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EP Communications Coordinator Role Overall Maintaining contact with EPs throughout the summer to receive updates on their internship,  extracurricular activities, photographs, etc., which can be incorporated into an ‘EP Newsletter’ to  be circulated at the beginning of the fall semester. Accountable to VP of Outgoing Exchange AIESEC Experience Stage Leadership Role Time Required 1­2 hours/week Background/skills required Project Management, Graphic Design Competencies required Time management, organization, creativity, strong interpersonal skills, demonstrates initiative,  organization and effective communication Activities and Measures of Success These are the activities that will be tracked by the leader Activities Description (Responsibilities) Create an outline of the content to be included  in the newsletter and outline for expectations  of communication. Maintain communication with EPs throughout  the summer. Design a ‘newsletter,’ with program of  coordinator’s choice.  Developing an end copy of the Newsletter

Measures of Success Submit the outline to VP OGX.

Receiving ‘regular’ (definition of regular to be  decided by coordinator) emails from EPs of  suitable material to be used for the newsletter. Submitting a template to VP OGX, that can be  potentially used for future EP newsletters. The newsletter is sent out to all members of  the LC

Competencies/Skills Developed These are the competencies and skills that can be developed while performing the job:  Competencies Accountability Initiative Creativity

Skills Time Management Planning/Organization Graphic Design


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