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Executive Board 09 – 10, AIESEC in Foreign Trade University

Dear Candidate, Being the person who lead a whole organization is a challenging responsibility but also an absolutely amazing position. It becomes more exciting when you are the person who will bring a very young 1 year old LC to another spectacular level. You will be the one to inspire the others. You will be the one to create impact. You will be the one to continue the legendary story of AIESEC FTU Hanoi. Yes! Local committee president of AIESEC FTU Hanoi is the extraordinary opportunity for your whole life. It is a pleasure for me to open this application for LCP. And finally congratulate for applying to LCP position. I wish you a year of success and smile AIESECerly yours, Tran Minh Hien President of AIESEC in FTU Hanoi On behalf of EB team 09-10

AIESEC Foreign Trade University


I/ PERSONAL INFORMATION 1. Contact Name and surname:

Hanh Ha My



Date of birth:

June 26 1989

Complete address:

3 Phao Dai Lang street, Dong Da district, Hanoi



E-mail address:

2. Introduce yourself in no more than 200 words I am Ha My Hanh, a third year student of Foreign Trade University. I’m 20 years old, single and have no determination to change it in the next 5 years. I inherently love nature, sea and classic novels. My favorite saying is “I love my job”, it really works when the moment is hard. I always try to lead life to the fullest at my best.

3. Your AIESEC Experience Year



Results achieved -


FTU Hanoi



Key learning’s

1 venue as


Aptech Hanoi

knowledge of

1 team advisor who’s

sales, business communication

gonna be BOA - get more experience

2009 -

Expand source of

FTU Hanoi


contacts for

leader of




Attend networking events

of being a leader in student organization - expand networks - become more innovative in PR work - apply people management skill into practice

AIESEC Foreign Trade University


- interact with more teams in LC such as OGX, IM, TM


FTU Hanoi


- contact

- Interaction with

contacter in

universities to



hold workshop

- Event organisation

4. Your non-AIESEC experience: Year




Job description

Key learning’s

- The journalist takes me to every

March to

Golden World



interview and

- know more

culinary show to

about diversified

help her


Interpreter communicate with


- get more

foreign chefs

confident when

- Translate


culinary materials

with foreigners.

from English to Vietnamese

5. The highest level of education achieved or still studying University and Faculty: Foreign Trade University, Finance and Banking Field of studies: International Finance Year: 2007-2011 Graduation time: June 2011

6. AIESEC conferences attended (national and international only) Year

Conference & location

Role - Delegate, Facilitator, OC

AIESEC Foreign Trade University


July 2009

National Conference in Vung Tau


7. Mention other additional courses, schools you have attended - Official member of Vietnam ACCESS 2007_ A series of seminars held by the Vienamese students in America and Stanford University in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city summer 2007. - Member of Study Aboard Club in FTU from September 2007 to June 2009

II/ COMPETENCIES & SKILLS 1. Languages you speak and level both written and spoken. If you have done some English proficiency test mention it together with result. Language

Level of spoken

Level of written







2. Other skills & interests Reading classic novels and economic books Problem solving Conflict Management Public speaking & presentation

3. Please rate your own competency from 0 to 4 (1-little evident; 2-Some evidence; 3-Regular evidence; 4- strong evidence; 0-not observed) Background


Reasons for your evaluation

Self Awareness


I acknowledge my strengths and

AIESEC Foreign Trade University


weaknesses well; know to admit mistakes and flaws.

Having a balanced and honest view of one's own personality, and an ability to interact with others frankly and confidently. Personal Effectiveness


I am very careful, pay attention to everything. I often break something into smaller pieces and deal with each thing orderly.


My sustainability skill is very good and I can adapt quickly to new environment.


I am emotional and sensitive,which enable me to deeply understand others’ feelings and characteristics


I know how to listen others actively and show my appreciation with my teammates. It make me easily invole them in general tasks


I’m talkative and have sense of humour, which make the conversation more interestesing and illustrative.


I always try to facilitate my teammates the most, to spend time sharing with them so that they would be able to be motivated and get the job done well.


My work in communication requires me pay much attention to these counterparties.


I’ve been told to be conservative and aggressive.

