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AIESEC BARUCH Leadership Development Seminar Spring February 17, 2014


Event Organizer

Matthew Chian


Purpose of Leadership Development SeminarSpring 2016

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LDS is meant to teach TLPs how to effectively manage their teams. The four areas covered during the seminars are coaching, delegation, project management and emotional intelligence. Newly positioned TLPs need a strong base to properly direct a team towards their vision, so LDS is held before spring semester Induction. The competencies of a TLP vary from that of a TMP, so training must be provided to build the necessary skills. TLPs have many roles that cannot fully be facilitated by VPs. First is coaching. The personalities and habits among team members differ, making situational leadership a key attribute required by directors. A full seminar is dedicated to demonstrate strategies and behaviors for proper coaching. Key to coaching is emotional intelligence, which is its own seminar. “The ability to identify, asses and control the emotions of oneself, or others� must be second nature to deal with situational differences. The next seminar topic is delegation. TLPs must take broad ideas given to them by their VPs and create tactics to reach those ideas. Delegation of work is vital to achieve success, so this seminar of LDS is devoted to delegation techniques. Similar to delegation, project management is important in reaching specified goals. A project must be planned and executed properly to succeed, making project management an important seminar.

Letter From Event Organizer Matthew Chian Leadership Development Seminar is a seminar designed to empower team leaders with skills and information that will help them to better manage their teams. It was created based on the needs analysis from team leaders – what team leaders wanted to learn more about or what team leaders wanted to improve on. The goal of Leadership Development Seminar is to give team leaders valuable skills that not only can be applied to AIESEC, but can be applied to their professional development in the outside world. LDS ultimately is essential to the TLP because it allows team leaders to further develop their leadership skills. -Matthew Chian


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The Organizing Committee

Spring 2016

Matthew Chian

Ahreana Blair

Jonathan Ruiz

Dania Panyano

Doris Goldych

Elaine Ly

The Facilitators

Dylan Bustillo

Fionnuala O’Donnell

Michelle Liu

Thomas Kulesza


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Results and Challenges

Spring 2016

There was a positive turnout for AIESEC Baruch’s first Leadership Development Seminar. An AIESEC alumnus (Thomas Kulesza) and the regional chair for Northeast Beast (Dylan Bustillo) facilitated. As well as several current VPs. Most importantly, nearly all of the AIESEC Baruch’s TLPs attended the event. Unfortunately, the results of LDS will only be found later this spring semester. The cause of functional progress must be discerned from member growth and effective leadership, or the combination of the two. A separate tracking method should be made specifically for TLPs because of the differences in success. TMP success is completing tasks assigned to them in a timely manner, while TLP success is delegating, coaching and managing. Only time will tell the results of LDS, but as of now the results are promising.

Personal Account by Jason Woo Finance TLP I learned many things to effectively lead my team. The break down of the key elements of being a TLP is good and applicable to more than team leaders. Coaching, emotional intelligence, project management and coaching are all competencies every person in a leadership role must have, so spending a full day going over strategies to better these areas is beneficial. I compare LDS to the TtT (Train the Trainers) seminar I recently attended. It was beneficial in many ways, but unfortunately the two shared some of the same negatives. The length of time for the event is a negative. A full day allocated solely for team leader development felt too much. If the session material is spread out on two days with more interactive sessions, it can be much more effective. Also, the time of the seminar is a negative. If LDS was held two weeks in advance so I can absorb and anticipate leading my team, I would be more prepared in directing work. That may be a personal opinion, but it affected me.


Spring 2014 LDS report