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Monthly e – Newsletter Special edition January

Dear AIESEC Norway, The MC is excited to write to you, knowing that we will see you in just a few days! This edition of the newsletter is a special one, it is focused on the conference UNITE, and more importantly: on the elections of the new MC team for the term 2012-13. Why are the MC elections so important and exciting? We will have elections for the president of AIESEC Norway next year We will give (or not give) vote of confidence for the candidates of MC Vice Presidents In this newsletter you will find information about the following: Agenda of UNITE: the role of this conference MC elections:

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Team structures and roles of the new team MC application packages MC election and selection process Which preparation is needed beforehand Fk project updates : South and North participants

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Role of the conference Capture the leanings from the projects that ended Prepare yourself to deliver on the results for Q2 and Q3 and have FA working time Select the MCP and give the confidence vote to the MCVPs To have MC - LC time Agenda:

MC election MC structure 12-13 MCP

VP Finance and Projects

VP Outgoing Exchange



VP Communication and Alumni Management

VP Orgnizational Development

Job Description: MCP Job Description: VP Finance and Projects Job Description: VP Outgoing Exchange Job Description: VP GCDP ICX Job Description: VP GIP ICX and ER Job Description: VP Communication and Alumni Management Job Description: VP Organizational Development Every year AIESEC Norway selects new Member Committee team. Election process:  Application form: was submitted by candidates 28.12.2011  Personality test: was completed by candidates 03.01.2012  MCP election and MCP announcement: will take place during the conference Unite 13.01.2012  MC VP Vote of Confidence: will be given by National Plenary of AIESEC Norway during the conference Unite 13.01.2012  Personal interviews: will take place 16-18.01.2012 with candidates that received a Vote of Confidence  Announcement: selected MC team members will be announced 20.01.2012. AIESEC Norway has 14 candidates that run for MC positions 12-13. Their application packages you can find here Each application package consists of:  Application form ( where candidates answer general and specific questionnaires)  2 endorsements ( where one person from EB and one person from MC write why this candidate is suitable for MC Norway 13-13 position.  Video (which contains information about the candidate and his/her motivation to stand out as candidate for MC Norway). Welcome our candidates: MCP Elisabeth Weckner : application package/video VP Finance and Projects Karolina Lubiejewska: application package / video VP Outgoing Exchange Camilla Solberg: application package / video Aaquib Mohammed Ismail: application package / video VP GCDP ICX Furkan Sarikas: application package / video Harmeet Singh Jangla: application package / video Ralph Anene: application package / video Rita Abrantes: application package / video Tereza Reznickova: application package / video VP GIP ICX and ER Loshini Karunakaran: application package / video VP Organizational Development Aniko Varga: application form / video Diana Macau: application form / video Gwamaka Mwabuka: application form / video Paulina Nowicka: application form / video

MC VP Vote of Confidence: Every VP candidate will hold a 5 minute speech in front of the National Plenary of AIESEC Norway. For virtual candidates, the speech will happen through live stream. After the VP candidates have performed their speech, the National Plenary of AIESEC Norway will cast their votes on whether the candidates are suitable for MC Norway 12-13. So before coming to Unite prepare yourself for the elections:  Read application forms of all candidates  Read endorsements of all candidates  Watch videos of all candidates  Prepare questions for the MCP candidate

Fk Project updates Elisabeth Stava is safely back from an extraordinary trip to Uganda and Kenya, where partner meeting took place.

Here is or Fk participants: North (Norwegians that will go to Africa)




Isa Anna





South (Africans that came to Norway)





Meet them all during UNITE 2012!




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