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Purpose of the Event AIESEC Baruch hosted the very first Youth to Business forum on November 15th 2013 in CUNY Baruch College. This forum aimed to connect young leaders and businesses around relevant topics in the world to generate new, actionable ideas and thoughts about the future. It was a daylong forum with keynote speakers, workshops and discussion spaces held by different businesses, lunch and coffee breaks, and a closing ceremony. The event’s focus was on 3 specific topics: 1. Social Everything 2. From Profit to Purpose 3. Innovation The aim of this event was to be an essential part of the development of the new generation of leaders in the business world by creating a platform where students, recent graduates, representatives of companies and recruiters can meet and share experienced knowledge with one another.  


The Organizing Committee

Georgina Pang | Organizing Commitee President Jonathan Haviv | Vice President of Administration Nick Alonso | Vice President of Communications Natalia Motta | Vice President of External Relations - Campus Dara Melati Abdoerrachman | Vice President of External Relations - Campus Syed Mahtab | Vice President of External Relations - Companies, Businesses & Speakers Syed Mahmud | Vice President of External Relations - Companies, Businesses & Speakers Lorenz Lina | Vice President of Finance


Letter from the Organizing Committee President

Hi All! Youth to Business taught me a lot. It showed me my many, many flaws and imperfections. But hell, who doesn't have them. Hah! It's been a rocky ride, but an experience I'll definitely quote in my many interviews to come. I've learnt a lot coming out of it, and I only hope that the rest of the Organizing Committee feels the same. I'm not sure if Youth to Business is going to a recurring annual event, but to the next Organizing Committee: It's a hell lot of work, so kudos to you for applying. Always remember why you applied and remember to keep going regardless of any obstacles you might face. Give your best, and you'll take away so much more. I got to know the members of my team a lot more; I couldn't have gotten through it all without them. So a huge shout out to them and a humble, "Thank you for putting up with me.” For those who came, thank you. For those who helped out, thank you. To the executive board, thank you. To Ellora, thank you. God bless,

Georgina Pang


Forum Agenda


Numbers & Analysis Because we did not charge an entrance fee for this event, there was no revenue to be made for this event. However, we did have quite a number of expenditures. Fortunately, because of the many CoSponsors we’ve had as well as the funding we received from AIESEC US’s National Support Fund, we were able to host this event without spending any of the funds allocated in our Baruch College budget, which is funding that the college provides to AIESEC Baruch (and the rest of CUNY Baruch College’s various organizations) every year.

We’d like to thank our co-sponsors for helping us host Youth to Business: v v v v

Model UN Alpha Kappa Psi Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA) Undergraduate Student Government

Here is a breakdown of the various expenditures for this event: Food & Drinks • • •

Subway Sandwich Platters: $456.00 Coffee: $160.00 Bottled Water: $65.90

Supplies & Miscellaneous • • • • • • • • •

Youth to Business Banner: $43.20 Website Domain: $24.85 o Additional Monthly Domain Charge for 3 months: $47.85 Event Brochures: $350.00 Name Tags for Attendees: $30.49 Thank-you cards for Guest Speakers: $61.51 Chocolate and Gift Bags for Guest Speakers: $26.82 Table Cloths: $41.88 Cab Fare for Supplies Transportation: $25.80

Total Expenses Incurred: $1,334.30


*Note: Tax was not included in this calculation

Conclusively: Funding Received from Co-Sponsors & National Support Fund: $1,450.00 Baruch Budget Allocation: $1,300.00 Total Expenses Incurred: $1,334.30

Youth to Business resulted in a surplus of $1,415.70 (rounded)


Return on Investment

Although the number of attendees we projected for this event was a lot lower than the actual turn out, those who attended enjoyed the various presentations that the speakers gave out. Because this was a professional event, it catered a lot to the needs of the students of Baruch College specifically, as we are primarily a business school. Moreover, these students were able to get the valuable knowledge they came for. Youth to Business has many key words that were meant to raise the interest of college students, including: innovation, leadership development, and social entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the entirety of Y2B’s expenses were not specifically incurred by AIESEC Baruch, so the ROI for this event is incredibly high as we were able to inspire young leaders without any monetary cost, only human effort.


Challenges and Opportunities

The Youth to Business Organizing Committee came across many different challenges over several months: v Arranging for and booking a venue that was ideal to situate many guests and also be capable of having the various workshops v Budget allocation was particularly a challenge as there was a lot of confusion on what to incur expenses on and how much to incur. Fortunately, this miscalculation resulted in a huge surplus, rather than a deficit v Retaining the motivation of the Organizing Committee was also challenging as planning this event spanned for several months with the event coming across a number of road blocks in between However, this event created many opportunities both for the attendees as well as the Organizing Committee: v Increased knowledge and development of leadership and the appropriate skills to use v Meaningful advice on social entrepreneurship and sustainability v Increased organizational & event planning skills


Lastly, AIESEC Baruch would like to give A HUGE Thank You to our Keynotes and Speakers!

Kavita Mahra Ardarsh Alphons Arya Sajedi Costa Michailadis Hagan Major Jason Mead Simone Mitjans Golden Key Undergraduate Student Government Women In Business


AIESEC Baruch Fall 2013 Youth to Business Event Report  
AIESEC Baruch Fall 2013 Youth to Business Event Report