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Manifesto Wong Chi Chung Tommy AIESEC Hong Kong 2013-2014 Member Committee President Candidate

Together, we achieve We achieve together We represent Hong Kong Hong Kong represents us

Know your Limits Now what?

n_xt st_p Expending the reach of the whole organization is inevitable With AIESEC 2015 in place, we are obligate and responsible for creating more experiences and we are going to deliver these experience to impact the people and the society. Horizontal and vertical integration Cross-functional corporation does not simply mean two area sitting together Identify the similarity as well as the differences Focus on a specific direction and cooperate with each others and working in parallel (no duplication) Effort shall be put on both sale and non sales area We should put more resources to centralize the product development (R&D) in order to invent more programmes

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Organiza on Development




Social Engagement - Media Scheme


Despite 46 years of existence in Hong Kong, we are still not very “recognizable” by the general public…… Proactive traditional media engagement plan In Hong Kong, the traditional and mainstream media still have high influential power. We should invest more time inventing new media product and partner with relevant organization in order to publish our product. Interviews, TV series, micro-movies

Enhance social engagement Develop customized XP

National Database It is important to manage and pass on the information to our successor, as well as walk before the trend.

With the fast development of Internet and the society, in order create active attention from others, we should speak the language everyone could understand. We participate in community project that is commonly known by others and draw attention from the public. Then introduce our values

Together we achieve We achieve together To define “WE” and together, MC-LC must work together, literally. On the other dimension, MC-LC-LC, also known as national, shall work together, literally. In future, we should treasure the environment that we work together! The MC will be assigned to work at least one day per week with LC. National forum, apart from conference will be organized periodically

Find the balance—work-life balance Mean while we always work professionally, MC as the gatekeeper of the organization, shall also gate keep the well-being of everyone in the organization. We should put more personal, out of work development as a person. As one entity — Everyone on and work on the goal and direction Every entity in AIESEC Hong Kong need to contribute toward the national direction and common goal. We should have one common product that is jointly organized by all entities (National Initiative).

Manifesto of Tommy Wong  

AIESEC in Hong Kong Session 2012- 2013 13/14 MCP Election