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April 2013

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AIESEC Craiova has a new EB! After 3 intense LCCs, here we are all together!

Mihaela Pătrană – President Date of joining AIESEC: Autumn 2009 Most important positions: OCP National Congress 2011 and VP Talent Development 2012-2013 What defines your term? I would say excellent in terms of: opening to the national network, visionary members who perform in the projects they coordinate and make Alumni proud of us.

Irina Simulescu – VP Alumni Development Date of joining AIESEC: Autumn 2010 Most important positions: PR 2012 – 2013 What defines your term? Reconnecting with the Alumni and involving them in the organization by making them experience AIESEC everyday.

Izabela Catiru – VP OutGoing Programmes Date of joining AIESEC: October 2010 Most important positions: OCP RockMe 2012 and LTTC What defines your term? In the next term I want the biggest increase that AIESEC Craiova had, both on experiences delivered and quality, all of this being made together with a strong team. I also want perseverance and strong team culture.

Ciprian Laja – VP Communication Date of joining AIESEC: Autumn 2010 Most important positions: OC VP COMM RockMe 2012 What defines your term? Increasing visibility in the external network.

Marina Cîrloiu – VP Talent Development Date of joining AIESEC: Spring 2010 Most important positions: TL Induction Taskforce, Recruitment 2011 What defines your term? Continuity - developing leadership, in order to achieve not only performance, but also excellence.

Mihai Moraru – VP Finance

Date of joining AIESEC: Spring 2012 Most important positions: OCP InPro What defines your term? Focusing on writing Grants and create a strong culture in the finance department.

Geanina Săinu – VP Corporate Development Date of joining AIESEC: April 2011 Most important positions: OCP Business Academy What defines your term? Ambition and perseverance.

Costin Corbeanu – VP Non-Corporate Development Date of joining AIESEC: Spring 2011 Most important positions: NST on ICX in Czech Republic; OCP on RTS Spring 2012. What defines your term? Continuity – Creating the foundations of my term on what has been successful in the recent years ("Host Families System" or "Learn to Change the Future"). Scalability - This year we will knock down the limit of 100 internationals on our projects. Innovation - Becoming a pilot LC to implement a new global strategy in terms of qualitative internships.

Date: 22nd of March Location: Hotel Emma Est Participants: 33 members, 15 Alumni, 5 trainees, 3 partners Mood: FUN

Business English Classes is a project that provides business English courses to local companies’ employees. The classes will be delivered by 2 international trainees from Egypt and Macedonia with business background. The project is implemented in partnership with DAGMAR Language School and will be run for a period of 3 months, starting with 4th of March until 26th of May. During this period there will be two sessions per week. Participation in this project requires payment of a fee of 90 Euros/ participant.

OUR FIRST PROJECTS WITH GIPs TRY is a project that offer language courses to students, delivered by foreign native trainers in the selected languages (German, English, Chinese, Spanish). This project has the role to develop the understanding belong the students in international languages. It will be between 1st of April and 26th of May, 2 meeting per week, 2 hours each. The fee is 100 lei.

Once a participant, now OCP of the 2nd edition of INPRO! I believe in the change this project can bring!

Mihai Moraru (current OCP of INPRO, VP Finance Elect) is one example of a proactive student who participated at AIESEC projects and then joined the organization.

Why did you participate at the first edition of INPRO? Because I wanted to do more than my studies, I found the theme of the project very interested and I realized it’s a good way to learn new things and to contribute to the community.

Why did you apply as OCP of the second edition of the project? This project changed me when I was a participant and I wanted to offer this chance to other students also. From that position, I had an overview of the project, being able to see how this project is seen from the outside, what went good and what went wrong and therefore, while having a leadership position now, to improve it, making it more qualitative for the future participants. I believe in the change this project can bring!

The first edition of INPRO brought in AIESEC around 10 new members. Let’s see how many it can bring NOW!

24th of March – 28th of April

4 trainees – Greece, Georgia, Germany and Ukraine 50 participants

3.300 € for Youth Academy Good news for AIESEC Craiova: Youth Academy got a grant from “Youth in Action” of 3300 €. This edition also got the biggest number of applicants in the history of our LC: 405 applicants. Youth Academy means 7 trainees, 8 school involved and 10 weeks of project.

AIESEC is now in kindergartens! Global Kindergarten took place between 4th of February and 17th of March. 7 kindergartens joined the project and 3 trainees arrived in our LC from Brazil, Poland and Turkey. The kids learned new things about other cultures and improve their language skills through games, songs and other fun activities.

