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Coordinator of Sales – 2 Vacant Role Overall This person would be responsible for the majority of sales activities in the LC. Will eventually become the expert in the local committee for all sales activities and marketing meetings AIESEC Stage Taking Responsibility Accountable to Director of Sales Time Required 1-3 hours per week Education Background/ Training Orientation Background/skills required Effecive speech, marketing, AIESEC knowledge, presentation skills Core Competencies Tracked Culturally Sensitive, Entrepreneurial, Socially responsible, Active Learner Competencies required Confidence, effective communication Activities and Measures of Success These are the activities that will be tracked by the leader Activities Description (Responsibilities) Conducts cold calls Books office for cold calling sessions Attends marketing meetings Tracks sales activities

Measures of Success 10 cold calls per week 1 timeslot per week Attends 2-5 each month Updates the CR calendar weekly

These are the competencies and skills that can be developed while performing the job: Competencies Confidence Accountability

Skills Presentation Public speaking