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introduction Dear AIESEC Alumni, Congratulations on being one step further to becoming an Ambassador of AIESEC in 2016! In this booklet you can read everything about the newly evolved program. Although the Ambassadors Program has existed for 21 years. As in any other organization, innovations are sometimes necessary. We decided to change the program this year to let it have even more value for AIESEC the Netherlands as an entity. In the last years, 500 first and second year university students applied to the Ambassadors program, of which 20 highly talented students were selected to become Ambassadors. In pairs, they travelled 6-8 weeks to select countries during the summer to do volunteering projects, participate in the Rabobank project, and visit AIESEC entities. The new program will send highly talented Ambassadors to several countries for 4-6 weeks from the end of March until the end of May. The goal of the program is to strengthen collaboration between AIESEC Netherlands and our exchange partners, by facilitating an increased amount of exchanges to each partner entity, ensuring that exchange standards are being met, and customizing the preparation process that our exchange participants experience prior to their exchange. Only candidates with prior AIESEC experience may apply for the Ambassador program. We give AIESEC alumni the chance to work with AIESEC again as a CEED (Cultural Envoy for Exchange Development) with the mission of connecting AIESEC Netherlands to the global network and shaping better exchange experiences. We look forward to seeing you on selection day! Best regards, The Ambassadors Team 2015/2016


our program How?

why? AIESEC enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential through exchange experiences. We want to give this opportunity to as many students as possible. We believe that the way to do this is the collaborate with the AIESEC network in order to align our supply and demand.

By sending recent alumni as Ambassadors to specific AIESEC entities, we aim to strengthen our partnerships and entity collaboration so that we can confidently deliver more specific and trusted opportunities to the Dutch student market.

what? CEED stands for Cultural Envoy for Exchange Development. As a CEED, you are sent as an Ambassador to Local Committees and Member Committees abroad to work with the purpose of monitoring projects standards and supply, facilitate matching of Dutch talent to those projects, and provide preparation resources to Exchange Participants that are customised to the realities of the host entity. It serves as an excellent way to gain an incredibly AIESEC experience while directly contributing to the delivery and success of our exchange program. The countries which we will send Ambassadors to are spread all over the world, in regions such as Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East. Specific countries will be selected in the winter. Flexibility with destination countries is a quality we are seeking in our Ambassador applicants.

who? This program is both for Dutch and English speaking students. You can apply to become an ambassador if you have been affiliated with AIESEC Netherlands in the past 4 years, and: • • • •

You have been a full-time or part-time member, or You have been an Ambassadors Program participant, or You have been an NOUR participant, or You have been an Exchange Participant.


The four components of ambassadorship

As an Ambassador, you will be responsible for fulfilling four major components:

Project Monitoring

Entity Marketing Providing photos, video footage, social media content, and testimonials of projects and partner entity while abroad. Writing experience blogs during and after the CEED abroad.

• • •

Understanding description, scope, and supply of projects Tracking standards of projects by evaluating living conditions, job description, LC support, and logistics.

Entity Matching •

Preparation Delivery •

Aligning demand of Exchange Participants (in AIESEC Netherlands) and supply of projects abroad. Providing webinars and/or platforms to facilitate matching of Exchange Participants to projects abroad.


Provide trainings and preparation seminars to showcase cultural learnings to Exchange Participants before they go abroad. Provide country-specific expectation setting to the AIESEC Netherlands network and Exchange Participants.


Subscription Deadline

5th 1 r e b m e ec



2 January 2

Selection Day




CEED Abroad for 4 - 6 Weeks


Preparation Delivery

March - M


how to apply

Do you want to challenge yourself on a professional and personal level? To combine your AIESEC knowledge with great travels? And to help AIESEC Netherlands become bigger and better? Then you should apply!

Part A: Motivation Letter Answer the following questions coherently and creatively (700 words max). 1. Who are you? 2. What is your experience with AIESEC? 3. What makes you a great Ambassador?

Part B: Curriculum Vitae Attach your CV to your motivation letter.

deadline Please submit your application to by December 15th, 2015 11:59PM. If your application is accepted, you will receive an invitation to our final Selection Day, taking place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on January 22nd.


our stories

“I could honestly say that my experience in Uganda was one of the best of my life so far. Barbara and I travelled to the different AIESEC teams in the country to promote the Medicine Project and get in contact with them. We also visited a lot of hospitals in order to look for bigger and better equipped hospitals for next year’s Medicine Project. If you have affinity with the African culture and Medicine/Healthcare, this project would be ideal for you. As a CEEDer, you will challenge yourself within an inspirational environment. I would like to recommend this to all AIESEC Alumni!” Anne Noll – CEEDER of the Medicine Project 2013 - Uganda

“For me the AIESEC experience in Peru was very insightful. It was useful for my social and professional development and has taught me so much about myself. The best thing about AIESEC is that it brings young people together in a semiprofessional but also informal setting. It has given me new friends, and a lot of insights about a completely new culture. This summer was the perfect combination of culture, adventure, teaching, learning and a lot of FUN!” Lotte Beekenkamp – Ambassador 2015 – Peru

“Our contact with AIESEC in Indonesia was great. Not only to experience AIESEC in another country, but also to get to know the people and their culture. We have learned so much about the Islamic culture and the host family treated us like we were one of them. It was almost like we already knew them for years. Now we’re back in the Netherlands, we still have contact with them. The AIESEC’ers of Indonesia helped us as much as they could and we had an amazing time with them.” Sanneke Willekens – Ambassador 2015 – Indonesia “AIESEC Tanzania showed us the prettiest side of Tanzania, in a way I wouldn't have experienced on my own. This journey has been an awesome combination between work and fun and it was definitely an unforgettable experience.” Julia van Velthoven – Ambassador 2015 - Tanzanzia


Contact us Still not sure you want to be part of this new and challenging program? Or do you have any more questions? Do not hesitate to contact us! +31(0)43 3885396 AIESEC Maastricht | Bonnefantenstraat 2 | Room C-1.05 & C-1.09 | 6211 KL Maastricht

AIESEC Ambassadors Program

AIESEC Ambassadors Program

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Ambassadors Information Booklet  

The general information booklet for the Ambassadors Program. All the information you need is in here!

Ambassadors Information Booklet  

The general information booklet for the Ambassadors Program. All the information you need is in here!