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GIP ICX product Guide for sales people

Global Internship Programme A Global Internship Programme (GIP) experience is an opportunity for a young person to develop entrepreneurial and responsible leadership by living a cross-cultural professional development experience. How do we run this programme? We provide an internship in a host organisation, through which a young person contributes to the goals of the organisation, completes a job description requiring special expertise or skills, and receives supervision and evaluation on his or her professional development. What can an organisation gain through this programme? GIP hosts are organisations that support AIESEC’s values and want to enhance their organisation through involving global top talent, improving their processes or growing their organisational goals. With them, we cocreate opportunities for young people to work, learn and contribute to the organisation’s goals.

What can a young person gain through this programme? With this programme, a young person gains access to AIESEC’s value-based platform, and he or she experiences: A professional development experience A cross-cultural living and working experience GIP participants can have different types of internship experiences as long as their role and supervision clearly contribute to their professional development.

Duration of a GIP experience: 6-78 weeks

How will this be measured on the system? A GIP internship is counted as soon as an EP is realized to a GIP internship, which should be on their first day at work. An individual is counted as a GIP participant as soon as his or her GIP form has been raised.

GIP Business Model

Accomodation food & Transportation Partner


Product packing & sales delivery Supply & Demand Management

Sales Force Online Platform

Sales Costs

Acess to International Talent

Account Management


Eps Servicing Cross-cultural, professional development

NGOs Direct Sales Online

Internship fees



Value proposition

Competitors Who are they? What is the difference between us and them? In what are we better?

Wrap up What have you learned about GIP ICX product?

PPT GIP ICX product  
PPT GIP ICX product  

GIP ICX product Guide for sales people How will this be measured on the system? A GIP internship is counted as soon as an EP is realized to...