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“It's the constant and determined effort that breaks down all resistance and sweeps away all obstacles.”





Section A | Opening note AIESEC Chandigarh has been in existence for over 23 years now & has grown with an ambition to achieve greatness every year in everything that it did & living AIESEC in the purest form. Today we stand on top of 23 years of strong legacy that has made the LC stand tall in the network, leading and directing it till now. It has made me think about where the LC comes from, where do we stand, which direction to go and what is our responsibility as AIESEC Chandigarh towards the network and towards our city. The momentum built over the last 23 years is compelling AIESEC to think about bigger questions like how much of an impact have we created, how many people recognize what AIESEC does? How have we evolved? Today we are in a state where we can no longer look at our past history of the LC to decide the road map ahead, the race is not with the past performances or other LCs, it is with our potential to deliver and create impact! The year 2012 will be The Breakthrough year for AIESEC Chandigarh where it will go full throttle and push the extraordinary limits that have existed for the organization and enable the LC to open limitless opportunities for both Chandigarh and AIESEC. I‟m not talking about breakthrough in performance, as it is just an output. It is breakthrough in our impact, playing an important role across sectors and contributing in development of the city, breakthrough in our evolution, our management and our behaviour. A breakthrough demands strong commitment, discipline and direction and we are the generation that will shoulder this responsibility. I hope you are ready to shift gears and lead AIESEC into the future and Converge the possibilities of our environment into Reality of our organization.

Gautam Khetrapal AIESEC Chandigarh-2012 “The Breakthrough”


Section B | Personal Information Full Name

Gautam Khetrapal

Date of Birth

28th February, 1989


House #3468, Sector-38 D, Chandigarh



Email ,

II. Academic Qualifications Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) Computer Science and Engineering University Institute of Engineering & Technology, Panjab University December 2011, IV Year, 51% Class XII Bal Bharati Public School, New Delhi June 2006, 69% Class X Bal Bharati Public School, New Delhi June 2004, 82% III. Additional Experiences Innovations Event Management Firm, New Delhi Product Promotions | Summer 2004 First real job experience; engaged in product promotions for the company; acquired strong selling and marketing skills. Exprezto Infosolutions, New Delhi Assistant Team Leader | Summer 2006 Developed strong team management and marketing ability while working for 2 months in this American call center. IQOR, New Delhi Customer Care Executive | Summer 2007 Learnt client and customer servicing in the credit department of the Canadian process in the company. Triniti Chandigarh Trainer | July 2011 Trained college final year students on soft skills, GD & PI training and Aptitude IV. Software Skills Software/OS MS Office Programming Languages Internet

Skill Level Excellent Good Excellent

Packages of which I have Experience Word, PowerPoint, Excel C, C++, HTML IE, Firefox, Outlook

V. Interests  AIESEC  Sports – cricket, football, basketball. badminton  Movies


Section C | AIESEC Experience 1. List all positions held in AIESEC along with duration of the role. Also briefly elaborate on your contribution/performance, as well as the main learning you derived from each role. Member in Development Sector (Aug‟08- Jan‟09)

February Recruitment OC 2009-The Old Monks

I joined AIESEC in August 2008 and right after the mentorship week I was in a completely different world for 7 most amazing days that changed my life, it was NLDS 2008. I met 400 new recruits of AIESEC from all over the country and it was a reality check for me, I realized my positives, negatives, and the amazing platform that AIESEC provides, how can I contribute to the society and develop myself at the same time. I was inducted into the Development sector of AIESEC Chandigarh. It was majorly about understanding the processes, team work and responsibility. Soon came the first Leadership opportunity (OCP DT) and I applied for it with full enthusiasm. I didn‟t get it, it was the first failure of my life and it hit me hard. Later I realized that it takes much more and got back contributing to the LC in every way possible.

I shared the responsibility with the team which was responsible to get the next generation of AIESEC Chandigarh. Being an introvert, approaching strangers and telling them about AIESEC was something I never thought I could do. We had huge targets and very less time to achieve them, I experienced the feeling of achieving what we set together.

Local Trainer-August‟09-December‟09 It was a very different and unique role in the LC, to train the members on various competencies. I attended Train the Trainers conference which was completely different dimension of AIESEC conferences. I got in-depth knowledge of concepts like project management, client relation management, IS tools, time management, personal efficiency and presentation skills. Got the opportunity to deliver sessions and train members of the LC. Vice President-Talent Management 2010 After going through all the experiences mentioned above I discovered my passion and it was simply people around me, their development and their experiences. I have always believed people as the most valuable resource. I feel at loss of words, when describing this incredible experience. One of the most intense and challenging experience of my life, it tested me to the core and evolved me as a person. It was a role which made me think of the bigger picture, AIESEC Chandigarh and how can I contribute to it more every single moment. It involved immense amount of commitment both as an EB Member and as a VP of a portfolio.

Other Experiences:  LN Day OC 2008  Onsite OC-NLDS 2009  EBC- February, May & August Recruitment 2010  Facilitator- RLDS‟10, NLDS‟10 & RLDS‟11

OCP June National Conference‟09- Khup Meisters 2.0 These 2 months are really close to my heart. After 9 months in AIESEC, I got my first leadership opportunity and it was the most challenging yet fulfilling experience. AIESEC Chandigarh decided to host the biggest national conference of AIESEC India, June National Conference 2009 and I got the opportunity to head that project. Handling a team of 31 people from diverse backgrounds, budget of 20 lac+, 400+ delegates was like the ultimate rollercoaster ride! It was one of the best conferences of AIESEC India in terms of financial gains and Delegate experiences. It was the most powerful experience which I will cherish for life. OCP Phoenix – Corporate Sector After having a very diverse experience, I wanted lead an exchange project and I always wanted to interact with the corporates (one of the reasons I joined AIESEC) and I took up this amazing opportunity in the corporate sector. I had the responsibility of the experiences of 8 new recruits and the target that I promised. I enjoyed every bit of the term, the companies, the matching and training sessions, the members and their innocent queries, the realizations. The project ended with all the members retained and 700% growth in exchange. Vice President Corporate Sector 2011 A re-term as a Vice President made me ten folds more responsible and mature. I was put in a role where I had to envision, empower and achieve. I lead a team with such dynamic and strong individuals. This VP Term was about redifining my style of working and making smarter decisions and strategies. The most special and most challening aspect of this role has been handling, coordinating, managing and motivating a department(an average of 14 members) throughout my term which tradiotionally hasn‟t happened in this sector for long. One thing that I really wanted to get out of my term was to put TN back in the top 3 spot in AIESEC India. It‟s been a tough ride throughout the year from handling delivery issues, endless appointements & immense hard work from the whole department that has added immensely to my learning this year.



Briefly describe your key achievements and failures in AIESEC in the past. Also mention your learnings from your failures and how they have affected your AIESEC journey. (Mention a max of three each)

I. Achievements Organizing June National Conference 2009- „The Ultimate Rollercoaster Ride‟ AIESEC Chandigarh was hosting the biggest national conference of AIESEC India and being the leading Local Committee, everyone had huge expectations from it. It was the first time I was given a responsibility in AIESEC, of leading this project. Starting from zero, the venue, the fund raising appointments, intense planning sessions with the team, handling the budget of over 20 lakhs, the onsite team of 31 and over 400 delegates at the conference, as mentioned earlier, the best line to express this is, „The Ultimate Rollercoaster Ride‟! It was one of the most successful conferences in terms of financial gains and delegate experiences. Best VP TM 2010 – ‟Making IT happen‟ Being VP TM of AIESEC Chandigarh 2010 & taking forward the portfolio from where my predecessor left it was a huge responsibility in itself. Doing things like Top Gun, initiating the concept of Pocket recruitments, biggest recruitment in AIESEC India & building a strong brand in the city & developing amazing leaders in the process made my experience worthwhile, helped me achieve the vision of the portfolio & win the award of Best VP TM nationally. Growth in TN 2011-- „Live it UP!‟ My reason behind taking up TN portfolio was to bring it to the top as it was the only portfolio in the LC which needed to come up strong in 2011. It was a vision that was not possible without the strong amount of hard work and commitment that I put in. A stronger TN team (Stallions 2.0), enhanced stakeholders‟ experiences, member knowledge & a strong team culture all contributed to TN touching 100 for the first time in the history of AIESEC Chandigarh. II. Non Achievements 

 

Initially, I was an introvert and didn‟t interact much with people about what I want to learn in AIESEC which resulted in the lack of knowledge about the organization and resulted in a minor phase of stagnation. As emotional and passionate I am about AIESEC, I couldn‟t balance my academic and personal front initially. What we had set for TN at the beginning of the year 2011 could not be achieved completely.


3. List the Local/ National/ International conferences you have attended and in what capacity. Mention Year, Conference Name, Location and Role. S No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

Conference Local Congress National Leadership Development Seminar Local Congress Local Leadership development Seminar Local Congress June National Conference Train the Trainers National leadership Development Seminar Local Congress National Strategic Conference Local Congress National Congress Regional Leadership Development Seminar Local Congress June National Conference National Leadership Development Seminar Local Congress National Strategic Conference National Leaders Summit Regional Leadership Development Seminar Local Congress June National Conference National Strategy Conference Local Congress

Profile Delegate Delegate Delegate Delegate OC+Delegate OCP Delegate Onsite OC Trainer/Delegate Delegate Delegate Delegate Facilitator Facilitator Delegate Facilitator Facilitator Delegate Delegate Facilitator Facilitator Delegate Delegate Facilitator

Date Aug‟08 Aug‟08 Jan‟09 Feb‟09 May‟09 Jun‟09 Sep‟09 Sep‟09 Oct‟09 Nov‟09 Jan‟10 Jan‟10 Mar‟10 May‟10 June‟10 Sep‟10 Oct‟10 Oct‟10 Jan‟11 Mar‟11 May‟11 Jun‟11 Oct‟11 Oct‟11

Place Zirakpur Silvassa Zirakpur Parwanoo Zirakpur Shimla Silvassa Silvassa Zirakpur Jaipur Zirakpur Koidai Canal Jaipur Parwanoo Silvassa Silvassa Parwanoo Silvassa Jaipur Indore Parwanoo Jaipur Silvassa Shimla

