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Unleashing the Future


“The only safe ship in a storm is LEADERSHIP.” Faye Wattleton Dear Applicant, Congratulations for believing yourself that you can take up the post of Executive Board of AIESEC Universitas Indonesia. The first and most important trait you will need on this journey is to know yourself. You need to believe that your own abilities are enough to take this dynamic AIESEC Local Committee to new heights. AIESEC UI has gone through better way transition and development in this past year. This has in turn, led to break historical achievement in 2008/2009. This kind of development has not been seen in AIESEC UI, in its 24 years of existence. Unfortunately, the change management arose in that year which affecting the leadership pipeline in 2009/2010. However, the team in 2009/2010 continued to create another historical achievement and brought better succession. Nevertheless, as the pioneer of AIESEC local chapter in Indonesia, we should realize we still just do small things than others AIESEC local chapter in the world to achieve our true potential and have a bigger impact on society. There are a lot of things you will need to do for our LC but there is also a lot more you could do for yourself. The role as EB is one of the most challenging, back breaking, and inspiring roles you will come across. It is in moments when newly recruited members talk to you about the relevance of AIESEC or your management board questions your strategies that you realize how much more you will always have to learn. And that is the constant beauty of this role. It is as dynamic as it is humbling. We hope you have a fantastic time filling in the application and hope whatever your choice and decision is, you will never regret it. We have had possibly one of the most impactful experiences of our life so far, welcome to the opportunity!

Your Executive Board 2010/2011 “LEADERS are more powerful role models when they learn than when they teach.”

Local Committee President Application Booklet | AIESEC Universitas Indonesia

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Rosabeth Moss Kantor

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Diandra Andreansa

Surname (Family Name)


Current Position

Corporate Relation Manager

Date and Place of Birth

Jakarta , December 8th 1990

Permanent Address

Komp. Citra Gran Blok B10 / 53

Contact Address

Komp. Citra Gran Blok B10 / 53

Telephone & Mobile number

021 – 8457493 / 08561823423



Faculty / Semester

Economics / 5

Year of Joining AIESEC







Indonesia / native English / excellent


SECTION 2: PERSONAL AND MOTIVATION (each questions max 100 words) 01.

What makes you decide to apply as an LCEB? And what do you want to achieve for yourself being responsible as an LCEB? My first reason to apply LCEB is because I want to see how far I can challenge myself to get pursue my passion in life. If I choose to abandon this opportunity: I can graduate in 3.5 years, I can save tuition fee, I can go for exchange, and I can go to work faster and help my family. Seeing all of these, my mind is weaving around. But there were a person, motivating and inspiring indeed, said this to me, “ … you already have those problem, and if you throw away this

Local Committee President Application Booklet | AIESEC Universitas Indonesia

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opportunity, you’ll be adding a problem in the future, that is, regretting why did you let go the opportunity that was right in front of your eyes. “ That sentence snapped me out of confusion and I ask for booklet right away - I’m really grateful for it. The second reason is because AIESEC gave me the opportunities that shape me to someone who even I never imagine I could be. In AIESEC, I’m being given chance to contribute real benefit for society to create a better world, also to develop myself and other AIESEC member. AIESEC has provide significantly positive changes in my life, and I want to repay this by contributing my effort and ideas to change AIESEC to be a better, respectable, and more impactful organization. 02.

What are your goals for the next 3-5 years ahead and how’s your life as an EB have role in it? Graduated already without regrets. That is, not becoming a bachelor who just spend all his time attending classes, calculating costs and profits, getting good grades by licking lecturers and not prepared for the real world, but rather developed already with integrated experiences comprised of leadership, social awareness, global working experience, as well as analytical skill and strategy implementation. Working hard, very hard, to be someone who is wealthy on Earth and on Heaven ( kaya

dunia dan akhirat ) by having career in companies or starting own line of businesses, and also trying to help those who in need within my capacity. AIESEC prepared me to face the real world and working environment and also enhance my social consciousness to help other everytime I can. 03.

Describe life as an LCEB in your imagination! My friends said, “Hey, let’s go hanging out and grab some food! “. I’ll say, “I’m sorry, I can’t because I have to attend AIESEC conference for the next five days. Sorry! “. My mother said, “Andre, at Saturday there’ll be a big family gathering. We’re all going there.” I’ll say, “I’m afraid I can’t Mom, I have a meeting with AIESEC partners. Sorry! “. I will be struggling to keep up with my social life, and having some urge to promote AIESEC to everyone because I already deliver too many “What is AIESEC ?“ session. Countless hours will be spent at AIESEC office to do monthly and quarterly planning, weekly progress report, performance tracking, and internal and external analysis. Days will be spent to conduct internal and external AIESEC activities. God knows what will happen to my academic grade and final thesis preparation.