Ability to manage work load efficiently, being accurate, focusing to details and planning carefully to meet targets. Resilience Being able to adjust easily to changes and new conditions, in order to be able to perform in diverse environments. Awareness of Others Identify with and understand another person’s feelings or difficulties and connecting it to own emotions and actions. Inclusiveness Involving everyone in the group in decision making and generating performance by inspiring trust and respect. Effective Communication Clearly conveying and receiving messages to meet the needs of all parties involved. Developing Others Helping others to grow personally and professionally by investing own time and energy to achieve this. Stakeholder Focus Identifying key internal and external customers; working with them to understand their requirements and concerns in order to generate value based partnerships. Flexible Thinking Using technical knowledge/expertise effectively to analyze information and situations making effective

However, I am good at collecting and analying, synthezing

AIESEC Foreign Trade University


decisions and as well being ready to change your own opinion. Innovation

information, then making firm decisions. 3

It has been upgraded much more.


I know to organize priorities and to focus on things that matter.

Thinking out-of-the-box and challenging conventional wisdom. Creating new solutions for current challenges or a new approach to old situations. Commitment to results Knowing what results are important, and focusing resources to achieve them.

III/ PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT 1. Describe your AIESEC experience (Induction to AIESEC, Taking Responsibility, Leadership, Exchange stage) up to now and explain what did you learn at each stage? There came a day of March 2009 when I first learned about AIESEC and its membership recruitment. I joined AIESEC FTU Hanoi one month later and worked as an External Relations member. During the first three months, I had chance to apply myself in sales work, to meet new high-profile businessmen, got used to a unique culture of student. Then, I together with LC FTU HANOI attended the National Conference in Vung Tau that summer. It was a big step for me to understand more the fabulous values of AIESEC and the global network. After the National Conference, my involvement in P-box team which ran the HIV/AIDS sponsored by Standard Chartered bank as school contacter enormously deepened my knowledge of AIESEC, making me not only see the real impact of AIESEC to society but also get more inspired . At the same time, LC FTU Hanoi had the second member recruitment in the year which mobilized the strength and resources of the whole LC. I did try my best to get involved in every round of the recruitment to have in-depth knowledge of the selection, criteria, event organizing, etc‌The more I get involved in AIESEC’s work, the more evidence I have to recognize my growing love for AIESEC. In Octorber, I managed to apply for

AIESEC Foreign Trade University


Communication sub-team leader in my own ER team. This postition helps me complete my experience as a leader as well as a mentor and gives me more opportunities to generate and apply new ideas.

2. What do you see yourself doing five years from now? (Occupation, family, your image, contribution to society etc) How do you see your work in AIESEC will contribute to achieving this goal? I’ll be 25 years old in five years from now on. If things go smoothly, I would manage to apply for MBA in a university of America. Things I gained from AIESEC would foster my dream to come true. Leadership experience, real achievements, broad network will be a good stepping stone and a good point for me to fit in the course.

3. What kind of personal challenges do you predict for yourself in the term as LCP, and how would you like to deal with them? In my opinion, the biggest personal challenge I have to face up with if I was chosen as elect-LCP is a trade-off between AIESEC’s work and my studying. There will be tremendous pressure that I need to get through. Under these circumstances, I often follow the quote: “Sometimes, you have to learn denial and self-sacrifice to get things bigger. To address this prolem, a long-term plan and an order of priorities are necessarily best for me. I would push myself harder to blance both.

4. Mention your 3 major strengths and 3 weaknesses? 3 major strengths: strategic thinking, communication and an inquiring mind 3 major weaknesses: aggressiveness, health, distraction

5. Describe how your strengths and weaknesses could influence your LCP performance? (Maximum in 300 words) One of my strengths I perceive is strategic thinking. Using skills of information collection, analysis, synthesis, I always strive for getting the bigger picture for the general sake in the long-run. I always follow the principle “self-sacrifice and denial” when making a plan. Once one thing becomes the top priority, everything else is secondary to it. My short-term and long-term plan usually keep updated and aligned with changes and reality.

