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AIESEC  Edmonton   Annual  Report   For   t he   2 012-­‐2013   Y ear   This  document  chronicles  AIESEC  Edmonton’s  results  from  March  1st,  2012  to  February  28th,  2013.    

Table  of  Contents  


    2012  Highlights   Outgoing  Exchange   Incoming  Exchange   Corporate  Relations   Alumni  Relations   Membership   National  Congress  2013   Financial  Statements   AIESEC  Edmonton  

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2012  Highlights




National  Awards   Excellence  in  Alumni   Relations    

Exchanges  Raised  

    Exchanges  Realized  

For  the  third  consecutive  year,  AIESEC   Edmonton  has  been  recognized  for  building   and  maintaining  strong  relations  with  its   alumni.


Local  Committee  of  the  Year  



AIESEC  Edmonton  was  recognized  as  the  top   overall  performing  local  committee  in  AIESEC   Canada  

Bronze  Excellence   Standard  


Active  Membership  


    43       28       52       38  

AIESEC  Edmonton  was  recognized  for  realizing   over  25  exchanges  in  2012.  

Global  Impact  Award     AIESEC  Edmonton  was  recognized  for  having   the  top  performing  outgoing  exchange   portfolio  in  AIESEC  Canada.        


Outgoing  Exchange   40   35   30   25   Internships  Raised  


Internships  Realized  

15   10   5   0   2011  



Outgoing  Exchange  Highlights   One of our best decisions this year was to approach the University of Alberta International (UAI) to combine our outgoing preparation seminar (OPS) with their Pre-departure Orientations for students who are studying abroad. Previously, our OPS session involved presentations on safety and AIESEC in general from AIESECers, as well as a presentation from a current intern. With our new format, UAI’s expert staff present on health, safety, and risk management and cultural preparedness and culture shock. They also provide each exchange participant with a comprehensive handbook that details everything needed before, during and after their experience abroad, as well as special handbooks from the Government of Canada. UAI provides breakfast, and gives us a room to present AIESEC specific information to our exchange participants afterwards. We cover AIESEC’s history, policies, have a presentation from a past exchange participant (as opposed to an intern) and conclude with meetings between each exchange participant and their exchange participant Manager. With this new format, UAI takes care of the logistics for the majority of the OPS, which saves us time, and provides high-quality information that we wouldn’t be able to provide on our own.






Incoming  Exchange   10   9   8   7   6   Internships  Raised  


Internships  Realized  

4   3   2   1   0   2011  



AIESEC  Edmonton  saw  a  30%  increase  of  the  internships  that  we  raised  within  the  Edmonton  community.    This   year  we  have  successfully  raised  9  internships  within  the  Edmonton  community  which  was  one  of  the  highest   numbers  raised  within  Canada.  Within  the  year  we  have  been  able  to  welcome  7  interns  from  Brazil,   Columbia,  Romania,  Senegal,  and  Italy.  


Corporate  Relations   Marketing Culture AIESEC Edmonton has worked diligently to create a strong sales culture. We have done this through concentrating on rewards and recognition, and promoting the value of sales skills. The Corporate & Alumni Relations (CAR) portfolio has integrated its own form of rewards and recognition. For recognition, the Edmonton office now has a “star chart,” visible to everyone in the LC, that showcases the number of marketing calls each CAR member has gone on. As well, those individuals who have raised TNs are rewarded for their efforts by being taken out for dinner. This strategy has increased competition within the portfolio and shows members that the work they do is valued. Summer Sales Summit The largest factor that has contributed to enhancing the marketing culture in Edmonton is relating how sales skills are necessary for everything in life. During our Sales Summit in August, we invited the entire local to come for sales training. We emphasized this idea and taught skills that were not AIESEC specific but were ones that could be universally applied to any situation. Whether you’re negotiating a million dollar deal or convincing your parents to let you go to a conference, the skills required are the same. Intern Relationship Management As well, we focus on building strong relationships with our interns, which allows us to leverage their unique experience within our Edmonton, build up an exchange culture within our local committee, and get more resigns. Some of the ways in which we have involved our interns include: • Social events - Canada Day party, Halloween Party, Easter Party, Christmas Party • Many welcome dinners, • Attendance at general assemblies • Role within the LC • Presentations at OPS and General Assemblies Maintaining strong relationships with our interns has been key to understanding the future opportunities within the organization. Best Case Practice in Corporate Relations AIESEC Edmonton pursued a $400,000 contract with the Alberta government to pay for the costs of sending 40 exchange participants abroad. This initiative involved writing a proposal which included: • • • •

Telling what AIESEC has done for the province of Alberta over the past 40 years Developing a budget, staffing plan, timeline, and goals Obtaining endorsement letters and quotes on AIESEC from alumni Developing a recruitment strategy specific to the government’s goals

A team of four members from AIESEC Edmonton worked tirelessly on the proposal, often working as much as 18 hours per day, in order to successfully complete the 59 page proposal in less than six days. Although we were unsuccessful in winning the contract, the hard work that AIESEC Edmonton took in pursuing this contract embodies AIESEC’s core value of striving for excellence.


