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promethean [adjective]: having a life giving quality Greatness has intention. I draw this inspiration from one of the first revolutionaries mankind ever knew- Prometheus. In Greek mythology, he was the son of a peasant, known for his wily intelligence; he dared to steal fire from Zeus and gave it to the mortals. Zeus then punished him for his crime by having him bound to a rock while a great eagle ate his liver every day only to have it grow back to be eaten again the next day. Every great soul this world has ever seen had one striking characteristic attached to them, a unique and emancipating intention. When Gandhi led India to its path to freedom, it all began as a simple intention to change the inequality and injustice he saw in his own country. His pure intention attracted all the forces in the world and enabled him to lead a successful charge against injustice. Let’s take a more recent example; Apple didn’t want to produce the iPod because it would be the largest selling mp3 device in the whole world. Behind the high-tech gizmo was a simple and pure intention. An intention that would enable the entire world to listen to the beautiful sound of music anytime they wanted. So in a way, Apple has helped mankind spread music to places where none of us thought it could reach. This organization also began with an honest and selfless intention; to change the world. And it is that intention which has helped us face adversities and come out as a better individual, local entity, city and most importantly a better country. I often wonder what has kept us going strong after all these years, what has led us to our tremendous growth despite being a student organization, having little know-how of the business world. All these questions and paths have led me to this one spot, which is the fundamental intention that every member of AIESEC Chandigarh has. An intention so strong, that it holds the power to change the world. And when I sat down in my room, thought of our strengths and weaknesses as individuals and as family. Only one thought came to my mind. All of us are extremely streamlined in our purpose that it makes us a formidable force and everything begins to fall into place  This is the soul of AIESEC Chandigarh. The single purpose we exist for, every individual, every second, everywhere striving for that one thing. This chain of thought also brought to another startling revelation. When I joined this organization, I heard people speak highly about its ‘legacy’. I for one, didn’t bond well with the word, but now I understand what it actually means. The Legacy is nothing but the ‘passing’ of that one purpose. The intention of striving everyday to be the pioneering student body to contribute socially, culturally and economically our nation. This I often feel, is the most neglected feeling in our immediate past. This is our biggest strength and our identity. We are one with it. And this is what I give to you, our strength, our identity, our inspiration, our legacy- Our intention to change the world. On closing thoughts, I would like to quote one of my favorite writers, on one man’s contribution to the world ‘And only as you gasp your dying breath shall you understand, your life amounted to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean! Yet what is any ocean but a multitude of drops?’

Ronaq Malhotra a promethean intention


Ronaq Malhotra #514, Sector 33-B, Chandigarh ●

Education ______________________________________________________________________________________________

GGDSD College, Sector 32, Chandigarh 11/2011 Bachelor of Business Administration; Percentage: 70% Minors: I. Business Economics II. Financial Management III. Computer Science/Math III Marketing Management Relevant Coursework: Product Development and Life cycle, Financial Engineering, Advanced Econometrics, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Statistics, Management & Organizational Analysis, Into to Computer Science, Financial Markets, and Macroeconomics Vivek High School, Sector 38, Chandigarh09/2008-12/2008 Grade XII CBSE Board; Percentage Achieved: 87% Grade X CBSE Board; Percentage Achieved: 88%

Skills __________________________________________________________________________ • Software Proficiency Good skill level of Microsoft Word, FrontPage, Excel, Corel, C++, HTML, Firefox, Flash • National Level Football Player Participated in the Subroto Junior Football Tournament held in Mumbai. • Project and Team Management- Lead a group of nine individuals to set up a restaurant in the city. • Award Winning Orator-Won numerous prizes and accolades at Extempore, Debates and Discussions. Work Experience __ ________ _______________ Equity Trading Intern 5/2010-7/2010 BNP Paribas Geojit, Chandigarh, India • Observed and assisted equity and futures traders while learning use of basic chart patterns, identifying resistance and support levels and interpreting macroeconomic and firm specific market news • Confirmed trades with clients, established new client accounts and processed the associated documentation Financial Manager


M.S. Enterprises, Sector 17-C, Chandigarh • Managed accounts, Capital and Asset dealing, Sales. Intern


Kotak Mahindra Bank, Chandigarh, India • Facilitated client services functions, including marketing bank products to customers, whilst providing assistance to a team of financial advisors • Conducted a survey on clients’ preferences, prepared a 75-page research paper analyzing survey results and making recommendations to the bank Additional Experience __ _________________________________ Volunteer 10/2009-12/2009 RSIS International Service Project, Philippolis, South Africa • Lead a team of 8 internationals to build a crèche for the local tribal community. Exchange Student

Wellington College, England •

Represented India and participated in cultural exchange.

Activities and Interests • Strength and muscle training. • Japanese Animations and Videogames.



1. List all positions held in AIESEC along with duration of the role. Also briefly elaborate on your contribution/performance, as well as the main learning you derived from each role.

�Exchane Coordinator, Corporate Sector (TN) October 2010- December 2010 I joined AIESEC, having a fair and decent idea about its scope of operations and impact. I was really fascinated by the Development Sector, as the sole motive of me joining this organization was giving back to the society and the country. Nevertheless, my time in the corporate sector provided me with an enriching and humbling experience. As a team member, I contributed through raising appointments and matching. But the most important part of my learning here, was being a part of a diverse team. It taught me to be a good listener and helped me shed all my inhibitions and pre-concieved notions about people. It taught me to meet inculcate and absorb, every good quality in the people that I meet. Most importantly, it taught me that leadership can never be confined to a structure, it starts with anyone, anywhere who takes it upon himself to change things around for the better. Key Learnings • • •

AIESEC’s Core Work- Exchange. Team dynamics, practicing tolerance, patience and receptiveness. Leadership can never be contained.

�Onsite Organizing National Strategy Novermber 2010

Committee Conference,

Member, Silvassa-

I took this opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and do something which I hadn’t done before in my life. And ny Joe! This experience did not disappoint. I was the one lucky individual who got to travel with the Management Body of AIESEC in Chandigarh to this revered conference. As onsite OC, I took care of the OC stall, was responsible for maintaining stock and tabs. Those were 7 days, that I would cherish for my entire life and which left an indelible impression on me. Not to forget the 20 hour bus journey back from Surat :D Key Learnings • • •

Be open to learn new things in life. The only way you can grow as an individual is by challenging yourself. I can count 174 packs of crisps :p

RonaqMalhotra| MANIFESTO FOR THE OFFICE OF LOCAL COMMITTEE PRESIDENT AIESEC IN CHANDIGARH �Vice President Bunsiness Development, January-2011 to December 2011 As I look back, my journey in AIESEC raitifies the statement that one decision can actually change your life. I applied for this post out of sheer discontent and a firm belief in my grit and abilities. It surely took a lot of encouragement from my friends and leaders, but I was pretty sure in my head, what I really wanted to achieve out of the whole process; which was to bring out the best person in me. This role demends an exponential level of commitment and enduring passion, which has made this year very challenging for, on the personal front as well. My contribution has been purely driven by making this city a better place to live. And I have strived in my every action to do so. I learnt to be professional, punctual and also became aware of how a sales division works in real life and grasped concepts like CRM, Delivery, Sales flow etc. As per my portfolio, it has been a good year for us so far. Currently AIESEC in Chandigarh is in the top 3 LCs in terms of fund raising. It has been a year full of accomplishments, disappointments, uncertainty and passion. All in all, it has been a fight through and through, with only myself. Key Learnings • • •

You can do anything you want, if you put your mind to it. Never be afraid to take the first step. There is no excuse for failure.

2. Briefly describe your key achievements and failures in AIESEC in the past. Also mention your learnings from your failures and how they have affected your AIESEC journey. (Mention a max of three each) Being the extremely self critical person that I am, I have often wondered about my achievements and more importantly my non achievements. AIESEC as an organization is such a brilliant concept that it sometimes becomes difficult to differentiate your non achievements or failures from your learning experiences. There is a bleak, yet a very stark difference between the two. My self assessment of my achievements has led me to the following conclusions:1. Capitalizing on every opportunity as a New Recruit When I cam into this organization, I was fascinated by the environment, which in turn made it so easy for everyone to learn, fail and then learn again or succeed. Being the exuberant new recruit I was, I took up almost all opportunities I saw in my inbox. From being chosen for Onsite OC at NSC 2010, or showing passion and commitment for my department. The one thing that I believe makes me stand out from my peers is ’initiative’. I’m never afraid to take the first step or stand up for what I believe in. 2. The youngest Vice President I was lucky to be chosen as a Vice President for this wonderful LC. Being an August recruit, my

RonaqMalhotra| MANIFESTO FOR THE OFFICE OF LOCAL COMMITTEE PRESIDENT AIESEC IN CHANDIGARH chances of getting on the EB were abysmal. But fate had something different in mind for me. I took it up as an opportunity to challenge the Status Quo, and exemplified that all that matters in life is your intention and genuinity. And then there was no looking back  3. Portfolio Growth Business Development was a tough challenge.But there hasn’t been any challenge that I have not relished. I took it head on. I had some experience in the field, given my family background and previous work experience. Also being able to bring around certain innovations to my portfolio, like selling National Conferences, GBMs etc have added value to this year’s evolution of BD.

A few avenues where I think I could’ve done better are: 1. As an Executive Body Coordinator, I believe that Youth to Business Forum coud’ve been really improved in terms of content and innovation. Sure there were limitations, but then again as I mentioned before, there are no excuses for failures. 2. The event calendar this year hasn’t been stable. Which in turn has severely affected my work in terms of fundraising.

