly acquired skills in the future, personally and professionally 3) The most crucial and intense stage, where members go on internships abroad to widen their worldly perspectives and/or manage teams to keep the organization afloat 2) Members start volunteering for AIESEC, whether it’s facilitating the exchange process, creating student opportunities, or researching issues to organize conferences around 1) At this first stage, we orient new members to AIESEC, it’s values, vision, and how we are able to achieve our impact

Change Agent

Heading for the Future (H4TF)

Exchange (X)

Leadership Role (LR)

Taking Responsibility (TR)

Introduction to AIESEC (I2A)

AIESEC Hong Kong Limited | | E-mail: | Fax: +852 3103 5311 | Add: GPO Box No.656, Central, HK


Enriching Environments...

AIESEC Hong Kong Limited | | E-mail: | Fax: +852 3103 5311 | Add: GPO Box No.656, Central, HK

...Professional Pursuits.

AIESEC Values and Uniqueness  

The unique soft points of AIESEC that have made us who we are today

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