4. Describe the experience of being a part of the Executive Body of AIESEC Chandigarh. How do you think other members on the team would evaluate your contribution to the team & LCs organizational direction? Being a part of the Executive Body is one experience that makes you live all emotions in just one year & once you do go through it, you evolve as a much more balanced and stronger individual with a bigger purpose in AIESEC or life. I have had the privledge to experience it twice and both years being very different from each other; different role, different learnings & different purpose. These two years have defined what AIESEC means to me & transformed me into who I am today.  The Dream Team- ”Discovering Myself” If there was one word that best describes this experience its “life”! It was like living a complete lifetime in one year. It was a journey where I made friends for life, experienced each other‟s greatness as well as shortcomings, faltered, fallen, struggled & eventually touched glory. It was the most intense team experience, as well as the biggest process of self-realization that I could have ever gone through.  The Fellowship- ”The Bigger purpose” Being on the Executive Body of AIESEC Chandigarh 2011 has been one of the most “defining moments” of my existence. I have witnessed the most testing times, the most satisfying moments and worked with the most passionate people for this Local committee. This year was more about contributing & giving the best for the Local Committee than my own self. Being a re-termer is a much biggger role, it comes with an added responsibility of being in your best form always and setting right examples for other EB members & being more of a support than a responsibility to the LCP. Vice President, AIESEC Chandigarh Being a Vice President means that you are under a 360 degree scanner for a year by all your stakeholders; your clients, externals, students and most importantly members. Every action of yours has a great impact on the members & its a huge responsibility. You could no longer do things without thinking about them, no longer be late for meetings & no longer be demotivated or low on energy as you are the motivation for many others.You always have to keep the bigger picture in mind & base every action on that. You are always AIESEC Chandigarh, Vice

President-Portfolio; AIESEC Chandigarh comes first, then comes the responsibility of a Vice President & then comes the portfolio. I made sure that I don‟t only focus on my own portfolio but contribute


in others as well and put forward my perspective where ever needed. I have supported and enhanced the culture, member experience in the capacity of a VP TN & participated in every activity of the LC. Hence, I am sure other members on my team would acknowledge my contribution to the team, as well as organizational direction for the year.

5. What are your three basic Learnings/Values for life, which you have derived through your AIESEC experience? (Answer objectively) ”Have a Purpose” If you have a purpose and a right reason to do something, everything else follows. Even when you are out of energy & motivation to carry on, your purpose gives you the strength to go on, achieve what you really want to & make it happen. ”Practice what you preach” Do what you ask others to do & your actions will inspire others to learn more, do more & achieve more. Stand up for what you believe in & stand against what you don‟t believe in. It is very difficult to stand in front & say its not right, most of the times we have a tendancy to be ignorant when it comes to standing up against something we don‟t believe in. AIESEC has made me realize how important it is & given me the courage to stand up for my beliefs and values. ”Be open to Give & open to Receive” We at AIESEC Chandigarh have always strived to reflect what our city stands for; being open to give & open to receive & I believe it is the best form of existence. It keeps us humble irrespective of our achievements, always keeps us dissatisfied, and gives us a desire to learn more, do better & strive for excellence!


Section D | Motivation 1. Why did you decide to run for LCP of AIESEC Chandigarh? What are the qualities required for this role & what makes you best suited for this role? Ever since I joined AIESEC, I used to wonder what would be my contribution in all the things that were talked about by people in AIESEC and I was always left with a belief that every contribution makes a difference in a lot of lives. As I have grown in AIESEC, the belief has just gotten bigger and stronger. Over the years, from being a member working with NGOs, getting new people in the organization, leading project teams to being a Vice President, I realized that I had impacted many lives and touched many hearts. But in retrospect I see that all that while the person who was impacted the most was me! Today, that impact has grown to a level where I want to think about my contribution beyond my own self, a level where I think about how I can serve others, a level where I think about my contribution to my city & my country, and AIESEC is the only answer to all of it. I envision Chandigarh to be a reflection of AIESEC someday; an AIESEC that believes in sustainability, an AIESEC that believes in excellence, an AIESEC that believes in diversity, an AIESEC that believes in collaborative growth & an AIESEC that believes in positive impact. AIESEC Chandigarh has been into existence for over 23 years & has grown to a level where it is right now. AIESEC Chandigarh has been leading the AIESEC network for the last couple of years and has left a mark of greatness, but AIESEC in this young city is still like a drop in the ocean. I believe we are in the right position with the right resources & now is the time that we grow above our internal competition make AIESEC relevant in the city.

I wish to take this opportunity to evolve AIESEC to leave a mark in the city & enable this LC to open limitless opportunities for both Chandigarh & AIESEC. Today, I am like any other young person in the country who is aware of his opportunities, the needs of his society, has personal ambitions and is looking to make choices that can possibly affect him and others in the best manner. And at this point of time I feel AIESEC is my most relevant answer to all that I want to do, learn,

achieve, and experience.

I decided to apply because everything I have done in life & in AIESEC has been a preparation to do this, and to do it well. I decided to apply because I believe in AIESEC and its power to change, change at a much larger, holistic & relevant scale & dimension. Because I believe in purpose & evolution and I think they are going to come

together to make AIESEC even more meaningful & relevant in the coming months.

2. Please describe your career progress to date and your future and long-term career goals. How do you expect an LCP term to help you achieve these goals and why now?

Career goal

Personal goal

Short term  Do a post-graduation course that will support my experience in AIESEC.  Finalize my area of interest and then do masters in that field.

Long term  Become an Entrepreneur and open up a company of my own, where I get to plan, strategize and run it all by myself (just like an LCP!)

  

 

Being LCP-AIESEC Chandigarh Travel across other countries Better all my relationships (parents, family, friends)

Buy a Bentley for my dad. On BoA of AIESEC Chandigarh


“First we make our habits, then our habits make us” It is said that what you learn and the habits you develop in between the age of 18-24 years remains with you all your life and defines who you become. Being LCP will give me strong work ethics, perseverance, understanding of human behaviour & team dynamics at a whole new level and discover my best form of existence. Being an LCP is like being a CEO of a company where you are the end responsible for everything that happens in the organization, it‟s an opportunity to understand dynamics of an organization with operations as high as a young company at the age of 22 will be like the ultimate preparation for me before I go into the external world. Being LCP of AIESEC Chandigarh requires you to be visionary, passionate, to be value-driven, to be inspiring and still be a learner, traits which are hard to master and are crucial for anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur. Lastly, as mentioned earlier AIESEC is my most relevant answer to all that I want to do, learn, achieve & experience and I don‟t think there is any other place I would rather be or any other thing I would rather do than leading this great LC into the future.

3. Highlight your time commitment throughout the whole of next year (till Dec 2012; Academic or otherwise). Ideally, how much time should an LCP give to his role? Academic Commitment- I will be done with my engineering by the end of 2011 and will join a post-graduation course in July which has no major college commitments. AIESEC is 24/7, 365 days of the year, that‟s how it has been for me and that‟s the commitment I am making for another year. At the end of the day, the more mental space and thought you contribute to AIESEC, more productive you are to the organization. More than time management, its mind management. There is no quantitative limit that could be specified for this role, what it requires is 100% commitment towards what AIESEC Chandigarh stands for, taking it to the right direction and making it better each day!

4. What is your vision for AIESEC in Chandigarh for the year ahead? What legacy would you want to leave behind? In the year 2012, AIESEC Chandigarh will outperform in the internal network & breakthrough in its external environment & leave a mark in the city for its greatness. It will be the year that will be led by disciplined people with a discipline thought to take disciplined action. We will be working towards the vision that we set together for ourselves at National Strategy Conference. “AIESEC Chandigarh is the first choice organization for delivering high volume of excellent stakeholder experiences around the world. We are known for engaging and delivering socially responsible, culturally sensitive & entrepreneurial leaders around the world who create a cross generational impact on the society.”

I would want to leave this LC in a position where it can go beyond, achieve more & create more impact in the city than ever. I will leave this LC as   

An LC standing true to what the city stands for- „Open to give & open to receive‟, being humble, grounded and open to share everything. An LC where AIESEC is celebrated everyday! An LC that has deep-rooted values, ethical leadership and people valuing the AIESEC experience more than the tag of any position. An LC setting new benchmarks for the whole network & leading into the future of limitless opportunities for Chandigarh & AIESEC.


5. What are your three most substantial personal accomplishments (non-AIESEC), and why do you view them as such? Provide a candid assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. All rounder in School: I have been a good sports person in my school time and I was in the school team for Basketball, Cricket and Badminton. Even being very much involved in these activities in school I managed my studies as well, scored decent grades in school and competition exams. AIEEE score: I was an average student in school and yet when I chose non-medical as my option, I knew that I would have to prepare well to get admission in a good engineering college. I committed myself to studies with sincere dedication and beat the competition to secure myself All India Rank of 9811. Early experience of Professional Environment: Being 15, recovered from the board exam fever and working was just as cool as it sounds. I worked for 6 weeks in the Brand promotion organization(and 2 more organizations in the next 2 years) and got my first taste of financial independence as well as working environment. I consider it as my first substantial achievement as it brought me closer to the real world and taught me to take things seriously. Strengths:  Flexibility: I am quite flexible and like to try and experiment with different opportunities and roles (AIESEC experience as well). This helps me gain a lot of perspective about a lot of things and has enhanced my scope of dealing with situations.  Openness: I am quite open by nature and am easily able to listen to new ideas as I believe in taking different perspectives, even if they do not conform to the usual way of thinking. I can suspend judgment while listening to others‟ ideas, as well as accept new ways of doing things that someone else thought of.  Team player: Any team needs strong team players to perform well and I believe myself to be one of them. In case of problem, I tend to figure out ways to work together to resolve the issue and get work done. Moreover, my open communication style helps me gel well with different kinds of people and help create a rapport with the people that I work with. As far as weaknesses are concerned, firstly, being passionate and too committed to results sometimes make me go overboard and lose my work-life balance. This is something that I‟m really working hard on & getting things back on track. I can also be perceived as passive and indecisive, but I think I choose my own battles and make my own decisions at the end of the day. At times I don‟t take things too seriously, and I use humour to deal with situations. But it also helps me to remain calm, however, it is not always perceived very well by people who don‟t know me well enough. I aim to capitalize on my strengths in any situation and when my weaknesses affect my behaviour, I try to modify them, by trying to understand the situation better, using my competencies and not let my weaknesses hamper my decision/action. I think I can say that the biggest strength I have is that I am aware of my shortcomings!


6. What is your understanding of the term leadership? Describe your leadership style? Explain how your style will be suitable for AIESEC Chandigarh in its current state.

“Leadership is the capability to influence situations through people, bettering both in the process”


Leadership according to me is three words- PURPOSE, PASSION & INTEGRITY


The very essence of leadership is that you have a purpose & vision.


A leader will give in his Best to just get even one step closer to what he envisions and will continue to do it over & over again with increasing passion and commitment with each growing step.


Means that you do whatever you ask others to do. I think there are non-obvious ways to lead. Just by providing a good example as a parent, a friend, a neighbor makes it possible for other people to see better ways to do things.

