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Section A | Opening note


There was a time when I was sitting in the corner of the waiting room and there came a time when I was waiting for countless other waiting rooms to get filled, with bubbly faces and hopeful eyes, there were people who walked us in. It has been a brilliant time; when I look back, I realize every moment has been a moment of change, of love and an undying remembrance. “The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit

that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy or passion.‖ - Terry Orlick And after all these days, I put a question to myself, how do you take an LC progressively forward when you know, it has seen everything, or rather when it carries the belief to do anything. I believe we are more than just capable of changing the world, I believe our potential has the ability to surprise us, time and time again, I believe the time is ripe for leaping forward with purpose, the time is ideal for reiterating passion, the time is perfect for reliving performance. As we head towards a brighter 2015, I believe the time is right to reignite our minds, rejuvenate our senses and redeliver greatness.

―The greatest explorer on this earth never takes voyages as long as those of the man who descends to the depth of his heart‖ – Julien Green

And about all the challenges and unforeseen crisis that we may face on the way, remember, we always had it in us; we always lived for things greater than ourselves. The only thing left in my eyes, is to rediscover the enduring heart of AIESEC in Chandigarh. If you are wandering, it will guide you, if you are falling, it will support you; it is a heart we always had, our capacity to deliver unending happiness, everything, found right within us. Our tryst with destiny is a reminder, that there is nothing we can‘t achieve. I hope if you are reading this, you will rediscover that heart. Trust me if you will, there won‘t be anything greater. Pranav Lakherwal AIESEC in Chandigarh

Rediscovering heart

Section A| Personal information First name( / Surname Address Mobile(2) Nationality E-mail

Pranav Lakherwal 10B,GH 39,MDC, Sector 5, Panchkula, pin: 134109 +91 9417250117


+91 9915931168





Date of Birth


Organizational experience Dates Occupation or position(s) held

AIESEC (in Chandigarh)


Feb 2011-Oct 2011

Aug 2010- till date

Oct 2008- Mar 2010

Content generator

Exchange Coordinator , Team Leader, Director

Core Skillset Strategic, aggressive, communicator and compiler

Title of qualification awarded Name of institution(s)

Level of qualification(s) 2006-07 Result(s) obtained ICSE Boards St. Kabir Public School Personal skills and competences Class 10 93.80%


2010-till date

Cambridge ‗A‘ Levels

B.A. (Hons) Economics

National Junior College

Hons. School of Economics,PU

Class 12 equivalent

Semester 4

88 %(Uni. Conversion)

60.10 %

Academic achievements  Gold medalist in Nationa Children Science Congress held at Sikkim, research initiative on    

local ecosystems and biodiversity. (2007-08) University Level research attachment with Nanyang Technological University,(Nanyang Research Programme) Singapore on stowage optimization using advanced Java. (2008-09) Distinction in Cyber and Mathematics Olympiad, National level (2007-09) Distinction holder in National Economics and Finance Management Quiz, organized by the National University of Singapore Faculty of Social Sciences. (2009) Student mentor in the Class Home Adoption Programme and Student mentoring at Catholic High School. (2008-10

Co-Curricular Activities  Participated in various track & field championships, specializing in long/medium distance   

running, earning accolades in various inter/intra- college and National events. (2008-09) Represented the college in the National Inter School Tennis Championships. ( 2009) Male lead in the musical held at the 93rd annual Conferences of the Indian Economic Association, held at Panjab University (2010) Participated in local MUNs, earning valuable experience in the field of media relations and earning the best delegate (CUMUN ‘11) and special mention (UEITMUN ‘11).

Interests  Football  Entrepreneurship  Emerging economies  Sustainable development  Manchester United

Skills: -Expert in Office -Intermediate in core Java(desktop) -Basic in advanced Java (optimization) -Basic in Photoshop and GIMP

Section C | AIESEC Experience 1. List all positions held in AIESEC along with duration of the role. Also briefly elaborate on your contribution/performance, as well as the main learning you derived from each role.

And finally came the year 2012, the year of RooBaRoo, the time of Parindey, the moment of Victorious Secrets’. The journey has been nothing short of a love affair. To begin with, there were no team leaders in the department till April. However, there was a family, a family of close-knit individuals who built oGIP on trust, innovation and belief. Later there was/is Youth to Business Forum, since the day I was selected as the OCVP in 2010, I prayed to one day co-create Y2B as an EBC, a dream that materialized in September 2012. These people have a rejuvenated aura around them; they make me feel like a new recruit. They have been very special indeed. I can hardly wait for the event, they will make it spectacular, I have no doubt.

―I think I'll journey out some day to wondrous lands afar, Or even chart a journey to a distant blazing star. But rest assured that when my journey begs to take its cue, Always know that when I go, this journey takes you too…‖

Thus has been my journey in AIESEC, it has been blissful, like a poem. A start that came from a paradise (NLDS 2010), continued with innumerous families, bonds and connections. It has taken me through uncharted challenges, shown the distant calling and given learning(s) that can‘t all be put to words. This journey has had people, beautiful people, people like you; people who have given me memorable times, guided me through hardships, forgiven me for shortcomings and lived greatness.

―..Refreshed, our journey takes a turn - we'll venture back for home, But first we'll let the journey take a tangent just to roam. And in the winding route, this journey's bound to bide content, But most of all take heed - let's make our journey life's event.‖ Journey to be -Mark R. Slaughter

2. What have been your main achievements and non-achievements in AIESEC in the past? (Mention a max of three each)

Major Achievements: The time with RooBaRoo summarizes my entire AIESEC career. To think that I‘d be one day able to understand and contribute with/to the lives of 13 unique individuals has been nothing short of a dream. As a Director, the year has been exceptionally fortunate for me. From having the right set of people to contributing towards the experiences of a diverse set of stakeholders. To see AIESEC in Chandigarh being recognized on the national stage because of the most unique set of individuals i.e., Parinday is what sums up my year. I have been lucky to be a part of such an invigorating legacy

Major Non-Achievements: In the initial few months, my committments to family, studies and AIESEC were tested, not only did I lose out on the roll no. but was also unable to contribute to the organization. Later on, I developed a strong attitude which sometimes was cold and inconsiderate. Another nonachievement has been the fact that I discontinued running and football, two things that kept me alive and kicking. I still believe that I should‘ve opened up to my parents a lot earlier than I did.

He that is down needs fear no fall -John Bunyan

Connecting and contributing with RooBaRoo

Builing a sustainable base with Parindey

Inability to strike a balance between college,family and AIESEC in the initial months

Exorbitantly aggressive attitude at work

Losing focus on health,sports and recreational activities during my leadership terms

3. List the Local/ National/ International conferences you have attended and in what capacity.

Conferences attended



National Leadership Development Seminar

September 2010


eXcel Exchange Summit 2011

March 2011


Local Congress

May 2011


June National Conference

June 2011


Summer Regional Conference

July 2011


National Strategic Conference

October 2011


Local Congress

October 2011


National Leaders Summit

Januray 2012


March National Conference

March 2012


Local Congress

May 2012


June National Conference

June 2012


MB Summit

August 2012


September 2012


National Strategy Conference

October 2012


October Strategy Conference

October 2012


Regional Youth Conference


4. Describe the experience of being a part of the Executive Body of AIESEC Chandigarh. How do you think other members on the team would evaluate your Contribution to the team & LCs organizational direction?

