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AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT their comfort zones and make things happen and experience AIESEC in a new way. We introduced gradual changes, scaled on innovation, and chose to never accept circumstances as they were. This led to 7 people coming to the United States, 58 students going abroad on international internships, 30 members learning how to lead a team to achieve their goals, and 60 members having a purposeful team experiences. With growth in every single function, we have achieved what was formerly seen as impossible.

In life, we cannot predict the future. But we can make it. Leading you all as your LCP this year was the most challenging, yet most fulfilling year of my life. From the bottom of my heart, I feel deeply humbled, and I feel so thankful to have shared this experience with all of you. The story of AIESEC Baruch in 2012 is one that I feel very proud to tell, and one that I am even more proud to have experienced with all of you. When we began our terms, AIESEC Baruch was at a tipping point. We had several key choices and decisions to make, that determined the future of this local committee. We had the right resources, the right people, and the right environment to make things happen--the circumstances were clear, the opportunities were right in front of us. The bottom line of our vision came down to one key thing: growth. Our success was not due to extreme innovation, or visionary leadership, it came from a group of thoughtful and purposeful people who were determined and disciplined enough to make empirical decisions, execute on ideas, and influential enough to empower others to step out of

that facilitates innovation and collaboration, and one that challenges people to grow. Remember to share your story to inspire others.

I implore you to utilize all the resources and opportunities around you, and scale your innovation. AIESEC doesn’t always have to be run the same way--growth requires seeing things differently, doing things differently. Don’t be afraid of change. Embrace it. Don’t be afraid of failure. Sometimes failure is the best thing that can happen to us. And most importantly, celebrate your success and More importantly, what we achieved this achievements, and appreciate those around year cannot be quantified through num- you, and live the journey. Happiness is a way bers. What we really achieved is an organ- of travel, not a destination. izational culture, and a belief that anything in the world is possible. We believe in the I would not be who I am today without my purpose of AIESEC, and that's to em- team. Ali, Alyssa, Bianca, Crystal, and power people to step out of their comfort Eugene-you taught me more about life, love, zones, and develop themselves, through friendship, and leadership than I could have unique team and international experi- ever imagined. You have each profoundly ences. We believe that the world would be moved me. Thank you to everyone that has a better place, if more people could expe- supported me this year, believed in me, and rience the experience we are living today. pushed me to be a better leader, and a betWe believe that all it takes is some pas- ter person. Thank you to everyone that besion, some ambition, and working hard to lieved in AIESEC Baruch’s potential, and make your vision a reality. AIESEC Ba- reached for the stars. All of you hold a very ruch's potential is unlimited, and let's keep special place in my heart, and I hope that striving to fulfill it. you continue to strive for more, and give back to AIESEC. Never forget the AIESEC The future of AIESEC is in your hands. You way, AIESEC’s purpose, and why we do will surely face challenges in the next what we do. AIESEC can change behaviors, year--we all do. The growth we achieved outlook on the world, and the way we view this year happened because of a culmina- ourselves and the way we interact with peotion of choices, leaders, and people that ple. AIESEC creates passionate leaders, wanted to make it happen over the last 4 strong leaders, and individuals with ethics, years. Now, it is your responsibility to con- purpose, and global citizenship to make the tinue this, so that more people can experi- world a better place. Thank you for an ence AIESEC in the way that you do. So amazing year. that more people can live the experience you are living today. So that more people With all the love in the world & most AIESECly yours, can discover their purpose, and have a Your 2012 LCP crazy story to tell. Remember to never forget the importance of creating a positive organizational culture--one that engages and develops each member, one

Tala Mansi

AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


AIESEC has 64 years of experience in developing high-potential youth into globally - minded responsible leaders. Present in over 113 countries and territories, with over 86,000 members and over 1,000,000 alumni, AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run organization. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world, and to get experience and skills that matter today. AIESEC is run by young people for young people. Our members are part of an exciting, driven global network. They are able to contribute to societal change while exploring their own vision for a positive impact on society.



AIESEC is global by nature, value based and non-political by identity and run by students and recent graduates from institutions of higher education in spirit and by pas- sion. It forms a platform for students interested in world issues and leadership to work with exchange of people and ideas as a means to achieve the organization's vision. AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion, national, ethnic or social origin.



AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


GLOBAL COMPETENCY MODEL Our Global Competency Model consists of 5 key competencies, which represent the development direction of our members in all levels of the organization through management and operational activities.

What are our pillars? Our pillars are the 5 competencies that are developed within our members to become agents of positive change and in turn, go on to create the needed impact in society and in this way we are an international platform.

How the AIESEC Experience Develops Members’ Competencies 1. Our members participate in cross-cultural events with foreign interns, work with AIESEC members from across the world to deliver the global internship program, embark on a their own cross-cultural working experience by doing an internship in another country, and lead and work with multicultural teams.


Actively seeking to encourage diversity; shows openness and respect towards other cultures, works effectively with individuals of diverse cultures, styles and abilities, making optimum use of their insights and ideas towards the fulfillment of goals

2. ENTREPRENEURIAL OUTLOOK Demonstrating ability in coming up with and implementing new ideas, organizing and managing resources and opportunities, engaging and influencing others, taking risks and finding innovative solutions to increase performance


Approaching social, economic, environmental issues in a sustainable manner and taking a prompt action for improvement while considering the long-term consequences of actions and the involvement of others.


EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Showing consistency and honesty about own intentions, motives, feelings, recognizing own feelings and those of others demonstrating respect, empathy and appropriate behavior towards others; adjusting to different situations and personalities


Demonstrating self awareness, identifying areas for development of self and others; continuously increasing own/ others knowledge and skills by trying different learning methods

2. Through working on projects and program at the local and national levels, our members constantly engage in activities and are measured on their fulfillment of goals they set. They are taking responsibility and determining their own solutions, designing new projects, making and implementing plans, solving challenges in innovative ways, and managing organizational strategy and operations. 3. AIESEC works closely with the issue of sustainability and associates itself with sustainability related organizations. Through running and participating in certain programs and learning events, members are encouraged to live the value of social responsibility and constantly seek for positive change solutions to issues around them. 4. While working in local and international teams, the intense experience enables our members to cultivate interpersonal skills and develop a deeper understanding of others’ emotions and motivations, equipping them with skills vital to lead oneself and others effectively. 5.

Our global learning platform is closely associated with the development experiences we provide in AISEC. Members are involved in various learning activities and are supported in being able to do effective personal reflection and goal reviews. In addition, members understand how to give and receive effective feedback, all of which helps individuals to adopt a proactive attitude towards learning and effective approaches with teams and the people around them

AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


TRAINEE “My name is Alejandra Maldonado, I am an AIESECer, I am currently having my exchange experience with AIESEC Baruch in New York City. The company that host me is Quacquarelli Symonds, it has being a great experience for me to come and live here and experience the dynamic of new york on a daily basis. I have love every moment of it. AIESEC Baruch has being a wonderful committee during the entire experience; you could never get bored with AIESECers. The city itself is a concrete jungle; you will find all kind of stuff when walking down the streets of Manhattan. These experiences have helped me with my professional and personal growth; I have found incredible people that I know will be long-term friendships. Summertime in New York City it’s awesome, that’s one of the things I have to say I’ve loved the most. There is always something happening, the city life is very fast but you can also find those laidback spots where you can just relax for a couple of minutes. I will always remember when I got the internship and the AIESECers who went to get me to the airport, we have done it in the past for my committee but being in the other side and being able to experience it it’s a totally different thing. I appreciate everything I have lived here and will treasure it for the rest of my life. Thanks to AIESEC Baruch for giving me one year of great experience in New york City!”

- Alejandra M., Colombia

AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012



REVIEWS “Winter of 2011, Mumbai, India: I sat on my laptop frantically searching the internet for summer internship opportunities. It was the night before I was to submit a list of potential companies to the HOD of the media studies department in my college. St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai has always been among the top 3 colleges in all of India and I am not exaggerating when I say that it is not game to live up to its expectations. Marketing, being my forte, was the area I looked into. As anyone else in my place would do, Ogilvy went up as the first name on my list. As the night matured I came across more companies that I mechanically threw in the list. A friend asked me to take a look at this fairly young company that was into music marketing. He claimed to know someone there. Hmmm.. seems like fun but good luck with becoming the next Apple if using fruits is all it takes! And in the list it went! To all those who questioned my intent to apply to intern abroad, I proudly quoted Virginia Woolfe – “Lock up your libraries if you like, but there is no gate, no lock, and no bolt that can be set upon my imagination” and felt super-smart. Summer for 2012, Mumbai, India: My friend seems to have pulled some strings as Jaclyn Ranere, VP, The Orchard (the company with the orange logo as we now call it) emailed me wondering if I was still interested. New York?! Hell Yeah! Is that even a question!!? A few interviews over Skype, with me dressed formally waist above hoping to death I wouldn’t have to stand up, and a lot of emails and that’s that, I was selected the first Indian intern to work at The Orchard! They called the Skype sessions chats, but trust me, there were interviews and as interview-like as can be! Wuhooooooo! Here’s when AIESEC stepped in. I got in touch with a dear friend Osborne Saldanha from AIESEC India who got me in touch with Eugene/ Yevgeniy Master (who I now fondly call Mafia) from AIESEC NY. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me. There was a lot of information to be sent and paper work to be done and Eugene was ever so prompt and optimistic. Boy! It’s a long procedure to get a J1 visa! As the date edged closer, I was losing patience and sanity! Well, so were my parents! There were daily panic phone calls to Osborne and panic emails to Eugene. I remember my mother once calling Eugene from India at 12.50 in the afternoon as the visa office was going to shut in 10 minutes and they required some details to be filled up immediately. So there we had Eugene, jumping out of bed at around 4.00 am in NY calling out details over the phone. Time difference has never been kind! Finally all paper work, having been approved by Shivan Shukla, was shipped to me. I got my visa and jumped on an airplane ready for a 17.5 hours nerve racking flight to EWR. I called my folks back home who informed me that I was selected to do an internship with Ogilvy, India. Even though I did not know what was to follow, I had no regrets. Alright, maybe a little! But that was before I knew what was in store! Spring of 2012, NY: The first week was all about jetlag and getting to know people at work. I would leave my uncle’s home in NJ (which is where I was living) at 6.30 am and come to NY and roam about getting to know the place. After a day or 2 I met Eugene over lunch where he told me about Skyline. Skyline marks the end of my early morning discovery treks as almost every day after that I was too tired to walk! My weekdays were about fighting deadlines and attending meetings and dealing with people on the other side of the globe and my weekends were packed with shopping and then heading to Bryan Adler’s apartment, getting out and going dancing or dining and come back to Bryan’s and crashing wherever I found place. There was so much I did in and around NY that I would not have done back home. Ali Raza randomly made a plan for skydiving and before I knew it, I was sitting on a glider, my legs hanging out, 11,000 feet above the ground. I still feel the rush when I think of those 7.03 minutes! Every single day of my stay I met someone new, tried something, visited a new place, learnt something about another culture or tried a new kind of cuisine. I experienced a stark difference in the work atmosphere in my country and in NY but am still unable to decide which one I liked better. To cut a long story short, I was only home away from home. After spending all of May and June with crazy AIESECers in NY and NJ I had to head back home with 3 extra suitcases and a lifetime’s supply of fond memories and stories to share.”