3. List the Local/ National/ International conferences you have attended and in what capacity. S.No Conference Profile Date Place 1. National Leadership Development Seminar Delegate Sep ’10 Jaipur 2. October Local Congress Delegate Oct ’10 Parwanoo 3. National Strategy Conference Onsite OC Oct ’10 Silvassa 4. January Local Congress Delegate Jan ’11 Zirakpur 5. National Leader’s Summit Delegate Feb ’11 Delhi 6. May Local Congress Facilitator May ’11 Parwanoo 7. June National Conference ’11 Delegate Jun ’11 Delhi 8. National Strategic Conference ’11 Delegate Oct ’11 Silvassa 9. October Local Congress Facilitator Oct’11 Koti

4. Describe the experience of being a part of the Executive Body of AIESEC Chandigarh. How do you think other members on the team would evaluate your contribution to the team & LCs organizational direction?

Being on the executive body of an AIESEC entity is one aspect, but being on the executive body of AIESEC in Chandigarh is a totally concentrated and intense experience of the product AIESEC offers, which I feel is not just only leadership and exchange, but a way of life. Being on the executive board, taught me a different way to live, a life driven by motive, passion and most importantly, love. Dissecting my experiences into elements would provide you with a greater understanding of what this role entails and demands:

My Team- The Fellowship:The biggest support system and the best of friends you’ll ever make in one year. The one thing that fascinates me so much is that each individual embodies a complete different thought process and rationale, yet each one if us is so singular in our motive. This has been an exhaustive yet rejuvenating experience. My team mates have been excessively supportive in all my endeavours throughout the year, more importantly when I failed. We shared a very liberal working environment which perfectly suited my personality. This team taught me to be passionate and a go getter. My Leader-The LCP


One thing I knew from day 1, my leader believed in me. He trusted me with a mammoth of a task, to be an ideal leader for this exemplary LC. And I will forever be indebted to him, for his choice gave me the opportunity to live a lifetime in one year. He has been extremely understanding of my different thought process and work ethic. He has been one of those people in AIESEC, who would make you feel all your efforts are worthwhile in this organization. One thing I really admire about him is the manner in which he faces criticism and moulds himself into a better individual every time. My Everything- The LC Rs. 30 can change your life. It truly can. The best possible way for me to describe this LC would be a platform where young individuals promise each other a task they would do for the betterment of the society and make good of all their pledges. It is one of the only plausible ways, ethical and responsible leadership can be awarded to this wonderful city.

Personally, this year has been a totally different that last year. This year was characteristically driven by a soaring ambition and a plethora of responsibilities. Being a part of the EB of such an LC implies certain behaviour. A behaviour displayed by a true leader who is humble, yet proud of where he belongs. It puts you under the scanner 24x7, under a lot of judgement and criticism, but eventually you come out of the arena a stronger individual, who is more stable, confident and proud. My Contribution- I believe it is unfair to call it yours, as after all it is the LC which brought a change in you. Nevertheless, I believe I always carried a different perspective on things, and the way I looked at them. My experiences in life before AIESEC happened, gave me a very broad outlook on things and people, which always added weight to my opinions. In terms of decision making, I believe I have always added the essence of prudence in all processes. I am also very particular about time, and am very punctual in all my dealings, and I tried to add the same value to the LC. Lastly, I think my jokes certainly lightened the mood sometimes 

5. What are your three basic Learnings/Values for life, which you have derived through your AIESEC experience? (Answer objectively) It is actually really difficult to point three values you’ve learnt, because everything you learn here is so cohesive and multi-layered. But, broadly the following three values have been unremittingly instilled in my personality for life. •

Never Judge Anyone/ Don’t be too critical

‘When you judge another, you don’t define them, you define yourself’- Wayne Dyer Before joining AIESEC, I was very judgemental. I would succumb to the faulty assumptions I’d made. Then I learnt that actually the way you look at people is actually a very accurate impression of your own personality and your own evaluation of your immediate environment. Also, it is magnificently easy to pin point deficiencies in people and their work, but what requires true courage and grit is actually going ahead and changing what you so strongly believe in. The bold will always be judged and critiqued, but yet again it is they who bring a change to the world.

Never back down ‘Don’t be afraid to challenge the pros, even in their backyards’- Colin Powell I believe I’ve always had this quality, but in AIESEC it really shone. I always loved taking up challenges, and the more I failed, the more my want to win grew. That’s just me as a person. I believe if you think you can do it or you can’t, you’re right either ways. Half the battle is already lost if you think you’re going to lose. I have learnt to take up challenges and be passionate about everything I do. Another aspect to this value which I’d like to bring to notice is the ability to face failures and still go on with the same passion and


zeal. I feel grateful to have seen so much passion and ambition so early in my life, and I’m sure it will take me a long way.

Stop talking, start doing

‘Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible’ This I feel is also one our shortcomings as an organization, hence it is something which I have learnt while my 1 ½ year stint in AIESEC. There is no purpose of putting down great and complex strategies if it’s not going to mature into action steps and followed through with the same vigour and enthusiasm. Here I’d like to bring another concept, Innovation. I have always believed innovation is not only doing new things, but also doing the same things differently. Now in both these versions, one word is common, which is ‘do’. Hence I believe that innovation is actually doing. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Section D | Motivation 1. Why did you decide to run for LCP of AIESEC Chandigarh? What makes you best suited for this role?

‘I believe it is time for new leadership to come into place, in bold strokes and sm all steps which is able to leave the previous decade behind. It is time for Conscientious Leadership’ I believe AIESEC has made me a better individual, every moment, every day. It has kept me on my toes ever since I joined it. It has challenged my thoughts, beliefs and the very basis of my notions. And it keeps doing it every day. I believe AIESEC makes me be the best person I could ever be, and I would like to do it for another year, but with a greater challenge and a more hefty responsibility.

Figuratively, my reason to apply for this post can be boiled down to the following major heads: 1. My Country- I am the biggest critic of my country, because I love it more than anyone. I have travelled more than 10 countries in 19 years of my life and have realized how wonderfully unique and welcoming India is. And I want to show it to the world, and especially my city. I feel that this is one opportunity where I get to contribute to my thriving nation, in the most ethical and relevant manner. I have seen strength of 100 brilliant young people, paying heed to one single person with all their heart and actually doing what they’re told. And this wasn’t a political rally, it was an AIESEC Chandigarh GBM, and I was one of the few hundreds who have been through that phase. This for me is an opportunity to show the world how a true Indian looks. 2. The Experience- At this tender stage of life, I cannot imagine myself handling the ambit of operations and scope of work which I shall be entrusted upon with, if given the opportunity to take up this role. 700 trainees, an operating budget of approximately one crore rupees, handling a membership of over 250 likeminded, young and brilliant individuals. Wow! I feel this is the best possible job for anyone, irrespective of age; it’s just that it pays you in a very different manner. It pays you back in terms of impact and societal benefit. It would be a perfect blend of personal learning and societal impact and contribution. 3. The LC- I owe a lot to this LC. And I believe this is the best possible manner to give back to it. The manner which would enable me to ensure that more and more people from the city and around still go through this humbling and overwhelming experience. I would do everything in my reach and possibilities, to ensure that this LC prospers and gets the recognition that it deserves. All in all, my entire reason is summed up in this one single quote.

‘Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow’- Melody Beattie What makes me suited-


The Vision – I believe I have the progressive vision which will take this LC towards realms undiscovered and I’m bold enough to lead the way. I believe the way we perceive this organization and its ‘products’ ( which I feel is a demeaning term to the life changing experiences provided by AIESEC) have to be completely renewed and it would start from us, AIESEC Chandigarh.

The Belief! - In all capacities, namely being passionate for this role, having an understanding of the current scenario and the road ahead, personal expectations from this role and desired state of this LC, I think I’m more than ready in all domains and actually quite excited to take up this ‘out of the world’ role!

2. Please describe your career progress to date and your future and long-term career goals. How do you expect an LCP term to help you achieve these goals and why now? Career Short Term: • Finish my Bachelors degree with a good percentage, in time. • Complete my Masters in Management and a PhD. from England. Long Term: • Teach at a university for 3-5 years. • Write a book. • Billionaire by 25. • Produce a cartoon series. • Own an elite restaurant chain across the world.

Personal Short Term: • Better my guitar playing skills. • Visit my brother in New York. • Be LCP – AIESEC Chandigarh • And cut down to 7% body fat  Long Term: • Rehabilitate at least 20 villages by 30. • Buy a beach house in Marseille for Mom and Dad. • Live with my family. • Philanthropy. • Support struggling musicians and footballers.

3. Highlight your time commitment throughout the whole of next year (till Dec 2012; Academic or otherwise). Ideally, how much time should an LCP give to his role? Academics: Graduating April 2013. Final examinations April 2012, 2013. Time Available for AIESEC: Every second of every day, 2012. LCP is an impersonation of all the values and characteristics a local committee stands for. It is not a job, but a way of life. So if you were to ask me, how much time an LCP should give to the role is invalid. The LCP and the LC are one that is the only way an individual can do justice to this role. My entire belief is summed up in the following quote by the great Vince Lombardi ‘The leader can never close the gap between him and the group. If he does, he is not what he must be.

He must walk a tightrope between the consent he must win and the control he must exert’. 4. What is your vision for AIESEC in Chandigarh for the year ahead? What legacy would you like to leave behind?

