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Special Thanks

Agrium is a participant in AIESEC’s Global Internship Program, and has enthusiastically participated in other activities with AIESEC Calgary. Their involvement has been instrumental in the development of our organization, especially in the leadership field.

Nexen’s continuous support of AIESEC Calgary, not only financially, but by participating in its Global Internship program, has had invaluable impact on the experience that the local has been able to provide for its members

AIESEC Calgary | President’s Message Dear AIESECers, It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve joined AIESEC Calgary. From my humble beginning as a general member in the Outgoing Exchange portfolio and now being this year’s Local Committee President, I’ve truly seen and experienced the impact of AIESEC in students’ lives. It’s an honour to be AIESEC Calgary’s Local Committee President for 2010-2011. AIESEC is truly a life changing organization through its Global Internship Program, as well as through its Leadership Development aspect. These past 3 years, I’ve seen some of the struggles that AIESEC Calgary faced and overcame. AIESEC Calgary has been growing and I plan to continue that trend for this year and future years.

The past quarter has been a challenging few months for my team and I, but I believe that it’s because of these challenges that we have developed as individuals and as a team. I am so proud of my Executive Board and all of AIESEC Calgary in what we’ve achieved thus far. It’s only the beginning and I am so excited to experience the rest of the year with all of them. We, as AIESEC Calgary, will strive to change as many lives as we can through exchange, member development, and conferences. Sincerely, Marinel Hizon

AIESEC Calgary | Incoming Executive Board

Marinel Hizon

Role: Local Committee President Studying: International Business Best AIESEC Moment: LCP Election Vision: Exchange Culture - Increase exchange knowledge and exchange numbers in the local.

Ada Wong

Role: VP Alumni Relations Studying: Accounting Best AIESEC Moment: AIESEC National Congress Vision: Leveraged

Izaj Rahim

Role: VP Corporate Relations Studying: Commerce & Political Science Best AIESEC Moment: Joining AIESEC Vision: Developed Membership

Sheena Manabat

Role: VP Communications Studying: English and Film Studies Best AIESEC Moment: Western Regional Conference – my first conference! Vision: AIESECITED! Communications is going to get you excited about AIESEC!

Brianna Hilworth

Role: VP Finance Studying: Business Best AIESEC Moment: Team leader for the winning team in the AIESEC Olympics at MASS 2011 Vision: Continuity: this year I am focusing on making Finance fun – to create a pipeline of outgoing, well rounded successors to maintain financial stability for years to come.

Christian Leung

Role: VP Incoming Exchange Studying: Finance Best AIESEC Moment: National Leadership Development Congress 2010 Vision: Impact: to develop a strong, tight-knit team of individuals who will actively facilitate the TN process both efficiently and comprehensively, while developing on a personal and professional level.

Emily Gu

Role: VP of Outgoing Exchange Studying: Accounting Best AIESEC Moment: Seeing over 200 people doing AIESEC dances at National Congress Vision: To ensure that every student who wants to go abroad will have the opportunity to do so

Eileen (Yuxin) Zhu

Role: VP Talent Management Studying: Educational Leadership (MEd) Best AIESEC moment: When we got the most spirit LC at NC 2010 Edmonton Vision: You get back what you give.

Western Regional Conference | News

“This one time, at WRC…”

HEY, AIESEC! Do you remember your first ever conference? And your last and possibly most memorable one? How many of your close friends today did you meet at an AIESEC conference? This coming October from the 7th to the 9th, Calgary is hosting the Western Regional Conference. This conference brings together over 200 AIESECers from the western region to encourage them to take an active part in their learning through being socially responsible, entrepreneurial and socially responsible. Of course this is also the conference where the Spirit “item” is awarded. Calgary hopes to achieve 3 main conference goals: knowledge development, spirit, and sustainability. As many of you already know, regional conferences are often an AIESECer’s very first conference so we want to make it as memorable as one can imagine. WRC anticipates engaging new members as well as developing the potential of current members. This is a great opportunity corporate professional to get involved with the student population and vice-versa so that we may both learn from each other.

We welcome your insight and questions.

Feel free to contact us: Carol Chung Organizing Committee President

Alumni | Donation Challenge As alumni, we want to keep you involved and a part of our conference. There are three main ways you can get involved:

1 2 3

Share your conference experiences, so that we can use them to get new AIESECers to attend the conference. Share your stories through blog posts, photo and video submissions, online scans of interesting napkinconversations, etc. The alumni donation challenge will help you keep that competitive spirit alive even after leaving AIESEC. And of course we always want to know if your company would be interested in a partnership. We would be honoured to have you play a part in Western Regional Conference 2011, this can be done in many ways. Contact us to schedule a meeting in which we can discuss your involvement. This conference would greatly enhance brand awareness and community involvement.

Would you like to relive those AIESEC glory days of LC pride? Do you miss rush from marketing blitzes? (By the way, Calgary won the last one). Do you miss the energy from the Spirit “item” competitions? In the same spirit of enthusiasm and teamwork, we hope that you will help us raise $5,000 for the upcoming WRC 2011. You will be competing with alumni from other Local Committees. Pass on the torch to current and future AIESECers by sharing your passion! Show us how it’s done.

