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Report to:

LCVP Operations


January 2014 to July 2014

Hours per week:

10-12 hours

Job Description In AIESEC in Cali for 2014, in the evolution of the way we want to do things is crucial to be working hard in the management of LC to leverage results, for which the Commercial Director of Operations will lead the team along with sales coordinator for achieve that Go to market, that is very important at the right times to fulfill our goals, for this have been defined based on a aggregate plan to achieve our objectives. The Go To Market team consists of: Comercial Director iGCDP, Comercial Director oGCDP. Comercial Director iGIP, Comercial Director iGCDP. Skills Required for the Role AIESEC WAY Presales and Sales Procces in every Exchange Program. GIP & GCDP Program Canvas (AIESEC 2015) Team Management Customer Experience Management Master Track management. Analysis Podio Management. AIESEC Experience


OPERATIONS Functions Track Operations Team Per week. iGCDP & iGIP: Cold Calls Dates Leads RA oGCDP & oGIP: Saloneos Infossesions Work Hours Evaluation and development of initiatives to go to market. Direct the Go To Market campaign was developed in AIESEC Cali. Ensure that every need by sales teams to this day (Minutes to contact EPs, Material sales for sellers, Database Organizations to contact, Spaces to develop proposed activities in the operating plan). Use PODIO spaces in every area of operations in order to verify compliance with the goals. Key Performance Indicators Operative Plan fulfilled. # RAs AIESEC Cali # Attendance meetings (Local, Regional & National) Sotfware Knowledge Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access) Internet, Outlook and Gmail. (WIKIs Management) Podio.


MoF Operations - Comercial Manager  

Manual of functions para el cargo de Comercial Manager, del área de Operations de AIESEC Cali.

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