‘Our intention creates our reality’- Wayne Dyer Within each one of us, lays a great slumbering power we are unaware of. This power can only be awakened by having a pure and utopian intention. An intention that will emancipate you from your peers and will leave a mark on this world, a mark which other people will follow after you. Whenever an organization has grown, it has purely been due to the intent it carries. When Apple launched the IPod, it didn’t want to create an mp3 player, it wanted the world to listen to music because it is such a wonderful sensation. Similarly, Bata didn’t want to sell shoes, it wanted people to walk in comfort, even those who couldn’t afford comfortable footwear before. There was a vision, an intention to change this world. This is my vision, and on this note I would like to put it in consolidated words:

RonaqMalhotra| MANIFESTO FOR THE OFFICE OF LOCAL COMMITTEE PRESIDENT AIESEC IN CHANDIGARH ‘First choice organization for delivering high volum e of ex cellent stakeholder ex periences through physical and virtual platform around the w orld. W e are know n for engaging and delivering socially responsible, culturally sensitive and entrepreneurial leaders around the w orld w ho create a cross generational im pact around the w orld’ The Legacy of AIESEC in Chandigarh:

’I am ever m indful of the legacy of m y grandfather, the founder of this K ingdom , w ho had said to m e that he perceived his life as a link in a continuous chain of those w ho served our nation and that he ex pected m e to be a new and strong link in the sam e chain’. K ing Hussein I I would like to leave an LC which is self motivated, has the purest of intentions for AIESEC Chandigarh, Chandigarh and India. An LC which stands for pioneeringin processes, thoughts and most importantly ambition. A humble LC which would define to the network, what a local committee can mean to its city and the country  5. What are your three most substantial personal accomplishments (non-AIESEC), and why do you view them as such? Provide a candid assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Early taste of Globalism and Leadership – As a young individual, I was always fascinated by the cultures and stories of various countries. When the first opportunity came my way, I grabbed it right away. When I was 16, I travelled alone to an African Village to work on an AIDS awareness program for an entire month. This experience changed me, to the core. It made me more sensitive towards global issues, made me culturally aware, and most importantly endowed me with a spirit of gratitude and servitude. It was then I felt that it is actually young people like us, who possess the power to change the world. At school, I was appointed as the House Captain. A designation which was much revered among the students. I took this opportunity to totally revamp the working of the house. I delegated responsibility, encouraged participation and fixed authority and control. By the end of my term, we were awarded with 3 trophies, of which one we had not won for a period of 5 years at a stretch. I am proud of my contribution to my school and all housemates. ’Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself’. Henry Ward Beecher Professional Experience –Ever since I was a child, I was greatly fascinated by the business world. And when my father presented me with an opportunity to take up a business project, I welcomed the challenge with a great enthusiasm. Under the guidance of my father, I took the sole responsibility of setting up a posh restaurant in the financial hub of the city. It taught me tricks of the trade, ways to deal with auditors, contractors, labour, chefs, and waiters and sometimes even your father! It has given me a business sense and a unique ability to see circumstances and deal with them. And I believe that this sort of an approach can greatly benefit the organization and its people.

’It occured to me that eating is the only form of professionalism most people ever attain’. Don DeLillo An All-rounder –This trait of my personality depicts the sort of life I want to lead as a grown up. I believe I possess a fair level of knowledge and expertise in almost all walks of life. A sportsman, orator, writer, gamer, and a very responsible son and brother. As an individual, I am very punctual and also very particular about small little details in my work which makes everything that I do is very personalized. I also believe, that I am very versatile and can fit properly in any role and can mix up with people easily 

RonaqMalhotra| MANIFESTO FOR THE OFFICE OF LOCAL COMMITTEE PRESIDENT AIESEC IN CHANDIGARH ’I keep myself content by doing lots of different stuff and make sure that my next role is completely different to the last. I just enjoy the versatility of it, the challenge of doing lots of different things. It keeps the job interesting’. David Thew lis A few traits that I consider as my strengths are listed below: 

Ethical- This is one trait which I think is safe to say I embodied from the family I come from and the upbringing that I have received. I have always been a man guided strongly by his values and conscience. They define the circumference of my actions and never in my life have I crossed them. Passionate and Determined- In the words of Tony Robbins, ‘Passion is the genesis of genius’. I cannot imagine a world without the passion I share for certain people and interests. It defines my character and is a guiding light to most of my actions and thought process. And the thing that keeps the passion alive is the determination, the will to go forward and pursue my interests in life. Assimilative- I have always been very receptive and welcoming of the people and things around me. I learn very quickly from everyone around me and am also very welcoming and open to new meeting new people and encountering new thoughts that would challenge my own. Composed- I have the innate quality of being in composure whilst taking mostly all decisions. I never get carried away by emotions, and all my decisions are prudent. This though, doesn’t mean that I am not emotional. I am a very emotional person, but I don’t do my work emotionally.

On the flipside, these: 

 

Complacent: I believe I tend to be complacent at certain times, when I see an errand running smoothly, I have tendency to focus my attention at other places sometimes leaving an incomplete project. I have greatly improved upon this flaw. I am overtly critical of myself and everyone around me. I have learnt to use it in a positive manner. I am very trusting with tasks and information with the people around me. This doesn’t always pan out the way you want it to.

6. What is your understanding of the term leadership? Describe your leadership style? Explain how your style will be suitable for AIESEC Chandigarh in it’s current state. Leadership to me is a question mark, which should never be answered. It is very relative term, the scope of which keeps changing from time to time. What leadership meant in the medieval ages, and what it means now has completely changed, yet there is an essence which has remained true to it since time immemorial.


To me leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something that you want, because he wants to do it; bettering both the individuals in the process. As an individual, I am not really much fascinated by media personalities or icons that much, to me leaders are all around you. We just don’t notice. It could actually be a friend, who encourages you to take up a challenge, or a teacher who would go out of their way to ensure you’re following in class, or your parents who would always forgive you for your mistakes and would offer you another chance. My leadership style is a well churned mix of Participative and Narcissistic form of leadership. I try to inculcate the positives of both these styles, and come up with a new pattern which perfectly suits a working environment like AIESEC. I believe in the full participation of the team, ensuring that the opinions of each and every person is heeded, but at the same time that the final decision making power should be vested in me. This, I feel is greatly favourable for an entity like AIESEC in Chandigarh because: •

Proper Implementation of strategies and plans- Over the years, we have seen a lot of innovation, but no one has actually been excellent at implementation which I feel is a totally different ball game. Healthy work environment- This is one aspect, which cannot be compromised upon. It is the essence of our LC and I shall ensure it is preserved next year. Also, I feel I am very approachable and people find it relatively easy to share their thoughts and feelings with me. Quick and prudent decision making- This is one aspect in which I feel, AIESEC as an organization lacks. Our decisions are heavily sentiment driven and are often prolonged. I would ensure that the decision making process is strictly structured and prudent. Encourages Innovation- My style of leadership would give individual a lot of space in their own fields to innovate and try new methods of work. I believe it adds to the work environment 

Section E | LC Administration 1. List down the different aspects of the job role of an LCP, along with your action plan for each. The LCP is the face of the local chapter. He is the baton holder of the LC, provides vision and direction to all its members and is an inspirational figure. He is that one sole point of convergence, which is responsible and accountable for the local chapter’s performance and direction. There is a lot more intangible aspects to this role, but the ones that can be defined are as follows:

National Representation

Portfolio Support

External Representation

Governance and Accountability

EB Management

Adminstration and Operation


Responsible for the overall direction and development of the Local Committee. Representing the Local Committee at all Regional, National and International forums. Representing the Local Committee at all external forums and platforms. Leading and guiding the Executive Board. Interpretation and execution of National strategies and directions. Responsible for legalization and auditing. Develop and encourage positive culture in the organization. Spearheading all Task forces and committees. Board of Advisors Management. Develop and maintain an efficient and transparent review system. Ensure the sustainability of all operations and processes. Ensure the compendium is followed thoroughly.

2. Analyze the trends of the past three years (including 2011) of AIESEC Chandigarh's strategic direction. How do you see the organization direction of AIESEC Chandigarh shaping up in the coming two years? “Undiluted Passion” Year 2009The year shall always be remembered by every AIESEC Chandigarh member. It was characterized by a holistic and wholesome growth the LC witnessed in all its subsystems and processes. The intensity and drive in the membership in terms of contribution to exchange was really high, resulting in great leadership experiences provided by the local committee. Local conferences played a big role in motivation. LPU was provided utmost support to make it sustainable and grow in the coming years. The Executive Board did a commendable job in terms of bringing innovation in their portfolios. Hosting a conferences boosted fundraising and financial management. Nevertheless, there were also certain shortcomings of the year. Sudden exponential growth posed as a threat to the sustainability model of the local committee. Hence, there were certain cases where the quality of the traineeship offered wasn’t up to the mark. Overall it was a tremendous year for all subsystems of the local chapter that set the base for future years to build capacity and expand. “Elevating to Greatness’ Year 2010 began with sustaining and controlling the slightly damaged image of AIESEC Chandigarh from last year. The year laid emphasis on providing excellent experiences to all trainees and members. The quality of events saw a considerable raise from the past years, which contributed to the edifice of good brand in the city. The year also laid emphasis upon creating a base for the operational evolution for the following years. It not only sustained the last year’s growth, but also grew in certain subsystems. On the flipside, the growth which this year showed was very marginal. But overall, it was a great year for AIESEC Chandigarh which saw a development of a feeling of ownership among the members and saw a great improvement in the overall culture and work ethic of the local chapter. The operations of the committee also expanded to various regions which would provide direction to the LC for the coming years. “Dream Unlimited” Year 2011–The year began with a unique implementation of organizational structure. Our operations had expanded to various geographic regions and it was a new concept of having multiple entities at the same time. The February recruitment brought in a fresh exuberance of new talent which boosted exchange. The LC also successfully hosted two national conferences back to back, for which fundraising really worked in the benefit of cash flow situation of the local committee at that particular time. The LC focused on providing a high number of leadership experiences, with three cycles of Management Body

RonaqMalhotra| MANIFESTO FOR THE OFFICE OF LOCAL COMMITTEE PRESIDENT AIESEC IN CHANDIGARH opportunities. Also, OGX grew in entities, especially in Dehradun. AIESEC School of Languages was a success in Thapar University.

On the other hand, I feel that the Management Body wasn’t properly trained and equipped with the knowledge and expertise; also, the MB culture wasn’t as strong as previous years. None of the exchange portfolios grew as much as predicted and the local chapter saw some stiff competition from other entities in the national plenary. Year 2012

’There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder’. Ronald Reagan AIESEC Chandigarh will follow a unique model to growth next year, a pattern so formidable that it will leave trail for everyone to follow. It shall capitalize fully on its entities, providing them with a holistic and wholesome growth in all portfolios and subsystems. In the city, it shall strive to be recognized as the voice of the socially and culturally aware young people, who strive to impact more and more lives in order to make the city a better place. For corporate, it will be seen as the first choice source to large global talent pool. In the coming years, I see the expanse of AIESEC Chandigarh reaching out to more geographical locations, delivering high impact success stories and being a highly sort after youth organization for young minds who would like to bring a change to the world. For AIESEC Chandigarh’s 2015 vision, please refer to Q4.

