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Purpose of the Event AIESEC Baruch hosts On The Skyline every May as a yearly tradition: members from other LCs in AIESEC US come to New York City for the weekend to relax and tour the city with AIESEC Baruch, and also attend the Skyline Party, which is hosted on Sunday night. On The Skyline is unique in the way that it is situated in one of the greatest cities in the world—there are endless possibilities of activities to partake in and food to eat, which is why Baruch strives to make the weekend different each year. Ultimately, this event is to present the opportunity to invite other members, get to know them, and to just have fun and relax, especially after a stressful semester. Furthermore, On The Skyline also allows guests to become New Yorkers for the weekend and indulge in many of the perks of urban life.


The Organizing Committee


Jonathan Haviv | Organizing Committee President Fionnuala O’Donnell | Vice President of Administration Michelle Liu | Vice President of Communications Georgina Pang | Vice President of Events Vanessa Pereira | Vice President of Finance


Letter from the Organizing Committee President      

HEY AIESEC! Skyline is an event held annually on Memorial Day Weekend by AIESEC Baruch to help us celebrate the end of the year, and meet and bond with AIESECers from around the country and around the world. We do this allow us to create experiences, help form friendships and bonds between people, have fun with each other and show off New York City and AIESEC Baruch. As Organizing Committee President, I faced many challenges when organizing this event. One of the primary ones was trying to find housing for AIESECers from outside the LC for the weekend. This problem did not amount to much because we did not have high attendance from people from other LCs. This was another problem we faced. The OC was all newbies and had no connections outside of the LC to contact in order to ensure that we invited other LCs. This lead to us having a potentially low attendance at the event. We managed to increase attendance by inviting USG to the event in order to help us build awareness about AIESEC Baruch’s brand on campus. This was a new addition to the event and I felt like it would help us with campus relations for the future. Another problem was that because of the timing of OCP and OC applications, I was left to find the venue myself because the applications came out a bit late. Ultimately, I grew a lot from the experience of being OCP for this event. I learned more about team management and how to fully involve your team in the process. I would call the event a success with room for improvements like marketing to other LCs and timing of the OC selection. AIESECly,

Jonathan Haviv

Weekend Agenda

Friday, May 24 th 2:30 - 5:00pm 5:00 - 7:00pm 8:00 - 9:00pm 9:00pm

Reception at Baruch College Dinner at Rodeo Settle into Assigned Housing K.O. 1. Fat Cat 2. Staten Island Ferry 3. Harry's Cafe 4. Brooklyn Bridge 5. Pacha 6. Fitz & Tavern 7. Little Italy

Saturday, May 25 9am - 11:30am .

Breakfast 1.Chelsea Market 2. High Line 1:30 - 3:00pm Touring 1. Kayaking at Downtown Boathouse 2. Herald Square & Times Square 3. Museum of Natural History 4. Central Park Bike Tour 3:00 - 4:30pm Central Park Flash Mob Lunch! 4:30 - 8:00pm Touring 1.Soho & Chinatown 2. Fifth Avenue 3. Metropolitan Museum 8:30 - 11:00pm Dinner at Shanghai Heping 11:00pm K.O. 1. Bar Hopping at Lower Eastside 2. Broadway Comedy Club 3. Webster Hall 4. Fitz & Tavern

Sunday, May 26th 12:00-4:30pm 7:00 - 9:00pm

9:00 - 1:30am

Brooklyn Bridge Park Dinner 1. Down the Hatch 2. Horus Cafe 3. Fitz & Tavern Skyline Party


Weekend At A Glance



Numbers & Analysis Guest Information In total, On The Skyline had 103 guests in attendance. This includes AIESEC Baruch LC past and active members, AIESEC US members from other LCs, Baruch College Undergraduate Student Government, as well as people outside of AIESEC.

Attendance Turnout: 2012 vs. 2013 120 112



100 90

Budget Summary

Revenue: $4,471.00 The revenue is derived from the number of attendees to the event, as well as sales from AIESEC Baruch’s merchandise.

Expenses: $4,187.00 The expenses incurred were primarily for the venue and staff for the Skyline party, food and refreshments for guests, as well as supplies for the various events held throughout the weekend. In conclusion, On the Skyline generated a profit of $284.00.


8 Â

Projected vs. Actual Budget $4,600.00

Projected $4,471.00 Actual



$4,200.00 $4,000.00 $3,800.00



$3,600.00 $3,400.00 $3,200.00 Revenue vs. Expenses

Return on Investment Essentially, the funds invested into this event were to bring more awareness to AIESEC, since the event was open to everyone, as well as to promote the image of AIESEC Baruch. Because we are situated in a popular tourist area, we wanted to use this to our advantage and invite everyone for a chance to tour one of the greatest cities in the world, and also get to know the members of AIESEC Baruch. Moreover, Skyline is a great way to build relationships with other LCs and especially, different organizations within Baruch College. For example, we had many members from the Baruch College Undergraduate Student Government in attendance, which is certainly an effective way to build a strong relationship.


Challenges & Opportunities

While Skyline generated a successful turnout, the OC came across many challenges. For example, majority of the challenges that the OC faced primarily had to do with outreach to other LCs. For various reasons, it appears that many people in other LCs have not actually heard about the event. One reason for this was that currently, AIESEC Baruch had many young members who had no connections in other LCs—even the entire OC almost had no outside connections, as they were all newbies. Another challenge the OC faced was housing. Too many members of the LC could not house anyone. Fortunately, this problem was not as big of an issue as Skyline generated a low to moderate turnout. Lastly, the OC struggled with the issue where people were looking at an old Skyline website instead of the current one and registered through that website instead. All of the old Skyline websites should’ve been taken down to avoid confusion for future Skyline OCs. At the same time, On the Skyline paves the platform for many opportunities, such as team working, member development (as the OC were all newbies), professional growth, and a sense of responsibility and accountability. None of the members in the OC had prior experience with On the Skyline before, so this brand new experience certainly helped each member develop both personally and professionally, which is essentially one of AIESEC’s missions. Overall, On The Skyline had a successful turnout and AIESEC Baruch hopes to continue the tradition for as long as possible.    

AIESEC Baruch Spring 2013 Skyline Event Report