AIESEC Foreign Trade University


I am open to learning and always looking for ways to learn. I never think I know everything there is to know. I am fond of listening to people, like their sharing and try to make it mine. I willingly receive comments and try to learn fast form mistakes and failure. This attitude would be able to complete me to meet the work requirement of LCP. Strength of communication enables me to convey my messages to other people clearly and unambiguously. When it is combined with my sense of humor, it becomes more powerful to create relaxed and warm atmosphere around. One of my weaknesses is aggressiveness. It was showed in topic that I pay much interest in. I discuss fiercely and protect my opinion strongly. Over-excitement may be the main reason. I have improved it much for a long time. Health is always a prolem I have to face up with from grade 12th. It did cause trouble for me in concentrating on my studying and destroy some academic plan. To improve it, I am now doing yoga and things are getting better. I hope that health is no longer one of my concerns in the near future. Lastly, I do acknowledge my distraction by private crisis as one of my weaknesses. It’s really unprofessional in business and I did learn some lessons about it. However, I really do something about it by temporarily neglecting the crisis and leave them behind when I come to work, then back to it at time without affecting my performance. I will make the most of the positive ones to use them for benefit of AIESEC FTU HANOI and improve the less positive ones.

IV/ YOUR AIESEC PATH 1. Why are you in AIESEC? First, I wanted to join an organization so I applied for the membership recruitment of AIESEC. In the recruitment rounds, I was sometimes even demotivated.

AIESEC Foreign Trade University


Then, when chosen, I took chance to discover and understand deeply the world of AIESEC through my LC, I was gradually interested in work of my preference team in particular and the culture of AIESEC in general. AIESEC not also gives chances of development to its own members but also externals and make real impact in society. That’s what it takes for me to love AIESEC. Now, I’m really into my career in AIESEC. I feel happy when AIESEC has become part of my student life.

2. What have been your 3 key achievements in AIESEC? - Manage to find 1 team advisor for ER team and he is now becoming BOA of LC. - Find one venue which is Aptech Hanoi for LC - Become Communication sub-tem leader in ER team.

3. After hearing you introduce about AIESEC, the Principal of our university do not believe that AIESEC could be the platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. How would you address him? Use a maximum of 150 words! I would give him some examples about the unique chances AIESECers have to take leadership such as becoming OCP of a project for community development; OCP of a big and professional recruitment, etc. And I may tell him more about other international young leaders of AIESEC. Besides, I would invite him to attend one of our LCMs or learning events so that he can witness how a professional organization could be leaded by young students.

4. What is your understanding of AIESEC 2010? How can it relevant to our LC? AIESEC 2010 vision was created in IC 2005 India. The vision is stuck to a strategic triangle which is a model to achieve more results and create a bigger impact through linking the AIESEC Experience with the brand and culture of excellence. In more detail, every member in everywhere_ local and global communities_ takes a lifechanging AIESEC Experience. And our rapidly growing membership network

AIESEC Foreign Trade University


connects high potential people around the world to generate an increasing volume of AIESEC experience. And our contribution makes us be branded as the first choice of activating leadership amongst young people and organizations. The AIESEC 2010 vision is an analysed and revised for accuracy and relevance to committee commitments and LC FTU HANOI is not an exception. Today, the drive to realize the 2010 goals is prevalent and LC FTU HANOI together with others is ready to achieve the vision for 2010.

V/ YOUR AIESEC FTU HANOI 1. Why have you decided to apply for the position of LCP? When it came to apply for the position of LCP, I came up with a lot of motivation to run for LCP position. It all started with my passion for AIESEC. In AIESEC, we each make contribution with the spirit “learning by doing”. What you put in is what you get out, the more you get involved in AIESEC, the more you learn and grow. In fact, AIESEC always give me more than what I put in. I love it. I owe it a debt of gratitude. In looking for an effective way to pay tribute to AIESEC, I find LCP’s mission not only gives me the unique AIESEC experience but will also equips me the empowerment to bring LC FTU to continuous development and success. With the belief that what you put in is what you get out, I have participated in many activities and events of LC during the past few months. My involvement with inside activities of ER such as sales training, networking events as well as general events and project of LC like national conference in Vung Tau, the pre-interview round of OGX, the HIV/AID project by P-box, the autumn recruitment; all furnishes me with insights into the preparation and implementation of AIESEC work from multiple perspective. The practical experience in the position of a subteam leader would further aid me for the LCP position that I am applying for. Through the LCP position, I hope to work together with and energize the AIESEC FTU HANOI members as well as external AIESECers. This position will allow me to apply my vision, skills and experience into practice and to follow my passion, which is to develop a LC that would bring in further positive changes within society.

