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Alumni Profile: Oscar Mauricio Lopez

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AIESECer Profile: Shree Govindarajan Summer 2011

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Alumni Profile: Oscar Mauricio Lopez

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AIESECer Profile: Shree Govindarajan

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Chat with the Executive Board of 2011-2012

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Alumni Mixer Want to connect with old friends and meet the new AIESEC crew?! AIESEC Edmonton is hosting an Alumni Mixer on Monday, June 20th starting at 5pm through 7pm at Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse, owned by AIESEC alumnus Oscar Lopez. Tickets for the event will be $20 which includes admission and appetizers, payable at the door. To reserve your spot, contact Jessica Steingard at before June 13th.

AIESEC Edmonton’s Corporate Breakfast AIESEC Edmonton is once again hosting a Corporate Breakfast to promote awareness of AIESEC within the Edmonton and area business community. To make this event successful, we need your help! We are asking you, our alumni, to help us broaden the AIESEC network by introducing us to yours! The Breakfast is being held on Wednesday, June 22nd at 7am at the Radisson Hotel Edmonton South. Tickets are $55, which includes a buffet breakfast and the opportunity to network with over 100 members from the Edmonton and area business community. Our guest speaker will be alumnus Oscar Lopez, Grill Master of Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse. For more information about the event or if you or someone you know are interested in attending, please contact Jessica Steingard ( or Denise Thompson ( before June 10st.



Come and enjoy a fantastic dining experience at Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Brought you by our very own AIESEC alumnus Oscar Lopez!

Come and enjoy a fantastic dining experience at Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Brought to you by our very own AIESEC alumnus Oscar Lopez! Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse offers a unique fixed-price dining concept known as “rodizio.” This service style features continuous table-side service of 10 different select cuts of beef, pork, lamb, poultry, and wild game. Included in your “rodizio” experience is their one-of-a kind salad bar. For more information about the restaurant visit their website at Oscar’s internship to Brazil proved to be a life-changing experience as it laid the foundation for opening Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse today. To learn more about Oscar Lopez, his AIESEC experience and Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse, watch our latest edition of AIESEC TV at

AIESEC Edmonton Partnering with the Portugal Canada Chamber of Commerce and Industry AIESEC Edmonton is excited to announce a burgeoning new partnership with the Portugal Canada Chamber of Commerce and Industry that will be formalized in September. Affiliation with the Chamber provides AIESEC members, as well as alumni, access to one of the most influential and rapidly emerging global markets, currently represented by over 260 million people. Some benefits to this access include skill development training, tangible business experience, and the opportunity to be acknowledged with author credit in various Chamber publications. More information will become available in mid-September coinciding with the beginning of the 2011/2012 school year. For information on the Portugal Chamber of Commerce and Industry please visit their website at

ALUMNI PROFILE: Oscar Mauricio Lopez


AIESEC experience leads to the opening of Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse







authenticity, and he should be. In February he opened his first restaurant in downtown Edmonton, Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse. He wants to show that the restaurant is authentic through and through, and this stems from the genuine experience he had on an internship in Santa Maria, a small city in Southern Brazil.

“AIESEC is really about entrepreneurship having your own business, and creating something out of nothing.”

The opening of Pampa was a culmination of the

from the University of Alberta. His background seemed

hard work and unique experiences Lopez underwent in

to be a perfect fit for Dachery, who hired him as an

the past decade. He largely credits his time at the

intern at Tolio Cereais Ltda. As an intern Lopez was

Alberta School of Business and his involvement in

given the task of determining the viability of transporting

AIESEC with giving him the opportunity to develop his

grains to and from Brazil and Alberta. However, as

entrepreneurial skills and the international experience

Lopez discovered, it seemed this was not plausible at

that transformed his life today.