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But, as the benefit, I will get one hell of a life, a truly extraordinary life. I will work side by side with fellows that share the same passion to create positive impact to society and contributing to each other’s development. I will be able to work freely and feel satisfied for making an important and right decision in my life. 04.

Have you tell your parents and closest people about your plan to apply as an LCEB? What are their responds? Please explain! When I told my parents that I want to apply as LCEB, my parents said that “ We might not be able to fully support everything that you do in AIESEC, but we’ll support every decision that you make for your own life “. I thought they’d be shocked, but rather I was the one who did. When I told my closest friends that I want to apply as LCEB, they show their support by encouraging me to take the booklet and giving their point of views about what they want AIESEC to become in the future and their expectations.


What are your 3 main strengths and weaknesses? How do you overcome your weaknesses? How can you implement your strength in your EB team? Three main weaknesses : A calculator. When making a decision, I tend to juggle balls of benefits and consequences to see which one is heavier. It sometimes deceive me to see the real value of a decision and slows me down. To overcome this, I always ask opinion from other people when facing problem in decision making. It helps me to make decision more accurately and faster. Feeling down and remorse when things don’t go as expected. To overcome this, I usually make alternative planning to meet several possibilities. I also try to analyze whether some external things that beyond my control happened and making adjustments to coop with differences in the outcome. Telling own work progress too often. I tend to go straight and telling everything that could be good possibilities to everyone. But sometimes, it could be disturbing and creating false hope if didn’t handled properly. To overcome this, I try to make sure that I gain adequate information about those possibilities and assess whether it could be realized or not before presenting it to other team members.

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Three main strengths. Heavy thinker. I rarely spur decision out of nowhere, even for easiest and smallest decision. It helps me most of the time in creating guidance for my activities and my life. Every time decision needs to be made, I will collect as many information as I can about the problem and sharing it with other members to find the right decision and minimize margin of errors. Active listener and learner. When there is something that I’m yet to comprehend, I will ask other people who know it better. If there are people who’d like to share their problem with me, I will just sit down and listen, then give my opinion about their problems. By hearing other’s suggestions, critics, and opinions, I’m trying to be open minded and not becoming selfish, as well as gaining more knowledge by having discussion and sharing with my team members. Initiative. When I felt like something’s not right, I’d say it right away and offer ideas or adjustments to make it better. I find it really helpful because I can put more attention in preventing the problem before it happens, and also it is quicker if you say your own thought rather than waiting for someone to realize the problem. 06.

What was your greatest achievement in your LIFE? Attending international conference with my own budget. When I was in senior high school, I never imagined that I can do such activities, nor having the willingness to save that amount of money. The event itself is not big, but the satisfaction of doing something independently and out of ordinary, that’s the huge one.


How do you see yourself (as a personal, team mate, family member, and community member)? As a personal, I see myself as someone who constantly trying to pursue further self development despite my hindrances and putting passion in everything that I do. As a team member, I see myself as someone who can work in diverse condition, ignite discussion

Local Committee President Application Booklet | AIESEC Universitas Indonesia

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and sharing to solve problems that are being faced, also contributing ideas and efforts to achieve common goals. As a family member, I see myself as an impatient son who occasionally pursue my own interest without permission from my parents, but with their words in my mind that they support everything that I decide for my own life. I’m also a brother who struggles to become a good role model for my sister. As a community member, I see myself as a part of the whole that have responsibility to bring development in every aspect I can contribute. 08.

What is leadership to you? Please describe your leadership style based on your opinion and opinion of others who have worked with you! Leadership is about creating guidance, delegating, motivating, initiative, and learning. Creating guidance means making sure that every team members know their common goals, their means to achieve it, and the reason of why we should achieve these goals. Without foundation, an organization will crumble since there’s no common foothold to began with. This also means tracking every team member to make sure that their progress is in accordance with the pursuit of our goals. Delegating means putting consideration in other’s development and trusting team members by giving responsibilities to them, as well as giving degree of freedom for them to do their tasks and achieve their specific goals. Motivating means become a role model for team members, lighting up their passion and willingness to put effort for achieving common goals. Initiative, in broad term, means aware of changes that happens throughout the implementation of strategy and adjusting to changes. I see myself as adaptive and open minded. I accept other’s opinion and collaborate it for better strategy planning and decision making. Another thing is that I like to gather detailed and specific information. I also tend to see things in greater picture and share it to other team members so they can see clearly what is our current condition to exploit possibilities that might lead to better outcome.