AIESEC Foreign Trade University


2. Describe LC FTU HN’s current situation in terms of strengths & weaknesses Strengths: FTU is a powerful credible brand. It has a reputation for high quality and is a

plentiful source of high-potential students. LC FTU has grown substantially over a first year, and has experienced

member expansion. Sales teams are strong and LC has got significant budget

Weakness: Despite its advantage, member expansion leave it weak in some areas due to

the increasing numbers of members -

lack of connection between oldies and newies, between functional teams.


The decline of enthusiasm in oldies and the gap of knowledge in newies.

FTU is the source of members only, which makes members similar and undiversified.

Popularity of AIESEC FTU HANOI in its own university is not high

LC members have little presence in international seminars and conferences of other committees, such as regional conference Heroes, NLDS in Singapore, Thailand Legal status restricts media approach, decrease branding effectiveness.

3. What could be the opportunities & challenges for LC FTU HN next year? Opportunity 

NLDC bid will bring tremendous opportunities for ER in applying national package and approach national accounts.

Local project create more spots for interns.

AIESEC Foreign Trade University


Economic recovery bring in more support from corporate partners

A new source of support: Foreign Trade university has not yet been exploited Threat:

LC is exposed to rises of - potential competitors - narrowing mainstream market

Every member has their own priorities and as AIESEC work is of volunteer, they sometimes are distracted.

4. From your perspective, describe the model of LCP & VPs that LC FTU Hanoi needs for next term Both LCP and VPs have unconditional love and passion for AIESEC. They see and uphold values that the formers follow in common as AIESECers. They work hard and sacrifice for the future generation and for sake of LC first. VPs are those indispensably crucial in their own functional teams who not only have indepth speciality and high performance in their function but also have sweeping impact on their members whereas LCP may not be the best amongst EB but the most suitable, having clear vision and strong capability of motivating and coordinating all VPs and members to contribute towards continuous improvement and achievement of the common goals. If possible, EB should be a mix of female and male AIESECers.

5. How do you see AIESEC FTU Hanoi in 3 years? In the next 3 years, AIESEC FTU HANOI is seen as : 

1st choice for leadership and personal development against young students and organizations.

Top strong local committee in AIESEC Vietnam

Competitive organization with high popularity in Foreign Trade University

AIESEC Foreign Trade University


Having positive impact on surroundings.

 High credibility to stakeholders. 6. Imagine that your year as LCP is gone and your successor is talking about your main achievements during past year in front of the LC. What is he/she saying? He/she might say: - In the term 2010-2011, LC has three more BOAs, 15 interns realized, 10 EPs realized. - 1 local project is conducted successfully and has sweeping effect. - The number of members comes up to 55. - The supportive partnership between professors of FTU and AIESEC FTU HANOI - LC has partnership with national accounts.

7. Describe what your preferred leadership style is and what kind of team would you like to work with (not concrete people or personalities, but more what kind of atmosphere, and how the team should function) If it has one line to sum up my preferred leadership style, it is “Give to Get”. It may sound like sales principle, though in the context of leadership, it still works. What I give to my colleages is direction, guidance, tools, support, challenges and opportunities to facilitate their work, everything they need to succeed. Most importantly, I inject passion and enthusiasm into everything; turning boring tasks into fabulous missions and making the colleagues feel important and highly appreciated. Then, what I get back is a bigger picture: the vision. People love their work, they succeed and naturally get involved in the cause to bring the vision into being. The bottom line is that I focus on people development to get the result achived and to get the vision done. I did apply this style in a smaller scale, my subteam and the result is encouraging. It would be great to work with team in which people all make contribution to the common goals. People work independently and give support to one another when necessary.

8. What is the most important characteristic of a leader in your opinion? There is a variety of essential key characteristics to leaders fitting in different organizations. Regarding to the LCP position, people development, in my opinion, is

AIESEC Foreign Trade University


the most important characteristic. People development means not only putting right people with right skills and experience at the right place and at right time so that they can develop at their best but also means inspiring, motivating, encouranging them to ignite their dream in the direction of common goals. If the leader has a clear vision but without people development, there stands a little chance to achieve the common goals.