The time of my life, the time I spent working with The Executive Body of AIESEC in Chandigarh. It has been a healthy mixture of persistent challenges, failures and lifelong learning. Every member of the EB has been instrumental in shaping not only my AIESEC career but also my life path. The honour of working under the most humble leader and the privilege of being associated with a legacy, I have been nothing short of lucky. Though it must be mentioned, the experience hasn’t been a joy ride, it has challenged my beliefs, moulded

my thoughts, and pushed me down to the ground. There have been times of distress, heated discussions and critical decisions. It has softened me, strengthened my will and broadened the perspective. RooBaRoo has been nothing short of brilliant and beautiful. Fellow team members have been a source of constant support; they have been my constant critiques and motivation. The following could be the broad categories of evaluation from their end for me: Known to be aggressive and overlypassionate

Can be very serious about work

Contributor of unique insights, that are relevant to the team and the LC

Firm believer of mentorship and functional leadership

Known to be very critical and analytical in meetings/discussions

Decent strategy to tackle exchange cycles

5. What are your three basic Learning/Values for life, which you have derived through your AIESEC experience?

Lifelong values that have moulded throughout my experience:   

Embracing failures as pearls of learning Walking the talk Culture of greatness and the right people make the best organizations

Section D | Motivation 1.

Why did you decide to run for LCP of AIESEC Chandigarh? What are the qualities required for this role & what makes you best suited for this role?

When I was a kid, my mother used to tell me that there is no greater good in life than changing the world you live in. It was platonic then, hardly made sense to me till I joined this organization. She still insists the key to bringing change lies within us, waiting to be discovered. Change I found a sense of purpose here, a reason to remember the good things we have done, a passion to do things greater than oneself, discover little joys in the biggest failures, and starting a fire for leadership. The environment in this organization is conducive to change. Every moment, AIESECers like me take vigorous strides to make a positive impact on the society, including their own. Youth can be seen as a bridge between the young and the old, bringing a change in youth can in fact transform the entire society. These things that happened with me, contributed to this decision. Discovering However, my greatest motivation came from AIESEC in Chandigarh. There is an undying legacy here; there is a sense of selflessness here, an air of greatness and a habit of performance. Frankly, I believe we can change the world, not just because we can, but also because we already have. From volumes of exchange that we have done enhancing the local economy with specialized manpower to driving wisdom in the hearts of exchange

participants, we have done it all. We don‘t need a purpose, extrinsic motivation or any incentive to be change agents. Everything lies within us, it comes with out with every roll call, every realization, every birthday and every achievement. Rediscovering My dream is to uncover that heart of a warrior, to recapture that element of glory, to reiterate that essence of leadership, and to restore unprecedented performance that all of us have always had. I believe I am standing here to rediscover the heart of AIESEC in Chandigarh. Qualities required for this role:

Love: There is no emotion more genuine than love. An LCP loves his work; he is inevitably passionate and lives AIESEC in its purest of forms. What I have is an unwavering faith, undying affection and one love for AIESEC.

Greater purpose: Throughout my AIESEC career I have lived with a greater calling. I believe a greater purpose guides the actions of better men. We are heading in an era where challenges and opportunities can‘t be predicted, I believe a higher purpose can lend strength to withstand unforeseen trials, commitment to succeed and an enduring will to last.

Experience: Sometimes it sounds ironical to relate youth with experience, however in this case it is mightily true. Experience lends immaculate knowledge and practical wisdom. In this case, I feel the organizational experience has made me an ethical person, it has given me a moral code to follow and a set of skills I can use to nurture the right culture in the local organization. 2. Describe your future short-term and long-term career and personal goals. How do you expect an LCP term to help you achieve these goals and why now?

Personal Goals

Career Goals

Short term

Short term

 

Becoming the Local Committee President of AIESEC in Chandigarh Getting my driving license

Long term   

Visit over 15 different before I turn 25. Transform mind-sets Running the death valley ultra-marathon

 

Finishing my graduation in June 2013 Helping my family initiate a rural development enterprise

Long term countries

 

Finish my executive education Co-create a consultancy driving innovation and operations

A few days ago in ISB, a prominent executive of AON Hewitt stressed on the need of global talent and its relevance to companies. An LCP term will enable me to live a term of strategic growth and internationalism. Such qualities will supplement my executive learning and drive knowledge for my future ambitions. The closest that I can get to a practical MBA experience.

Most of all I believe an LCP term is a test of character; this will guide me in times of distress, empower minds and bring change in the society.

3. Highlight your time commitment throughout the whole of next year (till Dec 2013; Academic or otherwise). Ideally, how much time should an LCP give to his role?

I will be starting with the final semester in January. My only significant commitment will be to college till April 2012. Fortunately, AIESEC has made managing college with work easier. It comes as a second nature. Ideally the LCP is available at all times of the day, 24*7 throughout the year. However to make this year more efficient, there will be mandatory office hours for the entire EB, adding accountability and efficiency to the organization. 4. What are your three most substantial personal accomplishments (non-AIESEC), and why do you view them as such? Provide a candid assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. 

Gold Medal at National Children‘s Science Congress in Sikkim: It was my first stint with research and working with deadlines. Not only did I manage my studies and sports, I was able to satisfy my parent‘s anxiety regarding cocurricular activities. It was also the first time I went outside Chandigarh on my own to compete. Finally I was able to interact with A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, a person whom I have looked upon since childhood. A*Star Scholarship for High School Education in Singapore: The joy of acquiring this scholarship didn‘t lie in achievement but the opportunity of living in Singapore for 2 years. Singapore made a man out of me. I was lucky to have the most inspiring teachers and most encouraging friends around me. 9th in 5km National Track and Field: A wise man once told me that I am the slowest, laziest person on the field and that I should quit sports. 2 years down the line I was running in Nationals representing my college. I still remember my sight failing as I was nearing the finish line, and the fall right after. Not only was I able to break into the elite athletes of Singapore I was able maintain the family legacy of producing national athletes. Strengths Weaknesses   

Analytical Adaptable Composed

  

Chaotic Eccentric (at times) Stoic

I have always been chaotic since childhood, a trait that my parents recognize the most. However I have the ability to analyse and bring reason in the most critical and complex situations. My efforts have been directed to keep things simpler to tackle the element of confusion. My innate love for analysis lies in the constant endeavours of research projects that I have initiated in the past. Sometimes, my actions seem way off tangent, a hint of eccentric behaviour. This year has been vital in structuring my thought process. The diversity of experiences and stories in my life has made me adaptable. In high school, I was the only non-Chinese in my class, a stint that challenged my worldview and broadened my perspective. There are times when I give the impression of being laid back and emotion-less. There are instances when my expression-less face sends the wrong impression, a feature I am working upon. At the same time these features signify composure and an attitude of acceptance. I have learnt that challenges deserve an emotion no greater than enthusiasm and a gesture no greater than a smile. Retaining the sense of thought in times of sheer crisis has been nothing short of an achievement for me.

5. What is your vision for AIESEC in Chandigarh for the year ahead? What legacy would you want to leave behind? Also, frame a mission statement for the LC for 2013. Leave it for the end. Break down the why, how and what.

Vision: ―First choice organization for delivering high volume of excellent stakeholder experiences through physical and virtual platform around the world. We are known for engaging and delivering socially responsible, culturally sensitive and entrepreneurial leaders around the world who create a crossgenerational impact on the society.‖ A profound vision that came up at NSC 2011, I feel it is the most apt for the coming year. -

Denotes Denotes Denotes Denotes

our our our our

commitment for becoming externally relevant dedication for delivering the highest quality experiences stand for bringing change conviction to sustainable growth and a culture of performance

Mission Statement:

―Our mission is to create Purposeful Thought Leaders driven by Values and Passion who strive for Delivering Happiness to all stakeholders.‖ The statement that enriches the essence of all great deeds we have accomplished and stand for. RooBaRoo‘s initiation will be readily continued.