Alumni  Relations      

AIESEC  Edmonton  –  Consecutive   winner  of  AIESEC  Canada’s   Excellence  in  Alumni  Relations   2012  

We released another edition of the AIESEC Edmonton Alumni Newsletter to keep Alumni connected to what is happening in our local committee and also share ways for them to get involved. The newsletter featured stories about current AIESEC members who were participating in Exchanges, highlighted current activities within the LC and lastly included a cross-word puzzle that incorporated “lingo” changes that AIESEC has seen over the years.

  Alumni Relations Supporting Other Portfolios AIESEC Edmonton has developed a highly strategic focus on the area of alumni relations. Below are some of the ways that alumni relations have supported AIESEC Edmonton. • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


1 traineeship directly raised by an alumni 7 traineeships raised through alumni connections 25 meetings with alumni 40 marketing calls booked through alumni Raising $3,500 in NC sponsorship through alumni (School of Business, U of A International, Incite) Developing 4 in-kind sponsorship deals through alumni connections Alumni Ted Kouri spoke to 60 professionals at our corporate breakfast on the value of hiring an AIESEC intern $1,000 alumni donation to our local committee (not including alumni donations to NC) Six alumni attended our LCP elections and our chair was an alumni Five alumni champions invited 9 of their business peers to our corporate breakfast to learn about AIESEC Five members of our BoA are alumni An alumni chaired our turnover weekend An alumni did a session at our Edmonton Summer Sales Summit Several quotes and an endorsement letter from an alumni for our proposal to the Alberta government to manage the Alberta Abroad Program


Membership   Member Development AIESEC Edmonton is LC of the Year 2012 because of the tremendous success our members have had. This is how we’ve developed them: • • • General Assemblies

• Parties

• •

• Training Days

Goal Planning

• • • • •

Rewards & Recognition

1.5 hours each Once every month Dates are pre-assigned so members know well in advance Each GA has its own theme, but will based on either professional development (e.g. pitching AIESEC), or personal development (e.g. public speaking) Happens at least once/month Will always be something different (e.g. skating, movie night, theme party) Each holiday party is planned by a new team (Easter, Halloween, and Christmas were all major successes) Hosted a Sales Summit to teach each members how to pitch AIESEC Hosted a training day Hosted a SalesForce training day Decentralized this year to allow each VP to get to know his/her members Are currently moving towards bringing this back to TM 7 Portfolio Member of the Year awards o Framed certificates o 1 LC Member of the Year award  Lunch with their Dean  A biography in a local newspaper  Their name engraved on a plaque in the office


National  Congress  2013   National Congress 2013 AIESEC Edmonton hosted NC 2013, which gave 250 members of AIESEC Canada an incredible 5 day conference th rd experience from Dec 30 2012 - Jan 3 2013. Some of our accomplishments include: • • • • • •

Raising $32,160 without requiring support from AIESEC Canada Developing multiple in-kind sponsorship deals Organizing a Casino Night after final banquet Giving away FREE t-shirts Engaging our alumni to help with connections for fundraising and in kind sponsor partners Engaging our alumni by inviting them to the banquet





Financial  Statements   AIESEC  Edmonton  –  Balance  Sheet   As  of  February  28,  2013   Current  Assets  



Accounts  Receivable   Short  Term  Investments   Other  

Total  Assets     Liabilities  


5,522.66   7.53   10,088.79   554.53  

Accounts  Payable   0   MC  Payable   (7,108.97)   Other   0   Total  Liabilities         Retained  Earnings         Total  Liabilities  and  Equity    

16,173.51           16,173.51             (7,108.97)     15,590.60     16,173.51  



AIESEC  Edmonton  –  Income  Statement  


For  the  period  March  1,  2012  to  February  28,  2013   Revenues  

  29,389.17   Program   13,570.00   Donations   1,090.00     Merchandise  Sales   320.00     Events   4,810.17     Other   9,599.00           Expenses     22,470.68   Affiliation  Fees   1,862.50     Administration   409.13     Program     2,058,76     Events   3,568.72     Conference   4,224,14     Reimbursement   Summer  Marketer  Wages   8,618.10     Other   1,729.33           Surplus/Loss     6,918.49  










AIESEC  Edmonton   Executive  Board   Sam  Turner   Local  Committee  President     Jill  Hopkins   VP  Finance     Anna  Moore     VP  Communications    

Idel  Riemer   VP  Outgoing  Exchange     Desmond  Salisbury   VP  Talent  Management      

Sawan  Dhaliwal   VP  Corporate  &  Alumni  Relations     Kayla  Baretta   VP  Incoming  Exchange      

*Sherilyn  Trompetter  –  Chair   University  of  Alberta   International  

*Marcela  Mandeville   Alberta  Women  Entrepreneurs  

*Tanvi  Nand   Casman  Construction  Group  of   Companies  

Wanda  Nadeau   Royal  Bank  of  Canada  

*Tom  Koep   Parkland  County  

*Wes  Sawatzky   Government  of  Alberta  


Board  of  Advisors  

*denotes  Alumni  



This  document  was  prepared  by  Sam  Turner.  

AIESEC  Edmonton  


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AIESEC Edmonton Annual Report 2012 2013