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Session 2013 – 2014

Leaders Touch Mailer

Your Facilitators

Local Trainers Team (LTT) They are‌ Matthew Fong, Rachel Ma, Aquila Tam, Amy Yuen!!!

Don’t think that we always have a second chance. It maybe your last chance to discover yourself, lead yourself and transform yourself through AIESEC. Take up the challenge, and rock the house! Brian Chan President in AIESEC-LC-HKBU Session 2013 – 2014

Last year, we didn't have Leaders Touch. Last year, we didn't have Local Trainers. Last year, we didn't have you in LC. Last year, as a member knew nothing about Talent Management, I didn't know that I can propose Leaders Touch, facilitate with Local Trainers and can be responsible for recruitment to have all of you here. ... It's all because of the courage of taking up a Leadership Role to make all these come true. To make something impossible to possible with your teammates. And now, congratulations. You have got the courage to take the first step to learn, to change and to challenge. Enjoy this Leaders Touch as you will never know what you can gain here.

Edith Wong Vice President of Talent Management in AIESEC-LC-HKBU Session 2013 – 2014

If you doubt your ability, make your own choice now and see how strong and capable you actually are. Corane Chu Vice President of Business Development

Crystal Tse Vice President of Incoming Exchange

If you Love the world; have the Courage to challenge the status quo; Value every opportunity on hand; and most importantly, are Passionate towards life, just run for LCVP. Be bold to lighten up your world, and you will see the powerful side of yours. Vicky Wong Vice President of Marketing & Communications Hey potential AIESEC leaders! I know its not an easy decision to go for LR because this somehow determines how your time can be spent next year. But just ask yourself, do I want to do something awesome? Something meaningful? Something that can develop others and myself? IF all your answer are YES, I am sure AIESEC is your choice as this is what I have gained this year! In a gentle way, you can SHAKE the world (Mahatma Gandhi). You are not gonna regret it! JUST TRY! Chloe Kwok Vice President of Outgoing Exchange (GCDP)

"Am I capable of being a leader?" "Is it worth taking up LR for next year?" These questions are usually being asked by ourselves. I believe that many of you have read or listened to a lot of inspiring leadership stories, nevertheless, these aren't your own stories. To figure out what leadership is and to answer those self-doubting questions, you gotta experience it by yourself. Only by finding the answers personally will you know whether it is worth to you or not. "If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right." We, at the stage of self-discovery, will always doubt our own ability and capacity. However, that's the sign of our desire to grow. If you have a fear of the challenge, overcome it by the courage instead of escaping from it. "Courage is not the absence of fear but the acquired determination to move beyond fear." I, as a current LR, am looking forward to listening to your own leadership story in the future, aren't you? Grasp this chance and create you story! Cheuky Lai Vice President of Outgoing Exchange (GIP)

One thing I have gained in this term is friendship. Working with a group of people every day, I can ensure that you will gain a group of best friends that is fighting the same goal as you do. This is one of the best chapter in my book. Join us, and you will write the best chapter by yourself.

Marco Lau Vice President of Strategic Finance & Information Management

Know more about the Leadership Roles (LRs) in AIESEC LC-HKBU

Explore the opportunities in session 2014 - 15

Explore yourselves and your potential leadership

What is leaders and leadership?

What can you gain from Leaders Touch?

Equip your leadership skills and knowledge

“If your actions inspire others to DREAM more, LEARN more, DO more and BECOME more, you are a leader.”

- John Quincy Adams, the 6th US President

Details Date: 9th February 2014 Time: 11:00 – 19:30 (Registration starts at 10:45) Venue: HKBU AAB 601

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Opening Plenary


Expectation Setting


Ice breaking


What is a Leader?




Leadership style


TLP facts


Thinking of your own path


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Closing Plenary

Reminders - Sessions start STRICTLY at 11:00, please come and register at 1045. Please also be punctual after lunch and break time. Late comers may receive punishment! - Please bring a note book and a pen with you for any note taking. - Please share more of your feelings and opinions during the sessions. - Please be focused, energetic and proactive for the whole day!

Always remember…

Let’s be determined and Enjoy this Leaders Touch together! 

[AIESEC in HKBU] Leaders Touch mailer  
[AIESEC in HKBU] Leaders Touch mailer