GROW 0.9 &1.0 Update We had the highest number of applicants in the last five editions of the project: 205 applicants. The project took place between 5th of February and 10th of March, involving 10 schools and 2 trainees from Brazil and Pakistan.

Speak Your Mind! 65 participants 5 trainees Languages: Spanish, Chinese, Russian, English and Portuguese Speak Your Mind the 1st project to have: • international members in the OC • teachers as participants. • implemented the Host Family System.

How was for our trainees to live with a Romanian family?

My winter holidays 2012-2013 will be remembered for a long time now. Spontaneous decision made in November to go on internship turned out to be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It met all the expectations and even more. One (and maybe the biggest) of the reasons why I enjoyed my stay in Romania was the fact that I stayed in the host family. This was not the first time I was hosted by an international family, for I was an exchange student in the US. And I am 100% positive that it is the most encompassing experience one can ever get. Staying in the family in a different country, one can fully experience the culture, the habits and the mentality. You don’t just observe the country as if you are a tourist, mucking about and rambling through the streets of a town but you see the country from the very inside, from its heart. During my stay in Craiova, I stayed with Catana family and I truly believe it’s the best family one can ever imagine. I am very thankful to them for everything. Even though we had a little language barrier, I learned how to cook mămăliga, how to drink homemade red wine and how to dance all possible Romanian dances. I will never forget this experience. Alyona Permyakova

So what do you think about that? Do you want to experience internationalism? Join the Host Family System!

AIESEC Craiova in the MC

Eduard Till It is a great honor and privilege to write this words for the newsletter of AIESEC Craiova as elect President of AIESEC in Romania due to the fact that my journey in AIESEC was shaped by the very people that are reading this. I entered AIESEC as a freshmen student, having no realistic plan to achieve my life goals, and, if I may say, not even the clarity of understanding what were those life goals. But because of the passionate people I encountered in the organization, I got engaged in various activities like organizing conferences, GCDPi projects, training and facilitation, team work and more, being pushed to want more by the healthy competition inside of AIESEC in Craiova. The people that I met were the ones that inspired me, gave me the right direction, but most important shaped me into becoming perseverant in achieving my goals. Because of them, my life changed. Because of them, I changed the life of others.

Message for our members Think of AIESEC Craiova; of our results, our great people working for national teams abroad or in Romania, all the amazing experiences delivered and unforgettable moments (NC and ITTT 2011, RockMe 2012 etc) that placed us on the road to success, revealed our contribution to making awesomeness happen. Think of us. And then ask yourselves how did you contribute to that? What were the moments that took your breath away and made you sacrifice anything for this organization later on? Which were the people that changed lives even without knowing it? Your teams. Your leaders. Our Alumni. We are the result of many generations that were striving to succeed and we have a legacy to continue... Read the entire message here:

AIESEC Craiova in the MC

Cosmin Sandu

For me, to be part of the MC of AIESEC in Romania for the next year is a true honor because I consider that at this moment this is the best way of how I can help Romania. I really see the next term to be one defined by personal and professional discipline and performance for our organization. Another reason for which I’m really happy to be part of this MC is because together with other 2 people I represent AIESEC Craiova in the national network, Luiza and Edu. One last thing that I would like to say is that I’m thankful to everyone that helped me during these years through which I became the person that I am today. A thing that I would really be proud of is to see the members of our LC going on with their AIESEC stories, growing each day, either by taking local opportunities, or by experiencing internationalism.

Yours truly, Cosmin Sandu President of AIESEC in Craiova 2012-2013 Vice-President Sales of AIESEC in Romania 2013-2014

AIESEC Craiova in the MC

Luiza Marcu It is difficult to describe the reason that made me come back and run in the MC of AIESEC Romania now. It wasn't an easy decision at all. I just knew I want to come back and achieve something great for AIESEC Romania and for the new generations of change agents. For me, being part of this national team means that I've got the privilege to have an intense learning experience, challenge my perspective, create something new and relevant, bring back into action all the knowledge and skills that I have gained throughout my AIESEC experience. Whenever I met another MC member abroad, during international conferences they were saying with joy: "Ohh, really? You are from Romania?! That is awesome, I know "X","Y" from Romania, he/she was MC in my country!�, and that is an absolutely fantastic feeling that anyone can have at some point. I have never felt more proud of being Romanian and of getting everything I know from AIESEC Romania. One thing that I am 100% sure about is that we, as AIESEC Romania can accomplish so much more than we already do. It's just a matter of choices and of self-awareness if we are going to do it or not.