6. Describe your leadership style? Explain how your style will be suitable for AIESEC Chandigarh in its current state.

Leadership to me is about forgiveness, sacrifice, love and change. It is about making people commit to deeds greater than themselves. It is relevant to AIESEC Chandigarh because we are heading into an era of unprecedented challenges, a time, which will require us to tirelessly strive for the greater good. Challenge the status quo, evolve, fail and perform. I‘d present my leadership on the following lines: 

Reactive to Proactive: We are part of a generation that is accustomed to change; however their reaction is generated in volatile bits and impulsive pieces. AIESEC in Chandigarh on the other hand thrives on self-aware individuals who can foresee critical situations, act in advance to deal with challenges and in process make meaningful contribution to the society. There are people who react vehemently to inequity, social injustice on popular media and there are responsible AIESECers go strive with thought-provoking initiatives and change the society. It‘s a quality I have built throughout my AIESEC career, a virtue I wish to drive down for generations to come. Management to mentorship: There is no doubt that every individual; especially AIESECers are innately adept in the art of Management. There is no doubt that we are in a comfortable position to bring out prominent leaders. But, I believe the challenge we face, as an organization is not to produce leaders but to churn out people who can lead. A great Manager can amplify performance and drive true passion in the organization, a great leader however can inspire countless others to lead and transform the society. Management that rediscovers activating leadership as a virtue, catalyzes true mentorship. Needless to say, rediscovering the essence of the organization will inevitably yield strong results. Following the higher purpose: Purpose builds character; it is the silver lining in every dark sky and most of all it presents a direction for the people to follow. Contrary to popular belief, the higher purpose

is the very basis of the vision and the mission statement of any organization. My belief lies in changing the world we live in, by changing mindsets, transforming ideas and reinforcing belief. And fortunately, AIESEC‘s vision, AIESEC in Chandigarh‘s vision is in lieu with it. Driving the same will create an enduring thread, a culture that can survive changing leadership and diversified market realities.

―A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.‖ – Unknown To sum it up, my belief lies in transforming 2015 for this lovely city, the privilege that AIESEC has given me to strive for a better 2013, contributes to building a greater 2015. We are in the era of sustainable growth, where nurturing everlasting values and leadership will determine the future. The above qualities make me well suited for the role, it is not a claim; it is belief grounded in culture and purpose.

Section E | General Questionnaire 1. Make an analysis of AIESEC‘s key competitors in the region (Local Chapter Geographical region) and what challenges they present to AIESEC and what can we learn from them. Enactus (Earlier known as Student in Free Enterprise): a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world. Prominently present in sections of Panjab University. Challenges: 

Enactus works towards the ideals of Social Entrepreneurship(through community outreach programmes), they may be smaller in size but are recognized readily by the corporates of the town. While we strive for making our GCDP projects more sustainable, there are sets of students who compete Nationally for the same.

Leadership development is another aspect they undertake, a direct alternative to LEAD!n.

Elements of internationalism with events like Enactus World Cup and collaborative efforts

Learning: 

More user-friendly approach to IT, brilliant website.

Collaborative insights on CSR

Understanding their approach to entrepreneurship and development. Together contributing to the growth of the city.


Rotaract: Rotaract is an international program for young adults (18 to 30 years) who want to make a difference. Today, there are more than 7,300 Rotary club sponsored Rotaract clubs with more than 200,000 members — known as ‗Rotaractors‘ — in some 161 countries around the world. Rotaract Club of Chandigarh aims to promote what we believe is a community‘s most valuable resource: responsible leadership. This club allows Chandigarh‘s promising young professionals, the opportunity to better understand, embody, and promote the characteristics of responsible citizenship and effective leadership. Challenges:  Key presence in some of the most important colleges of the region UIET, PEC, MCM, SD, PU, CCET and DAV (these are vital sources of ELD conversion for AIESEC)  Key involvement with orphanages, NGOs for social upliftment. (iGCDP) 

Extensive alumni network and rotary support

Key ways of entering into high-potential student market of tricity.

Extensive scope of collaboration for Associate Membership and iGCDP volunteering in local NGOs

Collaborating to utilize mutual-networks


MAD(Make a difference): Make A Difference is a platform that empowers youth to become change leaders who make positive social impact and create self sustaining communities. Challenges:  Youth engagement in their projects of the highest quality  The quality of teaching and volunteering offered is Cambridge certified, very specialized in their projects  Good outreach in some of the best colleges in town Learning:  Professionalism in volunteering, 4 hours a week for a year, mandatory and constantly monitored through their IM systems.  iHub project sponsors young ideas, something to imbibe in our approach towards entrepreneurship. Similarly, there is the Global Environment concern, local NGO volunteering (some initiated by our esteemed alumni), college clubs and societies that thrive under admin support and the summer school programme that in many ways offers direct competition to the Global Entrepreneurs‘ Programme. To truly learn and mutually grow we need to evolve our sense of Marketing, Business Development and collaborate.

Final Word: We have a list of organizations that provide products that might come across as indirect competition for AIESEC. However, there is no such organization, which offers a similar product basket and value proposition as AIESEC. Which not only puts us at the forefront, but also directs the responsibility of initiating symbiotic collaborations in the region

2. According to you, what role will AIESEC play in the city of Chandigarh as an International Youth Organization in 2015? In context to this, how will the year 2013 count to the progress to the same?

-First choice partner of official forums for presenting the global youth voice- 2015 will recognize AIESEC has the first word on youth affairs. A set of responsible individuals who present a consolidated front and a unique stand -Denoting the finest quality standards in the network, AIESEC will be ready to strive for industry certifications (like ISO 9001) -Talent Sourcing: Exchange that not just builds experience and provides exposure but also a constant supply of top end local talent, that has undergone a complete intellectual transformation through the course of an integrated experience 2013 will contribute by having stakeholders imbibing the why, how and what of AIESEC, living the AIESEC way, collaborating, endorsing and sustaining new market conditions. It will act as the guiding block of the 3 statements for 2015. It will serve as a jump year for programmes, while functions will strive for stabilization and sustainability.

Section F | LC Administration 1. List down the different aspects of the job role of an LCP. •Being the face of AIESEC in Chandigarh. Governence •Guarantee the legality and accountability of the Local Committee and ensure the and education, review and application of the internal legislation - the local compendium.


•Representative of the LC in the National and International Association Representati •Defining and aligning theyear plans according to the National Growth Strategy on/National Role

Strategic Direction

Executive Body Management


and Operations

•Facilitating the direction, envisioning and implementing the strategy of AIESEC in Chandigarh for the year 2013 leading to 2015 •Nurturing the brand, culture and identity of the Local Committee

•Mentorship of the executive body to reinforce efficiency, accountability and sustainability of operations. •Being a constant support to the team at all levels.

•Committing to high quality functions and programmes , contributing to a remarkable performance of the LC •Developing and maintaining local BoA and stakeholder relations. •Empowering the management of the Local Committee to maintain efficiency and propel sustainability.

2. Analyze the trends of the past three years (including 2012) of AIESEC Chandigarh's strategic direction (include performance & culture). How do you see the organization direction of AIESEC Chandigarh shaping up in the coming two years? Also, give a SWOT analysis of the LC for 2012.

