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Exchange fair 2012 main event September As we all know, Exchange Fair is an annual event held by AIESEC Bandung as a means of showcasing our exchange program to those who have never heard of it before. This year, under Chintya Widy’s (OCP) supervision, Exchange Fair made a comeback on Sunday, September 23rd 2012 at Aula Barat ITB with the theme “Travel Around the World”. Aula Barat was divided into several booths that day; each booth represented a country and this part of the fair is called the Global Village. Exchange participants from respective countries were responsible to greet visitors at their stand. Prior to the main event, several pre-events were held in form of info sessions under the name “Exchange Fair Roadshow”. These roadshows were held in 7 major universities in Bandung, where interested parties might buy an application form to then give it back to us during the main event. The event began at 10AM sharp. The event was filled with abundant information on AIESEC Bandung and our programmes; there were also talk shows

with speakers Reza Widodo (former President of ALSA International) and Hasan Ramdan (an AIESEC alumnus who once went on an exchange to New Zealand). The two men shared their international experiences and how important it is to be able to build your own personal international network. After the talk shows, there was an interview session. Visitors were being pleased with the performance given by 7 Percussion; a percussion group consisting ITB undergraduates. Nearing the closing of the event, Global Village was slowly turning into a pool of visitors who were curious about each country’s culture and interests. This event has provided its guests with curiousity and knowledge, through its personal sharing and talk shows. See you at the next Exchange Fair!

September/October Internal Newsletter

AIESEC LC Bandung 12/13

UNIVERSAL CHILDREN PROJECT CLOSING September On September 28th 2012, PboX Universal Children Education held its closing ceremony at Rumah Musik Harry Roesli, where they invited street musicians to come and be part of the crowd. Other than these street musicians, this event was also attended by AIESECers and Exchange Participants. Unfortunately, all the children our Eps had been working with were all at school since the event was held at 1 in the afternoon, hence they weren’t able to attend. Performing bands included OTB Band, Merah Kuning Hijau Band and 57kustik who once performed at Java Jazz with Dave Koz. Universal Children Project embraced more than 1400 participants throughout the course of its 3 main programs; I heART Health, Champione and We Are The Hope. We would like to thank our partners for all the help they have provided us with: SDN Coblong I, II, III, IV, V, VI, SDN Pajajaran, SLB Cicendo, NGO Creative, Komunitas Rumah Musik Hari Rusli, Rumah Keluarga SOS Children’s Village, Redsdipo, Batagor Hanimun, Mimichan Thai Tea, Keripik Mang Lada, Sindikat Kuliner, SUAVE Magz, Fokal.Info, Jatinangor On The Sky, Twittlandbdg, Kicau Bandung .

September/October Internal Newsletter

AIESEC LC Bandung 12/13

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE Project Closing September


Lessons learned. Open feedback sessions with various NGOs to discuss further improvement, both for AIESEC and the NGO.

Hope to see you again, EPs. Thank you :’-)

September/October Internal Newsletter

AIESEC LC Bandung 12/13


Our wonderful ER & TM teams have successfully arranged an equally wonderful program, which was AIESEC Learning Academy; a short training featuring AIESEC Bandung‘s very own alumni as the speaker. The objective of AIESEC Learning Academy is to engage the alumni of AIESEC Bandung through workshops on developing soft skills. On September 27th 2012, the alumnus happened to be Nico Siahaan. The event was held at Sambara restaurant in South Jakarta; it was highly excusive as the number of seats was set at only 35. The topic of the training was Public Speaking, titled “Learn to Speak Excellent with Your Audiences”.

September/October Internal Newsletter

AIESEC LC Bandung 12/13


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September/October Internal Newsletter

AIESEC LC Bandung 12/13


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September/October Internal Newsletter

AIESEC LC Bandung 12/13





The most synergy

The best

The most growing

Congratulations to our three amazing, high-achieving Vice Presidents! Congratulations Kikih, for being the best at implementing the concept of synergy in our LC (encouraging other functionals to work together with hers). Congratulations Herda, for retaining the highest performance in the 1st Quarter of this term, and for being a lovely VP whose subordinates leave positive survey results for. Congratulations Bayu, for leading OGX GCDP to be the highest-performing functional in terms of growth compared to last term’s Q1.

September/October Internal Newsletter

AIESEC LC Bandung 12/13


Malang Oct11th–14th!

LC Unibraw as Host! A welcoming party was held at Rektorat Universitas Brawijaya on the first day of MBC, before delegates were sent back to Hotel Mutiara Batu to begin their sessions. Apparently what was so fun about that day’s conference was how they had external speakers from countries as far as Poland and Slovakia, amusing delegates and enriching AIESEC’s global learning environment culture. The Khatulistiwa team (the MC team) brought inspirational sessions to the floor regarding the development of each LC; sessions were brought through learning circles and open discussions. Unfortunately, the time constraint for functional slots was very limited. Connection time included: Superhero- and Jungle-themed parties, as well as a Gala Dinner. During the closing ceremony, LC Bandung received an award for “The Best Initiative”!

September/October Internal Newsletter

AIESEC LC Bandung 12/13

GLOBAL INTERNSHIP INFO SESSION October Info Session GIP was held on October 21st 2012 at the Sunny and Green Cafe Bandung. This event aims to introduce AIESEC Bandungâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s internship program to a wider range of youth all across Bandung. In this event, visitors gained information on how to apply and how the selection process throughout this particular program will be conducted.. There was also a sharing session with Erik Chandra, EP GIP from Canada, who is currently working in Jakarta. The event was closed by a local band from UNPAD, Bangku Biru ft. Sky. This event involved external applicants (who may or may not be former AIESEC members), and will be held again in January 2013.

September/October Internal Newsletter

AIESEC LC Bandung 12/13

EASE Magazine October ‘12 issue October

IT’S OUT ease6thedition

! NOW Every Wednesday 7.30PM

September/October Internal Newsletter

AIESEC LC Bandung 12/13


ON-AIR Stay tuned on


ACTIVATE DEC 7th – 9th


Indonesia YOUTH Leadership CONF. ‘12 Nov 27th – Dec 1st | @AIESECIYLC2012 |

“YOUTHFORIMPACT” September/October Internal Newsletter

AIESEC LC Bandung 12/13

Good luck, Expansion Team!

Banten expansion

LOCAL LEGISLATIVE MEETING â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;12 Held: October 19th 2012 Chaired by: Laode Idrus Result: A new compendium for a new system

September/October Internal Newsletter

AIESEC LC Bandung 12/13

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