Working experience (in college & outside college)

List your most impressive working experience, dates & responsibilities.

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What kind of learning from this experience that you can implement in AIESEC LCUI? 2008 – IMOTION ; Finance Division Staff Doing marketing call to raise sponsors. Result : 2 sponsor, Rp 10.000.000 raised The committee of this event have very good tracking system in which the data are stored online and offline for easier access. We also hold regular weekly meeting. I learned a lot about effective packaging for externals, and data management and performance tracking. 2009 – National Economic Symposium Leading finance team to raise sponsors. Result : 8 sponsor, Rp 150.000.000 raised This event has no predecessor nor benchmark, making it unique and challenging. Most of the sponsors are raised from FEUI alumny. This put consideration that in the future, we should try to be reconnected with AIESEC alumnym involving them in our activities to discuss good case practice and problem solving, and also utilizing their supports in greater degree. 10.

What kind of opportunities outside AIESEC that you want to take in a year ahead? Outside of AIESEC, I want to take an internship in some companies to experience real working condition or participating in several business planning competitions.


List all aspects of your AIESEC experience (including internships, CEED, leadership positions, task forces, national team, conference, etc). Please mention what have you learnt from those experiences! OC Program Newies Gathering I learn about planning the content for an event. Moreover, I also learn about creating positive working condition and the benefit of having regular discussion and sharing with other OCs. It’s very helpful to create a mindset that the quality of a program is not dependant on the size of the event; it’s about whether the people who are involved in it enjoying their time or not. OC Program Meet The Parent I learn about planning the content for an event

Local Committee President Application Booklet | AIESEC Universitas Indonesia

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OC Program Internship Fair I learn about matrix system, delegating tasks to other and managing other’s workload, showing craftsmanship by creating innovation from previous event, and also putting effort in activities by considering its benefit to others. OGX staff I learn about putting attention in service quality, building interpersonal relation with stakeholders, and self – progress tracking. Since I rarely met my manager and hold regular performance analysis, I try to be initiative by asking other managers and OGX staffs if there is something that I don’t understand. Recruitment Team I learn about setting aside my personal judgement to other people, consistent in using standards provided to assess individuals, and also putting more concern and focus of doing my work since it related to the future of his / her life and AIESEC LC UI. Corporate Relation Manager I learn about :  Team management, leading team members and organize them in order to achieve our target.  Putting attention to stakeholders by asking what they need from us rather than always promoting what we can offer to them.  Managing workload and motivating team members to work through pressure.  Be patience and showing consistency in every work aspect that I possess in this functional.  Becoming more adaptive and initiative by making adjustments in the way we approach external stakeholders to participate in our activities by constantly asking for improvement in AIESEC physical manifestations. 02.

Rank the 2 main areas in AIESEC where you have had the most experience. Highlight briefly your experiences in each and how that would benefit a year in the EB team? AIESEC Experience Management For the X part, I was in OGX division, in which I have experiences in dealing with raising – matching – realization of EPs, also knowing the full details of OGX process. I also have responsibility to deliver good experience for my EPs in participating in GEP. I also join ER division, in which I have full knowledge of ICX process, since I have to deliver that to external parties. With both OGX and ICX knowledge, now I

Local Committee President Application Booklet | AIESEC Universitas Indonesia

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possess complete knowledge of Exchange Flow, in which I believe will be beneficial for my term because it will make strategy planning more efficient. Strategic Development and LC Management When I joined AIESEC, the informality and easy access to EB allow me to see the process of making decisions and strategy implementation. Since I join AIESEC, I’ve met five different planning templates. The differences between them allow me to train my analytical and process management skill and learn about adapting with changes in process. I have great passion to create synergy and cross functional effort in AIESEC LC UI, and I constantly learning and observing other functional to know what they are doing . I’ve learned about Governance and Accountability,

Strategic Development, Exchange Flows, and I expect to learn more in the future. 03.