LC Performance


2012 Matches


Realisations 2010 0






-Empwored mid-level management body

-Best Case Practicies flown down to the National Association

-Remarkable recruitment initiatives -Innovative RnR campaigns like Top Gun, 40 days and 40 nights

-5 awards at NLS, it was the year of elevating to greatness

-smaller, highly efficient teams

2010 -Extensive measures to improve and maintain quality -Focus on sustaining operations

-Induction of TL Delivery in all exchange portfolios

-Highly efficient TMP and TLP driven growth

-AIESEC in Jalandhar came into being in June 2010

-Focus on implementing the National Growth Drivers set in 2010

-Shift in OS, introduction of VP LCD to cover expansions

-Hosted June National and Summer Regional Conference

-Diverse and motivated membership in each of its initiative groups


-Culture of performance


-New projects initiated in the exchange support portfolios to achieve the 2015 vision

-High number of Team leader opportunities given

-Relatively mechanical approach, resulting in are lower retention

-Consistent performance delivering one of the highest number of experiences -Immense National Contribution with a host of Best case practices

-The finest set of recruitment conducted throughout the year

-High degree of National Contribution through NST members of the LC

-Shift to Team leader empowerment and pipeline development

-Significant contribution from the entities


-Phenomenal transformation of CRM and IM -Extensive measures to evolve events and transform AIESEC's brand

-Extensive measures to maintain financial profitability -Revolutionary shift in delivering local conferences

AIESEC in Chandigarh has come through a mix of ups and downs in the past 3 years, at this very moment we are at the tipping point, a point beyond which we have only one option. An option to rediscover our ultimate potential and deliver the most relevant two years en route 2015. 2013 will witness growth in all programmes, sustainable impetus would be provided through a host of initiatives. The most relevant growth areas have been mentioned in Q3. of the same section. 2014 would be the final prequel to an epic 2015. It will set the base for a final jump to 2015 goals. Where 2013 will be known for a considerable growth in programmes, 2014 will be known for bringing functions and programmes up in the most optimal synergy.

Strengths:      

Empowered membership High potential talent capacity Culture of discipline Committed network of alumni Sustainable implementation of all programmes Strong functional support

Opportunities    

External involvement in training of membership Early market capitalization through EwA initiatives like LEAD!n Efficient processes in all sectors The fruits of building CRM

Weaknesses:     

Lack of office culture Negligible BoA involvement Low member is to exchange ratio No real growth in most exchange portfolios Delay in implementing processes and pulling off events

Threats    

Stagnant iGCDP market Lack of TL-TL Transition during peak cycles Admin interferences in entity operations Gradual loss of accountability

3. What focus areas do you propose for AIESEC in Chandigarh in 2013? Give action steps that will contribute to these focus areas.

AIESEC in Chandigarh will pour its focus on majorly 3 areas, besides others, to commence its journey towards 2015. Investing in Dynamic Sustainability (carefully analysing crucial areas of the LC that can yield the maximum return on investment, both in terms of performance and culture):      

Introducing the idea of smart investments in heart of every portfolio Introduction of a finance analyst in the MB and further evolution in the role of TL AIESEC experience. Developing exchange portfolios as autonomous entities driving performance Immediate training for all functions portfolios, thereby helping programmes in the coming time Spending time and resources on finding the best people for the organization Initiating high growth initiatives through expansions

Leadership development through increased volume of integrated experiences (the simplest notion, to do more):      

Accelerating EwA to ELD conversion Introducing a culture of performance TMP and/or TLP on exchange Bringing a culture of OGX through an emphasised global learning environment OS developed to facilitate more experiences with a greater performance Exchange relevant functions

Business development by increasing external relevance and extensive stakeholder management (doing things that make us prominent and well recognized for our efforts):      

Taking forward the final phase of CRM drive Upscaling services Establishing strong businesses and collaborations within the network Making AIESEC the most relevant youth voice of the region Transmitting the ideals and values of AIESEC through the endorsement and recognition of stakeholders Creating sustaining ventures via expansions

4. Please mention detailed strategies and action steps related to the Six Development Blocs of AIESEC India.

 Expanding AIESEC Network in India:  Focus on Patiala through VP Expansion, recognizing their need to expand capacity  Tapping on the markets in Shimla and Kurukshetra University  Initiating Virtual expansion  Financial Sustainability driving growth  Focusing on investement oriented growth  Continueing integrated experiences as a means to accomplish higher exchange (revenues as well)  Budget-allocation for each portfolio depending on plans and National strategy  Collaboration Across Sectors  Business Development to strive for symbiotic relationships across all sectors  Marketing to ensure the maximum outreach through showcasing quality experiences and endorsements  Boosting AIESEC India's reach and experiences provided (Via EwA, ELD and Alumni)  Refer to the focus area ‘Leadership development through increased volume of integrated experiences’.  Legalization  VP F to be the joint responsible for the legalization process  Approaching a legal advisor (post National consent)  Polishing all official documents through internal auditing through IM  Brand enhancement via Information Technology  Refer to Section H| Information management, Question 2

5. Propose the organizational structure that you plan to follow for the next year including the middle level management, functional roles as well LC entities. The greatest workplaces now agree that smaller teams make for a more efficient and close-knit set of individuals. This and significant number of empirical instances have contributed to the formation of this Organizational Structure. It might seem like we are going back to basics, but that in itself will rediscover untamed efficiency and performance.











Notable Changes in the structure:   

Introducing autonomous self-sustaining portfolios Re-integration of iGIP and iGCDP to focus on holistic development of the mid-level management Discontinuing the Specialized Unit of OGX and bringing back VP oGCDP and VP oGIP as portfolio heads. Our greatest efficiency and contribution has come only when we have focused on increasing the ratio of TLP is to Exchange ratio, in this case, increasing the leadership opportunities on the mid-level and increasing the output manifold. Introducing IM has a full portfolio, unlike being a subsidiary of Marketing. The relevance of IM is only just being realized by AIESEC in India. By furthering the growth of this portfolio we will directly contribute to the growth of the local Chapter Also focus areas proposed earlier and operational strategies mentioned later can be consulted to understand the OS better.

Portfolio Structure: Incoming Exchange



TL AIESEC experience

OCVP Conserve



OCVP Healthcare OCVP SME and Worldview

TL Footprints


OCVP Rural Development OCVP Market expansion

Key features:     

Huge focus on leadership development Increase in TMP experiences as each OCVP will have 3 members under him/her. Using Market Expansion to explore sustainable cooperations for Conserve and RD OCVPs under the 1st OCP will focus on both market research and operations (since the scale of operations is relatively smaller) Faciliating higher quality and accountability

VP iGIP TL AIESEC Experience

TL Education

TL Eureka and Phoenix

TL Emerging India

Key Features:    

Faciliating higher quality and accountability Highly empowered mid level management Bigger teams for TL Education and TL Eureka phoenix. (Because of diverse markets) In case a firm gives TNs under Eureka/Phoenix and Emerging India, then they will automatically come under TL Emerging India.

  VP oGCDP/oGIP  TL Inbound/TL MT

TL Outbound/TL TT

TL AIESEC experience *2


  

MT-Emerging India + Eureka,TT-Phoenix Each to have a separate TL AIESEC exp. IR to work in direct synergy with Functions. oGCDP to strive for a greater TL is to excahnge ratio Each TL to have a sufficient market for a more intense experience and developement Focus Colleges and Ambassador system to be implemented with HR Very strong functional synergy to boost exchange and permit integrated experiences

VP Marketing Marketing and PR


Social Media manager

BD Manager

VP HR AM Manager

AM Manager

VP F ELD Manager

VP Inforamtion management

IM Implementation

Alumni relations manager

ELD Support manager

Finance Analyst

Finance manager

Key features for functions:  Focus on supporting exchange, hence every finction will have a concrete manager synergizing with other portfolios  Focus on sustaining functions and at the same time introducing a department culture in all of the portfolios  Emphasis on skills development and leadership  IM will now play a greater role in bringing the processes of all portfolios on the same page.