3. What should be the focus area for AIESEC Chandigarh for 2012-2013 and how will you implement them?

“If you don't know where you're going, you will probably end up somewhere else.”

The year 2011, has set the stage for AIESEC in Chandigarh. Year 2012 will be all about capitalizing on the opportunities and the layout from 2011, yet developing and enhancing in certain processes which are exclusive to sustain our growth and develop as a business model even further. The year 2012, the focus shall be upon:


Effective Resource Development & Management

Enhanced Exernal Positioning

OGX growth and Local Committee Development

_______________________________________________________________________________________ Effective Resource Development and Management Finance    

Proper implementation of financial policies and guidelines in all departments. Revenue generation and creation of reserves. Smart and effective investments to boost OGX, IR and Communications. Proper tracking of all inflows and outflows in all departments.

Membership    

Selection and allocation procedures to be revised and made externally relevant. Leadership development through effective work allocation, stronger and more scientific appraisals and pipeline management. Frequent implementation of Global Learning Environments. Efficient performance tracking tools, comprehensive RNR modules, and competency development.

Information Systems  Optimal utilization and education to all members.  Knowledge management and access to all resources to the members.  Internal communication to be made formal via clarity in hierarchy and communication channels.  CRM to be totally revamped especially in OGX, GCDP ICX and Business Development. Implementation of Service Evaluation Documents in all departments and a sales culture. Infrastructure  Acquisition and implementation of Office culture and repertoire.  Development and vigilant management of fixed assets.  Effective solutions to trainee house management, e.g. outsourcing accommodation.

RonaqMalhotra| MANIFESTO FOR THE OFFICE OF LOCAL COMMITTEE PRESIDENT AIESEC IN CHANDIGARH �Enhanced External Positioning AIESEC LEAD to be utilized as a product to generate a stronger brand among the city universities and schools, i.e. the student sector. AIESEC Beta in Jan-Feb to student branding. Would also help grow exchange numbers and associate membership. Collaboration is the way ahead. AIESEC needs to partner with more and more NGOs, schools, colleges, youth centric events to increase brand visibility and impact. Newsletters and Magazines shall be issued quarterly and should be sector specific. This can also be developed as a product for BD. Structured Communication Flow with the corporate sector and generating more avenues of engagement. Showcasing and publishing Impact stories. Long term media partnerships. Engaging more and more people through mobile projects, workshops and sessions. Organizing events of a bigger scale and better impact profile. Articulation-Maintaining, developing and showcasing case studies, client and impact reports. External recognition of AIESEC leadership roles and experiences.

          

�OGX Growth and Local Committee Development OGX Growth Ensuring the capitalization of summer cycle especially in in-bound colleges through timely promotional strategies and appointments. Implementation of a proper sales culture in OGX. Increase in the visibility of AIESEC brand in the city via cafe partnerships, associate membership activities, involvement in external events and forums. Proper compilation of impact stories and other media of showcasing impact. Stress on striking college partnerships. Engaging the college in more avenues like workshops, event OCs, LEAD sessions, virtual platforms etc. Providing handsome incentives to LC members to take up internship opportunities  IR development through CEEDs and International Conferences. Especially in Q1.

       

Local Committee Development         

This year shall focus on the holistic and process oriented growth of all entities. Ensuring that the rich culture of AIESEC is preserved and enhanced in all entities. Strong focus on recruitments, proper induction and development of the core membership of all entities. Major emphasis on Talent Management processes entailing clear cut and defined job roles, strong culture, review and analysis system. Optimum utilisation of summer cycle in entities like Dehradun, Thapar and Chitkara (both campuses). Emphasis on the development of a strong Non-X. Communications and Business Development in particular, to help create a stronger and wider brand in the respective universities and cities. Capitalizing on ICX and ASL in Dehradun. Proper training and skill development of the members of entities a major focus this year. Research on the initiation on the setting up of new entities would begin in Q1 2012. The second half of the year would be the implementation. Prospective entity we’re looking at is Shimla.

RonaqMalhotra| MANIFESTO FOR THE OFFICE OF LOCAL COMMITTEE PRESIDENT AIESEC IN CHANDIGARH 4. List down action steps for AIESEC Chandigarh in 2012, with respect to the six elements of the National Long Term Direction, laid down at NSC 2011. In my opinion, the National Growth Drivers are long term strategies, which need to be pursued over the years with an indomitable will and a progressive thought process. They are listed below:    

Operating Structure Evolution for Capacity Building Exponential Growth in OGX Enhanced external positioning in the Student and Corporate sector Effective Resource Development and Management

Of the above, the last three have been discussed in detail in Q3. The innovations and ideas I plan to bring next year are listed below:  

 

  

VP LCD shall be having a highly trained team from next year onwards. LCD Managers shall be well equipped with ICX and OGX knowledge. Also a strong support in terms of talent management, communications and business development shall also be introduced for the holistic growth of the entities. In the LC, all Non X portfolios shall be provided with a cell structure. This will enable better CRM, delivery, tracking stakeholder management. I also propose the inclusion of Team Leader Finance and External Relations in exchange portfolios. They shall innovate around acquiring MDPs, portfolio specific events, financial tracking and management, roping in learning partners for training etc. I would like to continue with the concept of Team Leader AIESEC Experience as it leads to a better knowledge management, better EP induction, integration(for OGX), experience consolidation, evaluation and showcasing impact stories. Market split for OGX shall remain in terms of a geographical split. CU campus shall be under VP OGX Outbound. ET market shall be handled by VP GIP ICX, while Worldview shall be under VP GCDP. Implementation of task forces will be continued this year, with the weekly sub-committee meets.

5. What is your vision statement for AIESEC Chandigarh from 2012-2015, keeping in mind the BHAG, and the direction the organization is headed towards, at the international, national as well as local level. Also, come up with a stand that the Local Committee will adopt for the year 2012 in particular, and explain it.

AIESEC Chandigarh’s 2012 vision is as follows:

’W e shall strive to em pow er every AI ESEC ex perience recipient, to lead the path to a culturally sensitive, environm entally aw are and a highly contributing citizen of the nation and the city.’ For AIESEC Chandigarh’s 2015 vision, please refer to question number.

6. Propose the organizational structure that you plan to follow for the next year including the second level management, non-exchange roles & LC Entities


VP OGX Outbound








Manager ICX



TL Rural Dev.

TL Worldview


TL Misc

Manager OGX



TL Footprints



TL Chitkara Baddi

Manager Non-X



TL Genesis

TL Conserve


Hosp. and Tourism




TL Chirkara Rajpura




This structure entails the following benefits: OGX 

Focus on the Chandigarh market, better tracking of resources and finances, geographical split leads to lesser conflicts, CU capitalization through TL under both VPs, focus on better quality EPs in outbound colleges like PTU. More focus on capitalizing TT market.

Better CRM, emphasis on delivery, TL F&ER to innovate around roping in learning and support partners. Balanced number of exchange expected from both departments leading to a better team experience for the members.

Focus on aggressive MT/TT capitalization in the tri city area, TN ET to be a major focal point for next year. Hospitality and Tourism shall be seasonal projects.

Focus on a structured growth via development of all processes. Series of training visits by X and Non X managers to help impart knowledge and expertise. Q1 shall also focus on exploring the idea of initiating a new entity which shall bloom in winter cycle or the next year.

TM- It shall have a Manager Associate Membership which shall focus on engaging AMs more frequently, and also in a more output driven method. Also, a LTT Manager shall also be present for member development and training. BD- 2 Managers under VP BD. One would be ARM, and the other would be Manager Projects which would take care of events and other projects such as GCDP ICX Fundraising, OGX, and other new initiatives. CIM-It shall have 3 Managers. One for Information Management, another for Communications, and the third for Partnerships and Media. VP F shall be spearheading the Quality Task Force, along with Finance and Logistics Manager.




Non X

 

RonaqMalhotra| MANIFESTO FOR THE OFFICE OF LOCAL COMMITTEE PRESIDENT AIESEC IN CHANDIGARH 7. Give your take on expansions as a concept for an LC like AIESEC Chandigarh, which is unfortunate to have a huge market to capitalize on within the local reality itself. Give a detailed plan of all possible LC Entities with Organizational structure & timelines

     

I wouldn’t go on to say that AIESEC Chandigarh has fully capitalized its market. But to some extent, I do feel that there is a great need for us to create our own markets and expand the impact of AIESEC Chandigarh. 2011 was entirely consumed in laying down the basic structure for entities such as Dehradun and Thapar. Next year for all existing entities, the focus shall be on the following processes: Creating a strong culture and ensuring all members have a deep understanding of our impact and functions. Tremendous operational growth in OGX. Initiation of ICX in certain sectors of the entities. Focus on a heavy recruitment drive in both the cycles. Implementation of TM processes. 2 standard events to be done by Dehradun and Thapar, namely Youth to Business and Balakalakar. This shall be in sync with the event calendar of AIESEC Chandigarh so that it becomes a sort of a regional product to sell. This could fetch more revenue for all entities. Strict EP selection procedure for OGX in both the entities. Given that both these entities have a similar vacation cycle, the following schedule is proposed for the wholesome development of the entities across all subsystems.