Sincerely, Luiza Marcu Vice-President ICX Non-Corporate in AIESEC Craiova 2011-2012 Vice President Incoming Programmes in AIESEC Serbia 2012-2013 Vice President Incoming GCDP in AIESEC Romania 2013-2014

AIESEC Craiova in the MC

Alexandra Coandă

My story started three and a half years ago, when AIESEC began to shape my reality, my vision, my goals and finally, my life, giving me the knowledge, the skills and most importantly the behavior that I needed to achieve great things and push my limits towards the impossible. Today, as a newly elected Vice President of Talent Management and Local Committee Development in the national team of AIESEC in Slovakia, I can truthfully say that this local committee is the one that empowered me to take everything that the organization has to offer. In AIESEC Craiova I managed to grow up by being around smart people, I managed to find what drives me by staying close to people who are so passionate about what they do, that they can move mountains, I got to know myself personally and professionally, I found out what I can do and what I am good at. I learned here that things are never easy, that you firstly need to fall down a couple of times to be able to rise up and stand tall on your feet, I learned about ambition, about fighting for what you believe in, I learned how to stay true to my principles and values.

Read the entire message here:

It has become already a habit for AIESEC Craiova to organize First Thursday, the only event of networking between members and Alumni. Each first Thursday of every month we meet and spend some time together, to know each other better, to share ideas, thoughts, and, last but not least, to have fun in the AIESEC way. At the last 3 events there were over 10 Alumni and 20 members present at the event. January brought some interesting debates for the ones present at the event. First it was the battle between genders, with Irina Simulescu (current PR Responsible of AIESEC Craiova and elected VP Alumni Development), representing the girls’ side and Alin Neacsu (VP Finance AIESEC Craiova, 2007-2008) for the boys. Eventually, after a long voting procedure, Irina, together with the girls won the battle, but Alin and the boys weren’t that far from winning also. After this, the things got more serious, reminding everyone one of the most important values that AIESEC is developing in their lives: leadership. Andrei

Georgescu (VP External Relations in AIESEC Craiova, 2008-2009 and President of AIESEC Ploiesti, 20092010) together with Eduard Till presented their leadership ideas in front of everyone. Although there were debated different leadership styles, Andrei Georgescu managed to win the battle, but, for sure, the members (and perhaps the Alumni also) had a lot of things to learn from this moment of the evening. In February we decided to know the members, the Alumni and the trainees better through a funnier method, called “Triinterview”. Radu Mirea (President of AIESEC Craiova, 1993-1994 and President of BoA Alumni), Laurentiu Mihai (current VP Finance of AIESEC Craiova) and Małgośka Gotfryd (Trainee for Global Kindergarten, Poland) were the ones interviewed in that night. March was again a very special event when we took the time to look back at the most important things that made the last term a successful one. Also, another person joined the Alumni community: Andrei Hozac.

Let’s see what Alumni and members say about First Thursday!

First Thursday is an event that managed to create a perfect environment regarding the development and facilitation of the relationship between members and Alumni of AIESEC Craiova. Personally, I think that this kind of event has to be kept and developed through new initiatives that will manage to gather perspectives of different generations of AIESECers, says Claudiu Bădescu (VP Finance of AIESEC Craiova, 2010-2011). First Thursday is an event which facilitates the interaction between members and Alumni. Alumni sharing their memories, AIESEC experiences and knowledge to the members of AIESEC Craiova, will make them realize that what they are doing is important and that their involvement in the organization matters. Fist Thursday is the perfect framework in which you can ask questions and at the same time listen the advices that you are given in order to realize what is the next step for you, says Irina Neamţu, member of AIESEC Craiova.

See you all on Thursday at Vertigo starting with 20:00!

AIESEC Craiova needs your support!

2% campaign is starting in our LC! If you want to support us and to ensure that we can continue making awesome projects and conferences, donate to us! How? Simple, you can come on each Tuesday at 7 o'clock to the LC meeting and you can fill in a simple form or you can contact Irina Simulescu, VP Alumni Development Elect ( 2% Form

Fundraising for trainees’ reception

To ensure a safe arrival of our trainees, we must send a person to pick them up from the airport and bring them here. For this we are having a fundraising for the Reception Process. You can donate as much as you want in this bank account: RO85RNCB0140018453870001. With your help we can make our LC a better place for our trainees!

Football Night Every Monday 21:30 – 23:30 AIESECers love football!

LC Meeting

First Thursday

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RTS Andreea Bosontel

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Alin Neacsu

Elena Calin

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Claudiu Andrei

First Thursday

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Andreea Octavia Stancu

LC Meeting Simona Vasile


LC Meeting

Oana Ioncel

Mihai Vilcu

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The April edition of the newsletter for Alumni.

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