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Talent Management

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January 2014 to July 2014

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10 hours

Job Description Quality and track coordinator has to ensure the quality of each experience of the membership, to do so, it has to ensure the minimuns of TLP-TMP experience . It also has to ensure the use of the tracking tool of the membership and the membership improvement. Skills Required for the Role TMP-TLP minimum TMP-TLP flow Tracking tool knowledge General LC knowledge Team management skills(team communication, training, motivation) AIESEC way and AIESEC 2015 Functions TMP-TLP minimum TMP-TLP minimum Career plan execution Careertool plan execution Tracking direction Tracking toolCulture direction Organizational boost Organizational Culture boost Team Solution system Team Solution Personal Solution system system Personal Solution system

Talent Management

TM Quality monthly report Qualityand monthly report Rewards Recognitions JD Rewards follow and Recognitions JD follow Retention rate improvement Retention rate improvement Key Performance Indicators % Retention rate % Satisfaction rate Tracking tool use # of Rewards and Recognitions delivered # of Solutions given to teams and persons Correct follow of JDs Evidence of Competences Required Little Evidence

Some Evidence

Regular Evidence

Strong Evidence

Global Mindset Entrepreneurial Outlook Social Responsability Emotional Intelligence Proactive Learning

Talent Management

MoF TM - Quality & Track Coordinator  
MoF TM - Quality & Track Coordinator  

Manual of functions para el cargo de Quality & Track Coordinator, del área de TM de AIESEC Cali.