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¿Who we are? AIESEC is the international platform that enables young people to discover and develop their potential to have a positive impact on society. This platform enables organizations to interact and engage students and recent graduates with high potential, universities globally through our exchange programs, conferences and virtual communication channels. Most of our partner organizations engage with AIESEC to increase its positioning, attracting high quality talent to your organization or support our efforts, aimed at encouraging young people to discover and develop their potential.

Since arriving in Peru in 1963, AIESEC has contributed to personal and professional development of its members and its environment, serving as agent of positive change through education and cultural exchange. AIESEC in Peru has offices in major universities in the cities of Lima, Arequipa, Piura and Cusco.           More than 600 members in the network            AIESEC national.



Our Projects Global Impact Project Global Impact Project is a local project from AIESEC Universidad Católica in Lima, Perú. In this project, the intern will have to participate in workshops about each topic required before and during the project. Interns will work with adolescents 12 to 16 years old in schools. The intern will have to plan theorical and practical classes on leadership and social entrepreneurship. The sessions will begin with Module 1 which will develop the identity of each student. The second module, argues that the classes are aimed at the multicultural immersion. Finally, module 3, is the development and assessment of the students' social projects and execution.

¡Join us! The Project needs YOU!

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Ruwasunchis is a non-profit association formed by a multidisciplinary team of youth that aims to improve the quality of life of the poorest people in Peru, with an emphasis on capacity building, empowerment and entrepreneurial development in harmony with the environment .

They need YOU!

For the week, the intern may work from home, doing office work, speccially managing Talent Management stuff. Face meetings also attend coordination. On Saturday the intern may attend workshops of different projects.. The intern's work schedule will talk with the same intern.

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Andrés Ugaz Headed by Andrés Ugaz, renowed chef and researcher on Peru´s regional food systems, and a team of experienced professionals in the fields of tourism and social management, A.Ugaz works for the preservation and informed transformation of Peru´s culinary traditions.

Andrés Ugaz is searching for an intern that will work and knows Marketing, and web design the basic skills. Communication is a key area to publicize the world what we are proposing and improve society. You can be part of this.

¡Join us! TN-In-PE-UC-2013-1372

PerU The Land of the Incas

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Booklet - Our Projects iGCDP  

AIESEC Universidad Católica

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