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AIESEC Guelph’s First Semi-Annual

SALES TRAINING Saturday October 26, 2013

1:00 – 5:30 pm

A sales initiative focused on training our membership on all aspect of sales. As AIESECers we are change agents in addition to the sales agents as we represent the product, the brand, and the mission. Although promoted to members in Corporate Relations, Alumni Relations, and Incoming Exchange, this Sales Training is open and encouraged for all members

you can expect an interactive learning environment where any member can learn the skills they need in order to feel like they are experts in AIESEC, sales, delivery, and servicing. As well as the resources they need to become a sales expert!

It is not a golden key to success! This is a program developed in order to give our membership the tools in order to be successful during their proactive approach to sales. We aim to increase our member’s personal effectiveness to ensure the efforts we put in as members and as whole bring an impact!


Karen Mehltretter Vice President of Corporate Relations 2013

Rossy Jivkova Vice President of Outgoing Exchange 2013

Miruna Chitu Organizing Committee President 2013 - 2014

What to Bring… • Paper – to write lovely notes on all the awesome knowledge you’re going to learn! • Pen – because you need it to write on the lovely paper which you are going to write all the awesome knowledge that you are going to learn • Yourself – who else would bring the paper and the pen? Besides you should be there and engaged to learn...right!? • Business casual clothes – because you need to look like the sales experts that you are! • Humour, energy, excitement, and humility – everyone is here to learn, even the facilitators, so let’s do it in an amazing environment!

Contact Information For any information or questions regarding the Sales Training, you can contact: Lauren Fyke Vice President of Marketing and Communications E: C: (905) 658 - 2926


AIESEC Guelph Sales Training Package