What was your main achievement in AIESEC? What was your role in it? My main achievement is at becoming a part of External Relation division. It is not related to achievement of my goals, but I did promoting culture of inter-functional synergy. I collaborate with ICX to conduct joint training session to ensure our team members get full knowledge about their interconnected tasks from searching TN takers until realization of the EPs. I also discuss the needs of Talent Management and Communication division, and I found out that AIESEC member needs to improve their design skills to create better external exposure. With that knowledge, I’m going to raise Digital Studio Workshop to be Learning Partner in December, where they will provide design training for AIESEC UI members. By increasing self and other’s knowledge about our specific responsibilities and needs, I intend to get a perfect picture from all aspects in AIESEC, share it to other, and set a framework of synergized effort.


What were your greatest frustration and/or biggest failure in AIESEC? What did you learn the most from it? My greatest frustration was when I become an OGX. There was an EP, whom I find it very difficult to be matched. If I recounted it, there may be 8 to 10 projects that were rejected by her. Some of it were rejected by her parents, some of it were because she was rejected due to lack of English proficiency. They just like completing each other, and it made me go crazy. She was a special case back then because after one year of unsuccessful match, we extend her for one more year for free, and yet still no result for the same reason. What I learn most from it is that we need to implement more strict standards in accepting members who want to go for exchange so that we can ensure quality control.

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SECTION 4: AIESEC Universitas Indonesia 2011/2012 01.

What is AIESEC to you? (Please avoid “jargon/buzz” words) AIESEC is global organization that comprised of young people from all over the world, sharing the same passion to create a better world. For me, AIESEC is just like a family where we seek development for ourselves in order to fulfill our potentials. We also provide opportunities for other people in society to be developed with us through their participation in AIESEC activities.


Please make the SWOT analysis of our LC! In making this SWOT, I used my personal thought and also have asked several AIESEC members .I am also using the conclusions about AIESEC LCUI SWOT at MBC and informal sharing session. Strength : Open for discussion. Our LC members are very straight forwarded, they will say it right away if finding something’s wrong or they have some opinion regarding our activities. Planning things thoroughly. Great interpersonal bonding. Despite differences in personality, our LC members get along very well with each other, and it makes sense of family hood in our LC. Diverse members. It provides more point of view that help in creating alternative plans and innovative solutions for our activities. Weaknesses : Lack of implementation. We might excel at making a good planning, but somewhat our LC is lacking in its implementing the plan that has been discussed. Separating AIESEC life with daily and college life. AIESEC activities tend to be considered as something that is done in – between daily and college life, and also decrease free time. We still haven’t reach the mindset of free time as time that spared when there is no college or AIESEC activities, and it create some unwillingness to do AIESEC activities. Low retention rate. After finishing one term of TR role or a project, some of our LC members become inactive and no longer involve themselves in AIESEC LCUI activities. It might have related with lack of functional availability or simply feeling enough doing

Local Committee President Application Booklet | AIESEC Universitas Indonesia

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AIESEC activities. Weak connection with alumny. We don’t have good record of our alumny, and it is very hard to gain their support and creating connections with external parties. Opportunities : Our LC is located next to busiest and most developed city in Indonesia. It is a huge market for us to promote our products and activities if we can use it well. We have untapped opportunities to increase our exchange numbers. Youths at Indonesia have willingness to go abroad, and not many foreigners work in Jakarta, and this is a great chance for AIESEC LC UI to promote our GEP. Virtual networking and online promotion will be very helpful in promoting AIESEC LC UI to our target market, since our market is very active in Internet and overcome our inefficiency in physical marketing. Communication division have done such a great job for that in this term, and I’d like to see this to grow in the future. Threats : Tight college schedules and traffic jams that surround us. We are dealing with great consequences if we have to attend or conduct external events. Lots of similar organizations that conduct same activities as AIESEC. There are tons of NGOs that do social activities just like us, youth organizations that seek personal development, or entities that provide chance to experience exchanges. Bureaucracy that slowing the exchange process, both for OGX and ICX. Lack of willingness from companies to be MT TN, make it hard to increase exchange number. The policy to add raising fee for DT TNs that was recently implemented create quite a shock among NGOs and makes them reluctant to take EPs from AIESEC since they usually take them for free. If this mindset doesn’t taken care of properly, it would be a disadvantage in the future.