the time: “After spending a whole year there, trying to do

Born in El Salvador, Lopez moved to North







Edmonton when he was ten years old. It seemed his

exporting/importing grains, we saw that there wasn’t

Central American roots would draw him back to the

really a market for different reasons, including free trade

southern climate for two exchanges, an academic


exchange to Guadalajara, Mexico, and a management






internship in Santa Maria, Brazil. It was the former

Although importing and exporting grains was not

exchange through AIESEC, the student-run global

feasible, the initiative of importing a piece of Brazil to

internship program, which influenced his career path

Canada was not impractical; it just needed to be


reworked. The idea to export a Brazilian service rather

“AIESEC is really about entrepreneurship, having

than a commodity popped into Lopez’s head one day

your own business, and creating something out of

over lunch. “My former boss [Dachery], who is one of my

nothing. So I was given the opportunity via this

business partners, and I came up with the idea of

organization to do something completely different and


here we are today,” he says. In Brazil he met his current

Steakhouse to Edmonton. Everything just sort of

business partner, Joao Antonio Dachery, and the two

matched because Alberta raises world class beef and

came up with the concept of Pampa.

Brazil also raises world class beef.”







This all began when Lopez applied for exchange in

Eight years after that luncheon, Lopez and Dachery’s

2002 upon graduating with a BCom in Distributions

idea came to fruition at the opening of their restaurant

Management and a minor in International Marketing

on 109th Street. Lopez and his partner’s main goal is to

4 maintain the authenticity of the Churrascaria, the Portuguese term for the most common style of restaurant in Brazil. Almost all aspects of Pampa are derived from the Brazilian culture, and add to its authenticity. These features include the meat cuts served, the charcoal-fired rotisserie grill, the Americas region wine selection, and even Pampa’s unique name. Pampa is a region in Southern Brazil where, like Alberta, cattle-raising takes place. It is also the

Oscar Lopez with Ami of AIESEC TV

birthplace of churrasco, the method of barbequing meat and the inspiration of the Churrascarian style restaurant.

Lopez could not have accomplished all of this

This century-old technique of using large wooden or

without his educational background in Distributions

metal skewers to roast meat was learned by Lopez in

Management and his experience in AIESEC. Here he

Southern Brazil after his internship was over, and then

not only gained leadership skills, but he also had the

brought to Pampa.

chance to meet and share his home with interns from

Lopez also imported the rotisserie grill used to cook

Russia, Tunisia and Australia, before embarking on his

the meat from Brazil, and monthly imports the lump

own internship to Brazil. “It’s wasn’t just about

hardwood charcoal that fuels the grill and adds flavour,

exchange,” he says of his involvement in the local

moisture and texture to each cut of meat. Pampa uses

chapter in Edmonton. “Being a member meant being

AAA Alberta beef, but have their suppliers cut it to the

proactive, doing sustainable actions, becoming an

same shape, size and spec as they do in Brazil. From its


decor, to its staff dressed in colourful Brazilian attire, to

perspectives. I think it’s key to have that AIESEC

the fixed-price continuous tableside service dining style,

experience prior, because at the end of the day you

the Brazilian culture is infused throughout Pampa.

are an ambassador of AIESEC. It makes your

To incorporate all these features it took eight years of





experience more fulfilling.”

research after Lopez left Brazil. It was important to him, and to his business partner, to get everything right in


order to properly introduce to Edmonton a taste of Brazil. Lopez hopes to use Pampa as a base to

Look for Oscar Mauricio Lopez and Joao Antonio

educate, create and invent new tastes for Edmontonians

Dachery on David Adjey’s The Opener. The opening of

and then expand his idea across not only Alberta, but

Pampa was filmed by the program in February and was

Canada. He hopes now that Brazil’s barriers to trade

a unique experience for the Pampa owners to learn from

have opened more that he can expand his idea to more

the Celebrity Chef about the do’s and don’ts of opening

products under the Pampa brand name. He and

a restaurant.

Dachery hope to begin this initiative after a year of

sometime this summer.

operation, with the goal of becoming the leading Brazilian style steakhouse in Canada.