LCC Dehradun




VP Marketing and IM

LCC Patiala TL OGX

TL Functions

TL Finance






Key features:  LCCs to come under VP LCD  VP LCD to also have 3 development managers (ICX+OGX+Functions) which will assist in training and development of the entities  Dehradun to strive towards an executive team to enable larger operations  Patiala to expand their talent capacity at the same time  Managers to also synergize with OGX to find new avenues of exapnsion

6. Give your assessment of the role-played and contribution made by AIESEC in Chandigarh towards the National Association? How should this evolve in the year 2013? AIESEC in Chandigarh always strived for National alignment. Pioneering, a word that is consistently used to describe our presence is truly denoted by the diversity of pilot projects and innovations that we undertake. Presently our sense of achievement comes from immaculate work being undertaken by most exchange functions. Our motive to expand AIESEC in the most relevant areas has been constantly denoted by self-sustaining entities that we have built. The definite change in 2013 would be the rediscovery of performance, and the attitude of implementation. An LC, which raises the bar, not just in numbers but by presenting the most empowered delegation at National Forums. AIESEC in Chandigarh will collaborate the way forward with other LCs in the network, living the essence of ―open to give, open to receive.‖ 7. Layout a synergy plan & accountability structure between different portfolios in the LC. How will you as LCP ensure you track common bottom-lines of two VPs?




Overall Exchange Strategy Development through IR

Project Branding, showcasing impact, valueadded network for stakeholders, virtual training

Product Packaging through MDPs, Partners Network, micro financing, crowd funding, sales training

Manpower Planning, TM Processes in Project teams, CEEDS, EwA volunteering

Training, operational support, engagement

Overall Exchange Strategy Development through IR,LCLC partnership, GLE implementation

IR, co-creating EP marketing mechanisms, LCLC partnerships, GLE implementation

Virtual training, OGX Promotion Partnerships, LEAD!n, outreach, EP branding

Promotion Partnerships, inkind raising for EPs, sales-training

EP Induction, EP Assessment, Reintegration, X+L, LEAD

Training, IR, operational support, Brand Education, KM, Virtual Forums, EP tracking, Brand Education, KM, Virtual Forums, CRM tool, EP tracking

Audit and feedback support, IT assistance, creative creation, Brand Education, KM, Virtual Forums, CRM implementation

IT support, newsletters,KM ,programme and function optimization

LC policy implementation, process optimization

Business Development

Learning partners, GLE, upscale products, MDP

Virtual LEAD!n for EPs, LDP for EPs, product development

Stakeholder management, product development, event promotion

External Sessions Support, collaboration, outsourcing and certification

CRM, collaboration, expanding business, entity events


R&R, Membership Efficiency and CM, Stakeholder Engagement, ELD conversion

Talent Planning, Preparation, Experience Marketing

Membership mailers, Updates, use of Virtual Platform, Media

External Sessions Support, collaboration, outsourcing and certification


Monitoring Receivables, Logistical Management, investments

Accounting, Receivables, Investments in CEEDs,budgeting

Survey Budgets, Publication Partnerships

Planning according to budget deficit, analysing markets and investment climate


Information Management

IR building, Intern engagement, expectation setting and planning documentation








Training, policy implementation, mentorship

RnR, investment in programmes and improving talent capacity

Tracking,book keeping, investments

Measures to ensure synergy and accountability:     

Quarterly review for all portfolios Emphasis on review sheets for all MB and OCVP positions Release of Quarterly reports via IM to all stakeholders Conclusion of the quarter at an LC forum with updated analysis and reports Introduction of scheduled mandatory office hours.

8. Give an activity calendar of AIESEC in Chandigarh for the year 2013

The events have been divided on the following lines:  

Key events: Will be the major focus of the Marketing-BD synergy for outreach and revenue generation. They will also determine growth and development of the membership Medium scale events: can be carried forward by portfolio heads, require lesser investment and give higher returns.

Key Events: Event



Financial Implications

Global Entrepreneurs Program Event

Establish a strong GEP Brand and get maximum Raises in the first cycle.

Mid feb/end feb

This Event is for OGX Promotions and generating funding through strong BD(already potential partners) and OGX Raises. A good follow up for Y2B and also a vital means of generating registrations for May Recruitment

Local Leadership Development Seminar

Induction of New Recruits

February Last Week + mid/end August

Inkind raising will be looked into. Will be a forum to unite the December 2012 and Feb 2013 recruits. An ideal step to follow Y2B and GEP event


Strong branding, BD funding and diverse impact


A well-planned BD Raising will be carried, as it is a big event in terms of fund raising capacity. Also brands iGCDP Projects right before Realization Cycle. (Micro financing boost)

Youth to Business Forum

Connecting the youth to Business, showcasing AIESEC as a brand that will be recognized

Jan 2014

BD appointments will begin right after RYLC. OC to come in September end. Capitalizing on relations with ISB, making it a

across sectors for creating responsible and entrepreneurial leaders

greater spectale

Local Congress

Local Review, Membership development and Motivation, Last lap before JNC, welcoming May Recruit

May Last Week/Jun First Week

Following the success of 2012 local forums, LCong will be deemed profitable and an experience to cherish

MB summit

Absolutely critical to empower and enable the mid level management body of AIESEC in Chandigarh

December end/ Jan 1st week and mid-August

No such implication, breakeven event

25th Anniversary AIESEC in Chandigarh dinner

Stakeholder Recognition, Alumni Gathering, parents connecting Stakeholders to Local Achievements, gratitude


Can rope in good partnerships like this years Y2B.

October Strategy Conference

Defining the last quarter, pipeline and 2015

October last week

Profitable, raising will be looked into for both local conferences, small funds to be accrued.

National contribution, enabling the most spectacular experience to the new recruits of the North and East region


Can be sold Nationally, great scope for regional market. Ideal for BD raising and

Regional Youth Leadership Conference

Medium Scale Events

Global Village

To be held in February (with GEP) & Recruitment cycle, can be an amazing selling event along with both the

events; and includes Trainee Involvement. Project/Department specific Events

To be managed by VP‘s of Departments, optional, to be carried out only if the Project requires Branding/Funding besides that achieved from the above events.


Continuing the wave of youth empowerment, using promotions and youth outreach as components of the product basket. Extensive BD-Marketing synergy required

9. Critically analyse the culture of AIESEC in Chandigarh. What aspects of the current culture will you retain and what aspects will you change in the coming year? How do you plan to do the same? Recollect the cultural aspectd of 2010, 2011.

‘What character is to man, culture is to the organization‘ – Anonymous Culture for AIESEC Chandigarh has been one of the absolute pillars. It denotes our extraordinary work ethic and tireless commitment to be different.2012 was a test of our mantle, it was a test of our courage and never say die spirit. We survived, and are on the road to redefining success. The culture I would like to rediscover and retain:    

     

LCong and OSC Culture, besides review, doing Local conferences for Membership adds connection, motivation and element of fun Implementation of stronger Team Processes and learning circles, especially the ones that were envisioned this year Strong emphasis on pipeline creation and management Strong Department Culture and members having stronger motivation and ownership for their own departments. Operating departments as autonomous entity-like teams with a very strong focus on TL and OCP development. Inculcate a healthy competition to uncover the talent of the membership. Keep the simplicity, element of respect, and the honest ‗open to give, open to receive attitude alive in the LC Driving a culture of performance, emphasising on the relevance of volume and quality of experiences being delivered Bringing back the office culture, with scheduled office hours for the EB. Also to provide intellectual space to the GB to come forward and brainstorm Driving a culture of internationalism, everything from CEED/intern involvement in the LC to driving a strong OGX-centric membership A healthy balance of formal and informal forums Re-emphasis on strong IM and imbibing tools like the exchange website to facilitate greater exchange

10. Describe the role a VP will play in the LC (around performance & attitude) in 2013.

The job role of VP has gone tremendous changes in the past few years. This is mostly because of the dynamic shifts that are being undertaken by the organization. From the times of spearheading functional and high operational programmes we now have come to the more strategic phase of a VP. There is no doubt that this experience is nothing less turbulent than a roller-coaster ride. Also given the growing scale of operations, where some are changing the tiers of structures, the role of a VP garners immense importance, especially because of a relatively smaller structure being implemented here:

Avenues catering to performance  Strategic contribution and direction setting for the LC – This comes in simply by the privilege of being on the executive body of AIESEC in Chandigarh  Department management – The bottomline of his/her role. Shapes the performance of the LC, creates new leaders, develops a strong culture.  Human Resource Directive for Department - A VP has to act like VP TM for his/her members, everything from member engagement to member retention come under his perview  Stakeholder Engagement– Being responsible for AIESEC in Chandigarh in front of the stakeholders. Presenting them with an extensive range of services and engagement opportunities as and when required. Avenues catering to attitude  Focus on member development – Besides being a functional leader, the VP will lay the most stress on member engagement and empowerment. The whole idea of a strong MB springs out of the most capable, developed membership  Forum contribution – A VP delivers almost all key messages at vital LC forums, for that reason it is vital that such information is of the highest quality and gives the right message  Behaviour – The way a VP choses to be, inside and outside AIESEC determines the respect he/she garners for his/her position and organization  One love: A rejuvenated, perennially motivated indivdual, who has rediscovered a greater purpose and lives the year with 100% committment.

Section G | Programmes 1. What will be the changes that will leverage the volume of AIESEC in Chandigarh ELD Experiences in 2013? How are these connected with the external environment? Program iGIP

Evolution Proposed -

OS evolution LN Implementati on

Top 3 strategies -

Product upscaling Use of GLE Retaining clients

Relevance with External Market


Offering a greater choice in our product basket, skilled manpower to companies looking to expand and grow. forging strong relationships, spreading innovation and languae

education oGIP







LN implementati on Externally accredited exchange collaboration


Financial sustainability Making it externally relevant


OS evolution EP engangement







OS evolution Talent capacity driving growth





OS evolution Talent capacity driving growth



Use of GLE Innovative Financial model to increase EwA and bring sustainable growth Synergy with other functions and programmes to bring in endorsements and certifications

Talent sourcing the best crowd who will come back and develop the city‘s economy. Better engagement avenues for professional and personal growth of stakeholders. Exposure for the EPs regardless of the delivery

Trainee house Management Micro financing TMP/TLP on exchange

Creating a sustainable market that caters to wide causes. Delivering measurable impact, promoting the stakeholder and the work at the same time.

GEP event and LEAD!n Campus ambassador BDMs

Giving back responsible individuals to the society. Enhancing the element of global opinion

Year round member engagement plan EwAELD conversion TMP before and after Exchange

Providing intense experience that can facilitate efficient teams in the economy. Providing practical opportunities to those touched by EwA

Extensive focus on TL training and experience Dual role Direct TLP

Externally relevant, certified set of skills, provided to stakeholders

2. Please give your (probable) targets for the next year. Please justify the same, especially along the lines of: a. b. c. d.

Membership Volume & Experience Logistical Management Stakeholders Experience Delivery International Relations AIESEC in Chandigarh 2013- Performance


Project Project Project Project Project Project Project

Conserve Rural Development Footprints iCAN Healthcare SME Worldview

40 40 60 15 10 10 20


Eureka Phoenix Emerging India Education

30 20 15 40


Eureka + Emerging India Phoenix Education

20 15 30


InBound OutBound

80 50



1200 400

Total Exchanges: 495 AM target: 2000 TMP + X= 30 TLP + X= 20 Membership volume and experience: - TL and OCP roles to be filled by December end, subsidiary leadership roles to be filled by mid January. - Extensive MB training to set up (MB summit + external training) - 2 MB cycles, 6 months each - Member engagement as mentioned earlier will be a top priority - OS evolution to enrich and diversify experience - Departments to functions as mini-entities, developing a strong culture within - Self-motivated membership, progressing rapidly on the path of redelivering performance. (RnR campaigns to come in earlier, all elements of the GLE to come in their learning)

Logistical Management: - Introduction of Finance analyst to study the financial inflows and outflows of the LC - Outsourcing project to be continued - Invest in smart, high-return initiatives to drive exchange and experiences - QTF to work in close synergy with all portfolios and establish a strong synergy with IM for accurate tracking and flawless implementation - Initiating a strong Office Culture Stakeholder Experience Delivery: Membership: - Year long engagement plan, regardless of portfolio and position - MB empowerment to be driven down to membership - Understanding the efficiency of each experience and making sure every VP pays attention to the TMP/TLP experiences Clients: - Finalizing phase 3 of CRM and driving it down as a habit (synergy with IM) - Professionalism to be emphasised upon in the LC culture - Quarterly review mechanisms to check quality and number of experiences delivered Trainees: - QTF to be the focal touch-point for all grievances - TMP/TLP on exchange - Expectation setting and induction processes and implementation to be made better through IM-F-ICX synergy Exchange Participants: - Short term TMP and TLP engagement - Feedback and review mechanism to be implemented every quarter - EP training module to enable them with professional skills and bring in extra revenue (by product of LEAD!n and external training) Parents: - Parents‘ evening twice in the year, Feb and September - Parent Letters to be mailed every quarter, showcasing the member presence, performance and learning - Making parents a part of AIESEC initiatives and activities ( BKK + volunteering etc) International Relations: - 3 distince CEEDer cycles ( Exchange+ EB + Expansion) - Focus on expansion through extensive IR and Expansion CEEDer (preferably from Brazil/China- University based LCs) - Aligning our ‗why‘ with the motive of all our EPs and interns, driving it in all exchange related communication - Learning hub for the LC and wikis to be used extensively to showcase the LC - Exchange Website to undergo changes to look more stakeholder relevant

3. How important is the integration of Net Promoter Score in evaluation of our Program Delivery? What are the action steps that you propose leading to better delivery of our programs?

The integration of NPS provides empirical support to our quality and the deepest inferences on our delivery. The whole concept of having promoters and detractors shows how our stakeholders perceive our brand and (think of) making it externally relevant. Action Steps for Delivery:      

Quarterly review mechanism for all functions and programmes to gauge the level of engagement and delivery IM to present a consolidated Knowledge management system that contains all elements of official documentation(facilitating everything from expectation setting to project closure and transition) AIESEC experience to take tracking to the next level, shifting to CRM tools(Podio) for the highest level of efficiency Review and feedback to be directed to IM, which will automatically present regulated outputs of the same to all portfolio heads CRM phase 3 to be fully implemented, product upscaling and promoting client participation in LC activities and initiatives AIESEC experience managers to analyse the performance of their respective portfolios and submit regular reports to the TM cell, highlighting the quality and efficiency of work

4. State your understanding of the inter-relation between the 4 ELD programs. What do you propose for 2013 that will ensure capitalization of this inter-relationship.

There are two essential components of the relationship between the 4 ELD programmes. o


TMP-TLP (or talent capacity) driving growth: The implementation of GCDP and GIP programmes depends heavily on the number of membership/leadership experiences being offered. Engagement offered under the TMP/TLP will directly contribute to the growth of GCDP and GIP Similarly GCDP and GIP contribute to the number of TMP/TLP. If the number of oGCDP is high, with high levels of EP engagement (short term and long term experiences being offered), the number of TMP and TLP will automatically rise. Similarly in the performance of GCDP and GIP programmes directly contributes to the growth of TLP/TMP. The number of youth undergoing membership programmes can directly showcase the utility of GCDP and GIP for stakeholders; hence it can drive TMP TLP as well.