My leadership is a mix of 3 predominant styles: 

Situational Leadership- I base my thoughts and strategies on situations and information of past trends, it helps me to be more dynamic and not to be imposing and conventional in dealing with situations, also goes with my trait of being flexible and open.

Transformational Leadership- I believe in being the kind of leader that not only leads teams but also affects change in the process. My primary focus is to influence the situation by bettering the people working on it.

Affiliate Leadership- This taps into my core of being essentially a "people person". I believe in forging connections with my members and enable every individual to live up to their potential. This also helps me bring harmony in the team by connecting people to one another.

I am a stand for developing people, creating moral fibre and activating leadership for a better tomorrow. I am a stand for AIESEC Chandigarh. AIESEC Chandigarh in 2012 is going to be about enhancing the level of each and every member not just by their contribution to the organization but what they gain out of it. It‟s going to be about achieving impact in every possible dimension in it‟s capacity. It‟s going to be about outgrowing, reaching out & making AIESEC felt in the external world. AIESEC Chandigarh has built up great momentum in 24 years of its existence & 2012 will be the year when it will use that momentum & Breakthrough! It‟s going to be about purposeful Leadership, utmost Commitment and undiluted Passion in every level of the LC. I am ready for taking this LC forward in all my capacity and I believe my ‟way of being‟ will help in achieving the goals mentioned above and take AIESEC Chandigarh to the next level!


Section E | LC Administration 1. List down the different aspects of the job role of an LCP.

TM/LC Management

LC forums, LC RnRs, Subsystem management, Opportunity corner, LC Culture

National Role & Representation

Communication, governance, legislations, task forces, support networks, driving down strategies

External Representation

Board Management, Forum Representation, Newsletters/LCP corner, Media

EB Management

Leadership, EBMs/Team days, EB motivation & guide, support system at all levels

Portfolio Support

Drive strategies/year plans, Task Forces, Review System

LOCAL COMMITTEE PRESIDENT Responsibilities & Action steps: a) I will facilitate the direction setting, implementation and control of the strategic plan for AIESEC Chandigarh in 2012. b) Represent AIESEC in front of all the stakeholders outside and in the AIESEC network such as Member Committee, others Local Committees, Board of Advisors, Universities, Companies, NGOs and other organizations. c) Develop and maintain the local BOA strategy (meetings, reports, communication); d) Guarantee the legality and accountability of the Local Committee and ensure the education, review and application of the internal legislation - the local compendium. e) Overall responsible for AIESEC experience implementation, in charge of tracking the effects on all the AIESEC Structure elements f) Management and coaching of the Executive Board to ensure efficiency, accountability and sustainability of operations. g) Lead & empower this LC to achieve maximum impact in all domains. h) Make every member feel proud to be a part of our LC 

2. Analyse the trends of the past three years (including 2011) of AIESEC Chandigarh's strategic direction (include performance & culture). How do you see the organization direction of AIESEC Chandigarh shaping up in the coming two years? 2009- “Living AIESEC - Undiluted Passion” Over the past so many years AIESEC Chandigarh was struggling just to exist, then sustain its exchange growth, its culture, its membership and evolve in all subsystems. And then came the year 2009, it was time to go full throttle and compete for title of the Best Local Committee in the world. The empowerment of the Management Body, LCONGs, LC forums made a very strong LC culture. AIESEC Chandigarh had the major contribution in the national plenary and was also known to get the most motivated and biggest delegations. Organizing June National Conference 2009 boosted ER and made the LC financially stable. The LC expanded and started a new entity, AIESEC in LPU, new market explored by TN and DT that resulted in exponential growth in the exchange numbers and the platform set for OGX in previous year was completely capitalized. Overall LC grew with an astonishing 218%, the absolute growth of 264 exchanges and the dream of being the Best Local Committee was realized .


2010- “AIESEC Chandigarh - Elevating to Greatness” After a humungous growth in 2009, the year 2010 was about sustaining that growth and taking all the elements of the subsystem, to a whole new level. Amazing training and empowerment of the Management Body and strong ownership by the General Body had set the pace of the year. LCong culture at an all time high that led to highly motivated membership & performance. Bad branding initially due to quality of 2009, The LC recovered from that quickly with a revolutionary initiative Sab Theek Hai and built the brand of AIESEC Chandigarh in the internal network. Pocket recruitment concept started, good membership and recruitment cycles throughout the year. Expanded in the new markets like Ludhiana, Ambala, Patiala, Dehradun and Himachal Pradesh which set the base for 2011. All this contributed in making AIESEC Chandigarh more sustainable and ambitious and got recognized as the Best LC in AIESEC India. 2011- ”AIESEC Chandigarh - Dream Unlimited” “Once you do big things, you need to do bigger and move forward” This year was about dreaming new possibilities and being unique. OS evolution led to more leadership experiences & more opporunities for capitalization of the potential of our reality. Biggest recruitment in AIESEC India till date & having pocket recruitment throughout has led to good flow of membership. Concept of associate membership got initiated has led to having more support in terms of events, ICX delivery & is the way forward for increasing the outreach of AIESEC experience to more people in the city. Media appearances and branding like never before, with the biggest event left to do in the year. Growth & development of entities has set the base for this year & will have major contributions in growth of the LC in the future. Strong IR built by sending well inducted EPs, CEEDs & International conferences. Key Highlights:  Implementation of TL AIESEC experience in the organizational structure ensured better client relations, the exchange delivery and zero quality issues.  Manager positions in all the Non-X portfolios produced a lot of diverse opportunities & experiences.  Better synergy between portfolios with the implementation of the structure of Task Forces in the EB.  Overall healthy financial state of the LC & entities.  Focus on Alumni Relations this year, an alumni relation manager & formal Alumni event.  Strong IR through well inducted EPs, CEEDs, presence at International conferences and promotion at IC 2011 built a very strong brand in the international network.  Hosted 1 National & 1 regional conference in the year supported with good funding in ER with excellent in terms delivery & delegate experiences.  Events in entities have been a major success & built a good brand of AIESEC. The year 2012 is going to be about outperforming & breaking through in the external environment to increase the outreach of the AIESEC experience in the city. It will be led by disciplined people with disciplined thought taking disciplined action that will enable in making Possibilities in the city, Reality of AIESEC!


3. What should be the Focus Areas of AIESEC Chandigarh for 2012-2013 and how will you implement them? The focus areas for the year 2012:


Talent Management

 

Developing a CRM tool at our own level; standardizing and managing trackers of stakeholder‟s appointments & follow-ups, and keeping them in one place accessible to all. Eg. Quarterly storing of appointment tracker of every department on All resources, outputs & sessions of GBMs, events and LCong in LC wiki. Maintaining a record of event reports, LC audits & financial reports and making them accessible to everyone. Developing standardized IM policies for the LC to track & document every single experience delivered.

 

 

Need based recruitment throughout the year for entities, main LC and associate membership, and being strict with the timelines of recruitment and induction. Portfolio specific TL cycles, not necessary to make the whole MB together. Increasing external value of membership through more external sessions, external RnRs, creating internship & job opportunities in the city. Strong integration of returned EPs and members going on exchange. Intense membership & MB training forums and ensuring that they are well equipped with knowledge & resources required to play the necessary role in the LC.



 

Healthy reserves and revenue generation from sustainable exchange and events. Investment model (RnR) for promoting exchange & international opportunities in the membership. Investments for external branding, OGX & IR. Investment model for well integrated EPs going for exchange and building IR partnerships by making them LC ambassadors. Investment on branding in the across sectors; CDs, paid articles in classifieds, case studies etc.

 

 

Maintaining & auditing trainee accommodation logistics. Maintain the track of LC logistics, keeping them stored in one place, the LC store house. Tracking of exchanges and planning of the trainee accommodations in advance, trying to outsource trainee accommodation as much as possible Investment for a fully functional office space for administration. More fixed assets for the Local Committee

OS EVOLUTION       

Development of current entities & drawing output from them and expanding into new areas creating more entities. Better focus on entities development through VP Expansions and LCD. Having more people responsible for LC development, 2 VPs and managers for LCD. Full time LCD managers taking care of the training bit, making visits, helping in reviews etc. VP expansions developing an entity to become an official expansion (and then individual LC) & also looking for expanding operations of AIESEC in untapped regions to create more entities for the future. Full-time Exchange Support teams supporting and enhancing the productivity of the portfolios. Special responsibles for Associate membership(TM), LEAD workshops(CIM), IM(CIM) & Alumni Relations (TM) Segregation of OGX as GIP & GCDP

GROWTH IN OGX Refer to Section F Question 3 (“following steps will be undertaken in 2012….”)



Information Management is an important strategy here, developing standardized IM policies for the LC to track & document every single experience delivered. Case studies & videos of members, clients, trainees on the website, fanpage, YouTube channel. Non-corporate support board- Collaborate with NGOs increasing the outreach & visibility of AIESEC contribution to the society by AIESEC presence at all the social events in the city. Providing them manpower through our Associate membership and youth volunteer programs & in return they can also support us with their network, contacts, logistics venue etc. for AIESEC events Reaching out to more youth in the city through EwA activities like AIESEC LEAD workshops, volunteer programs & Associate membership. Impact blogs, sharing blog entries from school & college students who have been engaged with AIESEC. Showcasing case studies of AIESECers & activities of AIESEC on campuses through youth magazines, newspapers, radio, television etc. Social Media being one of the strongest promotional tools across the world today could be used to run online campaigns for the youth across the city. This would create a healthy forum for debate and discussion and facilitate expansion into the student sector. (For example : Online campaigns for leadership, impact, corporate social responsibility etc. could be run on the LC Fanpage, YouTube channel, LC Blog etc.) Strong promotion drives and strategies of AIESEC‟s events & projects in the city through pre-events, press conferences, media coverage etc.

4. List down action steps for AIESEC Chandigarh in 2012, with respect to the six elements of the National Long Term Direction, laid down at NSC 2011. Expanding AIESEC Network in India Financial Sustainability driving growth Collaborations across sectors Brand & Information Management Legalization Programme Delivery Efficiency

Expanding The AIESEC India network:  Through entity development  Focussing on developing an entity into an official expansion  Going into new markets and create new entities Financial Sustainability driving growth:  More investment in GCDP ICX projects through the revenue generation from the external business model, exponential growth in OGX, GIP and ER Collaboration across sectors:  Non corporate support group, external forums, college fests, principal summits etc. Brand & Information Management:  *refer to the previous Question (Section E, Q3) Program Delivery Efficiency:  *refer to the section F, Question 2* Legalizations  Following MC guidelines, not much can be done at the LC level currently.