Local Committee President Application Booklet | AIESEC Universitas Indonesia

Page 11


How do you picture AIESEC LCUI 11/12? AIESEC LC UI will drop the fight between “ Quality “ and “ Quantity “, since we’re going to pursue both of them. We will be focusing to be number one LC both in Indonesia and also ASEAN, and I see that it is VERY possible, looking at our current position in OGX raising and AP MTTN Tiger Competition. Struggling between X and L will be considered as main issue and AIESEC LC UI will put more investment in promoting X+L through providing fee waiver for our LR members who wants to go exchange or strengthen internal campaign to GEP returnee to apply for LR positions in functional or projects. Our engagement with external partners will be fortified by our reputation as a professionally – handled organization that really concern for social development, as well as more stronger relation with AIESEC LC UI alumny. We will see more involvement and partnership with external parties and alumny in doing our activities, and it will be far more beneficial to create impact for society. We will never ceased to show our efforts in providing opportunities for our members and society to be developed and fulfill their potential.


What do you want to improve in LCUI based on current condition? I want AIESEC LC UI members to have more satisfaction in performing very well, such as “ AIESECer of the Month “, or having a deal with very important external parties. I’m not only want to give them congratulations and “ keep it up “ words, but also give benefits and rewards for them. For sure, this system would require adequate financing, so I will do my best to do partnerships and ensure income flow to our LC. I want AIESEC LC UI members to leave their mindset of separation of X and L. These experiences are the essence of AIESEC itself, and it should be our obligation to fulfill this no matter what. In next term, we should put more attention of having more X+L members by finding specific sponsors / partners that are willing to help us in providing exchange opportunities for our members. Relations with stakeholders and alumny of AIESEC UI should be fortified. LC UI members tend to tell stakeholders what will they get by participating in our activities. This paradigm needs to be change, we should also stated clearly what is the reason of us doing partnership or joint effort with them and how benefited we are from it, so that mutual understanding could be reached.

Local Committee President Application Booklet | AIESEC Universitas Indonesia

Page 12


What will you do to keep our growth sustain? Implementing good case practice in previous terms. OGX raising, for example, is showing significant increase from previous term, and the main reason was because attention were being put a lot more in directly promoting the GEP itself to target market rather than luring out the target market through some events. This practice should be maintained, and more investment should be put in this practice. We see tremendous increase from “ zero “ to “ hero “ in MT raising. The reason is because 12 MT TNs that are raised from just one single company. And guess what, the director of this company was actually hiring 15 MTs eight years ago in his previous company! Here, we see the benefit of providing good product experiences to stakeholders. We need to improve our service to stakeholders by assessing what they need and customize our product to ensure maximum satisfaction are gained. This also work for our social activities, where our projects need to be tailored according to society’s condition that changing everytime. Diversify sources of income to reduce dependencies to some external parties. Our LC profit mostly come from OGX division, and very few came from ICX and ER. In the future, I’ll set up strategies that stated below to ensure that we have partnerships and financial supports from adequate number of external parties.


What do you see as the 3 biggest trends facing the Jakarta City economy and society? How will these trends affect AIESEC? How can we capitalize on them? Jakarta citizen is very “trendy”, in terms of following whatever trends that are popular in their surrounding or society. For AIESEC LCUI, this could be huge opportunity. If we focus on delivering GEP to youths and our target markets and promoting their exchange stories, the others will follow. It is a challenge for us to provide life – changing experience for them in order for them to promote GEP to their connections and multiply the market share. Jakarta’s economic condition is very developed, and also on maturity stage. There are too many people who willing to work with low wages in Jakarta, and high unemployment

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rate in Jakarta will make it harder to promote MT TN to companies in Jakarta. Despite of that, there are still few foreigners who work in Jakarta, and this could be an opportunity if we could assess potential company and get to know their needs so we can offer them our GEP products to them. Jakarta citizen is constantly connected with Internet and very active in social network websites and on - line media. This is an opportunity to expand promotion for AIESEC XP through virtual and on – line promotion. 07.

What do you see as the 3 biggest trends in University of Indonesia? How will these trends affect AIESEC? How can we capitalize on them? Willingness for achievements. UI students are very interested in whatever possibilities that can give unique and good experiences to them. Moreover, they are well – educated and aiming to achieve as much as they can. AIESEC UI, as a university – based organization that provides leadership experience and global working environment, will surely attract UI students to apply as members and contribute more for AIESEC UI, keeping it sustained. The increasing tendencies to move into global


everywhere. opened,











attend regular classes, inter – university scholarship are getting more than ever. AIESEC, as a global organization that presents in more than 100 countries, will surely provide benefits for UI as a whole, and we could get more support from UI in our activities. University of Indonesia have positive branding to Indonesian people as one of best universities in Indonesia. Since our LC is based on UI, it will make us easier in doing our activities and engaging with important stakeholders. 08.