- Barkha S., India AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


EXCHANGE PARTI “Traveling on my own can clearly be explained by this: shut up, live it up, and don’t be a pansy. Coming into this, I was super close-minded and expected not to become good friends with anyone. These people weren’t my friends; I didn’t know them. My friends were in New York, spending their summer without me. Basically living with one another, us 16 interns got past the small talk phase and truly opened up to one another. I was telling these people things about my life that I never thought I would, and vice versa. I didn’t know how I would get used to not seeing my friends everyday during this trip, but now I don’t know how I’m going to get used to not seeing these people. Six weeks ago I only had friends at home; now I have friends all over the world. They’ve helped me learn something very important that I didn’t realize before – your friends aren’t just people who live around you and go to school with you; they’re people who you can make a connection with that tests distance and time. It’s keeping in touch with these people that truly creates a friendship that withstands the language barrier, the physical barrier, and the unfamiliarity barrier. It’s these experiences that connect people all over the world. It’s crazy. I’ve never been so emotional in my life. This trip has really given me a heart. You know in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” how in the end, the Who’s helped him grow a heart 3 times as big (or something like that)? Well, that’s how I feel. I think I’ve cried more in the past 6 weeks than I have in my 20 years of living, combined. There was one day where I couldn’t stop crying because there was a little boy in my class that reminded me so much of my little brother. Every time I would try and stop, I would look at him and the tears would start again (I ended class early that day). I cried the night before my birthday because I wasn’t home. I cried at least 10 more times when the interns left. That was the worst. I got so used to seeing these people everyday and living with them, and then, just like that, they would leave. Weeks and weeks of growing friendship, and then a minute of saying goodbye. And it’s not like I’ll see them soon, not to be pessimistic or anything, but everyone lives in a different country and I’m the furthest away. But they all know that when they come to New York, they’ll have a place to stay. I’ve grown up so much on this trip that I’m actually proud of myself. For once I wasn’t the one who was depending on everyone to baby me. I became mature, responsible, and independent. I made my own decisions, I made my own connections with people, and I even did my own laundry (that’s a first). I stopped being such a pansy and, yeah I’ll say it, YOLO’d. I’ve done things I never would’ve done if I didn’t come on this trip. I’ve learned things about people and cultures that I wouldn’t have learned about without this trip. I’ve seen things that I would’ve never seen without Google images. It’s a trip like this that changes your life, changes you. Six weeks in New York would’ve left me with a similar tan, but a completely different outlook on life. People are meant to grow and evolve. Without change, life is boring. You have to challenge yourself to find yourself, and that’s exactly what this trip has done for me. The things I’ve learned, the places I’ve seen, the people I’ve met – it’s all made this experience the greatest of my life. I regret nothing. I appreciate everything. I really do believe everything happens for a reason, and I’m glad it did. Although my trip is over, I’ll always have my words and memories to relive it to the best of my ability. And remember, it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later (had to end it on a super cliché note).”

- Nadine Suleiman, in Greece AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


CIPANT REVIEWS “Apa khabar! That’s Malay for “how are you?” This past summer, I went on exchange through AIESEC’s Global Community Development Program to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When I first arrived, the AIESECers in Malaysia greeted me with excitement and a lot of curiosity. They were so excited to see an American student and welcomed me with open arms. They took me to my apartment where I was to stay and at my apartment I was greeted by interns from all over the world. It was truly a cultural experience. I lived with students from Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Canada and Morocco. These interns become more than just co-workers to me. They became like family to me. In Malaysia we worked on a project called the MIRACLE project. We went around all over Malaysia educating children on issues regarding environmental sustainability and working with them to develop creative ways of making a difference in their schools. I’ve never seen kids who were this excited to learn. I was a star and after every presentation I had a line of students waiting for my autograph! There were times when I was frustrated because of the heat and the environment, but I never felt homesick because the other interns really made the experience worthwhile. Going through AIESEC also opened many doors for me to travel. I was able to travel all over Malaysia at little to no cost at all because of the network. I also traveled to Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong as my internship came to an end. Every stop I made, there were AIESECers in that country, that city to greet me and take me around and show me a good time! This summer was truly the most AMAZING summer I have had, and I can’t wait to do another exchange through AIESEC!”

