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LIST  Talent Management 1. TMPTLP development Cycle 2. MS Task Force 3. Annual Banquet 4. Proposal Competition 5. Trainer Team  External Relationship 1. ER sub team 2. Sales empowerment training 3. Bridge the Gap  Communication 1. News on TV 2. Media exposure cooperate with news office of the uni. 3. GYLS (Global Youth Leader Summit) 4. International e-news 5. FB fan page promotion strategy 6. IM+KM platform

LIST  Alumni Coordination 1. Alumni search engine 2. Alumni consulting system 3. Alumni video 4. Mentor System 5. Alumni fund  Finance 1. Organization Sustainability team 2. Fund established  OGX GCDP 1. EP session for project preparation 2. returnee gathering for enhance EwA  OGX GIP 1. TMP with purpose  ICX GIP 1. Open house raising  ICX GCDP 1. Biking Taiwan Wanderer

Talent Management

TMP, TLP development Cycle  Key innovative & change : First well plan for talent development  Key Action : cycle utilize in education plan  Resource used : trainer

MS Task Force   

Key innovative & change : MS development Key Action: Provide different sub team experience for MS development Resource used : HR

Annual Banquet   

Key innovative & change : LC atmosphere build up & talent review and recognition Key Action: Hold an event in the end of semester Resource used : HR

Talent Management

Proposal Competition   

Key innovative & change: TMP development system build up Key Action : competition Resource used : HR, trainer

Trainer Team   

Key innovative & change : Professional training provided Key Action: Build up trainer team with professional training Resource used : HR, trainer

External Relationship

ER sub-team 

Description : We change the functional structure to integrate ER skill with other function work. Making each of 4 managers with double role, there have more ER substantive support into TM, Comm, oGCDP and iGCDP function. Result : This team have raised over NT$40,000 , engaged professional sales education resource , build up relationship with local government and school.

Sales empowerment training 

Description : Cooperate with ‘‘Studio A’’ which not only the agents of Apple product in Taiwan also with a professional training system. We co-design the training sessions and directly deliver for iGIP to increase the talent capacity. Result : This is a good case of outsourcing the learning resource.

External Relationship


Bridge The Gap Template 

Description : ER engaged over NT$200,000 from KGI’s (kgieworld) chairman. By investing into the remote education project, it successfully relieve TN’s pressure about the payment. And also give remote region a chance to interactive with different culture and experience the impact. Result : 8 realization


News on TV 

Description : It’s the first time we get the media exposure on TV. It’s very good chance to make the society know what AIESEC is doing, and also the proof for the TN taker. Result :

Media exposure cooperate with news office of the university 

Description : We make a partnership with the news office of the university that we send them our news and they will give it to the reporters. It’s a more efficient way to make the media exposure, because university has great credibility than us. Result : number of media exposure get 133.3% growth.


GYLS (Global Youth Leader Summit) 

Description : GYLS is a conference for all the university students, especially NCTU students. It’s the first time, we cooperated with the office of our university to hold the PR event. We invited the famous entrepreneurs to have a conversation with the audience. The topic included roles of the youth in the society, global and local social issue, and how to make the dream come true. Result (MOS) • 22 applicants for 1213 LC VPs • Participant : 120 university-students • Score of the brand image = 8

International e-news  

Description : We send the newsletter to all the LCPs in the world to promote our EPs and TNs per month. Integrate the power of different functions. Result (MOS) • Few Country partnerships


FB fan page promotion strategy 

Description : we write the facebook promotion plan and do the analysis per month. It’s the way to understand our costumers and maximize the effect of promoting. Also, we distinguish the promotion into different channel of facebook between different function, such as TM and OGX. Result (MOS) • We have got more than 900 likes only in 6 months • The highest subscriber is 256

IM+KM platform 

Description : we build up a google site to combine the information management and knowledge management. We put the announcement on the site and make the weekly newsletter to notice all LC members. In this way, we make sure that all the announcement is stored and organized, and it’s easier to read the news. Result (MOS) • 22 applicants for 1213 LC VPs • Participant : 120 university-students • Score of the brand image = 8

Alumni Coordination

Alumni research engine ďƒź ďƒź

Description : mb can search alumni resource on their own Result : There are almost 200 alumni in the research engine.

Alumni Coordination


Alumni consulting system Template • •

Description : Monthly visit with senior alumni to motivate mb There have been 24 members in these system.

Alumni Coordination

Alumni Video visualize the sharing from alumni

Alumni Coordination

Mentor System  

Description : match members with alumni as mentors Result (MOS) • 36 mb have long-term friendship with alumni

Alumni Fund  

Description : promote international experience by alumni fund Result • Amount : NT$136000, 5 people applied.


Organization Sustainability team  

Description : Team mb is responsible for NCTU's financial sustainability. They held compendium and financial report for each function. Result (MOS) • We have now 40% perfect compendium for NCTU. Already have financial reports at least each a month.

Fund established  

Description : We devided NCTU's assets into several funds in order to manage our assets more easily. Result (MOS) • We now all use funds to manage our assets. (Stable assets funds. Project funds. R&R funds.)


EP session for project preparation ďƒź

Description : more specific training for EP preparation

Returnee gathering for enhance EwA ďƒź

Description : enhance the XP of EP out of realization



TMP with purpose Template  

Description TMP flow focus on LR stimulation Result : retention rate 90%


Open house raising ďƒź

By Open House Raising , in 2013 we finally succed with the cooperation with This company , Arcadyan . Now we have 4 EP in the interview , and is going to Raise in the end of March ( At least one Raise .)


Biking Taiwan Wonderer 

Description Key innovation: new project model, revelent to Taiwan society, biking around Taiwan.Using the power of Youth to raise funds for needy aboriginal children education by riding 1000km taiwan island. Key actions:engage different kind of stakeholders, matching diverse interns, well planed timeline for execution, key person consulting, highlight aboriginal children education issue to Hsinchu society.cross function synergy with ER function. resources used: raising 3000USD for all project. Sponsor full equipment including bicycle for all the interns.

AP Regional Award Application 2013_AIESEC NCTU  
AP Regional Award Application 2013_AIESEC NCTU  

Initiative Award