What is the biggest challenge for AIESEC LC UI at the moment? What would be your idea to solve it? The biggest challenge for AIESEC UI, for me, is how to spread awareness about AIESEC and its products to our targeted markets. They still not aware about AIESEC and it makes us hard to promote our products to them. If this going on for longer time, it would burdened our capability in expanding our activities and create more impacts. Moreover, this lack of awareness could decrease our competitiveness compared to other organizations that provide similar products to

Local Committee President Application Booklet | AIESEC Universitas Indonesia

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AIESEC, such as leadership development, exchange opportunities, and social activities. In order to solve this problem, what we need to do is to put more effort in promoting AIESEC to our targeted markets through external events. 09.

Imagine that today is June 2012 and your EB term is over. When you look back to this year, what would you say is your legacy? Please explain.

I would have a legacy of successfully leading AIESEC LC UI into best LC in Indonesia and ASEAN. Commitment to excellence and integrity of giving the best to our stakeholders will make us the first choice to provides life changing experience to those who are willing to have it, and creating long – lasting impact to society through consistently done AIESEC activities. I am willing to have a legacy of someone who keep my team members highly spirited, and constantly sharing our passion in having development for ourselves through increased investment and efforts in entrepreneurial leadership. For next generation of AIESEC LC UI, I will leave to them a sustainable and laid - out foundation to face the new challenge of AIESEC 2015, to better cooperate with increased demand of future era, as we are the first that will experience a full story of AIESEC 2015.


What is AIESEC Product? Explain in detail how it can be sold to external or how can external participate in it? The core product of AIESEC is AIESEC XP, in which our member is given opportunities to get leadership and exchange experience in order to develop themselves and provide impacts to society. These opportunities could be taken in many forms, among those are potentially beneficial for partners and external stakeholders. For example, AIESEC has Projects Based On Exchange ( PBOXs ) that focused on social activities in which AIESEC members become Organizing Committees for it. Why is it beneficial for external to

Local Committee President Application Booklet | AIESEC Universitas Indonesia

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participate? Because, for corporate, our social projects can strengthen and are in alignment with their CSR. Also, our projects can become their tools to promote their products / increase their brand awareness. Or Global Exchange Program that provides exchange opportunities to youths. For companies / organizations that target youths for their market, AIESEC fits perfectly for them. GEP also provide local companies / organizations with global talent pool from AIESEC with very low cost compared to other global talent providers. More over, GEP give them chances to globalize their workforce and give new colors to working environment. External participation in AIESEC could take many forms, such as become supporters through sponsoring AIESEC projects, give exchange fee waiver for AIESEC exchange participants, or become enablers through providing trainings for AIESEC members. And since all member of AIESEC are youths, we could offer survey / research opportunities / services to companies / organizations that seek youth’s opinion or trends. 02.

Please explain in details about how External Relation can synergize with the other functional in AIESEC? ER can synergize with every functional in AIESEC in many forms. They are : 1) ER – OGX :  Conduct survey among youths in universities, learning institutions,


organizations, or other places where youth present to know their willingness to do exchange, their expectations, and their constraints. 

Doing partnership with universities or other youth – related institutions to

make GEP promotion easier  Doing partnership with companies / organizations to provide exchange fee waiver / subsidies 2) ER – ICX

:  Attend external events that involves company / organization representatives to promote Global Exchange Program for them to become Trainee Takers

3) ER – TM

:  Seek for influential AIESEC alumny or exchange participants to create more awareness about the importance and benefits to do X + L among AIESEC members  Create partnership with Learning Partner to provide necessary training and development for AIESEC member

4) ER – Finance :  Finance division conduct budget and progress tracking to ER division to help maintain goal achievements and financial sustainability  ER division 5) ER – Comm :  Help create AIESEC newsletter to be given to potential & current Media Partner to ensure they have something to be broadcasted to our target market And ER can also provide independent marketing training for all AIESEC member to strengthen sales

Local Committee President Application Booklet | AIESEC Universitas Indonesia

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culture in AIESEC LC UI. 03.