How can you help? Be a pal through PayPal OR Ch-Ch-Cheque us out! Cheque payable to: Western Regional Conference 2011

MASS 2011 | Reflection  

This February, AIESEC Calgary attended a small conference entitled MASS (Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan Seminar) to further develop the members of AIESEC and to assess our goals and current achievements. This conference was a weekend event held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where many people attended to focus on similar goals to obtain success for their AIESEC locals. The days consisted of many seminars and presentations by alumni, professors at the U of S and corporate members who are involved with the AIESEC name. Small simulations of the core functions of AIESEC were performed, such as the activities of our Corporate Relations team who approach corporate members in the community to promote the AIESEC brand and raise internships to create opportunities for people in over 110 countries around the world. Chairing the conference was a member from Eastern Canada, which expanded our Western views to see what was happening in other AIESEC locals across the entire country. Outside of learning how to better ourselves for our organization, we also developed skills for recruitment season, and how to land desired jobs within our corporate community. Advice from experts and people who have first hand experience helped us to realize how to connect with business people and how to communicate our experiences to show companies that we will be of benefit, should they proceed to hire.

Outside of the conference learning, my favourite part of the conference was the “AIESEC Olympics,” including the game of kickball, also known to the international delegates as the game of “culture shock.” During these Olympics, portfolios from all 3 provinces were split up into 4 teams. I was elected team captain for our team “Comfi” which was a mixture of Finance and Communications. Dominating every single game, “Comfi” came in first place! Our prize: Howie. Being the team captain I was the first to taste this AIESEC tradition! Overall the conference was an amazing experience, and I met a lot of good friends with similar goals and interests. Brianna Hilworth

Events | Resume Workshop AIESEC Calgary would like to express our outmost sincere appreciation towards Agrium Inc., Robynn Sosiak, Agrium’s HR Recruiter, and Alvaro Ipanaque, our current AIESEC intern at Agrium, for being able to make our CV/Resume Workshop held at University of Calgary possible. Robynn spoke to the university students covering the key aspects of a successful resume.

Some of the topics Robynn discussed were: what recruiters are looking for in a CV/Resume, keywords for catching a recruiter’s interest, as well as the proper format of a resume. The session ended off with a Q & A question where Robynn answered or provided tips for each individual student’s unique situation.

“Robynn was very engaging and asked for our input so that she is

able tailor her presentation to be relevant as she went along. I was more confident after the workshop about being able to represent my skills accurately for my job hunt on the upcoming semester.

We would also like to thank all those who attended and who helped in their part to make this CV/Resume Workshop a success.

Internships | Quotes from our Interns    

As you are away from home, you start to appreciate and value the things you had back home like friends and family. Alvaro

It’s scary but you have to take risks because it’s amazing what you can achieve. I bet you guys have a lot of potential so just go and take it, take this opportunity because not everybody has this chance. You won’t regret it! Laura

Being able to rely on the friends I have made through AIESEC was the key thing of my whole internship for me because it doesn’t matter where you are as long as you can rely on people you trust. Being in AIESEC is good because you have friends wherever you are! Juliana

You will never know what you will get out of an experience until you take that leap. Keep your mind open. Keep your eyes open and be willing to grow because you will grow. Julie

Events | Wine Tasting Our Alumni Wine Tasting event on February 23, 2011, was a great success. It was amazing to re-connect with those who have supported our local over the years, and those of you who are ready to re-engage with AIESEC Calgary. We look forward to seeing more of YOUR participation at our next initiative!

Special Thanks to: Daryl Drainville for providing the wonderful wine presentation and wine donation. Patrycja Drainville for eventorganizing and assistance through out the event. Leor Rotchild for providing advice and support throughout the planning process. And finally, thanks to all the alumni who passed on the invitation and everyone who attended to make this a wonderful event.

Interns | In Calgary

Howie Lim

From: AIESEC USM in Malaysia Company: Nexus Immigration & Recruitment

Julia Zarina

From: AIESEC ENGEC-GAAP in Russian Federation Company: Nexen Inc.

Carla Silva

From: AIESEC MADRID in Spain Company: Snamprogetti Canada

Helena Hansson

From: AIESEC CBS in Denmark Company: ATB Financial

Patzia Martinez

From: AIESEC GUADALAJARA in Mexico Company: University of Calgary Supply Chain Management

Interns | Coming to Calgary Macdonald Oguike

From: AIESEC FINLAND in Nigeria Company: Agrium Inc.

Mariya Goloshchapova

From: AIESEC MAGDEBURG in Germany Company: Alberta Electric System Operator

AIESEC | In Numbers 1948

The year AIESEC was founded internationally. AIESEC Canada was founded in 1958.

4000 50 000

Members; The number of young people who are currently experiencing AIESEC.


Countries/Territories; The number of countries we have AIESEC activities in.


We are currently present in over 1600 universities.


Conferences; We run more than 470 conferences each year at a regional, national, and global level. The biggest AIESEC Conference is the International Congress with more than 600 young people and 200 organizations involved from all around the world (excluding local conferences.

800 000

We partner with over 4000 organizations globally. These include sponsors, TN takers, other partners, etc.


We have over 750 LCs internationally. Many LCs cover several universities.

10 000

We provide unique exchange experiences for over 10 000 youth annually. (This is given our last exchange


Although we have more than 800 LCs, many LCs have presence in numerous universities.

10 000

Over 10 000 leadership opportunities are available each year. Youth around the world engage in all sorts of projects in leading a team of at least three people for more than three months. This number is constantly increasing.

Alumni; We have impacted 1500 over 800 000 people in society Across our 28 chapters, we have through AIESEC. This number is 1500 members in Canada. calculated taking into account an average of 15 000 members per year (taking into account 5500 low and high years in terms We keep contact with 5500 of membership) throughout alumni across Canada. existence.

AIESEC Calgary Quarterly Newsletter June 2011


Sheena Manabat


Carla Ramos


Annie Chung

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AIESEC Calgary Stakeholder's Newsletter, July 2011  

AIESEC Calgary Stakeholder's Quarterly Newsletter for July 2011

AIESEC Calgary Stakeholder's Newsletter, July 2011  

AIESEC Calgary Stakeholder's Quarterly Newsletter for July 2011