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Coordinator of H4TF-Vacant Role Overall This person will be responsible for managing the new alumni members who are graduating/going on exchange. Will be responsible for ensuring members have a proper exit from the organization AIESEC Experience Stage Taking Responsibility Accountable to VP of Alumni Relations Time Required 5 hours per week Education Background/Training Orientation Core Competencies Tracked Culturally Sensitive, Entrepreneurial, Socially responsible, Active Learner Competencies required Leadership, Team work, Initiative, Responsible Activities and Measures of Success These are the activities that will be tracked by the leader Activities Description (Responsibilities) Conducts exit interviews with outgoing members Proper tracking of alumni status Maintaining contact w/ recent alumni

Measures of Success All alumni members receive either online or inperson interview Inputting alumni information into salesforce Sending out monthly alumni newsletter

Competencies/Skills developed These are the competencies and skills that can be developed while performing the job: Competencies Leadership qualities Accountability Initiative

Skills Enhanced knowledge in excel, google docs Time Management Planning/organizational


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