- Jimmy Ngo, in Malaysia AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


EXCHANGE PARTI “If someone had told me a year ago that in the upcoming Summer 2012 I would be on an island in South Africa teaching environmental sustainability to children and meeting students from 90 different countries, I would not believe them. However, this past summer, I was able to travel to Mauritius. There, I was part of a team that went school to school teaching kids the importance of sustainable living and development. Mauritius is a small, but beautiful island facing beach erosion, coral destruction, and waste problems. My team and I created teaching plans and activities for each school while at the same time living together and having to sustain ourselves as well. Moreover, I learned a lot about myself. I gained invaluable experience in leading a team, organizing events, and dealing with people from all over the world. The truth is, in the global economy of today, chances are that you will most likely have to deal with other people in a foreign culture. It’s especially important knowing how to approach others and be worldly. What else did I do? I went scuba diving, dove off a cliff, saw monkeys for the first time, went parasailing, climbed multiple mountains, attended two Indian weddings, spent most of my nights on a sandy beach, lived with people from four different countries, learned how to play Pétanque, explored a whole island, cleaned up a beach, and made friends from all over the world. I can now say that if I wanted to travel to Asia, Europe, or the Middle East, I would have a person waiting for me with open arms. That is what AIESEC can do for you. It will get you invaluable experience in team leadership and project management, while at the same time teaching you things about yourself you never knew. You will make friends from all over the world and you may just be a changed person when you come back. The important thing is to keep an open mind and love the ups and downs of the experience. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Lao Tzu Take the first step and go abroad through AIESEC.”

- Roalt Ahmet, in Mauritius

AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


CIPANT REVIEWS “When I first stepped into Goiania, Brazil, I was excited. The thrill of spending 10 weeks in a city I know nothing about really sent adrenaline  rushing through my body.   This was my second exchange abroad through AIESEC and I couldn't wait to experience everything I did in Budapest, Hungary, last summer. Little did I know, that this experience was going to be completely different. Brazil itself is a place that's really exotic.  In that sense, I mean that everything about it appealed to me.  I loved how friendly the people were, how sweet the fruits tasted, how loving my host family was.   My host mom was a great cook and my host, Luna, was an amazing girl.  On top of that, I had Krizelle and Ligia (another amazing host), and Dylan and Matheus (TN manager).  The six of us bonded on that very first day and it was history from there.   The Brazilians would teach us  Portuguese, show us around, help us translate and show us the secrets of the city.  In less than a week we were inseparable.  In the following weeks, we met Pason, David, Chris, and Marissa.   These four people completed our Brazilian family.  We each had such different personality but we fit so well together.  Together, we laughed, sang, danced, drank, cried, and loved.  I could probably go on to write pages and pages of our time together, but I don't think I could ever describe that bond we all had in a way that would do it justice.  This is one of the perks of an exchange through AIESEC.   This bond we created with each other is so strong that it hurt to be the one to say goodbye to each and every one of them when they left.  These are the friendships that AIESEC can create.   In Brazil, I grew a lot.  I learned to stop complaining and just do.  I learned to stop hiding my emotions and to just feel.  I learned to get lost and to laugh about it.  I learned to slow down and enjoy everything.  In Brazil, their lifestyle is very relaxing.  Their food (mainly steak, rice and beans) was different, but I learned to love it.  Going into Brazil, I expected to see a lot of Japanese people (they have the 2nd largest Japanese population outside of Japan), but it turns out that is only true in big cities like Sao Paulo and Rio.  At first, it was frustrating to have every single Brazilian stare at me on the bus, or say "Konnichiwa" when I walked by, but it was because they lacked diversity in their city.  To most Brazilians, I was exotic. And the attention I got from them was amazing.  At my job, it didn't work out so well in the beginning.  Although I was promised a marketing GCDP, I ended up creating computer classes for children and designed a brochure with Krizelle and Dylan.   I think one of my favorite experiences in Brazil was going to AIESEC Goiania's replan conference.  This LC was being led by an EB that wasn't getting along and it was clearly seen in their members.  Although we had experience in AIESEC and were very willing to help, they resisted our help.  With Matheus' push and support, he got us Faci roles at their conference and we facilitated LC bonding sessions.   Constantly, we reminded them that an LC is family, and everyone should be treated like family.  Watching this LC made me realize just how much I really loved AIESEC Baruch and how much we've done as an LC.   Brazil was probably one of the best summers of my life.  I can't imagine getting all those experiences in a mere ten weeks anywhere else.  Keep exchanges going; you'll keep changing lives like mine.

