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AIESEC IN HONG KONG Member Committee President 2017-18 Application Booklet 
 Deadline: 22 December 2016 23:59 (GMT+8)

Dear courageous applicant, My mind flashed back to the day I determined to run for MCP when I was creating this application. It was the 9th Dec, the day when I made the most irrational and emotional decision of my life. I decided to run for MCP when there was huge uncertainty of getting no MC teammates, having self-doubt on whether my vision for this entity was the right way to go, fearing of letting down my “shifu” and alumni who had high expectations on me, receiving comments and criticisms on my leadership and past failures, facing personal struggle on career and family… Among hundreds of “NO” that I have been telling myself, there came this simple and only reason that I said “YES” at last - I love, and trust AIESEC in Hong Kong. I have seen how beautiful this entity could be, how great leaders could be cultivated, how united the national plenary could work towards the common goal, how the MC team could educate fellow AIESECers.. And at this moment when youths are having too much distrust in the decision-makers in the society, I trust this entity could bring a huge impact to Hong Kong by building up respect and trust among Hong Kongers. I witnessed the beautiful side of AIESEC in Hong Kong, and I just want to bring it to the next level. “Bok Jun Mo Fui” (to strive hard and leave no regret) is how they call it. I have had the honour to BJMF-ly lead and to serve this entity that I love for 6 months, and I can tell you there have been more setbacks than achievements. And you know what, you actually know how hard the journey could be, but what causes you to apply is just one simple reason that overrides all the “NO” in your head - your ownership towards AIESEC in Hong Kong. It is always my honour to lead and to serve a place that I love, and I look forward to passing this honour to you.

Henry Lee
 Member Committee President


Guardian of the AIESEC Way

External Representation

Team Management

Plenary Management

Governance and Accountability

Vision and Strategy Development

Global Representation


Physical Copy of signed Nomination Letter
 You may secure 2 signatures from current MCVP or LCP.
 Applicant’s signature must be handwritten

Endorsement Letters
 1 Endorsement Letter 1 Endorsement Letter 1 Endorsement Letter 1 Endorsement Letter 

from from from from

current EB member
 current/former Team Leader
 current/former team member

All endorsement letters must have signatures of the endorsers and contact information

Recent Curriculum Vitae
 The CV shall include but not limited to Name, Phone Number, E-mail, University, Course of Study, Nationality, Languages


Application Questionnaire
 You must answer all the questions in this booklet

2-4 page Manifesto
 You may further elaborate your plan towards AIESEC in Hong Kong 2017-18 as MCP

Your latest PRISM brain map (if any)

Video Biography
 You may illustrate your purpose and personal journey that lead you to apply for MCP. The video should not be longer than 5 minutes. You may put the video link into the application package.

*Any member who has one year experience in either Extension Initiative, Probationary Local Committee, Local Committee, or Member Committee (of AIESEC in Hong Kong or other entity) shall be eligible as candidate.


Nomination Letter
 The nomination letter shall be submitted to MCP at MC Office at Room 904, Youth Square, 238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong
 Deadline: 22nd December, 2016 (19:00, GMT+8)

Application Package 
 Deadline: 22nd December, 2016 (23:59, GMT+8)

 Deadline: 31st December, 2016 (23:59, GMT+8)

MCP Election in WNCF (full attendance is required)
 5th-8th January, 2017

IPM Netherlands (full attendance is required)
 9th-19th February, 2017


Complete all questions of Application Questionnaires and save it as PDF with the following file name:
 [Name] AIESEC in HK 1718 MCP Application Questionnaire

.zip or .rar all your application requirements (all the file should be in PDF format)

Send the .zip/.rar application package to and before deadline with the following file name:
 [Name] AIESEC in HK 1718 MCP Application

Mail or submit in person your nomination letter to MCP at MC Office before deadline

Send your manifesto in PDF format to and before deadline with the following file name:
 [Name] AIESEC in HK 1718 MCP Manifesto


Personal Information:
 - Name
 - Nationality
 - E-mail
 - Skype
 - Academic Background (Please provide start and end dates)
 - Languages (Rank them as native, excellent, good, or basic)
 - Position held in AIESEC (Please provide dates, descriptions of the roles, and key achievements)
 - Position held in outside AIESEC (Please provide dates, descriptions of the roles, and key achievements)

APPLICATION QUESTIONNAIRE 2. What is driving you to continue in AIESEC? Why have you decided to stand for President of AIESEC in Hong Kong? What do you want to take out of this experience? 3. Reflect on your experience in AIESEC. What is your biggest achievement and biggest failure? What have you learned from that? 4. Why would you need the experience as MCP? How is this related to your long-term personal goal? What are the contributions you see yourself giving in 3-year, 5-year and 10-year time? 5. What is leadership to you and how would you describe your leadership? 6. What does AIESEC 2020 mean to you? How do you see AIESEC in Hong Kong’s contribution to AIESEC 2020 Roadmap? What will be the role played by the MC and LC towards the 2020 statements? 7. What kind of MC team will you need to make your direction happen? Describe the structure, profile and behaviours needed in the team.

APPLICATION QUESTIONNAIRE 8. What is your vision for AIESEC in Hong Kong 2017-2018? Conduct an internal and external analysis of AIESEC in Hong Kong using any framework that you prefer. How is your vision relevant to your analysis? 9. What would be your top 3 priorities to make your vision happen? What are the possible initiatives under each priority? What will be your unique role as President to make them happen? 10. What are the three important questions for Generation 17/18 to answer? Why? How would you answer them? 11. If the Board of Advisors has empowered you to come up with a radical idea that will benefit AIESEC in Hong Kong in the future. Considering you have one year to make it happen, what is your idea? (budget notwithstanding – so there are no budget limitations) 12. How would you position AIESEC in Hong Kong to:
 - the global plenary;
 - the government;
 - to general youth in Hong Kong?

APPLICATION QUESTIONNAIRE 13. In the context of 2017-18, rank and explain in order of importance the key responsibilities of MCP
 - Guardian of the AIESEC Way
 - External Representation
 - Team Management
 - Plenary Management
 - Governance and Accountability
 - Vision and Strategy Development
 - Global Representation 14. Identify three key external trends that is influencing Hong Kong and the world. How should AIESEC in Hong Kong respond and adapt to these trends? 15. What have been the key achievements in the past 5 years of AIESEC in Hong Kong? What achievements are you aiming to have in 2017-2018? How are these reflecting continuity from the past 5 terms? 16. Considering that you will be in the 2nd year implementation of the AIESEC in Hong Kong 2020 Rolling Plan, what strategic priorities will you address first and what does success look like to you, with respect to the plan, by the end of your MCP term?


Kelly Wong

Thomas Cheung MCVP F&LA

Kiwi Kuk

Karin Li

Crystal Tai

Corane Chu

Karen Lam

Janet Chu

Karen Ng


Ryan Chan

Candy Ng LCP, AIESEC-LC-Lingnan Alex Lo

“The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been” 

- Henry Kissinger

AIESEC in Hong Kong 2017-18 Member Committee President Application Booklet