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e n e b e n i c e Aies 05/04/13

Buzz news Hall of fame

Recently AIESEC EIILM has been rename as AIESEC in Ebene. This is so because now our goal is to involve every universities that exist in Ebene.

Round of applause for our awardees

And that make us proud because we are the first AIESEC city in Mauritius, so this goes with the saying that we are the founder of AIESEC in Ebene. :)

Best departmental member: Ashley (MaC) Best team leader: Jerome (MaC) Best overall ream member: eveillia (OGIP) Best department: Mac Congrats guys :)

As most of you are new in the organization so here are some basic thing that you must know..: AIESEC is global by nature, value based and non-political by identity and run by students and recent graduates from institutions of higher education in spirit and by passion. It forms a platform for students interested in world issues and leadership to work with exchange of people and ideas as a means to achieve the organisation’s vision. Vision: “Peace and the fulfilment of humankind’s potential” is the vision that drives the organisation. AIESEC believes that the best way to achieve this is by first developing talent in individuals and thus inside companies, organisations and our communities. It is individuals who will positively impact society and create the change that will bring us closer to our vision for the world. Values: • Activating leadership


• Demonstrating integrity

Gossip is that Mr irfaan Goomany was found proposing Naseema for marriage.

• Living diversity

Are they planning to get married without inviting us? :O Need to have an enquiry..!!!

• Enjoying participation • Striving for excellence • Acting sustainably Find some exclusive video about AIESEC HERE And on this link

And a special reward: This is to reward Irfaan Goomany for all his support. Thanks..!!! :))