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First and foremost. Heartiest congratulation for all the newies who got selected in our SUPER AWESOME AIESEC Family. You are among the best in the university as for you to get selected, many other applicants have been rejected, that means you are the best  Be ready for some really awesome days coming soon, very soon in your life. As you must have heard in the Induction, this experience will be a fun and awesome and in the same time it will be a bit hard for you. Believe me, every AIESEC’ers has been through these. There are time where you will want to quit everything, BUT the good side of this is if you are able to surmount these hard experience, then your life will be really super awesome 

As you are new in AIESEC here are some key word that it’s for you to know :P

1. LCM= local chapter meeting  this meeting is for all members where we meet and spend some time together and also get to know what we have been doing. This meeting is done once per month 2. EBM=Executive Body meeting  This one is only for the EB, where they meet and make decision for the LC and also decide what new strategy to implement 3. OCM= Organising Committee Meeting This is for a team responsible for some particular task, so they have regular meeting, to keep in track what they are doing, the date of this meeting, depends on the Organising Committee President

PAI= President of AIESEC international Incharge of AIESEC globally MCP= Member Committee President incharge of an entity that is responsible of AIESEC in a particular country MC= Member Committee The team which work with the MCP and ensure that all department are functioning well and according to plans LCP= Local Committee President (for LC) LCC=local Committee Cordinator (for expansion) They are incharge of a particular LC that is at university level EB= executive body Work with the LCP and make plan for the LC and also work with the MC on national level and work together as one entity to reach objectives

‘I would like to use the medium of this newsletter to tell our new members a warm welcome into the family of AIESEC EU. It’s a great privilege to be part of this organisation, make the most of it. Do not hesitate to take leadership opportunities. The AIESEC journey will make you experience leadership, friendship and will make you go through a complete metamorphosis’ Irfaan Goomany


“ Hii so, present myself, am Jerome Balancy, Vice Coordinator of AIESEC EU and director of Communication. My message for you is to enjoy a lot your days with us and take the most out of your learnings. From now on you are in world biggest youth organization so be proud of yourself. And also whenever you think you won’t be able to do something remember on thing, “human being stumble on pebble not on mountains” You can always count on us the PIONEER whenever you need help” Best of luck peeps

“I am so happy to have join the big family of AIESEC. I am so proud to say that I am an AIESECer”

Kelly Aheng

‘Hey AIESEC...... its awesome to join in... Hpe i make a wonderful job in AIESEC....n be more motivated...’


So guys don’t forget to register for the conference Go on this link As requested by some members Here is the link where you will get all the outputs of the induction ď Š

QUIZ of the WEEK??? • So from the list of all AIESEC’ers, with oldies and new member I have found a name as Claudine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

• But her face is still unknown to us. • So the one who will tell us who that person will get a small surprise