Responsibilities Selection and Transition Recruitment Induction Raising/IS Matching Realization Re-integration Events & Learning Env. Branding and Communication ICX Raising ICX Matching





The following OS is proposed for the entities












The following support shall be provided from the parent LC, which is AIESEC Chandigarh:  LCD Team shall provide all plausible training for all subsystems in the entity resulting in a high performing and rich culture in all the entities.  Operational training shall be provided via webinars and effective resource sharing and IM.  With the expanding operations, TM processes shall be followed thoroughly.  Entity representation in all AIESEC Chandigarh events such as GBMs and Lcongs  A specific RNR module to be designed by TL TM in sync with TL BD+F for improved member morale and motivate the entire general body. NOTE: AIESEC in CU shall have a separate membership body, like this year. They shall have their ownEwAacticities run in their respective campuses. The entity concept shall not apply to CU, because of the limited spectrum of activities the leadership body can perform. And that being a one year term, has really low value proposition. Hence, both campuses shall be coordinated through a TL under both the VP OGXs. CU membership is open to apply for AIESEC Chandigarh LRs  8. What role does AIESEC Chandigarh play in the national association presently? How should this role evolve in 2012 AIESEC Chandigarh embarked upon a journey years ago, and with the toil of numerous worthy leaders and followers, this LC stands proud today to be the pioneering local chapter not only in the national association, but also in the global network. This has mainly been due to the fact that every generation retained the values of humility and being ambitious.

As of today, AIESEC Chandigarh plays the role of an ideal LC not only in terms of the intellectual and innovative inputs we provide to the National Plenary, but also as a splendid personification of all the six values of AIESEC and even more. AIESEC Chandigarh spearheads mostly all innovations in every portfolio; after having said that, AIESEC Chandigarh is also a magnificent follower of national strategies proposed by the MC; and also learns from the GCPs of other LCs. We also take initiative to help and develop relatively newer LCs. AIESEC Chandigarh has also been that LC, which has created the largest amount of entities to the network. All in all, AIESEC Chandigarh plays the role of an ideal LC in the network, not only in terms of contributing BCPs and intellectual thoughts, but also a positive and humble culture.

RonaqMalhotra| MANIFESTO FOR THE OFFICE OF LOCAL COMMITTEE PRESIDENT AIESEC IN CHANDIGARH 9. Layout a synergy plan & accountability structure between different portfolios in the LC. How will you as LCP ensure you track common bottom-lines of two VPs? (Also consider LC Entities EwA and LCC Activities into LCP





Overall Exchange Strategy Development through IR

Project Branding,, Brand Education, KM, Virtual Forums, Newsletters and other communication. initiatives




Manpower Planning, TM Processes in Project teams, CEEDS, Training and development

Financial Policies, Budgeting, Project Feasibility

Promotion Partnerships, Client Network for WAP

EP Induction, EP Assessment, Reintegration, X+L

Budgeting, Event handling, Tracking EP Payment modules

Event Promotions & Partnerships

Newsletters, Blogs, Media, LEAD

Website and Virtual Platform Budgeting

External Sessions Support

Fund Raising, In Kind Raising, Event planning, FTF, ETF

Product Packaging through MDPs, Partners Network, Intellectual and Network support through BoA.


Overall Exchange Strategy Development through IR


Publications, Media Coverage, External Communication

Market Expansion, Knowledge Mgmt, University Relations


Project Funding, Learning Partners

Recruitment & Event Selling, Talent Sponsorships

Proposal Standardization & Virtual Platform as a Product


R&R, Membership Efficiency and CM, Stakeholder Engagement

Talent Planning, Preparation, Experience Marketing

Membership mailers, Updates, use of Virtual Platform, Media

Recruitment & Event Raising

Fina nce

Monitoring Receivables, Logistical Management

Accounting, Receivables, Investments in CEEDs

Survey Budgets, Publication Partnerships

Planning according to budget deficits



Knowledge sharing, BCPs, Training and Development

Knowledge sharing, BCPs, Training and Development

Meeting branding guidelines, Intellectual Support and Training, KM

Training, Knowledge sharing

TM processes, Training initiatives.

Website & Virtual Platform, OGX Promotion Partnerships, LEAD

Membership Investment

Financial Policies, Tracking, Investments, Feasibility


10. List down all the events AIESEC Chandigarh should host in 2012-12 along with objectives, financial implications & a time-line (including conferences – Local, Regional & National).

Next year, I would like to focus on the quality of events the LC hosts. Major stress would be laid upon collaboration and tie ups, especially with NGOs, college fests and events organized by like minded youth organizations. (Entities shall organize two standard events in a year, which shall be Balakalakar and a Youth to Business Forum.

Key LC Events Event



Financial Implications


Building a strong brand of AIESEC in schools, colleges and other training facilities. This shall also include AIESEC BETA.

January last week / Feb first week

This is one event in which least amount of investment is required. It can fetch a decent amount of fundraising, but that is not the focus. It will boost exchange

Local Leadership Development Seminar

Induction of New Recruits

February Last Week

Funding not a priority but raising Venue or Selling External Sessions a possibility ER will explore.


DT Project Funding & Branding

May First Week

A well-planned ER Raising will be carried out as it is a big event in terms of fund raising capacity. Also brands Projects right before Realization Cycle. I propose a concept which shall entail to rehabilitate a village.

Local Congress

Local Review, Membership development and Motivation, Last lap before JNC

May Last Week/Jun First Week

No major Financial Implications


For Connecting Youth and Companies through Panel Discussions& Business Plan Competitions

July End

One of the biggest initiatives towards brand development and EwA. Might not fetch a handsome amount, but definitely shall add to the organization’s brand in the city


Recruitment Event catering to AIESEC Brand Positioning & Promotions. A new innovation we’ll try this year.


A new pattern of Y2B shall be followed this year. It will be a 1 month affair clubbed with recruitment drives, via which we shall execute LEAD sessions throughout the colleges we tap. External involvement can be really high here. It will be concluded with an old fashioned Y2B 

Local Leadership Development Seminar

For Member Induction

Aug last week

No major financial Implications

Career Fare

Will boost cash inflow at the end of the year, leaving a good financial stability for the coming years.


An initiative to improve brand positioning in the corporate and the student sector while also generating a lot of value and LLC opportunities.

Alumni Night

For re-integrating Alumni and develop a network

November end.

Not a big avenue for fund-generation, but has an indispensable role to play of gradually creating an alumni network.

Local Congress

EB Announcements; Fun ; Planning

December last week

No Major Financial Implications

Collaborations Principal Summit

Organized by TOI in August. A must do for us this year as it leads to a tremendous amount of branding among schools and corporate.

PEC Fest

Even though we tried to raise funds for them this year, it didn’t actually work out. Next year is a must

TiE Events

A must of VP GIP ICXs and VP BDs, they provide a great platform to network and build healthy relations with corporate, venture capitalists and young professionals.

Prospective Events NLS 2012

AIESEC Chandigarh will bid for the National Leadership Summit in 2012. It will be an opportunity to show the national association a taste of our hospitality and culture and also add to the surplus 

RonaqMalhotra| MANIFESTO FOR THE OFFICE OF LOCAL COMMITTEE PRESIDENT AIESEC IN CHANDIGARH 11. Critically analyse the culture of AIESEC in Chandigarh. What aspects of the current culture will you retain and what aspects will you change in the coming year? How do you plan to do the same? As I mentioned before, the culture that AIESEC Chandigarh lives every moment of every day, is exemplary. It is a perfect blend of ambition and humility. It has been known to be an LC, which respects its leadership and always is ready to face challenges; whilst having a fighter spirit till the very end. Some of the aspects I would like to retain in 2012:  

  

Local Congresses have played a major role in motivating members and endowing them with a spirit of ownership. Large Membership size throughput the year, it always gives the LC options to create more impact through various means and is a sign of a healthy & growing LC. EP Involvement in LC Processes. Strong Department Culture and members having stronger motivation and ownership for their own departments, which also creates a healthy competition. I would certainly keep the ambition & aggression combination in the LC going which is required to keep us going every second in our capacities for this LC. Office culture shall be transitioned to next year, which would add a great amount of professionalism and efficiency.

Aspects which I would try to emphasize upon: 

    

 

A revamped RNR module which’s longevity is more and becomes a source of motivation for the entire year. Emphasis shall also be laid upon inter team leader modules, and one for Non X is also suggested. Also, a RNR module for associate members is also proposed. IR and RNR should be synced which would add to our internal branding initiatives. Empowering the Management Body. I think the previous year saw a dip in the intensity of the team leader experience. I would ensure there is a good member to TL ratio, and that the MB is equipped with all the knowledge and resources. Trainee Interaction & Involvement through LC Forums and a new series of Event Initiatives done by Trainees & Members. Involving Trainees for Member Education& Learning Circles. Making a trainee feel a part of this LC, initiating Trainee Logs& Newsletters. Stress would be laid upon member development. This will happen through engaging learning partners and a series of workshops provided by the Vice Presidents themselves. Certification of training programs should be sought after. Knowledge on processes and subsystems to be imparted via training sessions and GBMs. Internal Communication will be structured with complete clarity in hierarchy and communication flow. Complete access to resources for all members via KM tools and fuller utilization of A sales culture to be followed by all departments which includes a sales package i.e. case studies, proposal, visiting cards, event and impact reports etc for all departments. Stronger Alumni participation through Forums & Virtual Spaces. Self-OGX - A new concept, which only gets a boost if LC has a healthy membership (Q&Q). It not only creates more Exchange but also increases the capacity of contribution of a member. Sending Membership & ex-OCPs on 6 Week Internships during non-peak cycles. A Campaign to be designed in the beginning of the year. A structured way of feedback to the MB- Emphasis will be laid upon gathering a consolidated and insightful feedback to TLs and VPs. Review Meetings to be done more frequently and in a more systematised and orderly


12. Describe the role a VP will play in the LC (around performance & attitude) in 2012. ‘The price of greatness is responsibility’ There is statement embodies every aspect of the role a VP is expected to play in an entity like AIESEC Chandigarh which is characterized by such a rich culture fuelled by ambition and humility. In 2012, a VP shall be that driving force in the LC, which shall carry this local committee to greater heights in the coming years. Figuratively, the role of a VP is listed down in the following heads:       

Strategy and Direction for the LC- The leadership body wold define and shape the experience of all the stakeholders of the EB. Portfolio Management- A VP is responsible for the overall performance and culture of his/her department. A VP is also responsible for the talent management of his/her department. Stakeholder Management- A VP is the sole responsible for all externals pertaining to the work of his/her department. EBM/GBM Contribution- A VP is responsible for providing intellectual and innovative support to the EB and is also responsible to train and educate the GB members Role Model- A VP is required to be exhibiting all the six values of AIESEC at all times, and should encourage others to do the same as well. Full Commitment- A VP is supposed to be committed to to the LC and to his job at all times.

