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Argentina TN Booklet Sep - Oct - Nov

Paisaje Patag贸nico, Santa Cruz

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Puente del Inca, Mendoza

This project aims to develop the management skills of students to enable them to grow as entrepreneurs.For this, the interns will work in the field of institutional communications, administration, or project management in different NGOs. The NGOs available work in the fields of ecology, art, education, or children's homes.

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All our TNs include food, transportation or host for free!

Pumamarca, Jujuy

This project seeks to develop the entrepreneurial skills in young students , giving the space for them to create and deliver workshops for the community to build the entrepreneurial mindset and develop ideas into business plans. The local NGOs involved in the projects are addressing the following themes: education, art, ecology, and children in vulnerable situations. TN-In-AR-US-2013-258 TN-In-AR-US-2013-259 TN-In-AR-US-2013-260 TN-In-AR-US-2013-256 TN-In-AR-US-2013-255 TN-In-AR-US-2013-254 TN-In-AR-US-2013-253 TN-In-AR-US-2013-249 TN-In-AR-US-2013-248 TN-In-AR-US-2013-246

TN-In-AR-US-2013-247 TN-In-AR-US-2013-245 TN-In-AR-US-2013-237 TN-In-AR-US-2013-235 TN-In-AR-TA-2013-96 TN-In-AR-TA-2013-95 TN-In-AR-TA-2013-94 TN-In-AR-TA-2013-83 TN-In-AR-TA-2013-82

All our TNs include food, transportation or host for free!

IguazĂş Falls, Misiones

The project seeks to develop skills such as leadership, teamwork and entreprenurial outlook by using arts, music, sports, outdoors activities as an empowering tool for young project participants to overcome difficulties with a creative point of view. TN-In-AR-BB-2013-40 TN-In-AR-CB-2013-1383 TN-In-AR-CB-2013-1377 TN-In-AR-CB-2013-1379 TN-In-AR-CB-2013-1380 TN-In-AR-CB-2013-1382 TN-In-AR-CB-2013-1375 TN-In-AR-CB-2013-1376

TN-In-AR-CB-2013-1335 TN-In-AR-CB-2013-1334 TN-In-AR-CB-2013-1327 TN-In-AR-US-2012-90 TN-In-AR-CB-2013-1364 TN-In-AR-CB-2013-1358 TN-In-AR-RO-2013-1210 TN-In-AR-RO-2013-1211

All our TNs include food, transportation or host for free!

Glaciar Perito Moreno, Santa Cruz

This project aims to develop student leadership, taking an important role in the education of children, in order that these have more opportunities to have a better future. For this, the trainee will work with children in local NGOs, giving school support or classes in different subjects.

TN-In-AR-US-2013-257 TN-In-AR-US-2013-252 TN-In-AR-US-2013-244 TN-In-AR-US-2013-243 TN-In-AR-US-2013-241 TN-In-AR-US-2013-242

TN-In-AR-US-2013-240 TN-In-AR-US-2013-239 TN-In-AR-US-2013-238 TN-In-AR-US-2013-123 TN-In-AR-US-2012-91 TN-In-AR-US-2012-77

All our TNs include food, transportation or host for free!

Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires

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Yaznaia Jaramillo MCVP IGCDP 13-14

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Matching Booklet IGCDP