What do you think should be the three main priorities for External Relation AIESEC LCUI? What strategies would you propose for each one and what results would you like to see in each of those areas at the end of your term? Priorities


Create more awareness toward AIESEC and its products among targeted markets and potential external parties


Promote stronger sales and research culture among ER functional & project OCs, and AIESEC members in general

Create and maintain good promotion efforts and tools for every AIESEC activities


Attend external events to promote AIESEC products


Invite targeted external parties to attend AIESEC projects/activities


Create specific products for each targeted market


Conduct marketing training independently or with Learning Partners


Consistent marketing effort & performance tracking to ensure ER activities are done properly


Give deep knowledge about AIESEC products to ER division

Results  3 - 4 networking event attended during 2011 / 12 period  6 – 8 new partnership

 Each PboX gain deeper marketing skill and get more sponsorships & partnerships  ICX & OGX division can perform GEP promotion more efficiently and create more number of realization

Local Committee President Application Booklet | AIESEC Universitas Indonesia

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Strengthening reconnection with alumny ( exchange & non – exchange membership pipeline )



Conduct alumny gathering

 More complete alumni database


Do alumny research through database, social networks, alumni linkages

 Alumni is attending / involved in every AIESEC LC UI activities


Send annual report to alumny


Invite alumny to attend / help AIESEC projects and activities

What challenges (external and internal) faced by External relation in 010/11 term? How can they be overcome?

External challenges : 1) Lack of awareness to AIESEC. To solve it, AIESEC LC UI should put more marketing effort on specific target market. 2) AIESEC products are not considered as necessary for our targeted markets. To solve it, each of AIESEC products should be tailored according to market needs, and we need to conduct survey post & after external involvement to see what they need and what they expect from us. 3) Lack of connection to important external events. In order to do so, we can cooperate and use connections from BoA, alumni, and current AIESEC LC UI members. Internal challenges 1) Lack in progress and performance tracking. It is very crucial, and unfortunately ER division doesn’t do this very often and result in uncoordinated effort. It should be overcome by having more regular meeting through finding suitable time to be conducted and focusing progress report, task division, and discussion in a single meeting to increase the importance of it. 2) Lack of deep knowledge about AIESEC products among ER functional members. To overcome this, there should be specialized training for ER functional and give degree of freedom o ER functional in tailoring the product for every external parties, since it will encourage them to know

Local Committee President Application Booklet | AIESEC Universitas Indonesia

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what can & can’t be done and makes them eager to deepen their knowledge about AIESEC products.


What challenges (external and internal) will you face which affect External relation Achievement in 11/12 term? How can they be overcome? External challenges : 1) Jakarta & Depok as our main market will be more crowded in the future. Working opportunities will be less than people who are willing to work, thus lowered the minimum wage and increase competition. Combined with AIESEC GEP positioning as secondary needs among companies / organizations, this will result in less number of institutions that can be approached as Trainee Takers. Internal challenges : 1) Lack of deep knowledge about AIESEC products among ER functional members. To overcome this, there should be specialized training for ER functional and give degree of freedom o ER functional in tailoring the product for every external parties, since it will encourage them to know what can & can’t be done and makes them eager to deepen their knowledge about AIESEC products.


What are the top three competencies or skills that needed by External Relation people? Assess yourself based on the answer and your plan to improve yourself! 1) Research & analysis capabilities. It would be waste of time, energy, and resources to blindly approaching external parties to participate in our activities or get their support. It also doesn’t guarantee more results to be achieved. Rather, ER people should be able to have priorities about who should be approached and what should be done first. For myself, I haven’t implemented lots of research and analysis effort, and I’m still working for it. I’m willing to improve it by learning more about market mapping & research from college and other people who have experiences on it.

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2) Strategy planning, implementation, and evaluation What external channels can be used, how pricing should be done, to whom the products should be offered, etc are how we do planning. I find myself as enjoying and capable in creating good planning. But in the implementation, I find it hard to keep it consistent with I’ve planned, and it create gap between targeted and actual performance. As for evaluation, I still working hard to have more ER internal meeting and external survey to analyze our current performance. I want to improve myself by creating more alternative plan and setting smart goals rather than big, but irrational goals. 3) Creativity and innovative thinking Marketing is not “one size fits all“. Every condition needs different approaches and sometimes there is little time to develop different approaches. ER people should be able to create tailored products based on needs and develop different strategies to sell the same product to several different buyers. ER people should also be able to develop competitive products according to market needs and can be differentiated from another competitors. To hone this skill, I’d like to have discussion with my friends about how can I tailor AIESEC products and what can we do together to create newer ideas. 07.