5. What is your vision statement for AIESEC Chandigarh from 2012-2015, keeping in mind the BHAG, and the direction the organization is headed towards, at the international, national as well as local level.Also, come up with a stand that the Local Committee will adopt for the year 2012 in particular, and explain it. AIESEC from 2006-2010 was progressing with a vision, in that period with a lot of challenges & opportunities, it overshot its goals in 2010, and so did AIESEC Chandigarh. Today, AIESEC has a new vision that will be guided by the three wheels- Global Youth Voice, First Choice Partner & Positive Impact. The short term vision should not be confused with the long term vision of the organization which we consider un-attainable. AIESEC as an organization envisions to ‟Engage & Develop every young person in the world‟ by 2015. The Three Wheels tell us about the direction forward & are the implementation of our organization‟s vision. AIESEC as an organization needs to start building up now to achieve its vision in 2015 & it all starts at the most impactful & implementable level of a Local Committee.

For AIESEC Chandigarh, the three wheels will guide us in which direction to go & we have to make considerable improvement in each aspect in context with our environment as an AIESEC city. AIESEC Chandigarh 2012-2015

”Being the first choice partner amongst the youth & organizations in the city by providing high volume of excellent stakeholder experiences. Our growing physical & virtual reach makes us the most credible & diverse youth voice in the city. Our collaborative environment empowers every member to live a high quality AIESEC experience, creating a cross-generational positive impact on the society.” For entering in the year towards taking this organization to a level where it can breakthrough in the city and create an impact that will form the foundation for AIESEC in coming years. AIESEC Chandigarh‟s Stand - Year 2012

AIESEC Chandigarh is a stand for delievering high volume of excellent stakeholder experiences, developing youth of the city into agents of positive change & create the needed impact on the society.

6. Propose the organizational structure that you plan to follow for the next year including the second level management, non-exchange roles & LC Entities.

Local Committee President GCDP

















VP GCDP ICX 1 TL Footprints

TL Rural Dev.

VP GCDP ICX 2 TL Delivery

TL Conserve



TL Worldview

TL Akshar

TL Outbound

TL Delivery

VP GIP ICX (MT/TT) TL Delivery

TL Eureka

TL Eureka

GIP OGX TL Inbound

TL Genesis & ASK

TL Phoenix

TL Delivery

GCDP OGX TL Delivery

TL Inbound

TL Outbound

TL Delivery

Local Committee Development Manager


VP Expansions VP CIM Comm & Branding Mgr.


Media Mgr.

IM Mgr.


Alumni relation Mgr.

VP TM Associate membership Mgr.

TM Mgr.

VP Finance Hospitality & Logistics squad

F Mgr.

The above structure till the second management is the one that I propose to follow for the year 2012. The changes made in the current structure of the OS are mentioned below. VP GCDP 1- TL Rural Development & expansions Project on Rural Development is quite sustainable and not much manpower needed as its majorly matching and nothing much. That TL could also focus on expansions in Patiala, Ropar, Himachal etc and when the peak realization phase of the starts in June & July, there will be a new TL handling expansions and TL Rural Development can focus on Delivery and Knowledge Management of the project. VP GCDP 2- TL Genesis & ASK Project Genesis has to be started like a new project as its clients backed out in 2011 and it will be re-building those partnerships, ASK is majorly matching till then and permissions from the schools & colleges for the workshops. New team can come in place at the time of its delivery i.e July-August. VP GIP (MT/TT)- TL split of Eureka & Phoenix In previous structure of 2 TLs for MT/TT end up striving for more MT as it is easier to deliver, and secondly it is hard to focus on both the MT & TT by a single TL. This structure is coming from a simple fact, special focus for TT matching & delivery is required. As AIESEC India is one of the leading AIESEC countries in having TT TNs supply, EP supply will never be a problem.


VP OGXs split on the basis of GIP & GCDP The split in terms of GIP & GCDP is to put special focus on GIP OGX and the geographical division could be done at the second level management. Simple example from the past- In 2010, we had split the market in terms of GIP & GCDP amongst 2 VPs and GIP OGX was 26. In 2011, it was geographical split with more focus on OGX as growth driver and we did 14 till now (45 more projected for the year) We as an AIESEC entity should focus on all the 4 exchange programs- GCDP ICX, GIP ICX, GCDP OGX & GIP OGX. This the way forward, GCDP OGX is a major growth strategy for the year but also we will build on a product which is sustainable for the longer run. As far as its delivery is concerned the whole of AIESEC network is thriving on growing on GIP ICX like AIESEC India and it is a global focus area. Moreover, AIESEC Chandigarh has been one LC that has been doing the maximum number of GIP OGX in AIESEC India; we should grow on it and become market leaders in the network for Indian GIP EPs supply. VP Local Committee Development- 2 Managers VP Local Committee Development is basically focussing on developing AIESEC in Thapar & AIESEC CU Baddi. The 2 managers will be supporting him in terms of making visits, training membership & TLs on exchange, running parallel events & entity events, tracking of experiences & finances, and knowledge management. VP Expansions VP expansions will support AIESEC Dehradun to become official expansion by JNC 2012 (or maximum NSC 2012) & will be overall responsible for making visits, training of TLs & membership, running parallel events, financial tracking, reviewing and knowledge management of the entity. VP Expansions will also be looking into expanding into new avenues for creating new entities like expanding into Punjab, Himachal schools, colleges & Universities-Solan, Shimla etc. where there is a huge potential for AIESEC operations. VP CIM- TL LEAD VP CIM will have its own team for taking permissions, execution & documentation of LEAD workshops throughout the year. It would require strong synergy with VP OGXs, especially during OGX raising drives. VP Finance- Hospitality & Logistics squad This team will ensure effective resource management as this area can lead to great losses for the LC. This team will be responsible for managing the trainees & trainee house policies. Rent collection of the trainees Auditing & tracking of the logistics of the trainee houses. Creating informal forums & trips for the trainees of the trainee houses. Solving logistical issues of the trainee houses. Driving down financial policies VP TM Alumni Relations Manager *refer to the Ques 2, BoA & Alumni engagement* Entity structure & timelines *refer to the next Ques, section E, Q7*     

7. Give your take on expansions as a concept for an LC like AIESEC Chandigarh, which is unfortunate to have a huge market to capitalize on within the local reality itself. Give a detailed plan of all possible LC Entities with Organizational structure & timelines.

Expansions- Increasing operations and De-centralization

Expansion as a concept for an organization like AIESEC looking at expanding its operations furthermore is the way forward. Our capacity as an entity has reached its optimum limit and it is going to be impossible to grow further more moving towards 2015 with the current organizational and accountability structure. Expanding into AIESEC entities as expansion LC, satellite or AIESEC society in colleges will increase our outreach and capitalization on the biggest market of the city- Youth. In the coming few years, I can envision Chandigarh and its neighbouring cities to have AIESEC clubs and


societies in all colleges & universities having their own operations in their realities governed by a central body called AIESEC Chandigarh.  For outstations entities- (responsibility of VP LCD in 2012) The current idea of expansions is to initiate operations in areas where there is no presence of AIESEC, capitalize on their market, make them self-sustainable and let them carry on their own in future. To carry forward the momentum from 2011 in 2012 keeping in mind the vision 2015, we have to increase operations in the current entities, draw good output from them and make them self-sustainable by the end of the year, and look for avenues for creating new entities like expanding into Himachal schools, colleges & Universities-Solan, Shimla etc. where there is a huge potential for AIESEC operations.  Decentralization in the tricity- (Responsibility of VP OGX & CIM in 2012) This is going to contribute into the long term vision- looking for more partnerships with colleges and universities (Like SD, UIET, Tangori, R&B) for initiating AIESEC activities at a good level through OGX partnerships and LEAD program & showcasing the impact (Visible Results) to the authorities for recognition and support for sustainable AIESEC activities in those colleges & universities in the future. The necessary steps need to be taken in 2012 to start building up the momentum in few colleges & universities to build a strong niche for 2015. Steps Forward, consistent with the Three Wheels

2012-2015  EwA- Associate membership, LEAD, Volunteer program for AIESEC and partners‟ events etc  AIESEC Clubs & societies  High operations in every college & University

Accumulation of VISIBLE RESULTS

Building of Momentum

People line up, Energized By Results

Current Realities of LCs expansions 2011, we focussed on setting up good membership and culture of AIESEC in the entities, not much focus on driving high performance from them in the first year and setting up the base for their sustainability & contribution in coming years. In 2012, there will be a major focus on developing the current entities and drawing results from them ensuring that they are well equipped with all the processes by the experience of managing things by themselves and making them independent by the end of 2012 or mid-2013. AIESEC in Dehradun This is one expansion that we are looking into, to make an independent LC by 2013 keeping in consideration of its huge market potential in terms of membership & exchange (Both ICX & OGX) and also because there is less communication and support from the LC compared to the other entities we have due to the geographical distance from the home LC. Structure: LCC TL GIP (MT/TT)






Recruitment & OGX- Recruitment of membership in February with proper manpower planning considering the returned EP re-integration in the LC and the capacity of the entity. OGX promotion & EP recruitment will be conducted from February-May with EPICs starting in May as well for better preparation of EPs who will be getting realized June & July. Second cycle of OGX raises in October & November for Dec-Jan realizations.


ICX GCDP (ET) raises should come in by April maximum to ensure their delivery.  GCDP (DT) should work on sustainable GCDP exchanges, free food & accommodation, no specific cycles as such.  GIP- Needs to be initiated, no cycles as such. Start with Ad-hoc MT/TT exchanges. Parallel event| Y2B- AIESEC LEAD sessions in Y2B drive (refer to Y2B concept, Ques 10, same section) in colleges in July & August happening parallel in all entities. AIESEC in Thapar University (Patiala) AIESEC in Thapar University exists in the university itself as a society and not as an external organization, and it has a direct effect on its membership that hasn‟t seen the culture of AIESEC as they don‟t take extra initiative to work on projects. VP LCD needs to focus on well induction of membership and driving performance out of it. Structure: LCC

Univ. Relations

2 ASL Managers

OGX (1st2nd year)

OGX (3rd4th Year)

C Manager

F Manager


OGX based recruitment- It already has a membership of 18 members, 14 EPs getting realized in winter cycle that will get re-integrated in February. EP recruitment from Feb-April and induction & EPICs in April & May for them to get well inducted before they get realized in the summer cycle. ICX- ASL has 2 cycles that are run & managed by the ASL managers from January-April & then for the second cycle July-December. GIP manager will focus upon tapping the market of Patiala as it has huge potential for GIP, no cycles as such. Parallel event | Y2B- same as Dehradun. AIESEC in Chitkara University (Baddi) AIESEC can exist only as a club in the campus due to a lot of restrictions in the campus and no external market. AIESEC primarily will be there for providing short term experiences and indulging people in the events & activities in the campus itself. LCC TL OGX



Reintegration of EPs- EPs post returning from internship will be re-integrated in February and in August after summer cycle. OGX Raising- EP recruitment from Feb-April and EPICs in April & May, Realizations in June & July. 2nd cycle of EP recruitment in October-November for the winter cycle. CIM & TM will be responsible for EPICs & re-integration of EPs, making case studies, showcasing it in the university and creating a brand. EwA activities- This entity will be more about doing EwA activities throughout the year; MUNs, college fest activities, Global villages, LEAD workshops (Y2B). Chitkara Rajpura will be put under OGX market for next year as not much output from this entity this year in terms of branding or exchange. OGX will draw exchange from this campus & LEAD workshops through CIM will create a good brand for the future where it could be looked into for making an entity like CU Baddi this year.


