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IMPACTA HOY is a project aimed at young people between 11 and 17 years of Arequipa - Peru, led by foreign volunteers who participate in leadership workshops implementing schools, giving students the opportunity to take an active role in solving the various problems affecting their community.

MISIĂ“N "Training young people aware of their ability to positively influence society and generating a major change in it."


"Wake up in the youth the potential to be, learn and decide based on socially responsible behavior, so that their decisions to develop into actions that benefit the community."

Date of realization: project duration: 6 weeks project start: 9 of June Arrival: 1 week prior to preparation

TNs Form: TN-In-PE-AR-2014-1382 TN-In-PE-AR-2014-1383 TN-In-PE-AR-2014-1399 TN-In-PE-AR-2014-1340 TN-In-PE-AR-2014-1341 TN-In-PE-AR-2014-1342

TNs Form: TN-In-PE-AR-2014-1343 TN-In-PE-AR-2014-1344 TN-In-PE-AR-2014-1345 TN-In-PE-AR-2014-1406 TN-In-PE-AR-2014-1407 TN-In-PE-AR-2014-1408



Proyecto Impacta hoy Arequipa  
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