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2014-1 Manual Of Functions AIESEC in Cali Middle Managers


Outgoing Global Intership Programme


External Relations



Timeframe: Hours per week:

January 2014 to July 2014 8 -10 hours per week

Job Description Establish relationships with universities, students associations and international offices to generate agreements and publicize global professional program in greater proportion. Ensure the correct track with our stakeholders and work in sinergy with the accounts managers of each university.

Skills Required for the Role AIESEC Way AIESEC 2015. Team Management (Building, Training, Motivating and Tracking). National compendium, strategic framework and Exchange Program Policies. Global Competency Model National and global GIP trends AIESEC as a System Global ogram. AIESEC Experience. External Relationships Knowledge.

Outgoing Exchange

oGCDP oGIP Functions Functions To ensure the Delivery of the GCDP message to all the students that Create universities and organizations to make the received it in partnerships the different with universities. program affordable. To work inmore Synergy within the area with the LC-LC cooperation Position the program at events frequented by our target public. Manager and EP flow Coordinator. To ensure the complete logistic of the selling process. in Synergy ER process. WorkWork in Synergy with Im&Comm andmanagers MKT to execute the Marketing strategies. with account and Organization Market (PR). Create data data bases bases through through Podio Podio to to facilitate facilitate the the contact contact activity. activity. Create Use Podio to uploaded the information of the EPs that passes the Use Podio to uploaded the information and correct CRM of every selection process account. Impulse the the agreements sellers to make asthe much sales as theywith can and to reach all Impulse with external sector the purpose to the public selected. engagement more people to our program. Key Performance Performance Indicators Indicators Key ## of of agreements. Infossesions coordinated ## of RA forCoordinated agreements of MRBs ## Appointments of applicants with deans, career directors & companies # Attendance at meetings (Area, Local, Events) Software Knoledge Software Knoledge Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access) Microsoft Office Excel, Power Point, Access) Internet, Outlook(Word, and Gmail. Internet, Outlook and Gmail. (WIKIs Management) (WIKIs Management) Podio. Podio. Basic Design Basic Design Evidence of Competences Required Evidence of Competences Required Global Mindset Global Mindset Entrepreneurial Outlook Entrepreneurial Outlook Social Responsability Social Responsability Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence Proactive Learning Proactive Learning

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Outgoing Exchange Outgoing Exchange

MoF oGIP - ER Coordinator  
MoF oGIP - ER Coordinator  

Manual of functions para el cargo de ER Coordinator, del área de oGIP de AIESEC Cali.