8. What role does AIESEC Chandigarh play in the national association presently? How should this role evolve in 2012? There were times when question of small cities having less markets used to be thrown around in the national association. AIESEC Chandigarh has been one LC that has gone beyond and created a market of its own, removed the misconception once & for all and has been leading the national association for the last 3 years now. AIESEC Chandigarh is known as an LC that always brings new ideas & innovations to the table through its BCPs, contributes in the national strategies & direction, and supports other entities of AIESEC India to the best of its capacity. In 2012, its role will evolve to a greater level as AIESEC Chandigarh will lead the way by being the leading LC in driving growth through National Growth Drivers, delivering cross-generational impact, increasing the outreach of the AIESEC experience in its reality & neighbouring cities and collaborative growth with other LCs. It is going to be about sharing our BCPs to empower other LCs and also setting the pace and direction of AIESEC India through strategic inputs which make our achievements and contributions more valuable & meaningful.

9. Layout a synergy plan & accountability structure between different portfolios in the LC. How will you as LCP ensure you track common bottom-lines of two VPs? (Also consider LC Entities EwA and LCC Activities into account) LCP ICX



Overall Exchange Strategy Developmen t through IR


Publications, Media Coverage, External Comm., IRproject branding, project wikis


Project Funding, Learning Partners


R&R, Membership Efficiency and CM, Stakeholder Engagement

Talent Planning, Preparation,


Receivables, Logistical Managemen t deliverystructure Overall Exchange Strategy Developmen t through IR

Accounting, Receivables

Survey Budgets, Publication Partnerships

Overall Exchange Strategy Developmen t through IR

CIM training, designing tools for branding.

LCD/ Expa nsion s

OGX Overall Exchange Strategy Developmen t through IR

CIM Project Branding,, Brand Education, KM, Virtual Forums Website & Virtual Platform, OGX Promotion Partnerships,

Market Expansion, LEAD, KM, University Relations, EP-videos, EPIC pictures, EP profiles Recruitment and Event partnerships

ER Product Packaging through MDPs, Partners Network Promotion Partnerships , Client Network for GIP Event Promotions & Partnerships , Raising Indian souvenirs and other IR materials.

Proposal Standardization and website, database as products Membership mailers, Updates, Virtual platform use, online applicants, virtual members

TM Manpower Planning, TM Processes in Project teams, CEEDs

F Financial Policies, Budgeting, Project Feasibility

LCD/Expansions Support in knowledge, matching and training the entities

EP Induction, EP Assessment, reintegration of EPs, short term TL EPs, Newsletters, Blogs, Media,

Budgeting, Event handling, Tracking EP Payment modules

Support in knowledge, matching and training the entities

Website and Virtual Platform Budgeting

Market Expansion, KM, University Relations

External sessions support, H4TF partnerships

Fund Raising, In Kind Raising

Funds and In-kind support from the Universities

Membership Investment

EP Induction & reintegration, Training to entities through Mgrs.

Recruitment & Event Raising, externals for training, H4TF partnerships . Planning according to budget deficits

RnR budgeting and designing

Funds and In-kind support from the Universities

RnR for entities, training by Mgrs and webinars

Accounting Receivables

Tracking EP payments


10. List down all the events AIESEC Chandigarh should host in 2012-12 along with objectives, financial implications & a time-line (including conferences – Local, Regional & National). Event



Financial Implications

Local Congress

Local review of the LC, membership development and empowerment, planning for the road ahead to JNC External positioning, funding for GCDP ICX projects, positive impact. External positioning in the student sector, engaging more young people and connecting them with the idea of entrepreneurship Local review of the LC, membership development and empowerment, Final Lap of 2012. Networking event for Alumni


No major implications, selling external sessions, in-kind raising


Huge investments required but huge ER product and requires good planning well in advance. Can get a lot of funding considering a huge target audience.

Balakalakaar Y2B

Local Congress

Alumni event Impact Week

AIESEC branding, funding and doing good to the society

Hosting NatCong 2013(prospective)

Leaving good financial health ensuring better start to next year considering Q4 recon & Q1 realizations management. Celebrating 2012 & ending on a high 

August Last week

October mid

No major implications, selling external sessions, in-kind raising

October Last week 7th -14th November

No major financial implications.


Packaging Balakalakaar with other social issue-based events on HIV, environment, blood donation etc makes a huge ER product. A well-planned ER raising will be carried out as it is a big event in terms of fund raising capacity. It will also build the brand of AIESEC through CIM and national support.

Two major Events on Direct ImpactThe objective behind holding 2 major events (mentioned above) in the year on direct impact is that it is a better product considering the local reality, has more scope of reaching out to youth; involve them as volunteers & associate membership and will enhance the external positioning of AIESEC. Youth-to-Business ConceptEvery year we pull off Y2B with mediocre turn out, branding and impact in the student sector. This year, we reach out to students & take the idea of Y2B to students rather than students approaching the idea in one day event. It will be a 1 month drive of delivering LEAD workshops in all schools & colleges in the tricity, nearby colleges & entities. Creating a brand in the colleges, taking feedbacks & evaluation from the students, showcasing to the authorities and taking endorsements & then delegation confirmation from the college for the big day. The event needs to be in strong synergy with EBC August recruitment & VP OGXs, and it can give better structure to the promotion of AIESEC in colleges, than just random selling and Information Seminars. Partnering with External ForumsWe realize that the scale of our corporate events is not big enough considering the energy & resources put in and fail to meet their objectives. Next year, I don‟t plan to hold any corporate event as such rather the presence at external forums, partnering with them & having AIESEC delegation, stage time and our promotional material at the event makes more sense & can help position AIESEC better across sectors.  Partnering with Emagazin, TiE, CII events etc for corporate networking and branding, and on campus and off campus student events like PTU fests, PEC-fest, Jalsa etc.  Partnering with India today‟s Principal Summit is something that we are definitely going to look forward to next year, it can revolutionize the branding of AIESEC in the education sector of Chandigarh.


Press conferences for GCDP ICX projects opening & closingProject opening and closing press conferences will contribute in showcasing the impact in the city. Majorly happen in the month of July & August, no major financial implications and supported by the clients as well. LEAD workshops in schools & colleges Special focus on the LEAD workshops conducted by AIESEC will happen throughout the year in the tricity and entities ensuring the outreach of AIESEC and engaging more youth with AIESEC.

11. Critically analyse the culture of AIESEC in Chandigarh. What aspects of the current culture will you retain and what aspects will you change in the coming year? How do you plan to do the same? A strong culture helps organizations to operate like well-oiled machines, cruising along with outstanding execution. AIESEC Chandigarh has a very rich & strong culture that comes from its membership‟s alignment with the organizational vision, deep-rooted values and great legacy. Some aspects that I would retain in 2012:  Blend of motivation, fun and value-based LCong culture.  Members taking up international opportunities like CEEDs, International conferences and internships.  Strong department culture, members having ownership for their own departments.  Ambition, passion, commitment and positive competitiveness in the membership.  Strong and effective RnR system that boosts exchange and member efficiency. Aspects that I would emphasize on: 

   

Making membership more externally aware through having learning circles & discussions around externally relevant issues, involvement of Externals for intellectual sessions & participation of LC members at external forums. More members going for exchange themselves and/or international opportunities. Investment in this area through LC RnR campaigns to encourage membership. Stronger Alumni participation at various forums, brings a very unique perspective from the experience they have had and it will help them reconnect with the LC. Regular balance of fun-filled GBMs & Informal Forums Trainee involvement through events and various LC forums, involving them for member education and learning circles.

12. Describe the role a VP will play in the LC (around performance & attitude) in 2012. Role of a VP in AIESEC Chandigarh The year 2012 will see the role of a VP changing gears to evolve further and adding a number of dimensions to it, some of them being: 

Portfolio Management – This is among the most important roles that a VP will play. Proper management and implementation of the department's portfolio is not only essential for LC's excellent performance but also affects the AIESEC experience of the members. Talent Management – VP of any department will play the role of a VP TM for his/her team members. He/she will not only look after the opportunities and experience of the team members but will also be responsible for the membership retention of the department. Direction Setting for the LC – EB is the leadership body that defines and determines the AIESEC experiences for all stakeholders. Hence, strategy driving and setting up a definitive direction for the local chapter will be one of the most important roles of the VP. Stakeholder Communication – An EB member is the link between the local committee and the stakeholders. VPs will be representatives of AIESEC Chandigarh in front of the stakeholders and will be responsible for all related communication.


International Representation & Travel - A VP will also represent AIESEC Chandigarh at international AIESEC forums as and when required. This will not only be a valuable experience for him/her but will also lead to generation of Exchange. Role Model for Department – A VP is responsible for setting up a positive image for the general body. This involves setting an example in all dimensions, not just Exchange, in terms of activities so that members can learn and emulate. 100% Commitment – The role of a VP involves a dedicated attitude and a absolute commitment to the LC as well as the EB. A VP will be expected to be present at every LC forum, meeting, informal gatherings, parties etc. besides representing the LC at national conferences. Contribution at LC forums – A VP has an immense role in shaping up the LC culture. Hence, a participative attitude and meaningful contribution at all LC forums, especially EBMs and GBMs is required in order to create a positive influence in the LC. Internal & External Communication – The manner in which VP communications can considerably affect the communication style of the members. By virtue of an effective communication style, the VP can influence the way members interact with the EB and the externals.

13. What immediate change/evolution is required in the LC‟s Communication Strategy, Organizational Structure, Rewards and Recognition, Information Management and Functional Management, in order to equip ourselves for approaching 2015? Please refer to Section E, Question 3 (“Focus areas of 2012…”)

14. What is your understanding & link between AIESEC 2015, the BHAG, the three wheels, and the programmes? How will you effectively implement the four ELD programmes, keeping in mind the LC‟s realities?

