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Issue No. 4 23th April 2012

WA State conference 2012

Letter from editor Recap- Initiate the tour Recap – WA state conference 2012 LCM information and notice Upcoming events Important notices

Letter from the editor Hello I am Ricky Yeung. I am the internal relations expert in Marketing and Communication (MAC) team. My job is to ensure the effective internal communication within the LC. And this newsletter is the main channel that I hope to build a better communication. In this newsletter it will cover most of the things happened in the LC for the last two weeks. This newsletter will also be a recap on previous events and reminder of future events. Not every AIESEC members could go to every events but I hope every member could know more about things happening in Curtin AIESEC. The last two weeks had been very crazy for me. I joined Curtin AIESEC only a few weeks ago. But I had already joined the two big events: Initiate the Tour (ITT) and the WA state conference 2012. Both the ITT and the state conference were such a great success. It had been such an awesome experience and I had learnt so many things in only a few days. The amount of energy, joy and excitement was over warming and I enjoyed every second in that campsite near the beautiful beach.

we should see a lot of promotion, lecture bashing and attract more people to this event. So please have a look on our event page, and sent it to whoever would be interested. It will be a great event with amazing speakers and networking sessions. This is my first time ever to create and edit a newsletter. And I really hope this newsletter would help you understand and enjoy more in Curtin AIESEC. As this is my first issue, there is a lot of trial and error. If you have any opinion and suggestion about the newsletter, please feel free to send me an email. Because this is not mine, it belongs to every member in Curtin AIESEC. I really hope this would be good. And thanks a lot to my team for the support in this newsletter.

Enjoy your week! Ricky Yeung

Ricky Yeung Internal relationship manager AIESEC Curtin University

Of course after the tuition free week it is time for AIESEC to shine. We will have morning breakfast networking event for student on this Friday 27th April, 2012. This week is very important that

Based in Perth, Australia

Mobile: +61 430662216 Email: Web:

Initiate the Tour (ITT) 2012

Initiate the Tour was a whole day of workshops and professional networking opportunity for leadership development. There were different organizations like Deloitte and KPMG, also other nonprofit organizations like engineers without borders. And the most important concept of the day was “Success through Innovation�.

And through discussion and group interaction we learnt a lot about innovation in different areas like business and social movement. And it was a very successful day with lots of discussion and interactions. So in order to improve future events, it is important to fill in the ITT feedback form: 8BF

WA State Conference 2012

State Conference 2012 was a very important event that AIESEC members can spend three days to learn more about AIESEC. Everyone became Better, Strong, Faster and Smarter after this conference. Of course, in AIESEC we work hard and we play hard. At the same time we all enjoyed ourselves in the beautiful campsite.

LCM information and notice LCM is an important and compulsory function of AIESEC. Attending LCM will help you understand what has been going on in the LC during the week, last week in LCM we were very happy to see a lot of thing was going on: -Global issue -NEWCON 2012 information -showing new Curtin Portfolio members -Finical review and recommendations

Important Notice This week Wednesday is ANZAC day. LCM will be moved to Tuesday 24th April, 2012.

New policy of AIESEC Curtin is if you miss 3 LCM/RCM during a semester, then you would immediately receive inactive mode and in danger of dismissal of AIESEC.

LCM on Tuesday 24th April, 5.30-7.30pm Location 201.413

See you there!

Upcoming events Breakfast Networking Event -Friday, April 27th -7:30am-9:00am -Building 307.103 -Opportunity to network with professionals from different industries -Learn more about how to differentiate yourself and Networking skills -Guest speakers from School of Management and Marketing -Business representatives from CPA Australia and RSM Bird Cameron $15 per student including breakfast Promotion Stalls on Monday and Tuesday 11am to 2pm in front of guild office. If you are interested, fell free to come and ask more about the event. Event Page: 3356896399275/

For more information, contact: Ashley Wu 0426951523

Important notices

Important Notice 1. Please fill in the feedback form for ITT as soon as possible, 5 minutes of survey will help a lot for next event! survey link: 2. Please help promoting the Morning Networking Event, every person count! So tell everyone you know and it will help a lot! 3. Change of time for LCM to Tuesday 4. Registrations for NEWCON 2012 have officially opened. People who are interested could sign-up on 5. Remember to give any suggestions to me about the newsletter. I really hope I could make a good one every time.

#4 AIESEC Curtin Newsletter 2012  

Curtin AIESEC newsletter April 2012