- Emily Wong, in Brazil AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


EXCHANGE PARTICIPANT REVIEWS “For seven weeks this summer, I worked for the West Africa AIDS Foundation in Ghana. Some of my friends and family thought I was truly crazy for going to Africa alone but being the strong independent 19 year old that I am, I told everyone I would be fine! However, when I arrived in Ghana, I had the biggest culture shock of my life. It was so hot and dirty, people were in shacks on the side of the road and no one was speaking English (even though English is the national language!) Although the first week was tough for me, I had the best experience of my life. I was working with interns from around the world who all shared the same excitement about Ghana as I did. We explored the capital, Accra, and also took trips to tourist sites around the country. Also, being a part of the projects team at the West Africa AIDS Foundation, I learned a lot about how an NGO with little funding and big expenses works. Lastly, I met Ghanaians who taught me what true happiness is – they brought me out my shell and helped me learn what is important in life. From my time in the AIESEC House to the plane ride home, I’ve met some of the most interesting, charismatic, and funny people from all different countries and backgrounds. I’ve learned that it is possible for a Chinese, a Norwegian, an American, and a Ghanaian to become close, engaging in long and meaningful conversations. We are all human- we’ve all got good days and bad days. This AIESEC experience helped me break cultural stereotypes and form friendships with people from around the world.”

- Anjelica Mantikas, in Ghana

AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012



AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


INCOMING EXCHANGE Vice President: Eugene Master The Incoming Exchange (ICX) team has the overall objective of raising and realizing traineeships through the Global Internship Program (GIP) that AIESEC offers. ICX is sub-divided into two groups the Business Development (BD) and Account Management (AD) teams. The BD team is in charge of developing relationships with companies, signing contracts, ensuring the interns are delivered and maintaining relationships with the companies for the future. The AD team on the other hand, has the purpose of efficiently sourcing out interns and providing them with the support they and the companies they intern in may need in fulfilling their internship in New York City. Objectives The objectives of the ICX team are to raise and realize contracts in order to bring in exchange participants and to optimize their AIESEC experience. Goal Raise 15 contracts Realize 15 contracts

Start Date 1/1/2012 8/1/2012

End Date 12/31/2012 12/31/2012

Strategies There were several strategies that the VP ICX took into effect in order to meet the teams objectives. There strategies ranged from increasing the numbers that the team can achieve to the following: • One of the main strategies used for this year, in order to increase the number of contracts achieved was market segmentation. This means that that the team focused on reaching out to IT and Marketing firms more then others, because these two industries appear to be increasing in demand with a small amount of supply of individuals interested in it. • Another important strategy implemented this year was the idea of team sales blitz as well as partnering in order to do sales. This would allow not only for the team to be able to receive more meetings, but also for the idea of working in partners or groups help the team members keep motivated. • The ICX team also attended multiple networking events through out the year, in some instances even were able to have their own table, which allowed for more exposure of AIESEC Baruch. • As part of the team’s accountability system, every member was being tracked in terms of meetings instead of calls. Also a more detailed tracking of each member was incorporated, in which each member was tracked by objectives set up at the end of each team meeting.

AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


TEAM OVERVIEW 2012 Results 159



58 16 Meetings









Results • This year, the ICX team has generated some great results. From making cold calls to attending networking events, the team’s members have been working hard to achieve its goals. • Through out the whole year they have had a total of 1500 leads, which has led them to achieve a total of fifty-eight meetings, which is almost a 100% increase from 2011, which had only thirty meetings. • ICX has been able to raise ten traineeships, match seven, and realize those seven. • From the traineeships raised four of them came from alumni relations. The alumni are continuously being updated with what is going on in the LC through a newsletter. Also, the BD sub-team, was able to get some training from alumni in order to better perform their tasks. • The ICX team was able to attend about 20-30 networking events, and even table at two of them. • By the end of the year ICX has begun to focus solely on IT, and make that its biggest priority. • A pipeline by giving directors more responsibilities was created, however it appeared to work better in the AD sub-team but not as much in the BD sub-team. • They had there first ever LC Sales Blitz, which not only allowed for meetings to be acquired but also a sense of team culture was able to be formed through sales. • Was able to create a welcome packet to give to trainees, once they arrived in the U.S. • Created a document that has the contact information of partner companies and of previous trainees, in order to keep track of them for future needs. 10 2011 58


2011 2012

2012 7

30 2 0 Meetings

TNs Raised

0 TNs Matched

TNs Realized

AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


INCOMING EXCHANGE TEAM OVERVIEW Issues Throughout the year the ICX team has had to face a number of challenges. However, from these they have also been able to gain experience and therefore, knowledge. • The main issue that they have faced is motivation and accountability. It is very difficult to keep track and hold members accountable on the number of calls and meetings that they have. • At the beginning of the year the motivation is at its peak, and as the year went on the attendance to networking events began to diminish. • The AD team was able to hold a close relationship with the trainees, however, it was difficult to get the whole LC involved. • At the beginning of the year the both AD and BD had meetings together, however as the year went on the teams seemed to have drifted, but in the future plan on bringing back the conjoint meetings. Looking Forward In the future, ICX’s goals are to raise the number of TN’s raised to be able to beat the numbers that were achieved in 2012. Also, the team is planning home fostering a sales culture not only within the team (BD and AD) but able to whole LC, through the incorporation of a greater number of sales blitz. Also, for the year of 2013 there will be two directors in the sub-team of Business Development, in order to focus on the activating leadership aspect of ICX. In the future, the members of the ICX team will also be provided with a further understanding of the market, sales and cultivating themselves in order to further motivate them into making calls and achieving meetings. Overall the team seems to be headed in the right direction and promises to have great things in 2013.

AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


OUTGOING EXCHANGE TEAM OVERVIEW Vice President: Alyssa Alicino Approximately a year and a half ago today, I could have never imagined that I would be coming to the end of my term as Vice President of Outgoing Exchange. I was introduced to AIESEC when I went on Global Community Development Program opportunity to Chile last summer. I still remember before leaving, I spoke to some AIESECers who told me I was going to have a ‘life-changing experience’, that I was going to ‘get to do things I never would have been able to do if it weren’t for the local AIESECers’. Reflecting upon my experience, I understand what they meant now. My AIESEC host in Chile truly changed my life, and was the driving force for me assuming this role in order to change other people’s lives. She showed me that AIESEC does serve as a platform for students to grow and develop, but also to help others do the same. This year has been one of the most challenging. One quote that comes to mind is: “All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.” – Calvin Cooldrige I truly believe that good things come through challenges and hard work and I feel privileged and satisfied that I was given the opportunity to play a role in 58 students embarking on international exchange opportunities. I am proud to say I have witnessed the development AIESEC can bring. Not only has my path changed so much over the past year, but I was privileged to see so much growth among not only my two teams, but also the LC. AIESEC is a one of a kind organization, with endless possibilities. I can’t wait to see the achievements of the following years. About Outgoing Exchange (OGX) The Outgoing Exchange Team is responsible for sending college students or recent graduates abroad to over a 110 countries on internships and guides participants through all elements of this process. This includes the screening process, the search for appropriate plane fares, Skype internship interviews, ensuring food and housing, and much more. Our exchange participants (or EPs) are to choose from four different internship programs to go on, which are: Go Technology, Go Business, Go Volunteer, and Go Teach. During 2012, the OGX team experienced stellar results as they matched 56 students abroad and realized 54.

AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


OUTGOING EXCHANGE Objectives • Send a great number of students on life-changing international experiences • Expand X+L to increase the amount of AIESECers who experience the AIESEC product • Build team culture • Create partnerships with international LCs to send students on high-quality experiences • Improve the AIESEC product by creating better follow-through and using more sustainable follow-up • Implement earlier summer recruitment and have a more effective winter recruitment • Expand outside of Baruch College Strategies • In order to change the mindset of the LC to assure its members that a greater number of exchanges were possible, the Vice President, along with the Executive Board, set a very ambitious goal of 112 exchanges. Although the goal was not achieved, we did increase exchange by 100%, and more AIESECers believed that this goal was possible. • To expand X+L, more awareness of the opportunities available was advertised within the LC.  Additionally, financial rewards and recognition were implemented for some. We are proud to have a new leadership team on the OGX team completely composed of returning EPs from this past summer. • On a team striving towards the same goal, it is the utmost importance that everyone feels included.  This can be attained through having team bonding days that do not include work so that the Vice President and her members have a time to spend time together, and there is no existence of any one party being more powerful than the other. • After the implementation of a middle management system for better tracking and accountability, the OGX team was split into four sub-teams: South American/African relations, European relations, Middle Eastern/ Asian relations, and Campus Affairs.  With these specializations, it is easier to build stronger relationships with international LCs, as well as keep teams more accountable. • Throughout the year, the OGX team improved relations with many departments on campus, including the Weissman Center.  We strove to deliver promises by improving the process by hosting two Outgoing Preparation Seminars, giving out EP Care Packages, as well as Reintegration Seminar to re-connect EPs with the AIESEC network. • Through hosting information sessions in December, we were able to raise 19 EPs in January.  Additionally, we were able to match six EPs during summer peak.  • AIESEC Baruch had presence outside of Baruch College throughout 2012.  With the introduction of the OGX ER Manager, we were able to expand to events at Brooklyn College, as well as touch base at Queens College and various high schools.

AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012



# EP Realized # EP Matched # EP Raised




0 1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

Results • For the 2012 term, the team received 147 applications in total, of which 108 applicants were raised onto the AIESEC Database. In total, 56 EPs were matched to internships abroad. 44% of the EPs were matched during the Spring Semester (which is the first and second quarter), 5% during the third quarter, and 3% during the fourth quarter. Evidently, OGX produced amazing results, which were heightened by its virtual info-sessions as well as the new AIESEC Baruch website. • With the help of not only the entire OGX team, but also the entire LC, AIESEC Baruch as a unified team contributed to OGX marketing and recruitment. Issues • Internal: • Member tracking has not been as efficient enough. • Some of the members were overwhelmed with too much work, while others did not have much to do. • The team often focused only on the day-to-day tasks, rather than focusing on the big picture. • EPs were, at times, very indecisive about where they wanted to go, which posed as a frustrating situation to the OGX Members and proved to be a de-motivating factor. Marketing: • • For the beginning of the 2012 term, much of the marketing was done via distributing flyers, which many students did not read or even take from the members. However, there have been major improvements over the year to rectify the situation, especially with the implementation of more online marketing strategies. Looking Forward • Utilizing good EPs experiences from last year to increase growth. • Having non-OGX members in the AIESEC Baruch LC also act as EP managers—this can further the effort to make each member well informed about each of the functional roles. • Utilizing country partners and LC-to-LC cooperation to improve exchange quality • Increasing better EP education through OPS, reintegration seminars and other exchange related sessions • Growing more in the future and expanding the AIESEC Baruch network! AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