9. Please explain to the whole LC why the Compendium is crucial (max. 300 words) A compendium is a short but comprehensive compilation of a body of knowledge. A compendium usually contains principal heads, or general principles of a larger system. There is no question how important it is to the whole LC. First, the compendium aims to establish the legislative framework for a LC in which the policies and procedure framework related to operation and structure of LC are stated clearly. It is compulsorily applied to all members, leaders, exchange participants, alumni and guide all activities in LC such as decision-making process, election procredure, etc. Moreover, there are always different compendiums in varied level in AIESEC such as LC compendium, national compendium and international compendium. LC compendium is aligned with others so that ensure the consistence of operation between local, national and international committees. In conlclusion, the compendium acts as a constituition of a LC that you need to know and follow it.

10. What culture would you like to see AIESEC in FTU Hanoi having? What would be your key “strategies� to foster this culture? I would like to seee AIESEC FTU HANOI bring in a unique culture with the right mix of formality and sociality. To foster this culture, many things should be done. - support internal communication channel to share business information related to AIESEC work easily and fully. - train and equip members with business culture to apply in work such as meetings

AIESEC Foreign Trade University


with corporate partners, learning events, networking events, etc. - motivate dancing culture amongst the whole LC. All members know to dance, love dancing and want to dance. - create environment of inspiration, learning and ambition.

11. How do you evaluate LCP term 2009-2010’s performance? It’s 9 months since AIESEC FTU Hanoi was born, AIESEC FTU HANOI has already had many achievements. It all has been for high performance and continuous contribution of EB, especially LCP. Under her term, a 9-month-old LC has gradually expressed itself amongst others. Her performance is consistently high and result-oriented. She has a good command of English, critical thiking, broad knowledge in different fields. Together with all VPs, she managed to follow the yearly plan and meet the requirement of a LCP for a startup LC. She has devoted and sacrified many significant things to the sustainability of LC. She shows strong resilence in a long run. LCP has applied her skills and experience efficiently in her mission. She did ensure the highest representative of LC FTU HANOI to external events and to international network. Through the term, her presentation skill has been significantly improved. Wish she had more time to communicate with people and stay longer with AIESEC.

VI/ ENDORSEMENTS 1. Endorsement from Ms. Ngo Thi Minh Hai, VPICX 2009/2010: To Whom It May Concern, My name is Ngo Thi Minh Hai. I am currently Vice President of Incoming Exchange of AIESEC FTU Hanoi. I am writing to recommend Nguyen Thi My Hanh as a potential candidate to apply for LCP position of AIESEC FTU Hanoi 10-11. Though Hanh and I have not been in the same team, I realize that Hanh is dynamic and effective girl. To function as a member of External relation team, she has contributed a lot to the development of ER team in particular and LC FTU Hanoi in general through our

AIESEC Foreign Trade University


long-term partnership with APTECH, who provides us the venue for LCM some times. Besides, she also shows her talent in communication skills via her broad networking and one of her friends, Mr. Đinh Phạm Trân is now also helping AIESEC, especially with OGX in interviewing and training EPs. Moreover, Hanh is a leader of one sub-team in ER. Through which, I am sure that she has gained much experience in leadership and management skill. For the reasons above, I think Hanh is a suitable choice for the position of LCP of AIESEC FTU HN 10-11. I am sure that if AIESEC brings her a chance for being a leader, she would be able to do amazing things for us. Best regards, Ngo Thi Minh Hai VP ICX AIESEC FTU Hanoi 09-10 2. Endorsement from Ms. Nguyen Thi Trang Nhung, VPER 2009/2010

To whom it may concern, I would like to recommend Ms. Ha My Hanh as a candidate for LCP position of LC FTU Expansion. She not only creates a good connection inside her team but also motivates and develops them to improve their skills and reach their goals. Recently, My Hanh has proved her critical thinking in drawing and implanting . In her position as the Communication sub-team leader, My Hanh has shown her responsibility and leadership potential in leading her team sub-team plan. Furthermore, she was always innovative and enthusiastic in AIESEC’s tasks including writing articles for LC’s website or branding for NLDC. Moreover, My Hanh is always willing to offer her support and assistance to people at other teams such as: OGX team or IM team. She would be a property to any organization and I recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue, especially a leadership position. Yours truly, Nguyen Thi Trang Nhung Vice President of External Relations AIESEC FTU Hanoi- Term 09-10.

AIESEC Foreign Trade University


VII/ YOUR OWN SPACE Express anything you want to express here

AIESEC Foreign Trade University


Ha My Hanh LCP form  

The LCP form of Ha My Hanh