Section G Q1 and the OS evolution shows the way forward for 2013. 5. List down any innovation(s) that you intend to bring in Program departments/teams. My theme revolves less around new innovations and more on redeeming ideas that have been in the network for a while. I still believe that the innovations lie in this LC. The following are some of the innovations that I‘d like to touch: 

OS evolution: As mentioned before, smaller teams make for more efficient, highly connected and motivated set of individuals. This also aims at establishing individual portfolios as autonomous, selfsustainable pseudo-entities that will not only deliver high volume of exchange but also the highest levels of engagement Finance analyst: To understand the economic inflows and outflows of the LC. Will submit quarterly reports to VP F, suggesting new avenues of investment (monetary and otherwise) that he/she believes can produce the highest returns.

Feedback channels to optimize quality and performance: IM initiative to have all feedback directed towards them through the use of Podio and releasing quarterly reports on the same. The feedback would be immediately passed to the concerned portfolio head and tracked on system Introducing the “why‖ of exchange and element of holistic collaboration in IR-centric mails. As it is rightly said, people buy the why, stakeholders who believe in our team visions will readily accept local realities and adapt happily. This will not only reduce quality cases but also increase their involvement in LC forums

Section H | Functions 


1. What is your view about the state of synergy between Program and Functional teams in the LC in 2012? What do you propose to evolve the same in 2013?

For AIESEC in Chandigarh to achieve its 2015 goals, it is of the utmost importance that synergy mechanisms are functioning smoothly. The state of synergy was strengthened in 2012 with strong processes. However in many ways than one, the final implementation couldn‘t happen         

High conversion of references in oGIP, given by Marketing Virtual presence also got ample registrations for recruitment. (TMP conversion) Strong Marketing-TM and BD-TM synergy which contributed to both functional aspects (external training and certification) and programme performance (TMP/TLP growth- skill based recruitment etc) Initiation of TMP/TLP on exchange, a beginning of a fruitful synergy TM-BD and ICX synergy blossomed with the CRM drive, its full consequences are still awaited Overall functions couldn‘t directly contribute to growth of exchange, a phenomena that was greatly influenced by the financial environment and the need to establish strong processes Initial IM synergy resulted in the multi-purpose exchange website, something that couldn‘t be continued as a habit Finance synergy with all portfolios worked solely on the lines of cost-cutting and recovery of revenue. Lack of consistency in BD synergy with ELD programmes

Supplements for 2013: -

IM to have a greater role in tracking and implementing policies BD-Marketing Synergy to evolve rapidly(introduction of department culture in BD) and create sustainable avenues Synergy to be measured in terms of exchange output, with quarterly check-points Consider the evolutions proposed earlier and inputs in the functional sections below

2. Give a critical assessment of all Functional portfolios of the LC for the year 2012. Business Development:      

Transforming the CRM approach of the LC with 3 stages of implementation Heavy reliance on entities for raising Negligible board involvement High BD-TM synergy in the beginning, introducing certification and outsourcing EB CEED conducting extensive market research BD raising focused at recovering debt than creating surplus reserves

Finance:    

High focus on cost cutting Conducting sustainable local conferences for the first time ever Stronger implementation of finance policies Focus on more savings than investments

    

Initial implementation of the exchange website, to be revived Introduction of extensive IT tools to enhance engagement and performance Using CRM tools to improve quality and user-experience Innovative and informative newsletters delivered throughout the year Has successfully stored all essential documents created and used throughout the year, including all local and national forums


Marketing 

Refer to Section H, Marketing for the same

HR      

For recruitment refer to Section H, TM, Q.2. External training initiated with a partners day Certification in progress Exchange support managers used brilliantly to flow TM guidelines and drive strong engagement RISE and Top Gun accelerated the LC‘s exchange, a successful implementation of RnR this year Strong implementation on transition and capacity building

External Relations 1. What is your understanding of External Relations and Business Development? What all according to you falls under the purview of the portfolio?

Create sustainable markets for the local chapter and cater to the stakeholder requirements. It focuses on developing concrete products and also generating revenue. -

Alumni Relations Management Stakeholder Management Product development and selling Maintain BoA relations Source of financial surplus Striking Multi-dimensional partnerships Striving for inkind raising in strong synergy with Finance

2. Give your (probable) ER target for the next year. Justify the same, considering the ground realities faced in the LC in 2012. Product Recruitment+



Balakalakar Youth







Combining Recruitment with GEP event


The highlight of social impact


Building on Jan 2013‘s event+ synergy with entities on the same



Reinitiating board ties and generating funds

Regional Youth Leadership Conference


Regional Product that can be sold with recruitments as well

Collaborative partnerships




Year long partnerships and promotional initiatives(includes micro financing)

BD is probably the only portfolio that hasn‘t lived up to the LC‘s name in the past. One of the major reasons is delay in planning and implementation. Since the engagement model for 2013 is designed to bring in the leaders by mid Jan, and with the current focus on transition, we should be able to initiate a more wholesome mechanism for the same. Another benefit is Y2B happening at ISB in January 2013, not only does it provide a strong start (externally relevant event, that will generate a huge amount of publicity and give us greater market outreach) it also helps in establishing a strong brand for the year. The extensive synergy mechanisms mentioned in Section F,Q7 we can be sure of effective implementation. 2013 will be the year when we discover our zest for BD, 3. What sources of revenue do you propose that will bring in regular income to the LC (apart from direct exchange programs)? o o o o o 

Micro financing the iGCDP projects and even the programme documentation. Evolution of LEAD!n and Leadership development programmes Global Villages and LC collaboration with external events Sustainable partnerships through BD-Marketing synergy Crowd funding and creation of alumni support fund

Financial Management 1. Describe your understanding of the role of Vice-President Finance in the LC

The role of VP finance:    

To prepare the Annual Budget for the LC. Overall responsible for the Logistics of the LC (Trainee Houses, Office, Infrastructure, GBM Venues) Undertake key investments for the LC Understanding the costs involved and the returns on investments/initiatives

    

Chairing the Finance Sub Committee. Internal and external auditing Member Education on Finance and Financial Implications in Exchange. Building Corpus Funds. Introducing Financial Policies (including the ROI Model) in the LC

Ensuring sound Book Keeping and being the legal responsible 2. Define a financially sustainable LC. How do you envision AIESEC Chandigarh in 2013 with respect to financial sustainability?

A financial sustainable LC is the one that satisfies the following: o o o o

Adequate liquidity with no impending (or minimal) bad debts/receivables Not being dependent on BD to raise for LC operations Having sufficient reserves for surviving 2 quarters without any income Exchange to generate 20% surplus at least

3. What long-term action steps do you propose that will prevent the LC from facing a similar financial situation as it did in the previous year? o o o o o o

KM systems to make all processes flawless All official processes to be tracked and followed up upon Planned exchange, VP F to determine the number of ELD experiences and permitting exchange and operations on them alone iGCDP to strive towards a financially profitable, surplus generating portfolio through better delivery and project funding The strongest implementation of Financial norms and policies Creation of additional reserves for the LC

4. Attach an outline budget with respect to your ELD program targets, including ER income from events, collaborations etc. Inflow


iGCDP: 1,95,000

iGCDP: 48,750

iGIP: 3,15,000

iGIP: 1,25,000

oGCDP: 6,50,000


oGIP: 3,00,000

oGIP: 1,20,000

ER: 7,00,000

Miscellenous: 2,00,000

Total: 21,60,000

Total: 7,53,750

Talent Management 1. What is your understanding of the distinction between TM as a function and TM as a program? Evaluate the performance of both in 2012.

TM as a Function

As a Programme

Tracking personal development, 
 learning and goal achievement of
 every member.

Understanding TMP TLP principles, education, training and living by them

Implementing the GLE Smoothest transition in the LC with direct support from Empowering Associate membership

TMP TLP Management and tracking. Working on increasing Integrated 
 XPs along with OGX. Talent planning and executive of talent capacity

2. Analyze the recruitment‘s conducted this year. What innovations do you propose in the existing processes to make them even more effective for next year?