It will air on Food Network Canada

AIESECer PROFILE: Shree Govindarajan


After three years as a member of AIESEC Edmonton, Shree Govindarajan moves on to becoming a member of AIESEC Brazil When did you join AIESEC, and why? I joined in January 2008, because my cousin was LCP at the time. She encouraged me to do it so that I could experience leadership experience while doing my undergraduate studies. What skills have you gained from AIESEC, and how do you think that has changed you? I believe AIESEC has made me more self-aware, and allowed me to test out my managerial and leadership skills in a relevant and safe learning environment. I’ve also learned how to manage my time well so that I would not fall behind in my studies and still be able to fully participate in AIESEC. When I was doing my LCP term, I had a full course load, and I was HR case captain for JDC West. I started block scheduling so that I would still be able to stay on top of things. What I believe really made me aware of the skills I gained from AIESEC was this past January. As was mentioned above, I was HR Case Captain for JDC West, and my team received first place. The skills that I used in the competition, the management skills, the communication skills, and the critical thinking skills – I’ve learned from being involved in AIESEC. When I got the case, I inherently knew the answer to the problem – or rather had ideas of how

“AIESEC is the best path I know of for youth to be given the responsibility and the experiences necessary to better the future.”

to solve it, because I was able to visualize what I had to do exactly all from what I’ve done before in AIESEC. What motivated you to run for LCP and then continue on your AIESEC journey by applying to become MCVP of Communications for Brazil? I wanted to become LCP, because it felt like a natural transition from VP to LCP. I felt like I understood how to make positive changes, and I wanted to be a part of that. That year I became LCP, I saw the people who were applying for VP, and I thought that they would be a great team to work with, and like I said earlier, I wanted to be a part of that, so it motivated me to apply for LCP. Now after my LCP term, I want to go on an exchange but still be able to use the skills I’ve learned from AIESEC. Instead of deciding to just do a normal exchange, I decided to apply for the role of MCVP of Communications for Brazil, in hopes of being able to integrate both the challenging experience of an exchange and a leadership role, and


also put to use all the AIESEC knowledge I’ve obtained these past few years. Another reason why I applied to Brazil is because Brazil is one of the top four countries with the highest number of exchanges, and it seems like a great place to experience more of AIESEC’s global network. How do you feel about successfully becoming

5 Generations of LCPs - Left to Right - Andrea Urbina (2012), Shree (2011), Diana Gaviria (2010), Nithya Ramachandran (2009), Marc Marion (2008)

MCVP from May 2011 to July 2012? Well, I’m nervous and excited. It’s going to be a great experience to meet and live with new people and a new culture. It’s also going to be a challenge to adapt to a completely different culture and language, and I’m trying to pick up a little Portuguese before I go. While most people are usually nervous about the job, I feel nervous and excited for both the job and the environment. What does AIESEC mean to you now after your LCP and the MCVP of Communications? AIESEC still means the same to me as before, how I still believe AIESEC is the best path I know of for youth to be given the responsibility and the experiences necessary to better the future, and be able to find yourself. Now, I can visualize the network that AIESEC has, and it’s gone beyond what-can-I-do at the LC level, and a lot more as a team to drive results in this country, that country, etc. I want to help the organization as a whole with greater impact.

Executive Board 2010-2011

Chat With The Executive BOARD of 2011-2012

Andrea Urbina, Local Committee President


return, I may pursue a law degree.

Baccalauréat ès arts (Political Science), 3rd Year Why did you join AIESEC?

Colin Waugh, VP Outgoing Exchange

I originally joined AIESEC to go on exchange but ended

Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing), 3rd Year

up becoming a member and taking on two EB roles in a

Why did you join AIESEC?

row, preventing me from going on an internship.

I found myself at a crossroads. My youthful instinct

Although I hope I'll be able to travel to some

urged me to continue floating through life, but it was time

international conferences. Once I graduate in 2012, I will

to grow up. To me AIESEC is an organization that allows

go on exchange through AIESEC and complete my @

students to be a big fish while still a minnow. Other


school clubs host pub crawls and networking events,

What is one ambition of yours?