AIESEC 2015 is a strategy that was defined at International Congress 2010 where AIESEC came up with a 5 year vision called BHAG, aiming to engage and develop every young person in the world. AIESEC 2015 is a goal strategy (BHAG) and the Three Wheels guide us through as the way forward and are the implementation of our organization‟s BHAG. Implementation of the three wheels will showcase the positive impact we create in the external world, making it the first choice partner organization across sectors and will be known as the most credible and diverse global youth voice. The Implementation of the three wheels is achieved by the growth in the 4 AIESEC programs described in the AIESEC experience cycle through process management at different levels. More in the growth in the programs, closer we are towards the implementation of the three wheels that will get us closer to our vision step by step.


For implementation of the 4 programs in context with the LC realities, please refer to exchange and non-exchange sections below.

15. What ideal role will AIESEC play as an International youth organization in Chandigarh in 2012?

AIESECâ€&#x;s RoleAIESEC is the biggest and the most impactful youth run organization in the city, creating a positive change in the society by developing youth into entrepreneurial & socially responsible leaders of tomorrow and enabling development across all sectors through its operations and providing a channel of limitless opportunities for the growth & development of the city. AIESEC enhancing the capitalization on the IT potential of the city by providing young IT companies with young IT professionals from different parts of the world & making them enhance the export of softwares and provide IT solutions in the international market. AIESEC helping in developing the work culture of the organizations by bringing cutural diversity in their work environment and also expanding their business in different countries. AIESEC developing the education sector by bringing its global nature into the classrooms of schools & colleges. Internationals adding value in by changing the environment of learning by making it more interactive, fun & adding their own international flavour. AIESEC added another dimension in the education of the students by holding interactive workshops on relevant issues like Entrepreneurship, Technology, HIV AIDS, environment etc. AIESEC supporting NGOs of the city increasing their outreach more than ever through the young internationals solely committed to create a cross generational impact and helping NGOs in getting more funding for their projects from the government to do more & create a bigger change in the society. AIESEC reaching out to more than 50,000 youth in the city, enabling them to broaden their horizons and understand leadership, entrepreneurship and their responsibility as youth through its activities & workshops in the city. AIESEC is providing opportunities to interact with top notch companies like Google, Facebook, TCS etc. and engaging them through participation in social events & discussions about social issues making them more aware & socially responsible. AIESEC is sending more than than 200 students abroad to explore opportunities outside their protected environment. Colleges endorsing AIESEC internship to their students to have a global experience, increasing the brand of the colleges and adding value to their studentsâ€&#x; personal & professional development.


Section F | Exchange 1. Please give your (probable) targets/plans for the next year. Please justify the same, especially along the lines of: a. Membership Volume & Experience b. Logistical Management c. Stakeholders Experience Delivery d. International Relations

AIESEC Chandigarh: Year 2012 Portfolio GCDP ICX




Dehradun CU Baddi Thapar


Project Project target Conserve 60 Worldview 50 Genesis & ASK 30 Footprints 50 Rural Development & 70 expansions TN ET 60 Build Your Future 30 Akshar 40 MT 30 MT 30 TT 25 Inbound 25 Outbound 25 Inbound 30 Outbound 50 Entity Target GCDP ICX(Schools) 10 GCDP ICX(NGOs) 10 GIP ICX(MT/TT) 5 OGX (GCDP+GIP) 50 OGX (GCDP+ GIP) 30 OGX 50 GIP ICX(ET+ MT) 15

Portfolio target 140



85 50 80

75 30 65


Membership: The volume of membership will increase and will spread in all the entities as well and will go through an intense development process. Local Conferences will be at a completely different level with the size of a National conference, longer duration and stronger agendas catering to members from different entities as well and connecting them to AIESEC Chandigarh. Also, there will be more number of National & Regional conferences planned by the Member Committee, which will increase the scope of conference experiences for main LC as well as entities. Increased focus on TM processes and department/entity culture will lead to satisfying member experience. The Organizational Structure will evolve generating a lot of diverse opportunities for the membership and going to boost membership experiences and increase the capacity to produce tangible results. There overall membership size including entities will be in between 260-340. Logistical Management: Exponential growth in OGX will generate a lot of revenue & increase the capacity of the LC for making investments for Traineeships and Administration. ICX only will deliver 520 exchanges and there is going to be huge focus on Logistical Management, there should no room for ineffectiveness as experiences are at stake.  Proper planning for the exchange cycles with accommodation figured out beforehand.  Proper Documents will be provided to every trainee for clear expectation with AIESEC and its services, as our nature of being too hospitable might affect trainee conduct and set wrong expectations.  With increase in membership volume there will be increase in the infrastructure of the office to make the office culture more efficient.


  

Investment in promotional material for EPs & trainees, t-shirts, bags, souvenirs etc. which would increase in branding in the internal network. Investing in a centrally corporate office for better OGX branding. Striking partnerships in the beginning of the year for GBM Venues, LC Event Venues, Printing Partners etc.

Stakeholders delivery and experiences: Refer to the next Ques (2, Section F) International Relations: International Relations is going to be the one of the main focus areas considering the exchange targets.  International network branding through presence, Newsletters like „Sab Theek Hai‟, project wikis, Discover India etc.  CEEDs and International Conferences will be highly recommended and there will be a subsidy model for it as well as membership RnR.  EPs and Trainees will be made Ambassador of the LC and will be given IR material to promote the LC.  Sending Regional CEEDs (will be explained in Q6 same section)  Proper IR guidelines will be flown down in the LC and training for the same.

2. How will you ensure Delivery will be a part of the basic Exchange process? Also, mention any new initiatives around Delivery. With growing exchange number, the need for stakeholder delivery management and tracking has become crucial. Every exchange team will have a TL Delivery, for both ICX & OGX. Implementation of Task Force meetings is important to make the portfolio add value to the exchange process. ICX-Delivery- It has 2 aspects to it:

Traineeship 

    

Maintaining a Trainee tracker (arrival and travel information, trainee house tracker with VP F), ensuring interns are prepared before realization by ensuring the survival kit, travel plan, trainee house rent agreement is with the trainee and arranging pick-ups/homestays. Overall responsible (AIESEC touch point with trainee) for Trainee induction with the organization, accommodation (allocating the flat through the tracker), FRO, logistical requirements (synergy with VP F). Videos/case studies of homestay/internship experiences. Trainee engagement in the department through training/ informal forums/skill building/learning circles. Maintaining a common channel for all the trainees of the department (FB Group, google group) and enabling all trainees in town connect through AIESEC Chandigarh trainee FB page. Maintaining & reviewing AFT and the forms going online.

Clients 

  

Maintaining a client tracker (appointments, raised, matched, realization, account managers, case studies/videos and client endorsements) and keeping a check on all the parameters in the tracker with timely updating and ensuring that it is quarterly stored on for IM purposes. CRM initiatives like experience evaluation sheets/feedback forms, case studies, maintaining the database of personal details of clients like birthdays, anniversaries etc and sending greetings(standard format) from AIESEC and also on festival occasions. Creating opportunities for AIESECers in the organizations with synergy of VP TM. Ensure intellectual support for the department/LC through engaging clients for trainings. Sending invoices to the clients in time, keeping a track & timely collection of receivables.

OGX Delivery  EP integration and involvement through EPICs & re-integration post internship (synergy with VP TM)  Implementing TLP by offering TL positions to EPs, assigning Job Roles to TL EPs and EP members and maintaining a tracker of the same to track the progression of the processes, the performance and output of the teams (strong synergy with VP TM).  Financial tracking of the administration fees of the EPs.  Making case studies/videos of returned EPs, showcasing it to the college authorities and maintaining a track record (CIM synergy).  Branding of the Outgoing Exchange Program by making use of the case studies, videos, posters, blogs etc. in youth hangout places, on the website and online channels (strong synergy with VP CIM).



For entities, Dehradun- TL OGXs, Thapar- TL OGXs & CU Baddi- TL C & TM (refer to entity plan section E, Q7). Post 1st cycle after re-integration of EPs, there will be diverse opportunities for them to take care of the above mentioned responsibilities and in exchange teams.

3. Mention the major reasons for the imbalance in OGX and ICX. How do you plan to bridge the gap and also grow ICX at the same time? Following are the reasons for the imbalance in OGX and ICX till now: Lack of set processes to do OGX and increasing capitalization of the market In the past, it was easier to approach our target market in ICX(NGOs, schools and companies) through simple market research and do multiple exchange with them. While OGX only had ad-hoc exchanges through personal references and network and no base set for approaching the biggest market of the city, the student sector. In late 2008 and 2009, first time we did OGX exchanges with Chitkara University and Lovely professional University and it grew the sector immensely in comparison, we also did GEP event to increase the brand of AIESEC internships and realized that University partnerships and events to build the Brand of OGX is the key to approach the market in a convenient and professional manner. Still there was a huge gap in ICX and OGX numbers, and ICX was still growing immensely by very good client servicing and retention and doing multiple exchanges with them, exploring more market in the city and getting references from existing clients. Focus on overall exchange growth of the LC Since ICX was producing more numbers and it also had huge untapped market in the city, there were more people in the LC for doing ICX (over 70%) as compared to OGX and focussing on overall growth of LCâ€&#x;s exchanges- 2008 (4 ICX & 1 OGX), 2009 (4 ICX, 1 OGX & 1 expansion) and 2010 (5 ICX, 2 OGX). In 2011, we initiated 4 OGX based entities along with 2 OGX departments focussing on different geographic regions, and increased the focus of membership which brought in good balance in OGX and ICX membership in the LC. This year has set the pace for the next year in-terms of OGX capitalization from college & university partnerships and entities. International Relations and TN supply There was a lack of supply of TT/MT TNs in the international network leading to a lot of undelivered GIP EP raises which could have boosted OGX considering a huge supply of students from technical and management background in the city, and also the brand of Indian EPs was not very good. AIESEC Internationally is focussing on increasing the supply of GIP TNs now, which will help in doing more OGX as it is relatively easier to get people and partner with universities for MT & TT internships. There is a major difference in ICX & OGX currently and ICX growth will be steady, more focus will be there on GIP(in the tricity and entities) as they generate good revenue for the LC and are more sustainable with regards to the current situation, steady growth in GCDP through entities and increase our operations with the current clients. Following steps will be undertaken in 2012: Focus on entity development and more LC expansions Increased focus on current entity development by 2 VPs, VP Expansions (for Dehradun & new expansions) & VP LCD (for CU & Thapar) along with their teams that will ensure increase in productivity of OGX and also capitalization of the ICX market of their regions (Dehradun & Patiala). One VP Expansions will be focussing on expanding into new areas and create new entities by the end of the year, as we are looking to develop the current entities and make them independent as soon as possible(specially AIESEC Dehradun). This will give us more avenues to draw exchange from in coming few years and sustain the growth of the LC when we make our current entity, an independent LC. Growth of OGX in the city & outbound Building a strong brand in the student sector through reaching out to people through our LEAD workshops, volunteer programs for events and associate membership. Documenting and showcasing their case studies to develop good university and college relations for support of AIESEC activities in the future. Packaging our OGX, Akshar (GIP ICX) and LEAD workshops in Private Universities in outskirts would lead to good funding for ER, growth in OGX and enhanced positioning. E.g. Amity University, IIPM and Private Colleges in Punjab.