13. What immediate change/evolution is required in the LC’s Communication Strategy, Organizational Structure, Rewards and Recognition, Information Management and Functional Management, in order to equip ourselves for approaching 2015? As an organization, we’re entering into an era in which we see a major shift in the scale of operations and impact we aim at to achieve in the coming five years. For this to happen, we need a drastic and progressive shift in all the subsystems and internal functioning of the organization.

COMMUNICATION STRATEGY Internal Communication-Internal communications (IC) is the function responsible for effective communication among participants within an organization. Methods adopted, keeping in mind our 2015 vision it improve and develop it are mentioned below:


Complete clarity to all members regarding organizational heirarchy, scalar chain of authority and communication channels. Effective message distribution by all mediums like electronic, print, face to face and workspace. Traffic Control shall be a priority as there will be a large volume of messages, and they would need to be prioritized and segregated. Channel Development and Adminstration- New communication channels shall be explored and the existing ones shall be developed to their max potential. Crisis communication channels to be developed and standardised, which will enable us as an organization to respond to adversities more quickly. Weekly newsletter updates. Consolidation of impact stories and endorsements for internal branding.

External Communication-External communications is the function responsible for effective communication to all external bodies. Methods adopted are:  Clear and consistent communication structure with all sectors of stakeholders.  Quarterly issues of Corporate, non corporate and student newsletters.  Proper consolidation of impact stories, blogs, case studies etc.  Choosing an external auditor.  Improving corporate profitability through accountability- Having an external body hold our leadership body accountable for the plans they present.  Optimal use of all social media platforms. REWARDS AND RECOGNITION  A more comprehensive research into the contribution of the member including softer aspects to be taken into consideration. A 360 degree review process.  The longevity for RNR modules to be increased.  Emphasis on financial rewards. E.g. members rewarded rebates on international conferences or internships. This could also boost OGX and IR.  External partnerships to be recognized as a major avenue for adding value to our modules. For instance, a Top Gun campaign supported by Blackberry or Sony.  Complete clarity and a comprehensive tool for measuring performance.  Experiential Rewards also to be provided, for instance the LC sponsoring. IM AND KM  Complete access to all members to resources at all times via a developed and structured KM tool.  CRM process to be consolidated and be to ephasized upon.  A comprehensive .net training for all members to enable fuller utilization.  Consolidation and compilation of all resources, contacts, data etc. 14. What is your understanding & link between AIESEC 2015, the BHAG, the three wheels, and the programmes? How will you effectively implement the four ELD programmes, keeping in mind the LC’s realities? In my opinion, the three wheels form the constituents of our BHAG statement, and the ELD is the operational method of reaching and achieving the aforementioned. It is a very thoughtful segregation of experiences, which has enabled the creation of different products for the market, each holding a unique value proposition. The ELD can be implemented more efficiently via the following ways:          

Offering GCDP and GIP to all clients that we have something that has never happened before. Ensuring 100% delivery and maintaining the consistency in the product offered. Offering TLP and TMP as separate products while recruiting members. In other words, we can now directly recruit leaders. Individualistic approach in marketing all four products i.e. TMP, TLP, GCDP, GIP. Providing a greater array of leadership and team member opportunities such as in Non X portfolios. Increasing the credibility through external certifications and engaging learning partners. Creating a more diverse opportunity of work in the organization. Excellent CRM which should eventually lead to greater market capitalization. Improving university relations and pitching TLP and TMP as a certified work experience. Aggressive approach to increase market capitalization.


15. What ideal role will AIESEC play as an International youth organization in Chandigarh in 2012?

Section F | Exchange

1. Please give your (probable) targets for the next year. Please justify the same. In absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia. Author Unknown Portfolio Project Project Target Portfolio Target Conserve 45 225 GCDP ICX Footprint 60 ASK 15 Genesis 15 World View(Including 35 Dehradun) Rural Development 55 Project MT/TT 55 182 GIP ICX Akshar 25 TN-ET( Includes Patiala) 60 BYF 35 Tourism and Hosp. 7 Total 407 *Project Worldview Outbound has been considered in GCDP and Akshar has been allotted to GIP. LC Entities ICX Target GIP 10 10 Thapar University Dehradhun GIP 5 5 Shimla GIP 3 3 Total 18 ICX Total 425 AIESEC Chandigarh OGX Target OGX Inbound GCDP plus GIP 58 116 OGX Outbound GCDP plus GIP 58 LC Entities OGX Targets Entity GCDP GIP Total Thapar University 30 10 40


34 4

6 -

40 4 84 200 625

“Well, I was lucky enough to be involved in about 19 failures at an early age, so I'm realistic about the success I'm having and how quickly it can go away. What's important is to be smart about it.” Matthew Perry

As any professional organization defines its goals, via a perfect blend of optimism and realism, I propose next year we do a very limited and sustainable number of GCDP ICX exchanges and strive to create a healthy balance of OGX and ICX on a whole which shall make the LC financially more stable and will enable us to invest in other avenues. Also, just like Quantitative technicians and business men derive their theory of goal, a figure of which you shall achieve 80%-120%; I too would like to bring that professionalism and realism into this organization. Moreover, I am not negating our growth. We shall strive to grow more than 53% and even overshoot our targets  Membership Experience –  The OS shall witness a great evolution this year. With intent to build capacity, the LC shall focus on providing diverse JDs to members even in exchange and non exchange portfolio. Event OCs shall also be a major focus. Also, associate membership will be offered diverse LRs in the local chapter itself.  There shall be incessant focus on implementing TM processes, and competency and progress tracking to be vastly improved from this year by implementation of holistic evaluation of the members.  Project Teams will have proper implementation of Learning Environment and hence a more meaningful contribution and a sense of satisfaction.  It’s very important to ensure that member exhaustion does not occur due to intense year long X cycles. The Volume of the Membership is going to increase; hence the Exchange targets will be split over wider membership spectrum.  Focus on delivering high value Local Conferences for the membership to boost morale and spirits.  Skill specific recruitment to take place which would add to the skill set of the local committee and would lead to an improved Non X portfolio.

Logistical Management With never before amount of Exchange happening (especially ICX) and higher Membership numbers, there is going to be a huge emphasis on Logistical Management of Trainee Houses & Office. For a start, we will have to concentrate on:  Trainee House Management- Focus on a well planned realization cycle, with efficient internal communication between VPF and VP Exchangers with proper IM. Outsourcing trainee house responsibilities is also a effective solution. Pressing for client support in regard of accommodation. Use of virtual platform to share accommodation space information with trainees.  Proper internal auditing and efficient resource management.  Improved office infrastructure with new initiatives such as shared computers, broadband


internet, office boy etc. Striking Partnerships in the beginning of the year for GBM Venues, LC EventVenues, Printing Partners.

Stakeholders Experience Delivery Internal Stakeholders  Major focus on implementation of TM processes and ensuring a high intensity experience to all members.  Holistic competency tracking and work allocation a major focus next year.  Providing a varied and different work opportunity to work in the organization.  Clarity of JD, role and internal communication channels.  For delivery, see Q2.  Proper induction, training, expectation setting and re-induction of EPs.  Offering more diverse and a larger number of leadership role, whilst also maintaining the intensity. External Stakeholders  Maintaining great CRM via the CRM tool to be introduced by the MC at NLS 2012.  Proper IM and database management.  Maintaining the formalities of external communication.  Following all processes of ICX and OGX.  Encourage the practice of consolidating client referrals and endorsements.  New avenues of client involvement to be explored. 2. How will you ensure Delivery will be a part of the basic Exchange process? Also, mention any new initiatives around Delivery.

S.No 1.

Focus areas Adequate and efficient Exchange Education/Training


Client Management and Communication


Trainee Induction,Reception & Involvement


Clear Expectation

Strategy & Implementation Proper induction in Exchange Teams Exchange Maunals, updated Online Resources, Sessions by VP CIM. Team Simulation Sessions and Operational Training. TL Delivery to play key role in Induction & Process Implementtion. This is one area where we need to grow immensly, it being a priority for 2010 too. Our job doesnt end at getting the raise done and then just delivering the intern to the organization. Account management Structure should be followed with accounts being divided between members and regular and consistent communication happens with the client. Knowledge Management of the Client is very neccessary. This can be done through Contact Sheets and Client files. Office Server to become active. Customizing AIESEC Chandigarh Website to provide the matched trainees all the details about the city, trainee houses, rent, availability,etc. This is where induction starts from and FAQ’a are dealt with. TL Delivery to design Trainee Invovlement Avenues and encourage Team Forums with Trainees. Taking TN manager feedbacks via online forms and acting upon it. Including trainees in event Ocs, making one of them responsible for trainee houses and engaging them in all LC forums. Also, proper consolidation of their experience and feedback to be done by TL D. Making a short and precise Survival guide and emailing it to the matched trainee in order to prepare him befor he/she lands here. Builiding Partnerships with Chandigarh Tourism and other corporates for providing useful resources and products to trainees. Overpromising is one of the biggest blunders we make in AIESEC.




Setting for EP’s and Companies. Proper feedback mechanism.

Having a clear expectation setting with companies and Eps, and more importnantly signing a MoU so that we’re clear on our part of the deliverables.