FINANCIAL AFFAIRS Vice President: Ali Raza 2012 was a big year for finance in AIESEC Baruch; the team came in with lots of new ideas and sticking with the JEDI theme accomplished a lot. This year for the first time we were able to showcase the progress of the LC as the year went along; quarterly reports were the primary tool for that. Continuing with the same culture of trying to stay ahead of the pack, we worked towards establishing standard procedures, more transparency and audit by finally putting into action QuickBooks, something the FATties had been working on as a long-term project. Besides, trying new things, the main idea this year was to ‘reinvigorate the wheel’ rather than reinvent it. Suffice to say, it produced the desired results. In the year 2012, AIESEC Baruch generated revenue of over $150,000 for AIESEC US and was also able to substantially increase its own assets too. During the year, investment in exchange operations rose to 16% of expenses and investment in members increased to 24% of expenses. EP Care Packages and a revamped Rewards & Recognitions plan were some ideas we put into effect. It was a year of getting work done and publishing it, it required intense cross team functionality and the Financial Affairs Team would like to thank everyone who helped us achieve this. Aside from all the AIESEC work, I would like to thank AIESEC Baruch for making it a memorable year for me. I have made lifelong friends and you all proved that blood is not your only family. It was an honor leading an LC as great as you. With All The Love, Your VP FAT Ali Raza About Finance The Financial Affairs team works closely with the other teams in the Baruch Learning Community in order to ensure financial sustainability all through out. The Financial Affairs team is split into two sub teams, the Controlling and the Budgeting, Planning, and Analysis sub-teams. They work to track and control the LC’s cash flows, while also maintaining a transparency in operations. In addition to this the whole team works together to communicate with external vendors and sponsors to raise funds for the LC.

AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


TEAM OVERVIEW Objectives The following are objectives set out by the VP Finance for the Financial Affairs Team: Business Planning and Analysis (BP&A) • Analyze the ROIs for all AIESEC events. • Continue with annual reports, while also implementing quarterly ones • Set up a quantifying system for the LC Controlling • Employ Wave Accounting • Filing reimbursements • Filing appeals to increase budget Both • Generate $5,000 in Sponsorships • Improve and develop student-alumni relations • Have a clearer job description for each member on team Strategies The following at the main tactics in which the VPF attempted to achieve his objectives for 2012: Business Planning and Analysis (BP&A) • Make the director of BP&A have more power in this sub-team as opposed to VPF just heading it. • Assign each member of BP&A to a different team in the LC. The member would have to be responsible for meeting up with the VP of their respective team and recoding information about its objectives, strategies, results, and future plans. Each member would also have to contribute to the quarterly and annual report for his or her assigned team. • Determine ROIs on AIESEC events, by using the data collected from the controlling team. Controlling • Appealed to the Baruch Student Government for a budget increase for AIESEC events. • Record all receipts and proper documentation through the use of Wave Accounting. Both • Cold contacting possible sponsors through email and phone • Contacting Alumni to improve connection with them • Solicit corporate sponsors, by creating proposals

AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


FINANCIAL AFFAIRS TEAM OVERVIEW Initial Allocation Funds Available





0 General Member Meeting

Internationsl Internship Outgoing Program

Results This section summarizes the results for the year, including whether goals were met, not met, or are still underway. Business Planning and Analysis (BP&A) The BP&A team successfully were able to create quarterly reports, with even having a few monthly and even weekly reports at the beginning of the 2012-year. The team is currently working on the annual report and is expected for it to be published by the end of December 2012. Controlling The Controlling team was successful in changing from QuickBooks to fully being able to operate with Wave Accounting. More power was transferred to the director of Controlling, because now all reimbursements are done here and the VP only approves them at the end. External Funding A very small amount of money was raised from going around small business near Baruch. However, a few team members were able to attend proposal-writing classes in order to create one large proposal. The Idea was to implement a similar program that AIESEC has, but for high school students to be able to go abroad. However, this idea could unfortunately not be completed to its full execution. The team did learn that it is more effective to reach out to large sponsors then small business. Issues The major issues that the Financial Affairs team of 2012 faced were: • Not enough External Funding • Losing money from miscommunications that could have been avoided • Having to take on debt that originally was not foreseen from such events such as Skyline and SNC

AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


TAL EN T M ANAGEMENT TEAM OVERVIEW Vice President: Bianca Lauria Talent Management in the beginning of 2012 was a team weak in culture and direction. This year was about building Talent Management and exploring each of its core operational functions to maximize the potential impact if could have on this LC. We met standards and most importantly improved quality in recruitment, mentoring, team member and team leader programs. Steady processes and solid information management have been established. Because of its success the brand of the Talent Management Team has been improved and now their strong pool of internal talent interested in TM to recruit to its team. In regards to operations, this team’s main priority was the focus on quality in our operations, and perfecting strategy and programs we inherited from the previous year. It was important to establish efficient LC tracking, member/ team/LC analysis, and offer different channels to deliver education coupled with insight. The team achievements are outlined very clearly below. It is not a bold statement to say this team positively impacted each member of this LC, and impressed upon them the important of reflection and more importantly passion. That is what this team ran on, passion.