Focus on Delivery There has been a major imbalance in the number of raises and realization of the EPs which, in a closed network of the city, spreads like wildfire and the brand of our experiences go down. OGX is all about timelines, more focus on delivery by ensuring strong drives of OGX and getting the raises within timelines and ensuring the supply through strong IR. Sending well inducted EPs through EPICs and LC forums who can build a strong brand in other countries and lead to better supply in the next cycle. Strong IR initiatives Investment on sending membership for CEEDs in Q1 to get the partnership of matches & ILs on time. Opening applications for LC CEEDs, also collaborate with other LCs of our region and send Regional CEEDs, it will contribute in generating more funds and sending more people from the region with combined promotional material of all the LCs, EP IDs, TN IDs (for ICX as well) and reverse matching in other countries. Also, having country partnerships for reverse matching of GIP EPs of Chandigarh as it is really difficult to match our GIP EPs because of them being undergraduates majorly and lack of work experience.

4. Analyze the underutilization of OGX in the last 2 years with respect to potential market and give strategies to increase the same. Also mention what role Entities will play in this. Please refer to the previous question (*Question 3, same section*)

5. Describe the experience of a member in an Exchange Team. The evolving Organizational Structure, Non-Exchange teams and Short-Term Leadership roles will generate a lot of diverse opportunities for members to take up. The External involvement in every stage will ensure members of the valuable & externally relevant experience that they are gaining and will help them in future as well. Members will be engaged and trained in processes like Information Management & Financial Management of their projects, Client Communication, Trainee Communication, Project Management and not only the simple exchange process. Strong policies/initiatives to promote international opportunities in the membership like RnRs and subsidy models.

6. List down any innovation(s) that you intend to bring in exchange/exchange departments. 

Collaborating with other LCs for Exchange Development- Sending Regional CEEDers in collaboration with the LCs of the north region having similar OGX cycles. Opening up an application for the region only and selecting people, right expectation setting could be done with these people with the Regional Director from the Member Committee. It will lead to collaborative investment from all the LCs & sending more people from the region with combined promotional material of the region (not LC specific) including EP IDs, profiles & TN IDs. This will increase our branding as a region as well as drive exchange growth for the Local Committee.

Knowledge Management will be a strong bottomline of Team Leaders and will be tracked by strong CIM policies, tracking every single experience provided by the LC and showcasing impact. Introduction of Delivery Task Force, keeping in mind the exchange targets there needs to be a strong focus and structure to ensure Delivery. EP & Trainee Ambassadors, for EPs, there will be training provided and proper expectation setting will be done as they will be representing the LC, they will take IR and promotional material with them and build partnerships. Returning trainees will also be given souvenirs, IR material etc for promotion purposes in his/her home country. College & University partnerships- MDPs, LEAD workshops and exchange would enhance AIESEC branding. VP Expansions & VP LCD (with full time managers) to focus on development, training increasing operations in the entities and also to expand in new markets.

 

 


Section G | Non-Exchange  External Relations 1. Critically analyze the External Relations portfolio this year & list down the roles & responsibilities of VP ER in 2012. The External Relation portfolio is a very unique and essential portfolio; it also is the bottomline for all the clients serviced and retained, shows how established are our External Relations. In the year 2011, the portfolio hasn‟t had any growth in-terms of fund raising but has been amazing in-terms of CRM, in-kind support, Board management and fund raising. Overall CRM of the LC is very healthy and we had one of the highest numbers of clients in AIESEC India with amazing client retention, it directly reflects our external value. In-kind support, this year has been phenomenal in-terms of in-kind support, printing for events, GBM venues, logistics for events, corporate office for administration and intellectual support from Board of Advisors was never before 2011. Board Management, the Board Management is one area that requires prime focus and is very productive interms of the support from the Board members. In the year 2011, the Board was managed really well. Personal meetings with board members by LCP & VP ER for support & CRM, one mid-year Joint Board Meeting and more going to happen in the coming month. It has been very beneficial in-terms of In-kind support, funding and Intellectual support. Fund Raising, Year-long partnership with Chitkara at the beginning of the year made the LC financially stable during the time of huge investments on traineeships and recon fees. All LC events have made profit as proper ER funding was there. In the year 2012, the responsibilities of a VP ER will be:

Year-long LC Partnerships

Partnerships for Membership

•Striking Year-long partnerships, so that there is a fixed source of funding that we are sure of getting at the beginning of the year only. Prospective partnership, Education sector like Chitkara (renewal of partnership), ITFT, Surya etc. And also Partnerships with Universities in Entities for Funding and In-kind support. •To increasee the External Value of memebrship, External training, Externals for Leadership Development and creating opportunities for members in different organization in synergy with VP TM

Board Engagement and Communication

•As mentioned earlier, it is one of the most important and must be done effectively as it has more than one benefits to the Organization.

Network Partnerships

• Striking network partnerships with more relevant organizations to build the credebility in the city in synergy with VP CIM.

Event Funding and Project Funding

Alumni Relations

•The VP ER is responsible for overall funding for all the events and LC run projects.

•Taking leverage from our network of Alumni could lead to amazing partnerships in-terms of funding, In-kind, intellectual support.


2. Give your (probable) ER target for the next year. Justify the same.




Multi-Dimensional Partnership



5 ,00,000

Youth to Business


Impact Week



Rs 60,000


Rs 1,00,000

Ad hoc (TMP, TLP, LEAD, LCong, Website, GBMs) Nation Leaders Summit 2012 (Prospective)

Rs 2,00,000

Already Chitkara is a partner for exchange, event promotion & inkind support. Partnership renewal at the beginning of the year will be done. Huge product, good brand in the city already, large scale Packaging of LEAD, parallel activities in the entities and final event with externals and delegations from colleges from the city & entities. Packaging Balakalakaar with other social issue-based events on HIV, environment, blood donation etc makes a huge ER product. Already good potential clients like BullsEye, FrameBoxx. WorldView, ASK, Footprints, AIESEC Beta, Tourism. They are offered throughout the year. National conference is the biggest product that could be sold in ER


Rs 17,60,000

Rs 6,00,000

In-kind support in-terms of corporate office and office infrastructure, GBM venues, event logistics, network support.

 Financial Management 1. Describe your understanding of the role of Vice-President Finance in the LC.


Prepare annual budget

Review of budget every month with EB



Maintainng an Income/Expen se sheet for transparency and audits

Internal and External auditing

Sound Book keeping(Daily tracking)

Communication with External auditor and accountant

Governance/ policies

Making and reviewing Financial policies in the LC

Investment Planning Planning for prospective investments under various Finance heads. Planning/ allocation of subsidies

Maintaining Tally

VP F is      

also responsible for: Overall logistics of the LC (office, infrastructure, trainee houses, GBM venues) Cost cutting in the LC, to reduce costs and expenditures in the LC through different avenues. Building corpus funds Financial stability of the LC Providing finance knowledge to the members through sessions at GBMs Providing guidance for the financial implications in the entities.


A VP F thus plays one of the most responsible roles in the LC of managing the financial operations of the LC. VP F is a legal responsible of the LC and a proper implementation of this role leads to a healthy and sustainable LC.

2. Define a financially sustainable LC. How do you envision AIESEC Chandigarh in 2012 with respect to financial sustainability? An LC could be called financially sustainable when:  It has ample amount in reserve for a crisis situation and recovers from any unforeseen loss.  No dependence on ER income for exchange growth, ICX and OGX should be self-sustainable and can also contribute in each other‟s growth from the revenue generated by them.  Sound inflow and outflow of money with minimum liabilities  Strong infrastructure for the enhancement and growth of the Local Committee‟s functions.  Strong tracking of the flow of money. I foresee AIESEC Chandigarh‟s financial condition in 2012 as:  Average bank balance of 4 lakhs  Fully functional AIESEC office with 10-12 working stations and a corporate office.  Minimum receivables and liabilities  No pending recon or fines  8 lakhs in reserve  3 permanent trainee houses

3. Analyse the investments made this year and mention the major investments that you shall be focussing upon for next year. Also, mention any areas for cost cutting and how [Considering high volume of traineeship investment through GCDP and trainee house management]? The investments made this year have not been ideal due to major difference between target set for the Year Vs Achieved in the most revenue generation portfolios (TN & OGX) and DT happening on the same scale. Also due to less profit in events compared to initial planning & LCongs going into losses. We have invested close to 8.5 lakhs in the traineeships this year (we invested 5.7 lacs in 2010 for same volume of exchanges), which is very unsustainable and unnecessary to an extent. This has been a result of lack of planning & tracking of realizations and lack of logistical management of the trainee houses. There were close to 4 lakhs invested on membership this year, major part of it was on the LCP & EB members and less than ideal on the GB, it is lower than the investment made on membership in the previous year, 5.3 lakhs in 2010, the LC bank balance used to be very low especially at the time of major membership investments due to the huge investment that was made in the traineeships for the LC. Investment on administration has been saved for a major part of the year from the in-kind support in-terms of fully functional office and GBM venues. The Financial investment has been ideal according to Ideal Investment Model in the year. In the year 2011, the main focus will be on the following:     

Membership- through RnR, Subsidies for internships, logistical investments for entities and IR; International Conferences and CEEDs. Traineeships- Trainee house logistics, EP kits, EPICs etc Administration- Office infrastructure will have more investments keeping in mind the increasing operations of the LC, computers, printers, furniture etc. Communications: Budget will be there for CIM portfolio, LEADs in schools & colleges, paid articles, printing costs etc Events: The initial investments for events on logistics, venue etc will be made which will be covered by ER as well.


Areas of cost cutting:   

Logistical support from Board and alumni for admin. and events like printing partners for all events (Chitkara, Bullseye prospectively) GBMs, LCongs LC forums venue raised/subsidized/ Effective Trainee house management with strong policies for rent and logistics. Efficient auditing and tracking of the logistics and keeping them stored in LC storage space.