Optimal Knowledge Management, Information Management and Feedback Consolidation. Logistical Management

TL D to focus on optimal KM of their respective departments. TL F and ER to maintain proper ledgers, accounts and internal audits so that the overall tracking of finance is excellent and enables the leadership body to take informed decisions and make required investments. Planned Exchange in terms of proper project cycles with Accommodation figured out in the Planning Phase. Outsourcing Trainee Houses for Chandigarh based (Non LC Run Project) by having a clear and sound contract in the January itself. Office Infrastructure maintenance, VP F to ensure planned investments for the same. Internal Communication to be

3. Mention the major reasons for the imbalance in OGX and ICX. How do you plan to bridge the gap and also grow ICX at the same time? This problem is faced not only by AIESEC Chandigarh, but also on a whole by India as a country. This is mainly because of the following reasons: 

Indian Societal Structure: The students in India are excessively dependant on their parents for taking decisions, who in turn are very conservative and are not open to the idea of an internship or working in an organization like AIESEC. Organizational focus: Almost all LCs in India are ICX centric mainly because it is relatively easier to do. Hence, we focus all our energies and organizational focus on a whole has been on ICX. Its just a recent development, that we’ve started focusing on OGX. Indian Education System: The Indian education system is very rigid, and doesn’t regard AIESEC’s internship product as a valuable contribution to the development of their students. This results in only 2 major opportunities/cycles for us to drive OGX successfully.

We as an organization need to focus on the following aspects to drive OGX as a product:     

Focus on structured partnerships with colleges and universities which are not only enforceable, but also multidimensional. Strictly following timelines in terms of promotions, raising, matching and realization. Focus on excellent delivery. Introduction of sales culture in OGX. Greater man power at the disposal of OGX.

4. Analyze the underutilization of OGX in the last 2 years with respect to potential market and give strategies to increase the same. Also mention what role Entities will play in this. I wouldn’t say OGX has been underutilized; rather it just hasn’t been a focus for us for a very long time. It is just recently, we have come to realize the importance of OGX; economically, socially, and nationally. For the


past few years, OGX has never seen a structured way of growth, and its strategies have also been short lived. Below listed are the strategies I plan to adopt next year to improvise this segment of our operations:      

Having enforceable, structured and multidimensional partnerships with colleges and universities. Aggressive promotion strategies in the tri city area. Greater organizational focus and man power to the OGX department. Focus on 100% delivery and servicing. Excellent CRM, IM and financial tracking. Exploring new avenues to engage colleges and universities e.g. LEAD, events, workshops, mobile projects etc

Entities will play a major role in the development of this functional segment of AIESEC. It not only geographically empowers us to impact more people and provide them with this wonderful opportunity, but also helps us in the following ways    

Tremendous addition to the brand of AIESEC by expanding into various areas. Greater credibility of the brand by getting more universities to partner with us. Direct and immediate capacity building. VP OGX inbound and outbound shall have a greater focus on exploring the Chandigarh and outskirts area.

5. Describe the experience of a member in an Exchange team.

Functional Training

Leadership and Personal Development

• Raising • Matching • Appointments • Account Management • Team Leader Experience • Event OCs • Self reflection and development • Learning circles

Cultural Learning

• Trainee pick ups and homestays • Interaction with trainees at informal forums • CEEDs and Internships

Team Experience

• Team Meetings and GBMs • RNR • Department culture.

6. List down any innovation(s) that you intend to bring in exchange. Organizational Structure Evolution

TL F and ER in Exchange portfolios to better CRM, tracking and innovation in exchange portfolios. Also, a extremely efficient support system under VP LCD shall boost our operations thoroughly.

International Relations Investments

Opening CEEDer applications in non peak cycles to


create supply and boost exchange as a consequence. Making EPs responsible for being brand ambassadors of our LC when they go back home, and involving them in trainee house management. Also, ensuring their experience is consolidated and is shared with their home LCs and re-matching from the same. For all this to happen, we need to provide them with great experiences first!

Expectation Setting Document and integrated Feedback Form

Inspired from our Hyderabadi friends, making it compulsory for EPs to fill before their realization, which shall also help us to do a clear expectation setting and evaluation of TN manager’s performance.

Exchange Department Budgeting and Internal Auditing

VP F and ER will focus on maintaining of internal audits so that quarterly, the VP F can review and if needed make required changes to the budget and make the required investments. This shall also facilitate finance and logistical tracking. Chitkara won’t be considered as an entity from next year onwards. They shall have their own membership, EwA activities in colleges, OGX etc but won’t have an EB or a LCC. Rather they shall have a TL, each under the 2 VP OGXs for better delivery and functionality. This is mainly because the experience of the EB and the LCC is really limited and they cannot take up any other post for one complete year. TL F and ER shall also be responsible for doing events and arranging in campus EwA activities 

OGX Structure

Section G | Non-Exchange 

External Relations 1. Critically analyze the External Relations portfolio this year & list down the roles & responsibilities of VP ER in 2012 This year the business development portfolio functioned in a very sustainable manner. All the clients which were created this year have been retained up to a tune of 78%. The BD team, along with Communications created a better brand positioning of AIESEC in the city, via following a very different technique, one of collaboration. Some of the key highlights of the year are listed below:  Growth in terms of funds raised with over 10 Lac rupees in the kitty, given that a major LC event is yet to take place.  12 MDPs in place, which is a considerable rise from the previous years.  The magnitude of partnerships has seen a formidable growth from the previous years.  Association with high value brands such as Cremica, Pearls, Avon, Chopras etc.  In kind support has been on a major high this year with the acquisition of a corporate office, printing sponsorships etc.  Innovations in products sold such as GBMs, Conferences, OGX etc. Aspects which should’ve been better this year:  Complete sync of the financial calendar and the cash flow analysis.  BoA engagement was not in a structured manner. Their contribution has been satisfactory,


but has been inclined more towards intangible support such as intellect and network. Alumni support has been abysmal.

2. Give your (probable) ER target for the next year. Justify the same. In





Rs. 3,50,000

This event shall see a quantum shift in the methodology and concept. It will become a great way for companies to penetrate the student market. As I’ve propose before, the execution model shall be evolved this year.


Rs. 5,00,000

There will be innovation in this product also. We shall focus on a cause centric event such as one for the deaf and dumb, or for cancer patients. Also, good CRM with NGOs shall enable us to use 80G certificate to raise more funds.

Recruitments (both)

Rs. 1,00,000

There are already potential clients for Recruitment Cycles and with the quality of LEAD sessions I’m planning; it shall turn into a major product this year.

Career Fare

Rs. 3,00,000

This is a relatively new concept for us to implement. But can turn out to be a standout event for the year. It shall focus on Corporate and student branding in a single shot 

Projects (GCDP Projects, Principal Summit, Alumni Night, LDS,OGX, GBMs etc)

Rs. 2,00,000

Such products often neglected, have a great external value proposition and can rope in great amounts of funds.


Rs. 1,50,000

These shall be a great product for companies to penetrate into the college and schools of the tri city area. This shall happen


Rs. 16,00,000

InKind Support  

Mentorship Computers Office infrastructure

  

Project Support Venue/Logistics for Events Corporate Office

 

T-shirts GBM Venue

Chitkara MDP has not been included. It will be worth another 1.75 lacs next year.


Financial Management

1. Describe your understanding of the role of Vice-President Finance in the LC. The role of a VPF has been summarised below in broader heads: Budgeting   

Creation of annual budget of the LC’s income and expenditures. Quarterly review of budgeted and actual figures. Re-planning and re allocation of resources in case of a discrepancy.

 

Financial Policies Financial policies for members and other stakeholders. Trainee house policies and regulations.

 

Auditing Channel of communication to the external and internal auditor. Book keeping.

    

Investment Planning and Tracking Logistics and infrastructure management. Cost cutting Investment in RNR, re imbursements, subsidies etc Building corpus. Member education and knowledge.

2. Define a financially sustainable LC. How do you envision AIESEC Chandigarh in 2012 with respect to financial sustainability? For an entity like AIESEC Chandigarh, an ideal financial state should reflect a healthy bank balance and a sturdy corpus, with a sound and high yielding investment model. There shall be no crisis situation, and even in times of low cash flow inwards, there shall be enough reserves. Moreover, the liabilities and receivables of the LC shall be nil or very less.

Figuratively, it can be reflected in the following numerical and qualitative statements:  Four Permanent Trainee Houses and one furnished office, plus a Corporate Office (in Kind)  Minimum receivables as compared to year 2011  Operating budget – having concrete elements being implemented  Bank Balance of minimum Rs 5lacs  Fixed Deposit of minimum Rs 12lacs  No pending Recon or Fines on the same  No payables  10 Computers, 1 Server, 1 Scanner, 2 Printers (one Colour printer), Office Infrastructure optimum for the membership, office boy, coffee machine and water dispenser in the office.

RonaqMalhotra| MANIFESTO FOR THE OFFICE OF LOCAL COMMITTEE PRESIDENT AIESEC IN CHANDIGARH Considering 2012, the following are the indicators of a financially sustainable local committee:      

A handsome addition to the corpus. Average bank balance of Rs. 3-4 lacs. A proper tracking methodology and internal communication channel. Outsourcing of trainee houses to lead to effective cost cutting. Focus on OGX and GIP ICX to increase financial health. A healthy investment in membership and IR.

3. Analyse the investments made this year and mention the major investments that you shall be focussing upon for next year. Also, mention any areas for cost cutting and how [Considering high volume of traineeship investment through GCDP and trainee house management]?

According to the P&L statement, this year we have spent a major chunk of our exchange and non exchange income on ICX accommodation. Of which GCDP has the larger share of investment avenue. This has mainly been due to improper resource and logistics management. Moreover, our event management this year could have been better. Another major avenue of investment this year was on internal networking forums. This can be greatly diminished if we can land up with good partnerships in the beginning of the year in avenues such as printing, logistics, travel for OGX, event venues etc The corrective action steps of these problems are listed below:  Optimal resource and logistical management with proper internal auditing.  Outsourcing of trainee houses with proper management channels.  Excellent internal communication between VP F and VP exchangers.  Raising of GBM venues for the entire year.  Print partners to be roped in for an year long stint.  Focus on growth in OGX and GIP ICX shall improve the overall health of the organization.  Development of virtual tools for trainee house allocation.  Capitalizing on non peak realization cycles through effective IR to reduce loss on trainee houses.