Results Member Education

Member Tracking


- Successful Implementation of - Reporting: Moach Reports, Semester - Compiling Data, Templates, etc. to arMoaching (New Curriculum & Member Team Evaluations, TMP Report ‘ chive to ensure sustainability planning) - Membership evaluation and clean up - Template creation to make processes - Training/Reflection Sessions during - Clear Defined JDs for each member easier GMM (Mid-Semester Retreat) and Team profiles - Synergy in COM, OGX, TM Initiatives - GMM Preplanning Successful - Functional Weakness Assess- - Relationships with Specialized High - AIESEC Exposure day ment schools - Intensified Newbie Induction - Creation of LC wide Tracker - High conference Attendance (90-100% - Moach Tracker Newbie attendance) - Newly Introduced Accountability Sys- - 2 Success Recruitments tem - Successfully recruited 32 members

AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


COMMUNICATIONS Vice President: Crystal Lee Major Events One is Greater Than None AIESEC Baruch’s own Anjelica Mantikas hosted a very inspiring event known as One is Greater Than None, of which Anjelica is also co-founder of. Essentially, it is a non-profit organization that inspires individuals to believe that any contribution, no matter how small, has value. Even with limited resources, it is still possible to "Be Part of the Equation." Overall, it was a successful event as many of the attendees had an opportunity to learn how to contribute even a small amount to make a big difference. Global Village Many of us were able to travel around the world in just a couple hours for our annual event, Global Village. With the help of the LC as well as a number of other students at Baruch College, we were able to throw a very successful Global Village. We had great cultural performances, amazing food from different parts of the world, and were able to admire some of the students that dressed up. Not only was this an incredible event, it was also a great way to promote cultural awareness and to give others the opportunity to indulge in some of the traditions in many parts of the world. Huge shout-out to Crystal Lee and Dajelyn Diaz for doing such a great job organizing the event! Global Youth Leadership Development This year our communications team, Ashley Tagg, Nadine Suleiman and Anjelica Mantikas hosted and planned this event that was sponsored by Standard Chartered, JP Morgan Asset Management, and Carl Spielvogel to name a few! Former US Ambassador to the Slovak Republic, Carl Spielvogel who is also a CEO of Carl Spielvogel Associates, Inc discussed about the impact and importance of leadership at a young age that aligns with AIESEC’s work ethic. Contributing speakers included Dr. Mitchell Wallerstein, President of Baruch College, Eileen Cohen, Managing Director of JP Morgan Chase and Calvin Sun, founder and editor-in-chief of Monsoon Diaries.  With the wide variety of inspirational speakers, attendees celebrated the impact leadership skills and qualities can have in our local, national and global community. Our event was so outstanding that it was nominated for a “Best Original Event” at The Bernies, Baruch College’s own award ceremony celebrating the accomplishments and talents of our undergraduate student government and clubs. AIESEC United States Summer National Conference 2012 AIESEC Baruch also had the pleasure to host Summer National Conference 2012 in August. It was certainly a successful one as we had over 200 delegates coming from all over the country (as well as outside the country!) to attend. Not only did the delegates come back from conference with empowering and enriching information, but the Organizing Committee also were able to efficiently experience what planning such a huge conference is like. AIESEC aims to increase leadership development and have individuals realize their potential, and this is exactly what SNC 2012 was about.

Fall 2012 Recruitment AIESEC Baruch recruited 26 amazing members into its LC this Fall Semester! Consequently, we’ve had a great semester with some astounding results, all thanks to our old, current, and new members. Moreover, Fall 2012 RoKs was a successful one as all of our newbies attended and came back with enough knowledge about what AIESEC is about to kick-off the semester to a great start. We love our newbies!

AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012



AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


GOIN G FOR WARD AIESEC Baruch Vision 2013 “By building on past successes, we as a vibrant LC, will deliver quality with every experience. Our global impact is measured by the development of our communities and continued exploration of new opportunities. We provide experiences to enable personal development and shape future leaders. Together, we strive for sustainable growth.” Our three focus areas include delivering on quality exchange, team leader development, and big money (partnerships, positioning, and sales culture). As stated in our vision it is important to us that we continue to improve on past successes with the addition of new innovative ideas that keeps the LC growing sustainably. Our external partners will be utilized more in the plans that we have for the years to move forward each team as well as the LC. To improve our brand on campus we plan on hosting a Youth to Business Forum for the students of Baruch College. This is a new challenge for AIESEC Baruch that we believe will bring us too a new level in developing the community around us. Youth to Business is just being one of the many experiences we hope to give local students on top of providing international exchanges so that they can influence the world. Since we achieved such high exchange numbers in 2012 we want to ensure that we can improve on those numbers without sacrificing the quality of the exchange experience. By providing trainings and workshops for our exchange participants to attend before they go abroad we can keep them more engaged with AIESEC. When they return we will have a reintegration seminar to deal with their reverse culture shock and wrap up their exchange experience. The culmination of these three steps will allow us to give each exchange participant the best AIESEC experience with the hopes that they will share their stories for others to do the same.

Dylan Bustillo Local Committee President ’13

AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012




AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


55 Lexington Ave. New York, NY 10010 Web: Email:

Think Global. AIESEC Baruch Annual Report 2012


AIESEC Baruch 2012 Annual Report  
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