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PUBLIC RELATIONS Role Marketing Team of AIESEC Athens is responsible to implement the strategical Marketing plan of the LC and create and implement the operational Marketing plan. Public Relations Team is responsible for Branding and Positioning AIESEC Athens to the stakeholders and supports the results and operations of the 4 programmes of the AIESEC XP.

Responsibilities • • • • • •

University Marketing Strategy Implementation University Services Partnership Management Implementation of AIESEC Team Member Promotion Plan Professors Engagement AIESEC Branding and Positioning Event Management

Start Month: March

End Month: November

Benefits from the position


Professional experience in an international and dynamic working environment  Leadership Development  Teamwork  Marketing knowledge  Business network building  Access in AIESEC opportunities

Skills development     

Marketing Skills Time management Selling skills Event Management Presentation Skills

   

Teamwork and commitment Professionalism and accountability Performance and reporting 10 hours per week

Future possibilities: Other Team Leader/Project Manager positions, AIESEC international experiences, Executive Board 2013

Available Positions: 4 Application and Selection Process Stage 1: Application Package 1. Application form online 2. Personal CV online

Application can be found at and


Stage 2: Assessment Center

Attendance in Lead Your Walk Conference – Dates: 10-11 of March

Stage 3: Interview

Attendance in Lead Your Walk Conference – Dates: 10-11 of March For any questions on the position and/or the process do not hesitate to contact:

Elina Oikonomou, VP Communications of AIESEC Athens 11|12, at

AIESEC Athens - Public Relations Team Booklet  
AIESEC Athens - Public Relations Team Booklet  

This is the booklet for the new teams of AIESEC Athens. Duration: March - November 2012. Apply until 7th of March