Talent Management 1. Describe your understanding of the role of Vice-President Talent Management in the LC considering two essential components of the Experiential Leadership Development stage, Team Member Programme and Team Leader Programme, fall under this portfolio’s purview? Give tangibles as far as possible. The role of VP Talent Management is quite important with respect to Membership development & Capacity Building of the LC. Some key aspects of it are:         

HR Planning in the LC and related TM processes (14 processes right from planning to H4TF). Carrying out the Recruitment process in the LC (Promotion, Selection, Induction) Tracking & Analyzing Performance & Competency Management in the LC and hence designing & executing R&R. Strategic Member Education & LTT Implementation. Ensuring Implementation of the Learning Environment in the LC Designing LDS Agendas& Activities Individual focus on H4TF to increase value of the AIESEC brand for any member. The VP TM is also responsible to develop LEAD sessions so that next year, a great emphasis can be paid upon EwA activities. This shall happen in synergy with CIM. Responsible to come up with innovative LRs and creation of value proposition of the same to


boost EwA . Overall responsible for the development and tracking of the associate membership of the LC. This shall be a major focus next year.

The VP TM on a whole, along with the LCP, is responsible for the experience of all the internal stakeholders of the LC. A VP TM should have a deep and individualistic understanding of the needs and requirements of each and every member, and needs to devise all policies and campaigns according to the same. This role is different than any other; it has a tint of psychology and art to it. It is a people driven portfolio, and its measure of success even though laid down, have a lot of intangible matter to them which actually can’t be measured such as member satisfaction, learning curve etc. 2. Analyze the recruitment’s conducted this year. What innovations do you propose in the existing processes to make them even more effective for next year? I have always believed that Recruitments are the most important event of the year; they either make the year or break it. In my opinion, this year’s recruitments have been a major disappointment. Even though we ended up selling a huge amount of forms, but the actual conversion rate was really low and the section of students we targeted weren’t actually the ones which were inducted into the organization. Let us take February Recruitments – “The Zoo zoo XI”

Coming from NLS, the RTF didn’t get enough time to plan and strategize this cycle. The Promotions were not structured and did not sync with the university calendar. Even though we sold a lot of forms, the conversion rate was really low. No print partnerships or radio partnerships in place. Funds raised were Rs. 40,000 out of a targeted 50,000. The selections were relatively more structured; the format for selections was well defined beforehand, but took a little more time than planned. The quality of people inducted witnessed a drop. A lot of hostellers were recruited which didn’t pan out well for us. Strong mentorship groups facilitated a better induction process.

August Recruitments – “Team Magik”:

    

It saw an improvement in the OC culture. Heavy and intense promotions lead to a large amount of forms sold. Less than satisfactory IM exhibited by the OC. Selections were stringent with emphasis on recruiting a certain type of students. The only area of improvement being the timeline by virtue of it getting a little delayed from ideal time of completion. The overall induction process was weak, with very less time for mentorship and less focus on training.

    

Some Innovations:  Building yearlong Communication & Network Partnerships for Recruitments and related events in the beginning of the year.  Promotional strategies need to be revised. We can consider LEAD as a new initiative in this aspect. Also, college specific promotions need to be inculcated.  Having a bigger recruitment OC could really improve a lot of things.  Proper IM is a must during the process.  Involving externals in the selection process can greatly help the value of our product.


Use of psycho-analysis, 360 degree tests, EQ, IQ tests in pre interview selection formats for judging appropriate candidates for selection.

3. How to increase external value of membership? External value of membership can be improved in the following ways:         

Involving HR and selection companies in our recruitment process. Strive for TLP and TMP programs to be externally certified. We could also strive for our university partners to recognize our programs as work experience. Involving more and more externals for training and development sessions at GBMs, Lcongs and other avenues. VP TM and the LCP should strive to maintain the consistency and the intensity of all experiences in the local committee. Showcasing our impact and operations in a very aggressively promoted campaign. Creating avenues in which placement companies can take advantage of the high potential membership of the LC, such as job opportunities, local internships etc. Creating GBM &LCong Outputs and showcasing them in an externally relevant way. Collaborating with more and more youth centric organizations to increase our outreach and impact.

Communications 1. Describe your understanding of the role of Vice-President Communications and IM in the LC.


Communicatio ns Information Management

Internal Comm Exteral Comm

Knowldege Management Information Systems

RonaqMalhotra| MANIFESTO FOR THE OFFICE OF LOCAL COMMITTEE PRESIDENT AIESEC IN CHANDIGARH Internal Communication External Communication Knowledge Management Information Systems • Defining Communication

flow in the LC. • Efficient & effective use of • Handling Internal Newsletters and Publications • Development of key messages for all stakeholders. • Standardizing all publications, proposals, etc. • Promoting use of tools like Gmail, docs, etc.

• Managing Media Relations • Designing an External Communication plan for the LC • Defining Key messages for all external events • Striking Promotional Partnerships with organizations & PR Firms. • Dynamic Social Media Presence • I am an AIESECer campaigns execution, case studies etc • External Forum Representation

• Promoting use of for the LC as it is the best tool for KM. • Creating RS structure and having contact sheets/Member Logs/diaries. • Updated servers in the office. • GBM Outputs to be uploaded • Constructive use of the best tool on the planet – Google!

• A dynamic & updated website and blog for the LC. • Designing for the LC in partnership with IS Experts. • Videos/Presentations to be uploaded • Social Media Execution. • Creating Newsletters and tools, which serve for External/Internal Comm.

2. How would you assess the role of Communications in 2011? How can this portfolio tangibly contribute to the achievement of the LC’s goals (Exchange, Leadership, Membership, External Value) & objectives in 2012? How will this be tracked?

Communications is one of the brightest tools we have in order to reach the 2015 goals. It will not only help us to communicate and showcase the experiences that we deliver to the world, but shall also enable AIESEC to generate more experiences. It will also prove to be a boon for us to align and improve our internal processes towards the magnitude we’re heading to. It shall help us in 2012 in the following ways: Exchange:       

Promotion and Brand Positioning of AIESEC in the city as multifaceted youth organization. Customized and structured communication and promotion strategies across all sectors of clients that we have. Knowledge Management was still an issue that needed more understanding and developing effective methods to track it. Partnering with all like minded youth and entrepreneurial organizations. Showcasing impact stories, and an aggressive approach of the promotion of the same. Evaluating client feedback and coming up with required action steps. Hence, developing good CRM. Branding OGX aggressively in the city and other entities.

Leadership and Membership  Striving to strike partnerships with external organizations and the Govt in particular, to certify the TLP and TMP program.  Developing a cohesive and concrete EwA plan to engage more and more young people in the tri city area and the neighbouring regions.  Developing more avenues to engage young people in leadership roles, such as event OCs and other non core processes. External Value  AIESEC representation in all youth centric events in the city. Focus on being recognized as the official youth partner.

RonaqMalhotra| MANIFESTO FOR THE OFFICE OF LOCAL COMMITTEE PRESIDENT AIESEC IN CHANDIGARH Branding TLP and TMP as an additional work experience in the corporate and student sector. Delivering LEAD sessions to create a richer brand of AIESEC in the city. Branding of AIESEC’s own events. Long term media and print partnerships. Presence in all college magazines and brochures. Other strategies are overlapping to Exchange, L&M.

     

The year 2011, saw a growth in the understanding of the portfolio but overall, every aspect was underutilized and less explored. There was no structured way of communication to different sectors save the newsletters which were a great initiative. Cafe Partnerships were also a major plus for the year.

3. What are the various spheres in the LC in which Information Management plays a huge role or can a play a huge role? IM plays a key role in the success of a professional organization esp. one such as AIESEC in the following ways:     

Proper tracking and resource management leading to efficient operations. Proper platform utilization again leading to effectiveness. Structured outputs and their sharing. Knowledge management leading to informed decisions. Fuller utilization of virtual platforms and online tools

4. What are the possible ways for a VP CIM to make AIESEC the first choice Youth Organization in the city? Please refer to Q2 for strategies proposed for the coming year.

BoA and Alumni Engagement 1. How do you see the Board of Advisors being serviced the best ? What inputs-tangible and intangible, can they give to facilitate the LC’s progress?

      

Given the reality of an LC like Chandigarh, it is very important that we service our BoA exceptionally well as we draw a lot of intellectual, network and monetary support from them. The following procedures will enable us to manage them better: Creation of a Board Engagement Plan in the very beginning of the year, which would lay out all the avenues of engagement of every board member throughout the year. Quarterly personal meet with each and every board member for maintaining excellent CRM and taking feedback. Issuing Service Evaluation Documents to board members and building on the feedback. Maintaining a good CRM by sending congratulatory messages for birthdays and festivals  Standard minutes of Board Meetings to be maintained. Holding Joint Board Meetings three times a year. Having at least 2 board members present at all LC events.


2. How do you see the Alumni being serviced the best? What inputs-tangible and intangible, can they give to facilitate the LC’s progress?

       

In a LC like Chandigarh, it is really tough for us to capitalize on alumni since they are all mostly based out of the city. Yet there are numerous ways in which our Alumni servicing can be better: Run an Alumni Project in Q1, lead by VP BD who shall track all alumni and contact them in the beginning of the year. Maintaining a proper database at all times. Emphasis on proper IM in this portfolio. Sending a revamped Alumni Newsletter (quarterly) this shall not only inform them about the LCs activities, but shall also contain avenues in which they can contribute to the LC, and vice versa. Doing personal meeting with all Alumni in the city (Quarterly). Having a more structured approach to the Alumni Event. Ensuring Alumni presence at all LC events, especially for the Career Fare. Formation of Mentoring and Support Group with Alumni. This would enable a sound network and intellectual support.

Ronaq Malhotra LCP Manifesto 2012  

Ronaq Malhotra LCP Manifesto 2012

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