To travel to as many countries as possible and live

meaningful. Every EP realised is another life that I have

abroad for at least five years before I come back to

directly influenced. The

Canada and move to Montreal. I am willing to take

responsibility associated with being on the EB is anxiety

whatever road will lead me there.

riddled at best, but exposure to this kind of pressure is





more of

exactly why I chose AIESEC to be the wind in my sails Jessica Steingard, VP Corporate & Alumni Relations rd

on my journey to success.

Bachelor of Commerce (Int’l Business), 3 Year

What is one ambition of yours?

Why did you join AIESEC?

Politics has always been an interest of mine. But as

I joined AIESEC as a way to get more involved in

Machiavelli says, power must be justified by an action.

student activities while pursuing my degree. I wanted to

Therefore, I plan to first find success and respect in

feel like I was contributing to something more than just

business before I transition into the political sphere. My

studying for exams, so a friend recommended I join!

pinnacle job is to be a Canadian ambassador. Hopefully

What is one ambition of yours?

somewhere warm.

To participate on an AIESEC internship once I have finished my degree. I really have no idea what I want to do when I graduate, so I feel that an AIESEC internship will provide me with some more practical work experience as well as international experience. Upon

8 Karis Oswald, VP of Campus Communications

Sam Turner, VP Incoming Exchange


Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), 4 Year

Bachelor of Commerce (Finance), 2nd Year

Why did you join AIESEC?

Why did I join AIESEC?

I joined because being more involved in student groups

I wanted the opportunity to work with some the most



highly motivated young leaders throughout Canada.

academic exchange ignited my desire to travel more, I

The people that I have met in AIESEC have pushed

thought AIESEC would be a perfect organization for

me to step outside of my comfort zone, and I have

me to get more involved in campus activities.

developed myself both personally and professionally

What is one ambition of yours?

What is one ambition of your?

Before AIESEC, I never had an entrepreneurial spirit in

I am currently training to run a 28km marathon in

me, but after leading a team as a co-VP with James, I

August in support of the Canadian Cancer Society.






feel that I do have qualities of an entrepreneur. Once I obtain my Chartered Accountant designation, I hope to

James Soulodre, VP of External Communications

use the business knowledge I gave gained to start my

Bachelor of Commerce (Finance), 4th Year

own business, preferably in real estate.

Why did you join AIESEC? I wanted to gain more out of my University career than

Andrew Rogan, VP Finance

what was taught inside the classroom. It was my

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), 1st year After

understanding that joining a student organization such


as AIESEC would help me develop my skills both

Why did you join AIESEC?

personally and professionally.

For professional and personal development with a

What is one ambition of yours?

global perspective.

I would like to one day become a successful

What is one ambition of yours?


I want to be a member of the executive in a large

amazing feeling helping the business you created grow

company, preferably in the energy or health sciences

from the ground up. I'd like to be able to make my own


decisions and set my own rules, and only be

I've always thought it would be an

accountable to myself in the case of failures. Another Nicole Bisson, VP Talent Management Bachelor of Arts (Political Science), 2



ambition of mine is to be able to balance my life equally between work and play. I want to make sure

Why did you join AIESEC?

that I am able to maintain a certain degree of

I joined to meet new people and for personal

professionalism while also being able to do the things I

development in an area that my faculty cannot help me

want to do in life.

with. What is one ambition of yours? To study at UBC Law and eventually be an international lawyer.

Keep in touch






ANDREA URBINA Local Committee President T: E:


JESSICA STEINGARD VP Corporate & Alumni Relations T: E:


SAM TURNER VP Incoming Exchange T: E:


AIESEC EDMONTON Room 2-04, School of Business University of Alberta Edmonton, AB T6G 2R6 T: E:


Alumni Newsletter - Summer 2011  

Are you an alumnus of AIESEC Edmonton or an AIESEC alumnus of AIESEC living in Edmonton? Keep in touch with us through our first edition of...

Alumni Newsletter - Summer 2011  

Are you an alumnus of AIESEC Edmonton or an AIESEC alumnus of AIESEC living in Edmonton? Keep in touch with us through our first edition of...