 Talent Management 1. Describe your understanding of the role of Vice-President Talent Management in the LC considering two essential components of the Experiential Leadership Development stage, Team Member Programme and Team Leader Programme, fall under this portfolio‟s purview? Give tangibles as far as possible. Role of a VP TM is to build the capacity of the LC in-terms:  Membership  Leadership  Exchange  Member efficiency (X/M) A VP TM ensures that the membership is having an intense & diverse experience through implementation of its processes and producing the desired results for the LC. A VP TM works in synergy with all the departments and requires a lot of support. The Capacity building of the LC is done through two essential programs namely- Team Leader Program & Team Member Program.

      

Team Member Program Recruitment- Selection and Induction Personal Goals Setting Designing and executing LC Reward & Recognition campaigns of the LC. Member coaching & training Designing of GBMs and LCong agenda Increasing external value of membership Opportunities for membership outside AIESEC (H4TF opportunities)

      

Team Leader Program Recruitment- Selection & Induction R&R Portfolio & Leadership training Team Leader empowerment Reviews and appraisals Increasing external value of Leaders in AIESEC. H4TF opportunities.

2. Analyze the recruitment‟s conducted this year. What innovations do you propose in the existing processes to make them even more effective for next year? February Recruitment  1000 forms sold & 500 Online registrations  Funding through ER money.  Smaller team due to less pipeline from previous year.  More planned Selections, leading to better management of Database and increase in turn-ups comparatively Pocket Recruitment  Was carried forward due to shortage of manpower in May  Lesser number of applicants comparatively due to delayed promotion  Exceeded the timeline for recruiting leading to delayed induction of the membership.  Less number of people recruited (6) compared to the manpower requirement. August Recruitment  Biggest recruitment of AIESEC Chandigarh, highest number of form sales in AIESEC India, highest number of people recruited in the LC history.  Café partnerships and media presence was at an all-time high.  Evolved OC structure, leading to better management and increased productivity of the team.


   

Zero funding from ER. External training of the EB for selection process, more advanced and detailed selection guides & procedure, all candidates were very closely judged. The recruitment went for more time than expected leading to lesser time for mentorship and induction. Over 3700 applicants (including online)

Some Innovations  Effective Manpower planning, keeping in mind the leadership cycles, change in the number of leadership roles and event OCs in the LC.  Accessing the colleges and university through LEAD sessions, removing the concept of random selling.  External support for effective Selection & Induction processes E.g.ExpertRating (TN client). 3. Strict recruitment timelines should be followed otherwise the induction period of the new recruit suffersHow to increase external value of our Membership?

     

Getting External Partner for designing recruitment processes, Selection, allocation, and Induction. The membership will be recruited through the process developed by an external organization. Externally relevant Leadership roles: The Leadership development for the MB will be done by an external partner and will also certify their experiences. Involving more Externals for the training of overall membership at GBMs and LCongs. Career planning and H4TF: Exit meetings and creating job/internship opportunities for the members (in synergy with ER & GIP) with current clients and promoting participation in the National Career Day by AIESEC India. External Partners for RnRs: External Partners for rewarding the contribution of the membership at Local Conferences for RnRs and also overall contribution at the end of the year at the local Awards Night. Prospective partners can be Board of Advisors and Alumni Organizations. Presence at external forums as delegation from AIESEC.

Communications & IM

1. Describe your understanding of the role of Vice-President Communications & IM in the LC.

Online Media Website

LC Blogs

Social Media

Network Partnerships

Communication Newsletter

External Partners

Survey Development

LC Events


Information Management Knowledge Management



Leadership IS

Outdoor Media

Branding Cafe Partnerships

External forums

Media Press conferences

Media Relations

Media Coverage


2. How would you assess the role of Communications in 2011? How can this portfolio tangibly contribute to the achievement of the LC‟s goals (Exchange, Leadership, Membership, and External Value) & objectives in 2012? How will this be tracked? Role of Communications has evolved over the years and played an important role in the LC in 2011.  Amazing boost to recruitment through cafe partnerships, online promotions and registrations  Branding and media coverage of all the events of the year has been phenomenal through the portfolio through press conferences, coverage in newspapers, TV and social media.  Network partnerships like E-magazine and TiE have contributed quite a lot in increasing our outreach for events but still have a lot more scope.  Effective use of in the LC, directly contributing in exchange.  External and internal newsletters implementation in this year.  Presence at External Forums like Online Media Conference, partners‟ events etc.  LEAD (AIESEC Beta) was an initiative in 2010, couldn‟t capitalize on it as much in this year. The portfolio is an important strategy for moving towards AIESEC 2015. It can contribute in following ways:  External positioning in the Student and the corporate sector, taking maximum leverage from the events, network partnerships, external forums, recruitment and Internship promotions.  Strong brand in entities directly contributing to attracting, engaging and providing AIESEC experience to more people in a completely new market.  Effective stakeholder communication through Newsletters and client communication policies leading to better CRM and retention rate.  Presence at external forums and having a delegation/representation of AIESEC.  Partnering with external events, taking leverage from their brands.  LEAD workshops in schools & colleges, showcasing the feedback to authorities and getting endorsements. Promoting and getting blog entries from the experience sharing by the attendees of the sessions. This is the way forward to engage more people and establish a strong brand in the student sector.  Showcasing client, trainee & EP case studies through physical & online media.

3. What are the various spheres in the LC in which Information Management plays a huge role or can a play a huge role?

Information Management Knowledge Management

Information Systems

•Storing GBM, LCong, training sessions, event and project outputs on • Storing applications and yearly department outputs received throughout the year to facilitate smooth leadership transition • Creating structures for the database management of the stakeholders and organizations approached • Archive resources and documents like proposals, concept notes, project reports, media appearances, IS resources, endorsements etc. • To have a centralized office desktop/laptop storing agenda's, department outputs, applications, sessions etc of the year. • Developing standardized IM policies for the LC to track & document every single experience delivered.

•Faciliating training on usage, functionality and various dimensions of •Creating and updating new videos/webinars to help GB understand use of, new applications, new tools and softwares. • A dyanamic and updated blog for the LC. • Updating and maintaining LC Wiki/News on •Facilitating a centralized IM toolbar on the website providing for LC resources - Concept notes, proposals, outputs, training sessions etc for membership.


4. What are the possible ways for a VP CIM to make AIESEC the first choice Youth Organization in the city? Key Objective: To make AIESEC, the city‟s most relevant and prominent youth organization in terms of boosting membership, AIESEC experiences, projects, events and initiatives. Strategies: a) To boost AIESEC experiences (Membership as well as international internships)     

Extensive promotion of Best Case AIESEC experiences among the city to boost visibility and goodwill in the student sector. (These can be in the form of member, EP, partner case studies etc.) Media reach in the student sector with prominent youth magazines, journals, relevant online media, radio, television channels and newspapers highlighting multifarious aspects of AIESEC. University Partnerships, LEAD sessions, membership and EP case studies of the universities. Association with other relevant organizations across the city to promote AIESEC experiences thereby enabling credibility. Presence at external forums for better reach and branding.

b) To engage the youth with projects, events and initiatives pioneered by the LC   

 

Facilitate youth participation at events pioneered by the LC by promoting initiatives undertaken by the LC across schools and colleges of the city. (These could be online promotion, on campus promotion, media reach etc) VP CIM‟s with respective event EBC‟s could work on youth volunteer initiatives for different events to ensure maximum participation from students across the city, thereby improving AIESEC‟s credibility among the student network VP CIM‟s being responsible for the brand identity of AIESEC could also undertake market surveys among the youth to evaluate and strengthen AIESEC‟s credibility in the student sector. (These could be in the form of feedback forms during recruitment, LEAD sessions, IS‟s etc. to improve brand identity among the student sector) Apart from participation at events, VP CIM‟s could work on innovative models of building student relations by involving student volunteers with LC run projects across the city, thereby assisting in exchange as well as exposing individuals to network and learn from internationals. Social Media being one of the strongest promotional tools across the world today, could be used to run online campaigns for the youth across the city. This would create a healthy forum for debate and discussion and facilitate expansion into the student sector. (For example : Online campaigns for leadership, impact, corporate social responsibility etc. could be run on the LC Fanpage, YouTube channel, LC Blog etc.)

BoA and Alumni Engagement

1. How do you see the Board of Advisors being serviced the best ? What inputs-tangible and intangible, can they give to facilitate the LC‟s progress? The LCs BoA members have been supportive in terms of providing network support, intellectual support, in-kind & financial support, and good servicing of the Board is the key to sustainable support from the Board members. Our servicing of the Board has been pretty decent in the past that has resulted in 100% retention and increase in number of Board members. Some key points to service Board members:       

Frequent meetings (LCP or VP ER) for the updates and recent achievements of the LC. Quarterly newsletters about happenings in AIESEC. Providing them with event reports and financial reports. Holding 2 Joint Board meetings. Sending invitation for all LC events Keeping a track of their important dates like birthdays, day they started their organization, anniversaries etc and for festivals, sending them greetings from AIESEC‟s side. AIESEC Presence at their forums and events.


2. How do you see the Alumni being serviced the best? What inputs-tangible and intangible, can they give to facilitate the LC‟s progress? AIESEC Chandigarh has a very strong alumni base and we have tracked more than 300 alumni this year who have been a part of AIESEC Chandigarh before 2006. Our Alumni can support us in providing us with training for the LC, network support, exchange partnerships, In-kind & financial support. Most of our Alumni are well placed & settled and their presence & case studies will build credibility for AIESEC for the membership. Servicing them is more like giving them an opportunity to get reconnected with AIESEC, which they really look forward to (feedback of the Alumni event done this year). Following are the ways in which we can engage & service our alumni:      

Sending quarterly newsletters about happenings in AIESEC, opportunities available and current activities of the LC. Getting them involved at LC forums, both formal & informal. Having informal forums only for Alumni- sports evening, Lunch or Dinners Holding formal Alumni event- it became like tradition that we will have an informal forums where all the alumni were invited. But this year we went ahead, tracked 300+ alumni and hosted a formal event with AIESEC updates & state of the LC, which turned out to be better and should be continued. Invitation for every event hosted by the LC. For recent alumni, sending regular updates on AIESEC opportunities for them, like NST, MC CEEDs, internships etc.

Thank You Gautam Khetrapal AIESEC Chandigarh-2012 “The Breakthrough”

Gautam Khetrepal LCP Manifesto 2012  

Gautam Khetrepal LCP Manifesto 2012 for the post of LCP, AIESEC Chandigarh

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