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AIESEC Carthage in Tunisia We are looking forward to collaborate with you guys! In this document, you will find all the necessary information about us and our outgoing Global Volunteer department.


Summary 1/AIESEC Carthage presentation 2/Why partner with AIESEC Carthage 3/Promotion 4/Timeline 5/ EPs profiles 6/Co-delivery and partnership terms and conditions


AIESEC Carthage AIESEC Carthage is the oldest local chapter in the MENA region, found in 1962. It’s represented at IHEC Carthage in Tunisia.

55 years of existence

4 projects

12 partners

2 specialized units

162 members

Why partner with AIESEC Carthage? AIESEC Carthage is, first of all, one the best performing LCs in Tunisia and the MEA region with 130 Realizations in 2016 (till the 20th of October). Also, LC Carthage ensures the LEAD Delivery to its Exchange Participants through a newly implemented process that includes

Constant follow-up

Personalised OPS according to the LDA survey

Several info sessions proposed to them

Diversified LEAD Nurturing content

Promotion We ensure the promotion of oGV both online and offline. Because we believe that, if we want to be accessible to everyone everywhere, we need to reach as much individuals as we possibly can, through different processes we set up. One of which, we need you! To fasten the matching process, we thought we could collect Your promotional material. but in .psd/.ai, so we can adapt it to our customers’ needs and reality. For example you prepare the design and description, but we translate it to Arabic.

This is the teasing we did to launch the oGV campaign, and it was quite successful. The whole word is read « volunteer », but the arabic part means « fly » in arabic. Kind of a game of words

Timeline Winter Peak Start of Raise & promotion End of October

Start of Match November

Start of Raise & promotion March

Start of Match April

Summer Peak

Eps’ profiles AIESEC Carthage has more than 10 universities with over 10,000 students in its market from various background (Management, Teaching, Law, Architecture) interested in almost any kind of project.

Best experience of my life, AIESEC Carthage really did help me develop my leadership

Mohamed Amine Yackoubi, Indonesia

Co-delivery and partnership terms and conditions In order to ensure a good experience to its participants, AIESEC Carthage focuses on a Co-delivery strategy with the Hosting Entity including:

● A complementary

OPS/IPS ● A Full partnership

Tracker provided by AIESEC Carthage ● A full SnS approved experience ● A flexible and well studied partnership with an ensured follow-up ●A contract signed by both parties citing the

responsibilities of each entity

Contact list vp ogv Youssef Ben Ahmed +216 52 399 532

IR manager MEA/America

Atef Nouira +216 25 423 735

IR manager europe/asia pacific

Ameni Neji +216 95 083 252

AIESEC Carthage Partnership Proposal  
AIESEC Carthage Partnership Proposal