Please explain your strategy to maintain your LC supporters and enablers! 1) Supporters and Enablers provide help to our LC in exchange of something. My plan is to communicate LC obligations to Supporters and Enablers to LC members so that it can be fulfilled properly with help from every functional and conduct tracking to ensure all of them are completed. By fulfilling our obligation to Enablers and Supporters, it will show that we respect and have gratitude to their help and will create more mutual benefits that lasting long. 2) Let them know the result of their contribution and how well we use their help to improve our performance. Annual / semi – annual report, annual External Gathering, invitation to our activities will create sense of belonging to AIESEC.

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What do you know about AIESEC’s positioning from corporate and Non-Corporate side? Is it good or not? Both from Corporate & Non – Corporate side, they see that our GEP is an opportunity for them to get real – time interaction with global talent and create international environment in their working environment. Also, by having international talent, Non Corporate, for example, see themselves as having more credibility in conducting fundraising. However, GEP, especially for Corporate, is still considered as secondary or tertiary needs and not critical for them.


How do you analyze current AIESEC LC UI product (from every functional related) & its delivery process to external? Do you have any innovation for current product? OGX : Global Exchange Program is very sounding and has been known to UI students and big universities in Indonesia. For improvements, there are still another medium – small universities that yet to be approached and can help expand our market. As for innovation, it will be good to post current & incoming international projects / TN takers in public media / AIESEC newsletter so AIESEC members & targeted market can ask for it and take the exchange opportunities. ICX

: GEP is very relevant to be promoted in our market because Jakarta doesn’t have lots of

professional foreign workers, but we have tendencies to sell “trainees” to our targeted companies / organizations rather than “ professionals “, and it decrease our credibility and selling advantage. We also yet to deliver it efficiently to them, selling it blindly to whoever we can find. This needs to improved by changing our way in selling GEP to them by setting a more professional approach and introducing AIESEC as youth organization that can provide global professional talent rather than international trainees that can be considered as burden. Selective approach should also be implemented by ER

: Current partnership type is very limited and do not give much room for partner to get the

maximum benefit from partnership with AIESEC. For example, to be Financial Partnership, it would be hard to find institution who are willing to give away Rp 30 million. In the future, I want to create more types of partnership ( Conferences, Exchange, Financial, Learning, Main Partner ) with lowered fee so that we can get attract more partners to invest on us, diversify sources of income, and create sustainability. Also, we should put more accountability about the usage of their fund by describing the cost required to create specific AIESEC products & events. TM

: AIESEC LC UI have lots of training for its members, both independently and with Learning


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What is your strategy to maintain alumni database and utilize alumni network? 1) Create alumni networking event once / twice in next year for known AIESEC LC UI alumni. In this event, we will update our alumni database, and share what AIESEC LC UI have done so far, and share opportunities for alumni to involved in our current activities. 2) Focus on selling Global Exchange Program and Partner opportunities to institutions where AIESEC LC UI alumni present. It would extend our reach and raise chance for them to be realized. 3) Currently, we only have AIESEC UI alumny page on Facebook and forum at It is very not sufficient, so in next year I plan to create formalized alumni forum where they can keep in touch with each other and


What is your innovation to AIESEC product? 1) I have noticed that our PBoX activities are slowly narrowed down into talk shows, conferences, and seminars. The mindset is more to “create more agents of change “rather than “create real impact “. In the future, I’d like to give suggestions for every PBoX to conduct practical things aside of usual activities in PboX. For example, PBoX HIV can have a program where they give talk show and educate people in “red light district”, or PBoX Children can do partnership with companies / organizations to provide school fee waiver to street children. By giving direct impact to targeted society, it will attract more attention, both from the society itself or potential partners. 2) We have several activities that can be sold separately to external parties, such as conferences, GEP, projects, etc. But we only have two type of partnership, which is Financial and Learning Partner. In the future, the ER division will breakdown the type of Partnership into Conference, Exchange, Financial, and Learning Partners. We will also begin to selectively promote surveys and youth data mining to corporates / organizations to spread awareness about AIESEC and our products. Company branding is also one product that will be promoted in the future. 3) No matter how effective ER division promoting GEP for companies / organizations to become Trainee Takers, our capability to reach them simply limited. In the future, we will conduct partnership with human resources provider such as,, and HR groups such as IHRP society & the others to further reach TN Takers market. This idea pops up from recent PBoX Entrepreneurship partnership with, not originally my idea but I think it will be very great to be implemented in the future.

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