Recruitment in the LC happened in 2 major and 2 minor cycles: January and May Recruitment – Over 40 members recruited. EwA to ELD conversion tapped. Skill based recruitment for IM initiated, needs build up. Used for filling in the missing membership February Recruitment Lack of membership resulted in the formation of recruitment task force. Majority of recruits came from outskirt colleges. Outsourcing of GDs and TAs (followed in August as well). Allocation of membership needed a new approach based on competencies. August Recruitment 40 day National guideline followed. Immense growth in TM-Marketing synergy to revolutionize LEAD!ns and market outreach. Providing impetus to female leadership and creating strong mentorships. Entire engagement module prepare well within time for a brilliant implementation. The involvement of the EB has reduced with time. Recruitment has become externally more relevant with external presence and endorsements. Also was able to supply oGCDP with a significant number of raisies

3. How to increase external value of our Membership? o Externally relevant training model for the membership o Continuing certification for membership that complies with the LC policies o Showcasing the experiences of members with strong endorsements of stakeholders o BD-Marketing to promote alumni stories and their career paths. o Using IT as a means to polish and promote our experiences

Marketing 1. What emphasis does Marketing as a function hold currently for AIESEC in Chandigarh? Critically analyze the same. Also evaluate its contribution to growth in ELD programs.

Marketing has evolved fromm Communications, laying greater emphasis on brand building and external outreach.

Frontrunners in the network with over 12,700 likes and 980+ online registrations. Since recruitment is more about registrations and less about form selling, Marketing has become absolutely vital for the LC‘s growth. With 56 newspaper articles this year, it has contributed in establishing a stronger brand. Its contribution could‘ve been greater in generating exchange for the LC.Only significant conrtibution going to oGIP. 8 successful events delivered, creating a better brand, however volunteer engagement could‘ve been better.

2. How should Marketing evolve in the LC in 2013? How do you see it contributing to ELD programs in 2013? o o o

o o o o 

Marketing to strive for a greater contribution to ELD through showcasing experiences Achieving meaningful partnerships that increase the brand of AIESEC amongst the youth Striving for partnerships in sectors that provide for a more convenient delivery of interns ( for example initiating special deals for AIESEC interns, registrations to begin at the time of matching, value-added services for AIESEC stakeholders) Shifting to online registrations completely by the end of next year through viral marketing and innovations in social media Flowing content to local media throughout the year regardless of any event, presenting AIESEC as a relevant leadership consultancy Greater implementation of IT centric innovations to transmit case studies Greater investment in training of the Marketing cell to enable knowledge-based engagement

Information Management 1. What are the various spheres in the LC in which Information Management plays a huge role or can a play a huge role? o o o o

Process optimization maps and optimization procedures Knowledge Management IT support for key operations Compiling and tracking through

2. Comment on how you envision the role of Information Systems in the functioning and administration of the local committee in 2013.

Continuing from 2012, IM will continue to pioneer in the network. Implementing the most elaborate client feedback and stakeholder assistance mechanism Making Process more efficient, contributing to auto-generation of documents instead of manual creation Initiating better synergy with Finance to carry and maintain internal & external audits Simplifying the IT for the general body Re-initiating the exchange website, synergizing with BD and Marketing extensively to create a wider outreach and range of products in the process o Maintaining audio-visual support for all portfolios (everything from member training videos to EP engagement modules, EP training and process implementation videos/VLogs) o o o o o

Section I | EwA and LLC 1. Give an outline plan of EwA activities that will be conducted in 2013, which will ensure growth in ELD programs in 2013.

EWA is divided into 2 categories Youth Empowerment and Associate Membership. EWA is the way forward to achieve our BHAG for the year 2015,its one of the most important measures we can take to achieve what we aspire. Youth Empowerment Sessions have been a great success in the year 2012 and have shown considerable results to boost TMP/TLP and OGX. Youth Empowerment is the easiest way to get into the colleges and applies as a pull strategy than a push strategy to sell our product. 35 YE delivered to over 4200 students in the City (Collegs and Schools). Continuing LEAD!n as a product on a wider scale, tapping on to wider student markets. Making LDP a bi-annual event, not only to make it a source of constant revenue, but also maintain a constant connect with the student market. A brilliant way to activate leadership throughout Using blogs and newsletters as a consistent way to engage stakeholders and provide insight on ethical leadership Associate Membership : A concept that has evolved only recently. 2012 was instrumental in setting a strong base for AM. 2013 will have the following AM initiatives: o GCDP X programme to expand, in fact Associate members will now be involved in exploring new sustainable markets with OCVPs o Driving oGCDP through AM and reintegrating them as the ideal membership o High degree of EwA to ELD conversion o AM to leverage out of events like Global Village, LEAD!n and sky lanterns o Monthly training to keep engagement and create strong ELD pipeline o AM to be used as content generators and promoters throughout the year o Collaboration with other youth organizations o Planning events keeping the AM in mind


Give an outline plan of LLC activities that will be conducted in 2013, which will ensure evolved and improved Alumni

It can be safely said that this local chapter has some of the most committed set of alumni, people who gave their timeless contribution to this LC.The year 2013 is an important year to take Alumni Relations forward

-Retaining Alumni first Thursday to maintain an informal connect -Propose an Alumni support group that will help in standardizing processes and faciliating transitions -Initiate an Alumni fund, giving alumni the rights to invest through the fund, in the LC -Alumni mentors to guide portfolios and deliver training -Alumni are also the ideal EPs, especially for oGIP which is looking for exponential growth next year -The AIESEC in Chandigarh 25th Anniversery event in December 2013 will also provide them with a platform to nework -Maintaining a regular delivery of newsletters and opportunites to alumni -Initiating alumni interactions with other stakeholders (eg. TM conclave at ISB) -Showcasing alumni success stories in the network. This can promote their initiatives and even generate a good brand for them.

Section J | Blank Page Challenge You have one page and all your creativity to propose what is the biggest question/challenge that lies in front of AIESEC in Chandigarh today and give an answer to it. You have the license to change the system, to challenge any paradigms and unleash the potential of the organization.

A lot of times, us men and women, in the impulsive need to improvise, create challenges and boundaries that don‘t exist. AIESEC in Chandigarh in its glorious years has achieved and delivered what any other ideal LC would‘ve. Our greatest challenge does not lie in achieving a similar feat, our greatest challenge does not lie in being the number 1 LC in the world, our greatest challenge does not lie in achieving exponential growth in all portfolios. This LC will always have inspired leadership, we will always have a market smaller than other bigger cities, our families would still be apprehensive, our friends would still be missed and yes we will fail. But no, none of these account for the biggest challenge that lies in front of us. Our greatest challenge lies in understanding and accepting the strong potential we carry as individuals. To give you a better perspective, imagine, a year from now, AIESEC in Chandigarh is being recognized as the number local chapter in the network, yes a moment to relish, but think again, where would you take AIESEC after that? What next for AIESEC Chandigarh? Weren‘t you only a year ago cherishing the challenge to achieve greatness? What happened now? Where would you take the LC now? Imagine if the likes of us, could inspire a generation to imbibe a culture of greatness, I believe we can do that Yes, I hope you have the answer; our greatest challenge lies in comprehending our own abilities. We are powerful beyond measure, fortunately for us; we work in an organization that encourages such potential. But most of all are you ready to truly discover that potential? Do you have the will to survive the onslaught of exponential growth? Can you rise beyond yourself for a purpose greater than yours. I hope, you live by the heart of this LC while facing that challenge; I hope you rediscover its beauty in the process.


Pranav Lakherwal Manifesto LCP 2013, AIESEC in Chandigarh  

Pranav Lakherwal Manifesto LCP 2013, AIESEC in Chandigarh

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